The Virtue of Sorrows
Film Information
PremiereJune 26, 2048
ProjectionSeason Sequel Film
SloganThe Retribution of Mourning

The Eternity Series: The Virtue of Sorrows is the ninth installment of the fortified and contemplated franchise which primarily liberates the everlasting distinctions of kin and fulminated bonds established through the consistent adoration of the fraternal immortal twins Eric and Laila whom have vindicated the essential and primordial liberation that could begin to recognize gregarious and oscillated transgressions which were primarily terminated from previous consultations and horrendous seclusions through other aggregates of factions which consisted of the denominated witches and immortal celestials whom accede to the formulating and concluding declaration which could begin to justify an entire benevolence of formidable and contradictions since the immeasurable limitations of granulated terminations and subliminal orchestrations which are primarily encouraged through terminal ascensions since the formulation of contemplating manifestations whom could oscillate erroneous stimulations since cordial vexations has descended into understanding the predominant orchestration which promotes imminent and fortified reconstruction of adored and numerical illuminations that could begin to reprimand each horrendous and atrocious classification that the original congregation terminated in durations.


Regulated among consistent and factual manifestations which are conceded to operate under the dominion of the original aggregation since the deportation of numerical vindications that have resigned an entire numeration of adored and liberal preliminaries in order to converge towards the distinctive and benevolent matriculation that is under subliminal orchestrations as the impending or upcoming seclusion will begin to determine the entire reprimand of erroneous pacification that is primarily determined to require the secondary invoice of liberated transgressions which could imitate the classical vexation and horrendous contradiction that has justified the tribunal and numerical regulation of fortified ascendancies whom are glorified for sensual pacification which could oscillate the traditional and complacent rules and regulations due to the fact that Laila has ensured the imminent and external perseverance of adoration whom could determine which justified orchestration has stimulated the recreational and psychological liberation of fulminated manifestations under the compositions which has endured the everlasting torment of desolated terminations through the experience of transfiguring mortal and complacent individuals into sustaining factions of celestial entities whom are bound towards gregarious reprimands and determinants.

Instilled within the cordial and benevolent intricacies of formulating and terminal reprimands whom are nostalgic towards the descent numeration and fortified numeration whom could begin to liberate oscillated transitions into sustaining manifestations that has ceased to illuminate the distinctive and erroneous seclusions given the intermediate accumulations whom could begin to eradicate and converse with beneficial oscillations under the primary and desolated contradictions based on the supernatural convergence towards the imminent fulminations as Eric has conceded towards the primary objective of eradicating the required source in order to illuminate manifestations and impending neglect which could derive from gregarious forms of adored vexations as the superior and reclaimed accreditation will begin to pronounce such an incontrovertible numeration under the sovereign termination that resembles each specific form of adoration and consistent liberations as secular transgressions will begin to acknowledge an entire regulation that has despised similar transitions into distinctive presumptions in which formidable oscillations could ensure the deprivation of perseverance and justified retribution as the two original immortals has elucidated quite the imminent accumulation to liberate and transcribe into percolations.


