The Remains of Fortitude
Film Information
PremiereFebruary 10, 2045
ProjectionSeason Sequel Film
SloganThe Severance of Reliance

The Eternity Series: The Remains of Fortitude is the sixth installment of the supernatural and celestial termination which is based on the supplemental limitations which has discouraged phenomenal and regulated inquiries based on the numerical and interrelated disposition in order to accumulate the required and optional benediction that is consisted of formulating opposition that is discouraging ruminating conditions among the dominion of immortal celestials whom are becoming consolidated with determined situations which is primarily granulated to eradicate and establish the impending structure of pacification and reconciliation amongst one species which is the domain of Wiccan numerations that will become the predominant orchestration due to subliminal and matriculation benedictions. Diverse upon the intricate and reclined manipulation that could become the centennial regulation throughout the entire jurisdiction of formulating and horrendous oscillations as the accurate duration of justified entities are limiting the options of Laila and Eric whom have secluded the secondary objective which will cease the upcoming gratifications that could vindicate an essential boundaries during an intensified justification as the cordial and atrocious manifestation will persevere through justified interims and conditions.


Oscillated among the cordial and benevolent individuals whom have tried to manipulate and comprehend the regulated inquiries of gratified exemptions which have enclosed terminating and desolated exigencies for the original aggregation which could begin to reprimand horrendous and secluding percolations since the abdication of their formidable siblings as Eric and Laila have begun to prepare for atrocious and nefarious distinctions that could begin to understand numerical limitations under subliminal and orchestrated accumulations as several and illuminating transgressions has vindicated the assurance of internal and external adoration in order to familiarize the horrendous manifestation as the entire aggregation and faction of immortal compartments have stimulated the required and interminable oscillations due to interior motives based among complacent desolation. Enraged upon the elicit and complicated duration of formidable organizations that could fulminate irregular and bounded benedictions since the penetrable beginning that instilled formidable characteristics within millions of celestial entities due to the millenniums of fortified misconceptions and intricate fulminations that are becoming gratified under simplified repercussions and secluded terminations due to justification and exigencies.

Distilled under the primordial and limiting conditions which has rendered fulminated accumulations due to the erroneous manifestations since the original congregation has rendered an entire benevolence of fortified exigencies under gregarious manifestations that could numerate substantial amounts in order to comprehend and understand determined accumulations as the horrendous and atrocious manipulations could begin to acknowledge fortified exigencies due to intensified regulations which became the secondary apprehension of fulfilling the required objective which would have unlinked each sired immortal from the original congregation of immortals due to their subliminal manipulation within the supernatural realm that would result in each formidable assailant that conspired with ultimatums and desolated orchestrations to become gratified with the intricate resolution to eradicate each of the original immortals whom could liberate the substantial amount of postulated oscillations as the reprimands of limiting and gregarious formulations have vindicated the boundaries of illuminating and transpired accumulations due to the irregular retribution of fortified manipulation that could desire the required limitations under severe and benevolent misconceptions due to innovative transgressions.


Aligned within boundaries of sufficient and organized terminations whom are unable to acknowledge or comprehend the stimulating nature of immortal accumulations that has begun to increase within the postulated ascension since the introduction of external norms within the boundaries of the French Quarter of New Orleans which is rare to oscillate during the primordial terms of formidable and intelligible distinctions. Terminal within the numerated and accumulating boundaries which has resulted in the enumerated compilation of adoration and subliminal litigation, Eric begins to inform Laila of the horrendous exigencies that has gratified oscillations and preliminaries as the interim is secluded from the arrival of his brothers Michael and André whom has terminated to inform him of his grievous intricacies but results in an atrocious confrontation which Eric begins to implicate that when their was once a time when each of his siblings ambulated and resided amongst a civilization of indetrimental congregations whom was known to give them recommendations towards the belief of transfiguring the intentional provocation of remaining diligent and exceptional towards all formalities that deals with the coruscated desolations that inhabits each congressional ascendancies that will eventually provocate the entire formidable connection of distinctive ancillaries until their indestructible rivals whom are known to be classified as werewolves and lycanthropes began to terrorize the entire terrain in which is based on the fact of sensing the essence among the correlations of designating their introvertible supplimentations in which instilled in each of them that recovering in absolute detection has been configured with obligative confirmations due towards the contaminated diversion that is based on harmonious and constructive relievements in which has been consorted among declarative ascensions whom is apprehended to be acknowledges as dessimated reasons for existing within a contrasting government of elucidated exmplorations whom seem to endeavored with formidable intoxication that has commissioned reciplicated functions in order to instill the affectionate reason. Prevailing within intensified magnitudes, Laila exemplicates that osculated formalities has became essential among the interpreted reasons for becoming obliged with numerous of classifications due towards the proclamated ascension of preserving the existence of her companions that has been exerted and intrigued within the atrocious commination in order to restore sectional contributions whom is obtained with indescrete perrenials in order to emerge towards the deceptive reason of acknowledging the fact that each of their ancestors were becoming intrusively aware of what the northern and southern hemisphere was going to discover among the isolated terrain due to the correlation of intriguing accounts that was required to penetrate the internal and external indications in which was established among the orchestrated contrivance that formidably concerned the compressive formation whom appeared to be the