The Measures of Time
Film Information
PremiereMay 20, 2044
ProjectionSeason Sequel Film
SloganAllure of the Reconciliation

The Eternity Series: The Measures of Time is the fifth installment of the fortified and irrigated franchise which has depicted the consistent terminations and desolated interventions of the original congregation of immortals through the beneficence of Eric and Laila whom have assured primary and secondary objectives towards the renovations and compiled orchestrations within the dominion of relevant angels. In order to assure the liberated and determined constellation within boundaries and innovative vindications that could begin to disclose manifestations during horrendous and an intensive duration of adoration which is contained among fortified declarations whom has began to neglect each opportunity that is becoming estranged from the irregular contribution as secular terminals has rendered obsolete limitations throughout justified denominations as an entire faction of immortal compilations will begin to entrust assurance towards Eric whom has promised that impending and upcoming duration of assailants will begin to numerate the accumulating and nefarious retribution towards specified inclinations whom will begin to negotiate tribunal and secluded oscillations upon erroneous interims since the beginning orchestrations which will matriculate the liberating and regulated misconceptions that could acknowledge the perseverance of declared fortune which has become the obsolete misconceptions since primordial compilations which vindicates the internal and external acceptance that some gregarious regulations have become blessed to obtain upon simplified vexations as similar compilations has begun to terminate desolated and gregarious manifestations across benevolent matriculations whom could begin to claim denominators towards distinctive and segregation accumulations whom has formulated the terrain of independent conceptions as the two original vampires have considered each of the formidable options that is stimulating each of the psychological limitations of the formidable allies and confronted enemies as secluded aggregations are becoming aligned for the permeated interim which could justify the ordinances that will succumb to extraordinary measurements within confronted oscillations.


Benevolent within ordinal and complicated limitations whom are beginning to terminate distinctive oscillations among cordial accumulations have acknowledge each of the fulminated terminations in order to accumulate peculiar retribution throughout vindicated segregations which contains horrendous and malevolent entities whose primary and secondary objective are based on obtaining the sufficient amount of potent terminations due to innovative accumulations under such atrocious desolation which are beginning to neglect the orchestrations that is formidable towards regulated and terminating distinctions whom are supplicant within the interior and exterior conditions that entails illuminating transitions into the oscillated formations that is beginning to render an entire formation of legitimate and erroneous compilations whom are acquiring an intelligent misconceptions that is based on secluding the denominating and justified orchestration in order to become valid in the depths of formulating the dominion of mortal limitations to become denounced under regulated and gregarious postulations as numerated tribulations will become the ordained and simplified benevolence towards the confusing ordination. Unable to comprehend the numerical and oscillated transactions that could determine the excellence which is pervaded along the degraded and atrocious remnants throughout the municipal that is consisted of mortal terminations whom have refused to identify such orchestrated results in the primordial times as the impending and upcoming misconceptions has ensured the entire perseverance of complicated deterrence and innovative retribution that is considering gregarious and upstanding regulations until the boundaries regarding intricate and erroneous misconceptions can begin to acknowledge determined numerations.

Ordained among the confined and required conceptions whom are considering terminating limitations throughout the abundance of adoration whom are required and compelled to fulminate the stimulating considerations under an entire formulation of boundaries that could become specific within orchestrated and tireless vexations in order to assure each of their secondary and primary retribution which is able to restore the limitations that are bound to restore erroneous complications under such primordial and deviant vindications as the impending and secluded misconceptions has determined to accumulate secular administrations during an intensive matriculation whom are becoming endowed within the vindicated and terminal limitations whom are cordial under simplified combustions which is familiar within specific immunizations which are required to abdicate from an entire postulation which acquired irregular numerations based on succulent manifestations whom were primarily known to eradicate the distinction of liberal and peculiar oscillations under the determined matriculation as several indications have considered the remaining numeration of adoration whom could begin to acknowledge the perseverance of internal and external inclination since the orchestration that could begin to understand and comprehend the sufficient amount of gratitude and adoration based on the sacrifices that the original congregation of immortals have established in order to render their species in the immediate regulations to numerate within horrendous and atrocious interims which have become the neglected to ensure liberal and oscillated misconceptions under simplified and alterior compilations that are instilled within the ordained supplementation that is nostalgic towards inclined and formulating opposition.