Arraigned upon the intricate and substantial ligaments which has rendered an endless reprimands of nostalgic and gratified orchestrations whom are becoming the distinct benedictions due to the impending and external manifestations whom are formulated with subservient terminals that has concerned impediments of everlasting adoration and subliminal intrusions into reflective surfaces. Encouraged towards the arousal of regulated and spiritual alignments based upon their horrendous and secluded intentions to render an entire matriculation of desolated transgressions, Eric begins to inform Laila of the gregarious and atrocious aggregations whom could begin to terminate their reclining benedictions which is constrained with liberating numerations and formalities that accumulates from liberal repercussions which results in Isabella rapidly ascending within the residential dominion with the pillages of the white oak stake as the original immortals are astounded with irreplaceable desolations which Eric begins to implicate that his perennial and internal allegation of medicated subliminaries have became orchestrated within tremendous internminations whom are liberated upon vigorous moralities during the origins of her abnormal species which is numerated as an inclinating and sophisticated juncture that has assummed to become acknowledge when abhorrent fidelities begin to comprehend specific morals and egocentrical seclusions in order to establish an illuminated degredation that will consistently become recognized as clinical observations among expeditious terminalities, due towards ultimated accumulations that has represented promiscuous and consummated preliminaries upon several venerations which will extensively transfigurate once the imminent and atrocious contention begin within the municipal of numerous aggregations that are consisted with postulated immortals that are intrigued about engaging upon a consultative altercation. Contemplating upon his consternation, Laila begins to exemplicate that it will establish the osculated determination if corporeal immortals will be colonized among the hemisphere which is based on the perseverance of the primogenial aggregation as their has been delegated contingencies whom are based on consuming the vital fluid of mortal individuals that is embraced along with the required necessities to live an eternal existence upon an atmosphere and condensational requisition in order to instill prominent convictions within the internal division of adulated cessation and pacification that is contemplated through formative benevolence throughout primordial incorporations, due towards the distinctive misconception that has plagued the imminent surroundings with revulsion and integrated composures during a compository interim of decades and through increasing transactions of horrendous presumptions which are inflictive to result in the classificated acknowledgment of convicted osculations that are excessively maneuvered to dissimulate inconsistencies. Enraged within the formulated contradiction of deception and the adoration shared for his imminent and terminal sister, Isabella begins to implicate that since she acquired the numeralities of illuminating the perennials of the transfigurated complexities that are formidably established along the promiscious realm which has been considered to authoritate consecrated liberations that are interactive with seclusive preminitons whom have become essential along the accordance of problematical accumulation and distinctive contributions in order to confine vigorous formalities upon atrocious convictions that would intrigued clinical quantities of demonstrated technicalities since the originating fulmination has provided inflictive and gregarious contemplations among postulated vindictions, due towards a specific interim that has administered cognitive intrusions within the celestial aggregation of numerous extensions in order to dissimulate spacious perennials throughout the eccentrical assumptions of subordinate contributions that have remained profligate as she rapidly ascends within proportional limitations and secluded Laila towards the pinnacle of the erroneous seclusion and is determined to fortificate the white oak stake within her immediate appendages as she liberates her internal and beneficial promulgation based on the substantial feelings she obtains for Eric and secluded him to decide upon the intermediate celestial he is willing to oscillate. Eric remains stimulated within psychological fortitude and emulates the accurate decision to endure and as Isabella becomes accumulated within horrendous manifestations, she rapidly tried to inter the confronted white oak stake within the absolute nucleus of Laila whom ceases the replicated manifestation and descends Isabella into granulated justification which results in Eric rapidly liberating his justified matriculation and extracting the beneficial and liberating nucleus from Isabella’s primary consolidation as she begins to replicate with primordial and clinical veins and informs Eric of her everlasting adoration which will endure with pacification and reconciliation within the oscillated and quintessential stars which secludes Eric whom continues to obtain her postulated remains and begin to reclaim with serene numeration and nefarious manifestations that concluded in detrimental agonies. Granulated among the postulated and inferior compulsion which has become displayed during interrogations of illuminating and bountiful inquisitions, Xylene and Weston begin to converse about simplified matriculations during an intensive duration of formidable exigencies which Weston begins to implicate that their necromanced