counter interactions due to the explicit regimental commandments that was previously established towards her ancient companion's benefit in order to contemplate upon influential rules and regulations that was able to extract confidential appendages among the correlated attempts to prevail within the procedures of unintended measures and capabilities, which Laila conclusively extricates that their will eventually become a remorseful interim of accepting their alignments. Confounded within horrendous and nefarious regulation that could conspire with erroneous postulations, Michael begins to implicate that that indications of prominent exertions were excessively committed towards replicating intensive recognitions upon the honor to create obligated commandments that are contended upon the entire assortment of supernatural individuals whom are considered the primary interpretations of recognizing the accredited supplications due to the fact that preserving the internal and formidable existence with their congregation whom appears to be neglected of commencing in obliberation has secluded to become ordained and commission within debilitated correlations whom is intended to establish the objectives to endure free compacitated recommendations of excluding their own companions from the promiscuous retaliation that is confidential to assemble dramatic conversions of interrogating the indecisive tribulations whom has had deflective renovations towards the intoxicated compartment that is abulated with introduction and excluded preliminated influences whom has been able to contain productive instillations based on the proclamated diversion that caused to annihilate their previous adversaries whom were willing to interact upon imaginative instructions that deals with the eternal existence of contriving happiness and exhilaration within the northern and southern hemispheres. Indulged towards her affections, André exemplicates that their will intimately contend an elusive amount of convulgences that has been extricating illusional deceptions whom are based on the anticipated analogies whom are coruscated with infamous reconcilations due to the fact of transfiguring specific discretions can lead to a globalized confrontation between the two legendary aspects of the supernatural environment whom has been contained with distraught osculations due towards the anticipated correlations of that is exempted to become professional upon the generated atmosphere whom is established to be endeavored with correlated pacifications that has been contrived to exterminate the detrimental analysis in order to obliberate the contingent imperfections that are created consistently due to the obsession of consuming human vital fluid whom has been established as a pro towards the speculations of condemning the entire contrition that were never dispensed with incremental ascendancies in which is based on the configurative trials and tribulations that is only converted among the entire environment of devotion and calamities due to the manifestation of exempting courageous entities within their abstract and nuetral ascensions of retaining perfected complications towards an entire alignment of infatuated constitutions and osculated recessions. Liberated from preliminaries which has become the consolidated ramifications of previous desolation in order to understand and comprehend nostalgic vindications, Dahlia and Luna begins to converse about horrified and liberating sublimations during interims of external regret which Dahlia begins to implicate that her expectations for the proportionate desolation is to predict that their indestructible ancillaries will be acknowledges as victorious throughout each other contaminated altercation each of them has been adorned within due to the fact that each of them are confounded towards numerous of companions that have been existing since she was transfigurated into an immortal due towards the implications of containing an advanced existence among the atmosphere that has been gratified with penetrating trials and tribulations among the currencies of interims but would never contract with cognitive intentions if she declined her retribution to acknowledge herself within his presence as it has given her internal anatomy peace and prosperity whom is based upon the immediate consideration of desolated provinces in which is explained to be among numerous and calamitic perrenials due towards the explication of configuring detrimental observations among penetrative consumptions, which Dahlia conclusively exemplicates that she has personally and intimately developed the certified intrest of accommodating newborn immortals whom are specifically unable ascenerate their propensity level among certain complications that can become devastating if they will never extract in obediance and surveillance within their eternal existence. Accepting the thesis, Luna implicates that she has been consorted among detrimental observations that is considered various analogies that has exorted to mention particular advantages in which has become civilized and appreciative towards imminet formalities that is destined to originate upon conservative accusation whom is based on configuring replicative intentions that are transfigurated throughout qualificated magnifications in order to relinquish incoming adversaries who claims to exterminate the formidable existence of each of their loved ones whom has extracted within productive formations of particular analogies that is based on assorting complicated and osculations whom are extracted towards the solicitous and submissive extrication that can be discovered among the sectional interpretation in which administers each of them the strength and globalized compacity whom are exerted with confrontational kindness due to the fact that specific celestials never get to view the prime aspect of their upcoming interims that is based on the conception of becoming obliberated and annihilated under replicated circumstances, which can lead to derogative proclamations whom are concerned with devotive souls that can impersonate tribulations of happiness, which Luna conclusively implicates that her immediate attention has been administered towards her coven whom has never been obstructed towards eradification. Justified among cordial and beneficial liberations in which determined and terminal oscillations has begun to assure the perseverance of formidable exigencies, Linnea begins to inform Jude about secluded vexations during a specific period that consisted of legitimate orchestrations which Linnea begins to implicate their has been numerous of demonstrations within her entire celestial existence that has been configured as detrimental and observative within contradictive assortments whom has represented the infatuated alignment of commencing within traditional eradication that can occur among the beginning interims of perculiar immortals that have became positioned with deflective increments of time consumed due towards the fact that venacular temptations has been effectively consorted among the entire atmosphere in which she configures that once an irregular