Segregated within terminal and aligned manipulations whom could begin to determine the various intricacies which can have accumulated several terminations in order to establish gregarious formulations whom has begun to determine an entire benediction of manifestations that could ensure the perseverance of the original congregation whom are dissipating within estranged and osculated aggregations of severance. Coordinated among primordial and contingent affairs that are becoming consolidated towards simplistical and nefarious oscillations, Laila begins to inform Eric of the terminating rendition which has become the primary alignment of fulminating the extermination and reconciled partitions which Eric begins to implicate that once his siblings began controverting against indestructible congregations that had previously desired relinquishing each innocent human individual due towards the internal solution that recommended confidential observance within instructional graciousness, his internal immune system began to inform his consciousness that immediate supplications has began to infiltrate the existence of his entire coven whom has become immuned towards any crendentialized armament that has been surreptitiously created in order to penetrate the existence temporarily due towards the natural causes of regaining official and constructional aberration over the entire supernatural atmosphere whom has been consisted with progressive discriminations in which has been administered in caution within detrimental ascendancies throughout their imminent orchestrations of peace and prosperity as he exonerates that formidable matriculation is becoming horrendously conspired to acknowledge the fictional attribute of commencing in atrocious declarations as each of them will be assigned to nuetralize their introvertible desolation whom will be established towards a required adjustment that will convict with limited consolidation with his immediate siblings as specific interims will continue to progress during the illuminated night that will be contractively consisted with numerous of eradications. Objected towards his thesis, Laila begins to exemplicate that industrial complications has been consistent and increasing within their jurisdication of pacification of reconciliation due to the required formations that has been occurring since the contemplation of analytical and condensational attributes that instucts their mental observance of implicating that their adversaries has never been comforted in warmth and ostructed justification that will administer and provide them the ultimate and conditional alignment that previous dissertations decline to offer the conventional formation of all contrasting celestials that each of them had been required to annihilate based on the interims that dealt with horrendous annihilations of distributed atonements whom were eagered and anxious to claim the inevitable sense of transfiguration and competency throughout the entire municiple of encantated provisions that has obstructed the personal views of prominent celestials that has been accommodating the original congregation of immortal classifications whom has been honored to share and commence within gracious penetrations that will be informed and contained towards the forces of nature whom has been responsible for administering the superficial qualifications of commencing the immortal gene within the anatomies of all divergent and inconsistent species whom has became adjusted within the elaborated perfection. Justified upon the intricate oscillations which has been stimulated throughout custodial and accumulating references within the dominion of celestials, Xylene and Weston begin to converse about bountiful vexations that could render impending desolations towards impediments of fortitude which Weston begins to implicate that his intentional specifications has never been accomplished without the internal and external supplimentations of what the balance of nature has provided to him during the calamitous attributes of specific interims that has been able to collide among the discretions of his existence due to the catastrophic increments that has been emerged upon his conventional attibutes whom has been among the primary reason of how his indestructible qualities were incompatible from the rest of original siblings that also inherited the compatible dispositions that are acquired and immune towards all armaments that is creates to annihilate a specific celestial that contains the informidable replications of deriving expedential fornications as he exonerates that their has been severe obliberations in the entire environment of supernatural occurrences who is exerted into calamtic oppositions that are contrasted with desolated opinions that formed during the original interims of their conceivement and how existing among the entire human civilization never became enough towards the discriminate virtues of excessive and detrimental conspiracies to consume the vital fluid from mortal cervixes in order to preserve their consciousness that is destined to be confirmed with wisdom and incremental knowledge based on the contrivance of living upon anatomies whom has the capabilities of formulating an alliance discretion. Acknowledging his thesis, Xylene begins to exemplicate that her intentions has never doubted the formulated diversion of compressing her obligative tribulation that is considered to be distinctive towards the industrial monument that is known to conceive the formation of peace and reconciliation throughout the environment in which is assorted to acknowledge the primary replication that is condoned to believe in emulative conceptions based within the treacherous osculation that is formulated to be horrendous throughout intoxicated measures as she exonerates that their has contemplacent and numerous of exigencies when she wanted to annihilate the proportions of her humanity in order to recommend the accurate morals and values that instills each celestial anatomy with configurations of endurace in which throughout the centuires will become suastain among indiscretional currencies whom is dealing with fornicated objections in order to prepare conditional and stretegic formations of arrangments that can be concluded within the adjusted interim of annihilating their current adversaries whom are claimed to be discovered as the congregation of assailants whom are apparently obligated to formulate vengeance and compressional exemptions upon each recongition that is given among the proportionate trials and tribulations in order to contract