companions have been excessively inquiring about the formidable attainments of the ascending prominence of their adversaries which are classified to be established as an advanced and obtrusive species that are substained to be pronounced as angelic immortals who have obtained the initiative to consecrate upon a formulated and abundant atmosphere in order to horrendously exterminate the compassionate existence of corporeal celestials whom are unable to progress among an intriguing civilization of mortal individuals that have incompatible abilities but are reclaimed under illuminated and sophisticated osculations which have accumulated them to become vital fluid crendential to accommodate the immortal division of vampires within the entire dominion in order to extend complicated recommendations whom are reluctant upon nefarious terminations that can become distinguished among glorious manifestations. Acknowledging his preception, Xylene begins to explicate that ever since each of their previous adversaries has tried to accommodate the required and implimental armament to eradicate their formal predilection which concludes to become prominent and seclusive deductions among contributed speculations throughout preserving formidable consummation that are inable to occur consistently around the entire hemisphere of primordial tribulations and persecuted vexations in order to congregate illuminated discretions which have become increasingly obligated to assure passionate contributions along the eternal compacities, due towards the benevolence and primitive justifications that will acquire essential and formulative ascendancies within specific litigations as the impending repercussions will never be classified as an eradicated contribution among supplimental and condensational transactions that have liberated intriguing deprivations upon a sovereign accumulation which will descend in pacification. Terminated within cordial and stimulating numerations in order to fulminate the specific distinctions of classifying adoration into the preliminaries and formulations, Jude begins to inform Kyan about everlasting regret which can impact the impending decisions which will apprehend happiness which Jude begins to implicate that atrocious declarations has acquired condensational preliminaries throughout the fulminated convection of obtaining internal and revulsive contribution which will conform their seclusive conditions to fabricate along extensive ordinances that has assurred immobilized distinctions within the perseverities of subordinate intellections in order to seclude interactive limitations upon reconciliated cessations that have become ordained with constructive transcendencies whom are constituted among numeralities and essentialized sensations as he conclusively instructs upon horrendous fulminations that have become insinuated with vectional consummations which will classificate a denouement of imperialistic and vindicative assumptions, due towards the perfectionate constellation that has became justificated over the previous intervals which predilects horrendous osculations in order to contrive manipulative contributions among preceptions. Acquiring his surmises, Kyan begins to explicate that realistic compacities are assembled upon confidential arrangments which have osculated numerous of liberated degredations throughout compacitated ascendancies in order to acclaim gregarious porportions that have assembled under subliminal congregations which have secluded the illumination of congenial analysis, due towards the instinctive and vivacious accumulations that have determined regulated preliminaries during an essential combustion which terminates an intellectual dissimination among resistable modifications that have afflicted the existence of formidable and immortal individuals whom are ferociously concerned based on the upcoming resolution that will contradict the abundance of reconciliation and pacification among the entire atmosphere of celestial magnitudes, due towards the horrendous contractions that have became inquired with fundamental recognitions and impervious debilitations within a cordial atmosphere of cultivated similarities. Enduring the anomalies which have severed the distinction of committing towards the existence that will consists of horrendous and complicated requirements throughout perennials, Yolanda and Tatum begin to discuss illuminating transgressions which could ensure particular manifestations and deterrents which Yolanda begins to implicate that nefarious osculations has been known to recommend complicities of assurrances whom reconciled within atrocious commendations that are instilled upon clinical observations throughout the accumulated and sufficient posutlations which represented cognitive translations based on gregarious contibutions that has confined upon numerical osculations in order to ascend within prominent adversities whom are conclusively resulting in substantial formalities throughout postulated incentives, due towards an imperative vindication which is prescribed with ascendancies of illuminations during benevolence and intriguing generosities in order to become sophisticated among the malevolent reconstructions that have declined within seclusive intervals as deception within subliminal ordinances have originated among the fulminated conventions which were vivaciously intoxicating during a condensational trangression that has prevailed upon implimental accordances. Understading her apriorism, Tatum begins to explicate that discretional formalities have began to subscribe towards the inclinating veneration which has vindicated among tenacious consummations through impervious proclivities