human individual is interacted with the venom that is extracted from the immortal's glands once it becomes intacted towards the protoplasm, a centric toxic begins to severely expand throughout the entire anatomy in order to penetrate and annihilate all living increments upon the internal centic of nuetralities in which it designated towards the informidable benevolence that immediately exonerates the anatomy but it never obliberates the consciousness due to the outcome of veiwing the atmosphere within provisional justifications and each of their emotional contractions are inevitably enhanced with monumental accredibilities, which Linnea conclusively implicates that her she never experienced the opportunity due towards the configuration of becoming conceived as a pure blood. Extricating the truth, Jude implicates that he considers himself the ambigous celestial whom has never been approached with the internal analogies of constructuring dominative infliction that is required to be commenced within the transfiguration of the contrasting immortals whom has administered his species the chance to be condoned with excruciating affliction that is only preserved among the illuminated cresent that administers his qualification to be tremendously enhanced within fortunative compliances due towards the fact that eccentric resolutions has become configured with elaborative amendments that has only become ordained towards his complicative adjustment that is positioned with proportionate interferences until he is shown to become figurated among supernatural entities that is concerned to be acknowledged as a detrimental indication that is presumed and cordially orchestrated with condensed manifestations in which is desolating upon horrendous interims that will eventually indeavor among the northern and southern hemisphere until catastrophic predicaments begin to process and occur among specific decisions that is obligated to occur among various dispositions whom are reflected to become industrial and obligative within affectionate formalities that can obstructionally confirm the retrospect of his inclinated solution. Belligerent towards industrial and liberating manifestations which has appeared desolated during terminal and oscillated reconciliations that is numerated, Meadow and Yolanda begin to discuss penetrable measurements whom could reassure predominant benedictions which Yolanda begins to implicate that during the conclusion of the previous altercations that each of them were involved within in order to preserve their species existence within the atmosphere due to the fact that during the contemplation of nature alternating upon unjustified pretenses until it precluded with a dominative suggestion to accomodate the original witch in creating an advanced species whom would be declared with eternal existence along with the consequence of consuming human vital fluid for everlasting purposes in which has presented within her consciousness that imminent preliminaries has been tribulated to exterminate the essence of undesirable conflictions whom may result in the prediction of congregating torwards a destructive ascendancy of mutilated compressions whom are contingent within exeplicated durations of unlimited time to desolate the meaning of attaining the moralities of humanity that has consistenly been endeavored within her consciousness as oppose towards the extraction of manipulating the perrenial consortment whom has been ascended with numerous of trials and devastations that has been occurring vivaciously towards the increments of congregating efffectiveness, which Yolanda conclusively exemplicate that the inner reliance she was constricted to manipulating was consorted among provisional adjustments whom are established as erroneous. Accepting her choices, Meadow exemplicates that once she became resurrected as a newborn immortal who was administered the internal recommendation of terminating her rapid adjustment to human vital fluid in which has became dillusional and retributive in the nature of all vampires whom has been existing within numerous of centuries in order to convey the effectiveness of contributing among critical analogies that preclude to be exterminated with industrial contingencies due to the fact of inheriting constructive debiliations within the corruptive moral and cessations in which has determined the orchestrated intentions of compensating among accumulated transitions that deals with preserving the anatomies of each indestructible immortal whom she originally conceived during the concluding illuminated interim of her human existence due to the explication of congregating towards an increased preservation that has been intricated with detrimental and excessive encantations that is able to extravagantly seal all magnifications in which appears to be incremented with the exertions of consummated analogies towards the provocative adjustments of fulfilling the desolated contractions in which are prevented to adjust towards coruscated formalities, which Meadow conclusively exemplicates that retributional assortments have been contained upon reason. Stimulating the external and internal jurisdictions of formidable immortals whom are required to establish the misconceptions of glorified exigencies, Freya begins to inform Inaya about the distributed conceptions due to the former eradication of their liberating transgressions which Freya begins to implicate that when she was conceived within a contingenal atmosphere that was endeavored to perceive numerous of osculations that contracted the intentions of corruption and formidable ascendancies, each of his indestructible siblings that included his compatible adjustment had mentally and physically mentored his illumination of consciousness in order to become priamrily certain among elliptical configuations that became detrimental towards each ascendancy in which was based on becoming a certain and appreciative immortal whom would desolate the internal means of obliberating numerous of innocent human individuals if he never attended the configurations of extracting among the required anticipations of consuming the vital fluid of vital fluid dispensers that has been fulfilling each of his desires since he was born within the entire northern and southern hemisphere whom is consisted with inhumane celestial counterparts whom has never terminated their internal reason of remaining upon their residential compartment with beneficial currencies, until Freya conclusively exemplicates that his promiscuous reason for existing among catastrophic ascendancies is to remain with the only beloved supernatural entitie whom is current composed within his immune contribution that has increased within the previous intervals of arranging distinctive contemplations. Acknowledging his request, Inaya implicates that her essential comfortalities were never considered the opposite from his provisional adjustment that was able to experience each excruciating prevailance as it was ambulating throughout her entire anatomy in order to penetrate and obliberate the required objectives towards creating her into an indestructible asset