certain ascendments whom is preferred to be honorable. Vindicated within segregated and horrendous boundaries that was introduced towards centuries of accumulating initials in order to terminate misconceptions, Jude begins to inform Kyan about formidable alignments that is atrocious to initiate while suppressing lycanthrope attributes which Jude begins to implicate that he has been through numerous of contingencies that is consorted upon the objections of formulating his own residential domicile that can only be persisted with horrendous essentials that is figuratively and erroneously functioning without primitive desolations of how he considered evolving away from the his two guardians whom has sacrificed occupational and academic formations in order to exclude among fictional ascensions that is excessively ordained to originate within incremental collisions that is prevented towards becoming elusive among the entire retribution of distributed recommendations that are acknowledged to emerge within introvertible ascendacies as he exonerates that since his guardian gave birth to him during the catastrophic interims and seclusions, he has been willing to relocate without getting his compositional dispostions wihtin formidable terrains that involves the preliminaries of supplimental inclusions that are pertaining to acknowlege orchestrated decisions in which was created upon the assorted affirmations of transcending within a compassionate and illusive interval of exotortion and misrepresentation as Jude conclusively exemplicats his eternal regards were never considered the intentions of exploiting congregational achievements whom has been declined to retalitate against their diluted adversaries. Acclaming his imminent provisions, Kyan begins to implicate that he has never confirmed towards the internal distribution of resenting the accumulative proportions that her immediate siblings in known to administer towards her beloved and condensational attributes whom has began to proclaim the effective absolution of never justicating a contingency arrangement that considered to be subliminal within the current atmosphere each of them is commissioned to be considered upon as she exonertates that it has been numerous of interims to become financed with apprehending speculations that is known to become intrigued with phenomenal intentions of persuading the horrendous meaures of conditioning interpretated alignments that is subjected towards becoming an irresistable complication whom is required to inherit each declusional attributes and qualification that will be agitated towards comprehensions and osculations in which is reflected to a mediation of contemporary adjustments during her accomodations of acknowledging the arrangments he mentally suggesting must eventually acknowledge reality in order to engage in the upcoming altercation of eradicating the seclusional assailants, which Kyan conclusively interprets her cognition of reasoning to become instilled with occupational resources that are dealt to manage irrevocable commissions whom will occur provisionally. Estranged from the subordinate and infiltrated arraignments whom are fulminating during an intensive formation of adoration that could determine subordinates, Yolanda and Tatum begin to discuss several communication despite the erroneous numerations that is classified and stimulating which Tatum begins to implicate that throughout her propositional contingencies of being among the entire atmosphere has been constrained with unforgiveness and immediate discretion that is emancipated among the contrasting exertions whom are becoming obligated when perrenial adjustments that is prohibited towards his species as his congregation would assemble each other in order to commence obigated traditions to be accounted for among the corruptive speculation that is formulated to contemplate among a sequence of annihilated tribulations of obliberated immortals that was ineffectively concerned with provocative asendancies in which were conditioned to be emulated within professional discrepancies that is eventually restrained within horrendous alignments as he exonerates his discretional ascendancies of formulating objective credentials to explain within her consciousness the formidable analogies each assailant would become destined to incinerate as their neglectful compression would be dispersed among crendentionalized determinations whom are retreated to become obligated to understand and acknowledge the rules and regulation upon the commited juridication whom would be remaining as the effective contribution that is disregarded to become essential within the catastrophic occurrences in which was known to emerge upon speculations. Accepting his retention, Yolanda implicates that her primary intentions would become emulated with compressional analogies due towards the fact of commencing obligated decisions within institutionalized concepts that will become honored to reflect on the supernatural entities of collisional intentions whom would extend the measurements of irrevocable decisions that is configured towards formulative conceptions embargained through the introductional analogy of the original coven in which has determined and engage within numerous of contemplations that will exceed to originate within orchestrated reflections that are known to be considered prominent encantations due to the upcoming alignment of propositional occurrences that are confirmed to be established among exceptional contingencies throughout the anticipated reason to understand the existence of their adversaries whom are beginning to infiltrate the surroundings of their municipal that has been determined to be among a condensational adjustment in which is described to become commenced within excessive reasoning as Yolanda conclusively implicates that her exceptional initiative has became prominent within orchestrated assumptions of retaliating against their required opportunities due towards the emulative conspiracy that engages in primitive assumptions. Feigned upon aggregates of culturated and numerical insulations which could begin to terminate the essential neglections that could infiltrate gregarious sections, Legend begins to inform Gaige of previous formulations which resulted in two-thirds of the congregation eradicated based on impulsivity which Gaige begins to implicate that his congregation of indestructible siblings has been defined as the only coven within the supernatural government to never become relinquished towards calamitous adversaries who has been intended to commence recommended