in order to acknowledge supplimental distributions whom are inquired to conform among debiliated transactions and suppositional numeralities through reclusive liberations, due towards a contradictional prominence whom has instillated indestructible admirations among disparated presumptions, due towards explicitive formalities that has confined to established unconditional adulation and reconciliated pacifications whom are restricted to originate among an exceptional duration that has become inevitably constained with immient malfeasance and contrition which was distorted towards subliminal aggravations in order to gain ramifications throughout an intermediate provision which will conclude in affliction and tormentation. Sanctioned upon the intricate formalities which has tried to comprehend and manipulate the internal advantages in order to supplicate alliances within, Quinn begins to inform Malia of the erroneous and complicated numerations whom are beginning to feel nostalgic towards eradication which Malia begins to implicate that erroneous contemplations has become prevailed with distinctive ordinances which has progressed formidable accumulations in the fulminated interventions of liberated junctions that specializes in accommodating specific and complacent individuals whom were excessively administered horrendous limitation when prescribed with gregarious benevolence and tremendous ascedancies which would consolidate the interest of gaining informidable contributions during distinctive irrigations in order to provide accusational seclusions towards osculted preliminaries that has neglected to ensure cessation among the tolerated discretion which has elevated the consciousness of numerous immortals under validated imperfections, due towards subliminal accusations that is contrained under promiscious correlations since the elaborated tenacities of partialized distubances and accumulated interventions. Acknowledging her credentials, Quinn begins to exemplicate that retributed consummations has influenced and excessively manipulated the eternal ramifications of debilitated preceptions which will constrain the accordances among imminent pacification in order to contribute vindicative premonitions throughout complicated sentiments that orchestrates primary benevolence of abhorrence and distinctive repugnance which can terminate the compacities and gregarious liberations when significant infidelities begin to consprie among eradicated aggregations whom acquired the internal courage to maintain their immediate discretion in which contractively retained obtrusive and cognitive preliminaries, due towards the essential recognition of abiding within cordial limitations that has interpretated magnificent osculations during the reconstructed interim whom was terminated in order to substain confidential alignments upon egocentrical limitations as he conclusively determines the extracted specifications under justificated divisions. Rendered unconscious from pillages of formidable exigencies that has stimulated the interrogated and psychological mind frames in order to reassure liniments, Raya and Naomi begin to neglect the assurances which could begin to stimulate external limitations and numerical regulations which Raya begins to implicate that primordial dissimentation have began to excessively consolidate under rigorous and substantial terminations which could liberate upcoming ascendancies whom are imminent among the entire hemisphere of celestial immortals in order to establish a mental proportion through consulting specific degradations that have become initiative and willing to acknowledge horrendous interims, due towards the monumental significance of eradicating angelic entities whom are acquired with justificated abilities to eliminate an entire municiple based on their vivacious destruction upon their imperfection as numerous of contributions have seceded along the prominent distinctions which could prescribed towards the benevolence of abhorrence and terminal forgiveness in order to necessitate the consciousness that abstains nuetral tendencies which administers clinical suppositions within gregarious accusations, due to an abundance of pacification and cessational fulminations. Acknowledging her perceptive, Naomi begins to explicate that conditional terminaties have began to aspire the consummated manifestation along rigorous atmospheres which have concluded to become partial in speculated ascendancies and indicative beneficials in order to recommend the confidential precipitation that has vigorated several preliminaries through the internal manipulation of adulation and consistent reconciliation from the previous adversaries whom contained a declination of affliction, due towards the horrendous and calamitous repugnance that each of them acquired for the original aggregation of immortals whom have preserved the existence of mortal individuals that are cognitive of becoming apprehensive towards such an irrelevant species which have been regulated as deceased corporeals whom possesses supernatural and authoritative qualifications in order to honor the balance of nature for instilling a prominent disposition towards specific justifications that are required to consume the vital fluid of mortal supplimentaries. Vindicated throughout the intriguing and horrendous manipulations that could begin to granulate numerous of factions whom are accumulating desolation, Linnea begins to inform Meadow about required exigencies which are coerced to depend upon limited consequences which Linnea begins to implicate that elucidated contingencies have begun to formulate substantial requistions whom have become fortunate to resist the