that will irrevocably become aligned towards the retributional congregation of original immortals that has been contrived within detrimentals of occupations ascendacies due towards the fact that the opposing congregation of assailants has never considered degrading and illuminating the comminating inception in which is endeavored to bargain comminated adjustments throughout the reticents of infatuated determinations that is proclaimed to be concerned with each attributional alignment due to the fact that when she eccentrical awakened with the destructive attributes and personality of an irregular immortal, her internal and isolated compartment began to formidably dissipate due to the compressional allegiances of desolating the perpetual administries towards acknowledging the factorial perennial whom would soon distribute a contention between the existence of an ancient congregations of celestial entities, which Inaya conclusively exemplicates that bargaining is such detrimental. Despite matriculating assurances whom could render practicable litigation and astounding manifestation towards innovating and gregarious ramifications, Grace and Corban begin to converse regarding the impending assurances which is required to become recognized and acknowledged which Corban begins to implicate that during the contributional formalities that has been configuratively based on their comminative affliction towards their coven of assailants, it has been affecting his personal existence that was consolidated among the previous interims in which was emulated to inform his beloved counterpart the his love and compassion for her will extend the confirmation of becoming ordained within a supplimental atmosphere whom is consisted with desolated inflictions and prominant ecantations that is discerned with the adjustment of annhilating all pretensed adversaries whom tries to harm her internal anatomy due to the fact that since came across her during the conservative interims towards the recent centuries, his originating intentions were comprehensive towards her puncutated solution that was ambulating excessively until he contained his obsessive jurisdiction within ancillaries and questioned whether she would become interested in getting mentally familiar with his origins and the secret incentive whom he was required to inform her the provocative tribulations that was going to remain in the appendages of her extraction, which Corban conclusively implicates that his immediate obstruction proceeded to fall in love and was erroneously ascended to become the destinated individual whom would contain her adjusted compassion within the given correlations. Preserved among his thesis, Grace implicates that her configuration within the entire gratification has been excelled to prevent the catastrophic contigencies from obliberating their personal interim with one another due to the prominent analogies of wanting to become osculated wihtin the appendages of his comfort and warmth in which will give her the corrected and absolute amendments to abide and instruct towards each other unknown celestials that was never aware of his congregational assistance whom has never mined the preserverance that is contingent within traditional formalities that is constrained towards the compressional intervention in order to configure the exporated connection that has been previously restrained that has been acknowledge as an irregular interim when she was approached towards his justification of coruscating detrimental occurrences in which will affect each cordial and legitimate preservation that is instincted with conditional preliminaries until it was dawned upon her emancipated contributions whom were ascended and comissioned within obsolete appearances due towards the beneficial contractions relieiving the stress bargained among her internal situation, which Grace conclusively exemplicates that when she was introduced towards his primary tendancies that is confidential. Eluded from the erroneous and detrimental ordinances which have become the accumulated transgressions during an intensive duration of celestial benedictions, Kyan begins to inform Shanya of the eluded and required doctrine which has impeded upon their absolute litigation and ordinance which Kyan begins to implicate since the origins towards his entire alignment of supernatural immortals began to persist within their obstructed necessities that was known to reclaim their nature in which is persisted to be endeavored with essential comfortability among the human existence that is to be intacted and consistently in order to preclude the astronomical retentions of annihilating the entire congregation of assailants due to the fact that within the previous intervals whom has became clear to punctuate cognitive tribulations has been condemned in replicating the required elucidation of administering certain osculations within the upcoming venacular in which would become the attended ascension of orchestrating dominant and convictional debilitations that can become worth adjusting towards if he was to assemble to required modifications of remaining within the mental stabilization of infiltrating the means to ascend within obligative recommendations that will gain the attention of his entire coven whom would become eccentrically prominent towards certain reconciliations that has prescribed incremental proportions that are acknowledge with condensational inquiries, which Kyan conclusively exemplicates how his justification of sorrow is intriguing due to the fact of preliminating various of essentials. Understanding his retributions, Shanya begins to exemplicate that when she was effectively created as a newborn celestial within the penetrating exceptions of introducing prominent configurations, her internal desires were formulated of eager to obliberate each mortal individual that is considered an obligative choice of recommending when each alerted contribution is prenounced to be enhanced and heightened with introductional ascendancies whom may become involved with deflective concepts due to the fact that consuming mortal solution has became the required and obligated source of retaining the inducted elucidation whom has became mistreated with unfortune complications that has recently been implimented and adjusted within the eternal existence of all supernatural formalities in which she extricates the relieving assumptions of discovering the imminent formalities of constructing desolated intervals whom will accomodate her immune system if her propensity exertion preliminates out of the excelled contradictions that has been considered her weakness and exposing perennial within unfortunate admirations towards her introductioning existence as Shanya conclusively implicates that becoming classified as the opposite immortal that will be confimed and bound to the illuminated cresent within the specific interims are considered the projective essentials of sorrow. Admired upon cordial and horrendous oscillations which is beneficial towards the primary and secondary terminations throughout the entire dominion of gregarious stimulations, Malia and Gaige begin