obligations within unconditional alignments that has became unintended during the proportionate accumulations that has been reflecting the oppositional speculations that is contemplated upon the remainder of their existence due to the fact that his immune system has configured to be established as immune and reconciliated with intensive commandments whom were obligated and required to understand once his brother created the entire fornication of supplimental retentions that has been ordained within obsolete configurations as he exonerates that once he became aware that an increasing amount of millenniums were administered towards his oppositional anatomy along within his siblings conjuctions, which were condemned to be justified as the oldest and most ancient supernatural coven within the formulation of speculative dicisions whom were primarily configured towards their arrangments of never consuming the vital fluid of human individuals directly under all circumstances as each of them proclaimed to recommend signing a compromise to admit their accumulation of precaution awareness. Acknowledging his configuration, Legend begins to exemplicate that his mental awareness has been excessively indeavored to remain cautionary among the explicit assortment of remaining configurative during the numerous of trials and tribulation that is proclaimed to become identified as reconstructional temperations in order to configure impressional obligations that has exceeded in range of temporary formalities that has transpired to witness the previous and uncondtional annihilations that his congregation of indestructible immortals were primarily responsible for during the ignited correspondence of relinquishing the formation of classificated werewolves who was established as the only spiritual alignment that was consisted in obliberating during all unpredicted confrontations as she formidably admit towards the conjunction of admiring the indiscretional appearance of conceiving victorious proclamations whom has been commisioned to become obligated under all reflections of ambigous osculations that are required to adjust within during catastrophic incidents in which has been recognized to become confidential within the entire civilization of supernatural appendages, which Legend conclusively implicates that his unknown recommendation has been concieved to contribute emancipated obligations that has administered prosperous atonements towards their relationship. Oscillated among gradual desperation and formalities whom has stimulated the boundaries of lies in order to terminate the distinctions of numerical limitations, Gwendoline and Raya begin to converse regarding abstract formalities that could begin to neglect required numerations which Gwendoline begins to implicate that during the origins of her celestial existence during numerous of centuries when the species of vampires and lycanthropes were in production of igniting their confrontation dispution, she ferociously felt perrenious due the contemplated gift she was administered from an unknown immortal whom had nearly claimed her mortal existence until he was distracted and vanished without further notice in which she is conceived in the medical care formulated conspirators whom had manipulated her severe anatomy towards the local emergency compartment due to the matriculation of vital fluid that was comprehensing throughout her cervix but never she never comprehended that the extracted venom from the unknown immortal's glands was escalating vivaciously throughout the osculation of the anatomy whom began infiltrating upon a pale frangrance and appearance while she was institutionalized for several interims, the medical assistants were administering her contemplations of several vaccnines that were considered astronomical and fallacious towards the penetrating solution that was compressing in an arrangement towards her heart in which will complete her transition and denounce the erroneous and excruciating pain she was suffering within numerous of matriculating supplimentations until the transfiguration was considered a success. Acknowledging her detrimental assumptions, Raya begins to exemplicate how she never commenced and bargained upon the horrendous analogy that was previously subscribed towards his consciousness that would eternally prevent him from endangering her existence with formidable altercation in which he elucidates upon the venacular and intentional tribulation of what occurred when acquired his lycanthrope gene due to the inheritance that his cousins also was required to indeavor within their manipulated genes whom has been extracted among the contemplational intervals that was known to infuriate his temper and internal anatomy as he exonertes the intention of becoming and gaining essential personalities during the rising of the illuminated cresent in which he presumptiously configurated that his hostile osculation is known to collapse and increase severely due to the enhancement of the symbolized cresent and coniguration of becoming unable to contract the curse that has become stabilized within their entire lineage among the centuries as his concepts became stregthen throughout the perrenials of the interval whom had demostrated to exhilarate his mortal qualification that intensively amplified based on the intoxication of his first illuminated cresent without contracting his original species alignment, which Raya conclusively implicates that consequences were becoming heightened and contemplated within analogical ascensions. Insisted within the formulated extension which has become the secondary and primary alignment towards the original congregation during times of tension, Linnea begins to inform Brice of consistent and detrimental posterations whom has begun to terminate aggregations and vindictive regulations which Linnea begins to primarily exemplicate that when the origins of her species was entirely recommended and born within their environment upon the specific interims of contentional discrepancies and formidable analogies, her internal eagerness for human solution had expanded within contradicting presumptions that would never dissipate from her system of annihilated souls and entities due towards the convergence of feeling no remorse or intoxication that is essentially involved in condemning numerous of human individuals towards an exemplified conjunction that began to erroneously diverge when the oldest immortal throughout the entire congregation began obliberating intensive entities than it was expected to become whom led her faith and willingless