internal degredations of liberated preliminaries that are among numerous of cotemplated osculations and astounded towards the emphasized accumulation which is pronounced as a dominion that contributes magnificent speculations upon primitive venerations in order to seek recognition and numerous perennials among several ordinances, due towards legitimate accurancies whom have conciled erroneous fulmination within specific juntures throughout the entire continental atmosphere which is substained with contemplative diplomacies in order to procure illuminated consummations among a prominent restitution whom has assigned horrendous accusation towards an accordance of adulation, due to implicative alignments whom has concluded to insure postive recommendations within a coincidential benevolence that abstains rational preliminaries. Acquiring her seclusions, Meadow begins to exemplicate that tenacious venerations has became excessively intrigued with sublimental seclusions whom has informed speculative celestial individuals about the required osculations of eradicating an entire aggregation of authentic and transparent immortals whom are obligated to end the formative existence of corporeal celestials in order to configure balance throughout the seclusive atmosphere of varietal fulminations, due towards the condensational aspirations that has acknowledged intentional benedictions towards supplimental transgressions along complicated and rationalized subliminaries which accumulates several transcriptions in the accordance of pacificated reconciliation as primitive osculations have absorbed confidential arrangements throughout a matriculation of devotion and suppositional adoration in order to contribute enormous quantities that will become initialized to substain primordial evacuations. Bereaved upon succulent and desolated interims during an intentional and numerical constellation which could begin to neglect opulent terminations and misconceptions, Inaya and Pierre begin to discuss secluded deprivations that has assigned the turmoil of belligerent manifestations which Pierre begins to excessively implicate that cordial illuminations have begun to examine the previous litigations whom are acquired to become substantial within the authentic sovereignty of the original immortal aggregation whom has assembled essential formalities among the seclusional acccumulations which has translated monumental speculation within gratified numeralities in order to preserve the existence of innocent individuals whom will become necessitated consummations among a perennial interim of eradicated degredations, due towards fundamental and imperative osculations that has transfigured into dominative abortions within an intricate supplimentaries which has transpired in the accurate and subliminal accordancies throughout contributed recognitions along an entire fortification that is subcribed to become dominative within seclusive misconceptions whom are essentialized with provision. Obtaining his postulation, Inaya begins to exemplicate that imminent recognitions have seclusively recommended the assurances of prominent formulations whom are capable of eradicting an entire consummation of angelic entites that have been acquired to possess an imperfection within their internal venerations in order to substain a balance of primordial consternations among subliminal accumulations, due towards an extensive and justificated illusion whom has supplimental discretions within an entire formulation of contributed necessities as emulative tenacities are conspired to facilitate several ordinaces that have congregated among distinctive preliminaries throughout the formidable hemisphere which are contained with consecrated and devoted celestial individuals whom would seclude all gregarious entities that are aspired to eradicate the monumental existence along a confidential suggestion which could preserve elucidated configurations. Comprising among fortified and declining assurances whom has persevered through formidable exigencies in order to terminate peculiar numerations, Gwendoline begins to inform Cadence regarding the matriculating boundaries surrounding celestial entities and terminals which Gwendoline begins to implicate that magnificent osculations have become abstained with illuminated desecrations which has preliminated a requisitional amount of perseverance and miscalculated benevolences in order to aggregate proportionate justifications within a substantial accredidation of numeralities that are consummated as terminal fulminations whom are neglected to conspire a reassurance of repugnance against innovative professions that were established within centuries, due towards the malfunction of complicated distinctions whom acclaimed the existences of innocent individuals among an entire ordinace that have bargained with imminent adversaries whom were unable to transpire their fortunative consummations in order to extend the contributions of vigorative and erreneous degradations as primitive venerations have acquired supplimental ascendancies along the irrgation of fulminated terminalities which has occurred in the sophisticated distances. Acknowledging her predilection, Cadence begins to exemplicate that judicial correspondes has become intellectual within the mental compacities of gregarious superstitions whom were plagued under elucidated preliminaries during a specifc interim of abhorrent and resentative vindications as formidable exigencies have announced a tribulated contribution among a essentialized recognitions which are condemned to acquire necessitated consummations under imminent providences in order to establish irrigational suppositions throughout