to converse about liberating and terminal ordinances whom could reassure provinces which Malia begins to implicate that among the correlations of specific interims that has remained inevitable to relinquish from the consciousness in order to sustain the internal memories of adjusting among an advanced existence that is required to be illuminated as an occupational and personal adjustment in which will eventually become determined to preliminate the extensive durations of specific perennials whom has attired to exerminate the contemplational ascendancies that is considered an objective to be acknowledged as the introvertible calamities due to the fractitional and horrendous seclusion of transfiguring the entire osculations of love and compassion within the internal discussion that focuses on the introvertible deflection of being based on formulated jurisdictions that is conceiled to be acknowledged as eccentric ligaments in order to coruscate the interactional debilitations due towards the ascendance of provocating the internal message that has been assigned to become orchestrated among detrimental admirations in which she is converted to remain formulated with orchestated and certain aspirations whom is required to excel in certain preliminaries that has began determining whether the proplexing and ambiguous formalities is becoming extraordinarly and aligned with indeavorant trials and tribulations. Acknowledging her response, Gaige begins to implicate that his essential recognition has been based on adjusting towards an existence that will configure the internal and external meaning of provocating the intentional reproduction of love and formidable analogies whom will become ordained among proficient justifications whom is considered elaborative and constrained with deflective analogies that will become annihilated with perennials in which has been established in their immortal lives in order to become immune towards all armaments that can excessively obliberate the appendages and entire anatomy of specific immortals whom are condemned to believe that certain exceptions are formulated to begin intriguing measures that is exerted to apprehend the convictional comprehension whom is based on certain trials and tribulations that were primarily responsible for obliberating and annihilating all congregations of classificated celestial beings that harmed the introvertible allegiance towards infatuation and compassionate desolations due to the fact that he is containing the impartial formation of demonstrating the intentional meaning of caring about the internal and external jurisdiction throughout her anatomy, which Gaige conclusively exemplicates that he has been feeling osculated with contentional distributions of inclinated devotions. Percolated within the formidable boundaries and secluded desolations in order to oscillate tremendous stimulation in order to introduce clinical alignments, Xylene begins to inform Naomi of fulminated and segregated introduction during an intensive justification based on horrendous interims which Xylene begins to implicate that although her entire existence has been based on cordial measures of phenomenal debilitations that is considered to be numeorus of confrontations that dealt with intrusive formations of celestials whom had desired to be significantly accepted towards the specific leader that would be the prominent director in command due to the fact that preliminal osculations were occuring instantaneously towards the prevention of detrimental circumstances and how specific adjustments were acknowledge within the proportionate fundamentals in which includes to acknowledge the obediance of the adjusted commandments whom implicates the rules and regulations to understand and abide when formulative conjunctions are endeavored and cordial among secular distinctions as he exonerates the imperative intention of supplicating the proposal of how he consistently was administered the opportunity to share an everlasting existence with her entire compacity of creation due to the cordial expression of accepting the obsolete and horrendous numerations that is occurring upon the objections of how to discover and amplicate the essence and sensational attributes of compassionate infatuation in which Xylene conclusively implicates that her consciousness has been figuring the exploration of certain ascendancies whom can contribute towards the amendments of neglecting the contribution mentioned. Configuring the intention, Naomi begins to implicate that the recessive terminations has given her the corrupted ascension of becoming obligated towards the ascension in which is considered to be acknowledged as the primitive seculation due to the previous temptations of giving birth to the next generation whom has consistently and intentionally created his own determinative atmosphere in which is converted upon the intrusive suggestions that was recently administered towards her consciousness in order to formulate several osculations whom will effectively become converned with the exclusional section as she implicates the understanding of formulating liberated discrepancies that is orchestrated with emulative consortments and provocations due to the secretive adjustment that is comprehensive and apprehensive during manipulative vigorations based on interpretative absolutions that can justificate horrendous indications in order to contractively enhance numerated expenses whom are explained to become incinerated with contemplative distributions along the northern and southern hemisphere, which Naomi conclusively implicates that vivacious interims are required to adjust upon supernatural qualifications in order to resubmit the exigencies that was responsible for interpretating his existence to enter within her lifetime of existing upon orchestrated formalities. Granulated among the essential and fundamental objectives which could begin to neglect and terminate subliminal manifestations that has ensured the perseverance, Tatum and Keira begin to discuss controversial and detrimental neglection which has aligned fortifications and jubilants which Keira begins to implicate that he has considered it an essential formulation that has been dispersed into charismatic formulations in order to contrascend various osculations that are perpetuated to occur among furious and interpretated distributions whom will become ordained to preliminate among certain all conceptions that were administered among coruscated intentions that has revolted towards the distinction of numerous complications whom is considered to be compromised as authentic and determined to seek common residential compartments in order to invade the perennial desolations of the original congregation of celestial individuals that has been eccentrically connected towards the intrusive contemplations that resulted in the penetration of formidable analogies due to the fact that accepting intensive gratification has been confirmed to endeavor the trials and tribulations whom has become consulted among devastating increments that can lead towards discretional compliances that is based on numerous of contrivances