become indeavored among sensitivity and extracted constitutions due to the awareness of physically exergencies that was able to commence within intolerable factors of justificated exemptions as she vervaciously recommends that being born as the beginning of an advanced generation is considered prohibitve and ambigous throughout the continental exergencies that was manipulating her entire anatomy but learned to contain ascendancy when decades and centuries decided to progress, which Linnea conclusively implicates that their has been emulative conjections that has lead her to become an divergent supernatural. Obliged towards her conception, Brice exemplicates that their has been astronomical interims when he would become concerned if her would ever originate among the expense of becoming a classificated hybrid due to the fact that he indeavors the foundation of being able to transfigure into a lycanthrope at will instead of being bound upon the full moon for his eternal existence that has became clear under all circumstanes that is considered to be an an unconditional factor that all werewolves would adorn to abide towards but understands that having to consume human solution for the rest of his existence will become conditioned with an intolerable condition that will inherit his internal system to relinquish erroneous amounts of vital fluid in which recommends obliberating any mortal individual that is comprehensive within his perrenial jurisdiction as he contentially extricates that remaing under the abundant existence of werewolves has been known to be his desired species in which has administered his dormant contraction to become less agressive and inhumane within his diluted protoplasm instead of becoming annihilated and resurrecting upon an empty immune system that is required to be filled with vital fluid during the increments of calamitous measures, which Brice conclusively exemplicates that his remorseful benediction has fulminated to recognize the collaborations of enduring the adoration from their contrasting companions. Arraigned throughout the condensations in order to become the formidable and comprehensible terminal whom are classified as oscillated limitations towards incentives, Quinn and Malia begin to discuss elaborative and terminating consolidations throughout monumental errands and stipulations which Quinn begins to implicate that her existence has been consorted within happiness and desolated increments of proportionate ascendancies that has been acclaimed to occur among sensational contractions that observe the industrial evolutions whom were based upon her species and all werewolves commencing in an atrocious altercation that caused the innocent existence towards numerous of human individuals to be intensively relinquish at the appendages of both contrasting elucidations whom was sincerely feeling no regret or remorse based on how current her congregation of siblings were drawn according the addiction of vital fluid whose essence and scent would ignite each of their entire anatomy among the previous ages that seclude wihtin their consciousness like it occurring upon the illuminated cresent interims ago as she extricates within the entitled refraction of accepting the solidarity of each lycanthrope advancing and annihilating vampires and human supplimentations that would conspire to preliminate indiscretional contrivances within the perrenial adjustment of convincing intolerable affections from occurring among infiltrative conceptions whom has become penetrated with consciousness and anticipated alignments, which Quinn conclusively explicates that emulative fornications were stabilized towards the translucent analogies of preserving her existence. Acknowledging her contemplation with dignity, Malia exemplicates that when she conducts the illuminated theories of how her siblings originated of becoming the first immortal congregation whom were able to indeavor highly anticipated contructions within the terminating interims would become intentionally essential due towards the upcoming provisions of acknowledging the critical ascendancies she had to formulate upon due to the fact that when her lineage were considered newborns in the process of manipulative formalities, effectively administrating their intoxicated awareness would have been extremely and irrevocably crucial to assemble such erroneous imitations during the dramatical era of accepting the birth of supernatural creatures whom would establish their indestructible forces within the entire atmosphere in order for their species to become recognized but apprehended with secrecy as it was based towards the contradictional aberration that would eventually formulate within their entire anatomy that was currently assembled with specific obstructions that involved their coven becoming peculiar about whom each of them transfigured into an immortal among the consolidated intervals of treacherous reckonings, which Malia conclusively exemplicates that based on the existence she was known to live during the genesis of her species. Bountiful towards elaborative and confined immunizations which has transpired from detrimental and fulminated irrigation despite transparent alignments, Naomi begins to inform Lana of the pardoned compilations which has stimulated justification regarding succulent manifestations which Lana begins to implicate that elaborative conceptions has been plagued upon the significance of each detrimental ascendancies due towards the preventional obstructions that were effectively harming each celestial and human individual throughout the entire atmosphere in which the balance of nature formulated a contingency arrangements to exert upon the guardians of nature to preliminate the previous confrontations that was ignited between the presumptuous osculation of vampires and werewolves whom were ascending within one another's residential compartment in order to aggravate the main perrenials that was formulated to occur among institutionalized sensations whom were becoming fascinated towards the redemption of comminating against celestial occurrences due to the fact that she has been inspired to serve he superior government until the conclusion of the supplimental atmosphere that was based on the cognitive intermission of containing intensive preliminations in which has been based on specific affirmations that is considered to acknowledge the intentional justification that contemporary alignments will be established as a burden within the celestial environment, which Lana conclusively implicates that her defective instillations were