White Oak Stake
Objects Information
Used ByReed
Used AgainstThe Old Ones

The White Oak Stake was the only weapon that was presumed to permanently kill an Old One other than The Original Witch channeling an extreme amount of power or being staked by dagger that contains white oak ash. This comes from an ancient White Oak Tree during the time of the genesis of the vampire race.


The wood from one tree and one tree alone, an ancient white oak tree, would bring death to an original vampire. When the tree burnt, all hope was thought lost, but the ash from the tree was saved. It is unknown who forged the stake but is currently in the possession of the Imperial Coven; a group consisted of different hybrids who obtains the secret armament on how to permanently obliberate an Old One.


  • Considered the first corporeal immortal and vampire, Eric is the only Old One who is permanently invulnerable to the white oak stake and white oak ash dagger; confirming that he cannot be eradicated but can feel the horrendous effects if his siblings are affected.
  • This is the only weapon that can permanetly kill an Old One.
  • A silver dagger dipped in white oak ash can temporarly kill an Old One.
  • This stake can permanetly kill the original family of vampires, The Old Ones, because it is completely forged from the wood of the Ancient White Oak Tree, when the dagger only has the ash of the tree, In theory when the dagger penetrates the heart it only neautralizes an Old One because there is only particles of the white oak tree, since the stake is completely white oak it will completely kill an Old One if the stake goes through the heart completely.