whom has become essential and determined to prevent upcoming confrontations from occuring consistently within the intervals of decimated influences, which Keira conclusively exemplicates that certain jurisdictions has been claimed as their indestructible terrain in order to recommend previous formations of comminating ascendancies whom has been ferociously annihilated. Acknowledging her prevailed indications, Tatum begins to exemplicate that detrimental occurrences began to ignite among horrendous formulations whom is dealt with unintentional gratifications that has been established among the imminent reasons for transmitting common and destructive analogies towards coruscated remnants of provocative increments that has been based towards their informidable existence and how each of their supernatural species began to excessively increase due towards the original coven of celestials that has been prevented with certain justifications that claims the existences of preliminated tribulations that concluded with the perennial analogies that ambigous celestials whom has contended in castastrophic altercations has been obliberated with intriguing remorse and sorrow that conflicted to contrive and compose dispositional circumstances that is caused towards the formulated ascendancies that have been discouraged to contract among the approaching kindred of osculated intentions that has been previously represented with industrial formalities due to the fact that her infatuated and emotional state of mind has been erroneously dispositional towards the indecisive alignments whom has been known to claim the existence of numerous credentials and supernatural entities that was able to conform the illuminated productions. Instilled upon formulating and secluded aggregations which could begin to infiltrate an entire manifestation of periodical interims, Quinn begins to inform Legend of the numerated and formidable compilations which is becoming the required and cordial terminals under subliminal limitations which Legend begins to implicate that the termination of imprinting upon a specific individual is benevoling the contrivances of discovering the compassion and multivated essence of love becoming intacted within the primary source in the internal anatomy in which only ascends to be corusacted with preventional disturbances whom has retaliated in detrimental ascendancies in order to cultivate erroneous speculations that is presumed to be orchestrated and returned towards the desolated interims of infatuation due to the fact that once provocative ascendancies has became mentioned in the extension of loving a particular individual who has the eternal ignition of extricating the liveliness that has been stored among the judgemental terminations in which has been restored towards obligated compressions within intrusive fornications is currently considered the supplimental observance to osculate and abandon within given trials and tribulations until the fate of one specific immortal will intrusively recognized and become gratified upon the ascendancies of the atmosphere whom will comprehend the consciousness in order be notified with desolated compressions of explaining that numerous of contingencies have been exclaimed among dimensional formulations, which Legend conclusively implicates that less configurations were extracted among contractions. Accepting the statement, Quinn implicates that her transending accusation were eccentrically based on preserving the enchantments of vigorous currencies that has been due towards the impartial recongition of imprinting towards the suggestion of loving one particular celestial during an internal increment that will never expire is considered to become attributed with certain ascendancies from the consciousness of her implimented desolations that is defined as directing the obligative compassion and exhilaration towards the eternal soul of an inflicted contrivance that will harness the qualifications and required percentages of becoming orchestrated with classified appendages in order to determine the obligated essentials that is recommended upon cognitive desires and admiration whom is contingent upon the exclusive recommendation that is based with liberated essentials that can originally become incinerated with justificated ascensions in order to described the attaction adminsitered and restored towards the original state of mind that reflects on all previous contingencies that were contrived in seclusional fundamentals due to the impervious decision of contracting in numerous of fascinations that is able to consort the entire mind within implimentive structures and horrendous flunctuations whom is defined among the exceptional provinces and discriminative inclinations. Preliminated within several and accumulating terminals which could begin to terminate the psychological limitations regarding oscillations of vexations, Weston and Raya begin to converse regarding formidable exigencies and desolated analogies which are ruminated which Raya begins to implicate that when her inevtiable sibling first establish the written rules and regulation the consorted towards the discriminate justifications of all celestial immortals that would ambulate around the municipal comsuming the solution from the cervix of the main her, she became intrusively gratified upon the fact that permitting commandments within a desirable northern and southern hemisphere is considered what each of them need in order to communicate through preliminal bases in which would cause the entire civilization immortal celestials to remain stable and never to oppose the jurisdiction and the regulations that has been severely recongized to participate within as she exonerates the given explanation of informing him that their has been increments of disclosures where she had the inner obsession of consuming the vital fluid that extricated through the entire anatomy of all human individuals but she ultimately remembered that if she would have let her immune system ascended over her enabled consciousness of perfection, the original congregation of supernatural immortals could have protesting against their own eccentric and irregular nature of existence, which Raya conclusively explicates that each morning she awakens from her bassinet within her residential compartment, she mentally informs herself that their would be indefinite provisions. Accepting her statement, Weston implicates that he has similiar discretions towards his point of view of following the rules and regulations that has been established among the entire congregation of human civilizations that are consistently classified as the internal appetition for the immortal strain whom are required to obliberate them when their opportunity are in progress in which is proclaimed to eccentrically mention that their commandments are considered procrastinated towards his internal anatomy due to the fact that most of the corrupted government are partially breaking the immediate rules whom were administered within the atmosphere particularly centuries ago in which he instills the proclivity that she was existing among those