becoming recognized during the upcoming stages of relievance and expectational observations. Accepting her perspective, Naomi implicates that due to the constructive adjustment of configuring supernatural occurrences that deals with the formulated contingencies of acrimonious measures, he wouldn't become surprised if a contamination of deceased assailants arise from the spiritual realm in order to contrive their vengeance upon the original coven of immortal celestials based within the impertinent alignments whom discusses the perfections of contracting in formidable altercation that can obliberate the existence of terminating expectations due to the fact that he was never aware that the eternal confrontation between the children of the night and werewolves were based on an elliptical aspersion in order to admit their resentment towards one another in order for them both to commence within a destructional contention whom will ultimately decide whom will become the exceptional choice to indeavor among the conspirators that are trying to obliberate all supernatural entities during an entire compression of setting aside the differences each species are administered and consolidate their deleterious forces in order to relinquish an original congregation who had swore to preserve the upcoming intervals of the entire atmosphere from all celestial species of the illuminated cresent, which Naomi conclusively implicates that she never been commenced within a specific osculation. Determined within ultimate and erroneous consolidations in order to initiate the termination due to inherited boundaries that has considered retribution, Meadow and Keira begin to converse regarding nostalgic compression based on the impending and previous reconciliation of adoration which Meadow begins to implicate that their personal growth escalating intimacy has been increasing upon the unexpected interims due towards the fact that becoming the specific celestial who would be declared as his savior is considered to be established as monumental among all precisions when he was contructively isolated through consuming erroneous amounts of vital fluid that had been emulated within the complexities of announcing the vivacious desolations whom are correlated to become irresistable within proportionate measures as she exonerates that complicative assortments had begun to interact within the daily ascendancies when her internal anatomy collisioned among the conceptions of adoring his appearance and anatomy as an irrevocable companion or extracting their friendship to something more and extravagant within the interims of time whom would configure certain dispositions that are negotiated to be reliant and sophisticated under all circumstances based on the contentional destruction of admitting the obsolete ancillaries in order to recommend illuminated frustrations in which has formulated towards the extension of converting shifts and prominent deceptions that is adjusted to consider unlimited transfigurations upon secluded confessions whom are establish to be discussed within accurative inclinations whom has been among the numerous of immortals. Attaining her inclinated diversions, Keira begins to explicate that he has been among her inevitable presence where it has become to be classified as his personal relievement in order to obliberate the pain and correlations that are ferociously ignited within his traditional anatomy whom has instilled several osculations into his productive ascension in which is proclaimed to be osculated as the personal and intimate reactions he was accessing to extract from his mind upon the exluded amounts of interims as he exonerates that his reluctancy of contaminating personal discretions among his reason for existing in accomplish to known as desirable to possess the anixety and the eagerness to claim the affections of the specific celestial being he has loved unconditionally due towards the atrocious benefit of accommodating him when he was ambuscaded in confinement whom was unable to relinquish his qualifications of obliberating innocent human individuals until an alignment of justificated intervals will become acknowledge towards a severe denomination due to that fact that when his immune system digested each increment of solution from his system of desolate reasoning, previous ascensions are consistent to become traditionally perceived with correlations of arrangments whom are considered the appropriate reflection to deal with. Formalities among essential and coordinated justifications which could liberate the aggregations of aligned conditions in order to terminate erroneous numerations, Pierre begins to inform Inaya of the complicated and essential manifestations which is occurring during horrendous interims which Inaya begins to implicate that their will become an imminent and determinating interval when each of them will have to conspire their beliefs and warn each celestial that is congregated among the atrocious reconciliations to abide within unsanctified and correlated objectives that assemble complexitive understandings towards the elucidated contingencies of certain congregations of supernatural compromises whom believes within their mental consciouness that adjusted and experienced assailants are considered effortless to annihilated among an original circumstance of techniques that are condoned to be acknowledge as parental manifestations that exempt the required assessment of bargaining accredited tribulations that is conceded to be possible under all reflective elucidations in order to preliminate the constructed and attainable righteousness whom has appeared in the internal ascendancies of exterminating an essential arrangement of sensitivity and preperation that requires unique interpretation that excels among destituted innervations has administers any solution towards a reconcilement of resenting the contrasting species of lycanthropes and forming an entire opinionated confirmation in which had helped beneficial altercation whom intevenes with numerical osculation that is subliminenal with infuriated obligations. Permitted towards her induction, Pierre exemplicates that their has neen numerous of unexplained sighting whom has been orchestrated towards the entitlement of deriving contentional occurrences that is risking the impartial existence of companionated supernaturals whom have surreptitiously pleadge to honor the immediate commandments establish by the original coven's terminology of remaining distant from their use of instilled correlations until the final confrontation has ignited a surrenduring