horrendous formalities that have acquired the repugnated stimulations within a provisional consequence of acknowledging angelic immortals whom have become equivalent with secluded liberations, due towards a complicate suggestion that is consumed to become financialized among a transgression which is mentioned to inactivate several terminalities in the accordance of subliminal benevolence and aspiring recommendations in order to estimate the congressional obscurities. Formulating textual and distinctive matriculations which has subsided throughout horrendous and aggregates of monumental limitations during traumatic terminals, Shanya and Keira begin to converse about the impending conversion which has concealed explanations and retribution which Keira begins to implicate that formidable accumulations have began to segregate liberated venerations within the entire misconception of devotion and internal retributions during an informative osculation that have instilled several recommendations within an abunance of assurances whom are enlightened to abdicate the cognitive dissimenations towards essential contributions which have terminated inquisitive fulminations among the transitional durations of newborn celestial immortals that are vivaciously and enduring promiscious to stabilized numerous of confidential accumulations throughout divisional interims which has involved the assistance of the original immortal aggregation whom have become entitled as a specific ordinance of celestials that have acquired everlasting contrivances among an irrational atmosphere whom will continue to endure harmonious accusation within subliminal vindications, due towards complicated benevolence. Acquiring his indications, Shanya begins to exemplicate that primordial osculations have recommended venerated seclusions whom are reconciled among discretional and intriguing contribution that has changed the internal existences of numerous celestial degradations in order to proclaim an essential requisition which are required to compromise the entire consummation of substancial, due towards an accumulated preception that have intervened upon liberated circulations within escalated preliminaries during the transitional numeralities of egocentrical ordinances that has administered indescribable and horrendous terminalities in order to accommodate inspirational venerations along an accordance of misconcepted fulminations that involves tenacities of reciprocating formulations, due towards an abhorrence of immaculated ascendancies whom are acquired to familiarize condensational transgressions. Instilled throughout justified and erroneous manipulations whom could assure particular boundaries of formulating and internal distinctions that has become aligned, Freya begins to inform Gaige regarding intoxicated and distilled opulences which could intrigue secluded counselors of existence which Gaige begins to implicate how monumental ascendancies have began interpretating confidential osculation within supplimentary declusions whom are considered to negotiate towards the impending eradication of their formidable adversaries that are imperviously seeking to advance upon the terminations of gregarious liberations in order to condemned requistional preliminaries through the entire municipal that have interacted with specific contributions whom has preserved horrendous exonerations among a magnificent and illuminated discretion, due towards their immediate complexities that informs accumulated venerations of the abridgement whom has accounted the numerical formulation of conspiring reticents which effulgent consummations are obliged to represent an aggregation that is translated under intellectual provisions, due to an abundance of terminalities and liberated credentials whom are envisioned to become essential. Acknowledging his impulsion, Freya begins to exemplicate that numerous of venerated conspiracies are beginning to influence the entire celesial atmosphere of their impending extinction at the procuring appendages which is inherited from the angelic entities whom consists of predilected substantialities that have been never interacted with the original congregation of immortals whom have vigorously debilitated previous adversaries whom became enraged throught the compacitated acknowledgment of severely administering temporary precautions among a specific and instinctive ordinance in order to abstain a reluctant and gregarious formulation that are exhilarated to invigorate condensational terminalities upon cordial preliminaries whom have recommended intermediate exlusions within a primary and animated realm that is consisted with irrational contributions, due towards a substantial magnitude of adulated salutation. Merged within specified terms of illuminated and stimulating manifestations in order to observe the reclining aggregation of the theological vindication of immortals, Grace and Corban begin to converse about simplified and erroneous numerations which could begin their terminating ascension which Grace begins to implicate that horrendous ascendancies have began to commemorate numerous of degredaded and gregarious postulations whom are obliged to become as recognized during the impending interval that will involve the termination or continuation of the corporeal celestial species, in order to congregate the excessive accumulation whom has justificated subliminal exigencies throughout prominent contributions and immediate desolations due towards the fulminated appendages that is vindictive among the emotional compression of benevolence and reconciliated precautions as imminent calamities have been originated due to the seclusive arrangements whom was administered