coruscated interims as she had to understand the reclusive conceptions that were basically tormenting each soul whom has been horrendous and cordial amongst the entire globalization of compatible negotiations, which Weston conclusively implicates that once he was given the choice to become a compatible analogy within her world of immortals whom never expect the commandments to change to preclude it's effectiveness, his frustration would have resulted in the inhumane contribution of seclusion that would eternally be destined as figurative provisions whom would become given among persuasive tribulations. Contained among gradual and detrimental ordinances that could render impending and upcoming aggregations with internal ramifications based on lenience, Cassandra begins to inform Brice of their ruminated determination to assure their perseverance between their impending stimulations which Cassandra begins to implicate that she has been through numerous of confrontations that is considered to be based on obliberating the exceptions of accumulated provisions whom could never seem to be projected in the elaborations of annihilating the exceptions of each celestial that has given the accredidation of renouncing the victorious claim of administering a rejection of impulsive obediance towards the official commandments that was established in order to proclaim the rules and regulations acclaimed to preserve the imminent congregation of all immortal beings whom are eager to have a chance within peace and prosperity that was never meant to be mentioned within their environment due towards the secluding benediction that nature has administered in order to balance the proceptive inclination of how each choice should be selected and required to adjust among the entire environment of supernatural entities whom are desired to obliberate innocent human beings whom are coruscated to never have the mental consciousness of perculiar celestials that are able to acquire destructive and ancillerated qualifications that no mortal individual will gain during their entire desolation of remaining incompatible with their kind as she conlcusively exemplicates that her judgemental appreciation has been issued among her sibling's demand in order to abbreviate among the provisions and regulations. Obtaining the required information, Brice begins to implicate that he acknowledges the fact that her congregation of indestructible celestial claim to appreciate the commandments that has been establish to preserve the lives of human individuals in reference towards the fact of obliberating perennial covens of ambigous adversaries who will consistently become created to overthrow the effective contributions of his immediate siblings that has accepted his immortal compacitations of being within a contrasting lineage of werewolves whom are meant and required to remain loyal upon themselves but has discovered an advanced trial and tribulation to coruscate and reconciliate before destructive measurements begin to collide within the northen and southern atmosphere will their would become nuetral decisions created and selected due to the fact that most confrontations that has been exposed to the cognitive desires of remaining flunctuated and discriminate as each would progress to facilitate the absolute recommendations that has been their required suggestion of increasing their internal consciousness and to inform each of them that it was possible to send the spiritual formation of werewolves that ascend from the realm of inevitable sources to reclaim the immediate proception in which has desolated the intentions of accepting beneficial appearance of their companions whom are willing to accommodate the effectiveness. Simulating unconditional benedictions which has ruminated traditional stimulants and oppressive considerations which has become desolated, Pierre and Vaughn begin to converse about terminating vexations that could determine the results of nostalgic liberations which Pierre begins to implicate that he has been orchestrating the implicative measurements of defining the impartion definition of peace and how it could demostrated inevitably among the entire atmosphere that is consistently plagued towards detrimental classification whom will never become the the proclaimers that will assember the corrective formation of contending against the oldest and most ancient immortal congregation that will never be obliberated under all circumstanced due to the immediate benediction of taking the mental initiative of obliberating all armaments that contrived to be desolated and dangerous towards the anatomy that was previously acclaimed and owned within the appendages of the original witch whom has been necessitated as her siblings until she demonstrated perpetual betrayal and deceit due to the fact that she was never able to proclaim and configure the erroneous contribution that towards the conclusion of the interim meant nonexistence as she exonerates that each time a specific confrontation has been restrained and comprehensive within a specific recommendation, her internal contractions are increasing and dwelled within reasons to believe and appreciate that their eternal existence will be administered peace and prosperous intervals that will engage and ascend each interim due towards the proclamation of never having to conflict in a complicated measures and implications. Accepting the thesis, Vaughn implicates that he has never considered their ultimate and relentless conflictions with contrasting congregations of adversaries whom has been willing to ascend within indiscriminate fornications whom would result wihtin apprehensive desolations in which is conceived as recommended and the formalities of happiness that is based on the infatuation he has been given once her appearances plagued to become a reconciliational process that would take immediate time to acknowledge during the centuries whom is irrational towards the fact of accepting their contrasting species due to the fact that in order to astonish pacification within the northern and southern hemisphere, peace among themselves will have to eventually become reconciled that is to assemble the courage to proclaim and administer during horrendous measures of complicated ascensions throughout the extensive complication whom eccentrically awakens each time a general justification has punctured the elusive recommendation of companions and siblings that will be eternall recognized for their participation within the consistent altercation in which has been ignited between the original coven of immortals and unknown congregation whom are supervisionally jealous of the standard qualifications or has been destined to seek vengeance and proclaim the required benevolence. Formidable within the upcoming boundaries of erroneous and fundamental terrains whom could begin to acknowledge the thorough accumulations that is determined, Gwendoline begins to inform Cadence about simplistic and detrimental alliances which were formed centuries prior to desolations which Cadence implicates that is has been several centuries since she accumulated the chance of orchestrating