tribulation among the contrasted species of children among the illuminated cresent and werewolves that are known to be subjected towads a venemous extraction that is required to excel and commence within the entire anatomy whom wil become productive towards the beneficial of defamation in which has fabicated the intentional extortion of confirming the atrocious meaning of emancipated rules and regulations that is considered to become a reclusive analogy within the catastrophic asperions that are condemned to reconciliate during intentional purposes for unrecessitated analogies that is prevailing under meaningful distributions of contaminated correlations, which Pierre conclusively implicates that his judgemental accuracies has formulated intentional provocations whom will relinquish intermediate supplications that are considered moralities. Corrigible towards the distinguished and consolidated interims of the previous and impending neglect that has become the primary limitations of existence, Grace and Corban begin to converse regarding the horrendous terminals of legitimate orchestrations which has become predominant which Corban begins to implicate that their has been numerous of exigencies when she wanted to orchestrate a catastrophic attempt upon the amusement of all mortal entities when his propensity level was unable to be instilled with confidential exertion within the substantial proclamation of retaining the specific reconciliation of detrimental occurrences that is required to occur within their environment that is secluded within erroneous formations of supernatural entities whom are becoming excelled with calamitic demonstations that is preliminated to become objective and reclusive upon the fictional ascendacy of pertaining his emotional and exasperated state of mind within the proportionate instillation of appreciating and recognizing the primary civilization that has never been assurred of their existence unless he is excessive for the consciousness to be productively aware of supernatural and celestial entities ambulating among the coruscated attribution that has been declining among treacherous admirations whom has been isolated within the perpetual inception of admitting his entire existence towards the specific immortal who was never anticipated on departing from his ancillary during the extensive centuries each of has been intimately established with one another, which Corban conclusively exemplicates that his intentional greivance would become proclaimed among judicial supplications. Acknowledging his conceptive distribution, Grace exemplicates that she has never doubted the intentional ascendacies of neutralizing the immediate existence of all human individuals whom are able to advance in their inhumane attributes whom become decisively arranged within obligated persistence due towards the fact that she was once considered a mortal being that was unexpected during the particular extraction of encountering the original immortal whom would innovate and adjust her entire existence among the entire osculations that was desired and required to create the beneficial tormentation of happiness and exhilaration as she exonerates the interpretation of examining the destructive recommendations that formed to become inclinated upon the development and correctional revolution of preforming obligated assistence towards the commandments that was established in order to suppliment celestial composition and progression within the entire northern and southern atmosphere whom has been collided with consistent confrontations with previous exertions of contrasting adversaries whom wanted to obliberate or obtain incremental ascendacy over the entire inheritance of the supernatural atmosphere, which Grace conclusively implicates that their has been sufficient proclamations whom was able to formulate intoxicated preliminaries among their indestructive congregation. Enraged regarding the ultimate and intimate oscillation which has been considered the stimulating and essential manifestation of adoration and justified numeration, Shanya begins to inform Cassandra of the fulminated exigencies that could render intelligible congregations under ascension which Shanya begins to implicate that becoming commenced and ordained within siblings is acknowledge as an introvertible analogy in which was established when each of his siblings were born within a calamitic environment where intellectual ascensions were becoming primarly exterminated based on the ignitions of desolated interims whom were able to occur during certain alignments of promiscuous devastations as he exonerates that during the inclination of his immortal existence, their will become and produce critical assumptions that will enter into his state of mind and begin persisting over the vital fluid of human individuals that is accepted to become the nature of every celestial supernatural but to be consorted among the reconciliation and ascendacies in which reliatated and astronomical appendages are bargained to be exempted from the incoming perrenials that are destined to retaliate within penance and interacted conjuctions whom are acknowledge and established as perpetual annotations within a specific time adjustment in which he conclusively exemplicates that productional intentions were to be caused among contemplative configurations whom is diverged to mentally believe that recognition can be wield in the appenadages of the accurate supplimentations during the discriminated assurances that will eventually progress cognitive intentions within the excelled projection. Accepting the advice given under requirements, Cassandra implicates that her only discretion was becoming governed within the established residential domicile that numerous of confessions have made contrived among disoriented consultations whom were acknowledge within the informidable cessation of formulating the means of replicating the traditional assortment whom is condemn to be reconciled upon each erroneous contemplation whom was known to be invocated within the remaining contractions that is caused towards destructive formulations of concluding the parental ascendancies whom was known to converge essential fabrications into the mental and internal objectivity that congregates his entire reason for existing within the latest innovation of preparing hamonious and incompatible reluctiveness as he exonerates that his departion from the specific supernatural that changed his pacification within the entire involvement has been considered desolated within contemptional justifications whom has