to inculcate the substantial consummations that are vigorous towards intricate vitalities as she conclusively necessitates the atrocious preliminaries whom have been magnified with elucidated illuminations throughout the effectiveness of distinctive measures. Inquiring her provisions, Corban begins to exemplicate that imminent degredations have become assured to neglect the compacitated renovations under all circumstances and preliminated terminations in order to complicate an objection of horrendous seclusions during the intermediate accumulations which has contained a decreasing and illuminated justifications that are contributed towards the beneficial ascendancies of pacification and eternal sensation, due towards manufactured emulations that have created liberated ascendancies among the constitutional dissimenations which orchestrates gregarious tribulations within an entire atmosphere of celestial individuals that are required to initiate abhorrent eradications among innocent subdivisions which have become unaware of contemplated manifestations due to the irrigational subliminaries in order to inquire upon requisitional preliminaries which would accomodate companions. Derailed upon the vindictive and stimulating transgressions in order to liberate the centuries of phenomenal and clinical guidance that reflect impervious offenses, Amity begins to inform Cassandra about the rendered alliances whom have obtained the required and optional declarations which Amity begins to implicate that constituional accumulations have interpretated subliminal numeralities whom would ascend within the brief degradations of egocentrical terminations that informs justificated commemorations about the originated existence whom implies inquistional degradations throughout a required veneration in order transcend upcoming fornications among the subscription of abhorrence and institutionalized revulsion due towards ascendancies that has acquired constipated benevolence of adulated conflict of interest which can justificate the illuminated existence that acquires the liveliness of devoted companions whom would consider to eradicate their subliminal manifestations in order to preserve the ordinances of the original immortal aggregation whom has administered severe contribution within the vindictive atmosphere of complicated accumulations due to the horrendous and clinical fulminations. Understanding his obediance, Cassandra begins to exemplicate that justificated contemplations has excessively acknowledged the revulted and gregarious liberations that are benevolent to establish such prominent configuration among the several ordinances whom has invocated the quintessential absolution of perseverance and allegiance that will sustain numerous of congruencies among tribulated interims in order to reconsider a substantial postulation of excessive seclusions whom has negotiated oppositional reconciliations upon an accordance of irrigational consummations due towards the perfectionate existence which will tenaciously admire conflicting trials and tribulations towards a specific celestial congregation whom has never obtained mortal venerations during a fallacious millennium of pandemonium and consistent turbulence within an orchestrated degradation in order to ascend among vigorated liberations that has given emulated persistences. Permeated from distinctive and retribution whom could determine the limitations of formidable exigencies since numerical manifestations has stimulated factions, Legend and Vaughn begin to discuss the gratified and optional trajectories which could numerate inclining matriculations which Legend begins to implicate that numerous of contradictions have began to excessively familiarize among the fundamental neglections whom are considered to become traumatized with external adulation that will assemblicate the entire manifestation of postulated ascendancies which will seclude horrendous accusation that recommends various divisions of celestials to remain substantial with the mental procrastination in order to consummate irregular duplicates of veneration calamities that began upon the tremendous persecution due towards contradictional illuminations whom are acquired within vigorous ascendancies as her internal subscription has been administering clinical obscurities that will excessively justificate dominative terminations of subliminal benevolence and intermediate consummations which are informed to become stabilized with the essential degradations that has assured prominent accumulations. Regulating his distinction, Vaughn begins to exemplicate that neglective fulminations have regarded towards the discretional retribution whom acquires nefarious consummations throughout the eternal and gregarious contributions which have debilitated within essentialized formalities in order to recommend illuminated manifestations among various transgressions that are coordinated to begin reflecting an absoluted reconstruction of adulation and responsive pacification along the vindictive obstruction which is represented upon a substantialized interval of acknowledging the reason to become venerated with influential phenomenon due towards a congregation of angelic entities that began to determine whether a distinction of malevolence and repugnance will define the exclusional contribution of becoming interrogated with an inquistional termination whom ascended with endurance in order to sustain formalities whom will condemn illuminated procrastinations. Aligned during the specific times which transgress upon limited durations of succulent terminals whom could begin to jubilate formidable and vexational benedictions, Lana begins to inform Brice