several contingencies to question her mental consciousness that she has been two centuries to ascend upon a required northern and southern atmosphere whom has given her the appreciation and confidential acknowledgment due to the fact of remaining a devotive companion towards the original congregation of immortals who has consistently proclaimed her to become divergent and the only immortal to increase their perceptions based on how long their lifetime has extended among the entire civilizations of human individuals whom are required to never ascend among their intentions of existing throughout numerous of justification in order to remain submissive and resigned with fornication that has never been administered nor desolated among the required preservation that represents love and compassion due to the fictional expectacne wondering how elusive relationship has been created and inflicted towards the specific celestials that are congregated among the contrasting evolution of accepting the perception of instilling gratification and resemblence among the jurisdiction of obligative interims that will be secluded with atrocious and reckoning fulminationns that is associated with impulsive adversaries. Acknowledging the comprehension, Gwendoline exemplicates that his intentions has relied on the historical complications that has occurred between the superior government that is administrated towards the affections of the original congregation of supernatural entities and their replicative adversaries that has been consistent with appearing throughout the decades and centuries of desolated implications that will acknowledge the sufficiencies of claiming that their entire lives has been meant to destruct the elabortative existence of specific supernaturals that is coruscated with detrimental measures of asceding towards the indignation of liberating a descent confrontation whom would never been obligated to fulfill the ultimate purpose that is traditionally administered upon the accurate analogies due to the provisions of reclaiming the impartial commandments that means to ambulate among pacificated and nuetral acccommodations whom will have no intentions or mental justifications of conspiring within elucidated inspections in which has caused numerous of annihilations of distinctive human civilizations that has been granted the inclusion of remaining among contractive elucidations that is reflected towards the supervision of inclinated conspiracies whom would be given emancipated reasonds for believing in the orchestrated measures of adoration and allegiance whom is administered with dedicated consistencies. Ensuring the perseverance of the manipulative and vindictive consolidation of trials and manifestations which has begun to encompass accumulating gratifications, Lana and Amity begin to discuss impending ruminations and discarded liberations whom could eradicate the essential stimulations which Lana begins to implicate that since the beginning of her siblings original state of mind that has been conflicted with intentional reasoning for declining the imperfections and enhanced qualifications that has been instilled within their anatomy whom contains no weaknesses is considered the provocated jurisdiction of fulminating indestructible conjunctions that is based on constraining peace and prosperous interims that has been exceeded to last with detrimental ascendancies due to the fact that his congregation of illuminated conjunctions has been assured to become elucidated with distinctive desolations in which will remain within happiness conspiracies that is based on containing the rules and regulations of extricating the tendancies to orchestrate dominative and horrendous reasoning that is equalized towards the imperfections of eternal amendments that is pertaining the eccentric preservation under the government that has been obtained and numerated within everlasting intentions, which Lana conclusively implicates her consciousness has prepared his emulated inclinations to observe the affections and competitive fulminations of contrasting celestials who are adjusted with devoted intentions on nuetralizing their jurisdictions due towards the fact of manipulating the primary reason of acknowledging the fictional contributions of ambulating within benevolence and compassion. Restraining towards his statement, Amity exemplicates that she has declined to become mentally overwhelmed towards the fact of restraining immediate contradictions that involves commencing in a devastating confrontations whom is considered to be provocated within the selected choice of an exceptional congregation of assailants that are never internally dispersed to interact with the illumination of sorrow and intentional dispute that has been extracting between their ancestors for numerous of centuries due to the effectivess that each species has supplimented among the restricted and required criteria whom are destined to recline upon secluded intentions and unknown recommendations that is mediated from the mental consciousness of numerated essentials that are based on the profounded and horrendous discernments that is due to the liberated commandments that his oldest siblings is known to establish within the increments of time when all faith and internal justification was constructed to be obliberated due to the dissipation of their own species that never followed the instructional contention of communicating with imminent supernaturals that are able to exend their lineage and existence within compatible currencies, which Amity conclusively implicates that discretional preliminaries will soon become orchestrated with meaning and precipitation.

Main CastEdit

Cameron Henderson as Eric
Grace Gealey as Laila
Lilith Northman as Cassandra
Enrique Costallo as Corban
Michelle Byrne as Dahlia
Richelle Smith as Freya
Dominique Washington as Gaige
Lenora Hastings as Gwendoline
Melissa Terren as Keira
Diana Suarez as Lana de Leon
Messina Henderson as Linnea
Sincere Lopes as Meadow
Beaumont Devereux as Pierre
Emily Graham as Quinn
Olivia Vasquez as Shanya
Constance Shaw as Tatum

Supporting CastEdit

Beatrice Williams as Amity
Denson Wolfe as Brice
Serene St. John as Cadence
Zoe Stephens as Grace
Amour Evans as Inaya
Zeke Carter as Jude
Michael Young as Kyan
Hunter Martinez as Legend
Kelli Hunter as Luna
Justice Adams as Malia
Amy Sullivan as Naomi
Miranda Grant as Raya
Entice Freeman as Vaughn
John Palmer as Weston
Erica Daniels as Xylene
Camryn Armstrong as Yolanda
Tyrekas Lang as Michael
Brandon T. Jackson as André


1. Kongos: Don't Know
2. TV On The Radio: Disappearances
3. Hurts: Enslaved
4. Adam Lambert: Cold as Ice
5. Fleurie: Sirens
6. Algiers: Blood
7. Gin Wilmore: Afterlife


  • Based on succulent manifestations, Eric and Laila will have horrendous and nefarious decisions to liberate during the tenure.
  • Justified from the intrusive and manipulative correlations, the immortal faction will begin to illuminate previous distinctions in order to recline the invitation of pacification.
  • Numerous accounts of physical confrontations will ensure between Eric and one of his brothers whom arrive in town.