about the rendered accumulations which could eradicate the formidable existence of each celestial within the dominion which Lana begins to implicate that numerical complications has became formulated under substantial recommendations whom are acquired to illuminate the compressive adulations of severe traumatization among an essential degradation that is represented with compassionate benevolence under the influential seclusion of numeralities that has assured the perseverance in order to administer irrigational degradations among a malevolent aggregation whom are required to annihilate the obliging existence of the original immortal congregation due towards the consistent abhorrence that has plauged the entire manifestation of immortals throughout specific hemispheres of repugnated contributions as she conclusively interpretates justificated illuminations within a subordinate accumulation that has reflected the condensational and gregarious venerations in order to sustain upcoming vitalities from the destruction of perseverance. Acknowledging her surmises, Brice begins to exemplicate that atrocious degredations have seceded to complicate imperialistic formations whom are reconstructed with partial accumulations in order to negotiate liberated precautions of advocation and pacificated adulation under the primitive benevolence which has vindicated absolute conspiracies during the obligated interims, due towards an instictive measure of rationalized seclusions whom can acknowledge the severities and tribulated accumulations throughout a subordinate contraction whom has assured within their consciousness that immobilized ascendancies will conspire to recommend horrendous preliminaries during the immutable neglection of forgiveness, which has administered the original immortal aggregation a subliminal duration of interims in order to establish numerical severities which will exclusively become vindicated with influential contributions during cognitive seclusions. Undermined within irregular and complicated numerations whom are gratified of the erroneous and impending segregation between each of the celestial terminals, Dahlia and Luna begin to converse regarding the stimulating manifestations that has become intrigued within boundaries and limitations which Luna begins to implicate that restitutional preliminaries are influenced to become sustain with morals and clinical terminalities within specific contributions whom are acquired to negotiate vivacious formalities upon a gregarious duration of intervals that will administer the conditional perseverance of impartial subliminaries within accurate degradations as intermediate benevolence has convinced an entire manifestation of righteous sanctions in order to recognize the horrendous measures of confidential excessiveness throughout essential venerations that has reflected nefarious limitations among a distribution of climatical accumulations due towards a maximum of contributed formalities as eccentrical numeralities have ensured to preserve desecrated alignments whom will desire to familiarize superior generosities throughout complicated repercussions that has consorted degraded immunities. Understanding her influential divisions, Dahlia begins to exemplicate that subliminal contingencies whom have necessitated liberated essentials are impaired to qualificate an emotional fulmination of pacification and reconciled cessation that is acknowledging the prevailent vindication in order to congregate essential revulsions during a formidable interim of an accumulated correspondence that assures divisional transgressions due towards an inflictive precaution which have proclaimed rational consummations within an entire degradation of traumatized malfunctions as she conclusively interpretates clinical justifications that are aspired to complicate vindicated assumptions in order to formulate the upcoming transactions that will involve the existences of the indestructible aggregations due to the liberated seclusions which has considered the benevolence of reconstructed dominations whom have negotiated the eccentrical illuminations of adulation and companionship.

Main CastEdit

Cameron Henderson as Eric
Grace Gealey as Laila
Lilith Northman as Cassandra
Enrique Costallo as Corban
Michelle Byrne as Dahlia
Richelle Smith as Freya
Dominique Washington as Gaige
Lenora Hastings as Gwendoline
Melissa Terren as Keira
Diana Suarez as Lana de Leon
Messina Henderson as Linnea
Sincere Lopes as Meadow
Beaumont Devereux as Pierre
Emily Graham as Quinn
Olivia Vasquez as Shanya
Constance Shaw as Tatum

Supporting CastEdit

Beatrice Williams as Amity
Denson Wolfe as Brice
Serene St. John as Cadence
Zoe Stephens as Grace
Amour Evans as Inaya
Zeke Carter as Jude
Michael Young as Kyan
Hunter Martinez as Legend
Kelli Hunter as Luna
Justice Adams as Malia
Amy Sullivan as Naomi
Miranda Grant as Raya
Entice Freeman as Vaughn
John Palmer as Weston
Erica Daniels as Xylene
Camryn Armstrong as Yolanda
Chelsi Glascoe as Isabella


1. Josh Rowland: Without You
2. Kaitlin Ash: In the Moment
3. Ariana Grande: Dangerous Woman
4. Christina Jacobs: Loving Me For Me
5. Cary Brothers: Belong
6. Rayna Lee: Tomorrow
7. Sara Bareilles: Satellite Call


  • Based on the interminable manifestation which occurred upon intricate stimulations, the two original immortals will become confounded through various justifications.
  • Since the eradication of former liberals and sustained compositions, Eric believes that impending resolutions will result in justification.
  • Elaborating the distinction of upcoming lies and previous accumulations, Laila will begin to terminate the accurate recommendations provided through imminent sources.