been ordained to insinuate the primary exultations whom has reconsidered the formidable alignments within the orchestrated formalities in which Cassandra conclusively exemplicates that her priorities and mental indications has been dealing with horrendous analogies whom are unable to dissipate within the osculations of ascendments. Diluted among the pre-conceived notions that clinical stimulations will begin to acknowledge the indentured servitude of newborn immortals and terminations, Freya and Vaughn begin to converse about oscillated reconciliations which has stipulated terms of ramifications as Vaughn begins to implicate horrendously is that within his illuminated convergence among the anticipation of detrimental formations is considered to be administered within obsolete contractions that are attainable upon distributed formations of liberated affections in order to describe the revision of how contaminated altercations begin efficiently and secluded among an unlimited interim that was due towards the proficient accumulation of resenting the recent formulations annihilating numerous of supernatural individuals that would be required and prohibited within the cultivational emancipations that will continue to be persistent within instantaneous statements that can entrust redeeming qualities whom are destined to acknowledge the containing supplications that discuss how each interim of peace and prosperity has became conditioned with unexpected provocatives in which has been acclaimed to be detrimental within an entire contructed atmosphere whom is able to consist with the appearance of ancient rules and regulations that has been intensively permitted to become ordained within consorted inquiries in which it was tribulated to consolidate the imperfections of desolated contributions whom would be based on credentialism and describable acensions due to the fact that his preference has been sustained in the entire hemisphere. Instilled with analogical contruction, Freya exemplicates that the recommended and obtrusive perrenials will be able to extend the contaminated exemptions that has been based on the specific congregations of celestial beings whom were obliberated towards the compassionate tribulation that was against harmonizing the conclusive effects of retaining the impending repsonsibility whom is involved with inconsiderate justifications that is proclaimed to be accorded with cessational alignments whom were agitated with perculiar means of denunciation and never appreciating the kindness of an supplimented retention in which is dealt with intimidating correlations upon extravagant formations and perrenial adjustments that has been acclaimed to be recognized as an aligning interpretation that is converted to be secluded within unlimited structures whom was based on certain instincts that prevailed among all replicated extensions that has been given to the ancillaries towards the upcoming generation of the human civilization whom will never become aware of the deleterious arrangment that formed to become detrimental within an arrangment of protectional ascendancies that has been based upon retribution credentials that was severely acknowledged with punctual and coruscated attributes of illuminated dispositions in which were classified to be inductional. Ruminated towards the distinction of internal and external limitations whom could begin to terminate renditions of formidable exigencies and denominations, Cadence begins to inform Amity of sufficient and illuminating postures based on the previous consolidation of legitimate use which Cadence begins to implicate that their has been limited of specific supernaturals whom has endeavored the internal justification with exhilaration and determination due towards the replicative and essential formalities of elucidating the classification of how all celestial react when each of them sense one another within a provocative adjustment that is assembled to become condensational towards the alliances conducted upon the allegiance and formidable progression that has been correlated to commence in obstructive contingencies that is represented to become fearless of the accumulated inceptions that is willing to challenge their intensive justification of ambulating within the atmosphere that is supplimented with corruption and consistent annihilations that are truly caused towards the declarated privledges of comamanding an orchestrated oppression or persecution that will seclude and interact with supervisional alignments whom has been gracious to penetrate the intermediate perrenials in which is complicative among each sectional experience that has been rehibilitated with instructional currencies that is apprehended with inceptive adversities but is mentioned towards the conclusion of each interim that living amongst the indestructible will classified as contingent and dispositional due towards the informative speculations. Proclaiming the affectionate thesis, Amity implicates that her decision has been based on exerting among an entire formulation of happiness and contentment whom has emerged with obstructive and cordial regulations that is comissioned to be obligated and penetrative within the mental state of mind in order to congregate within impervious suppliments of detrimental assurances due to the fact that complicated transfigurations will never exclaim the excruciating adjustment upon the northern and southern hemisphere that has been scrutinized towards their perrenial jurisdiction due to the contemplation of acknowledging the fact that negotiated provinces will eventually become commenced with illuminated fractions of understanding that can truly originate within the consciousness of limited immortals whom has a configurative domination towards the expansion of contracting in a legitimate duration of discovering the chance to define the classification of enchantment and merrimental osculations that has been condemned from their entire supplication of admitting their is a reason to formulate within industrial and replicative terminalogies that has been exempted within the alignments of perceiving numerous of jubilated currencies that is based on the flunctuations of accepting their existence as qualitative and depressional osculations that will eventually be condemned to provocate. Vexated upon the desolation which has preceded to eradicate celestials whom have vindicated numerous of terminal decisions which has led to the inevitable postulation, Luna and Dahlia begin to discuss measurements that would render an elaborate and substantial limitation of formulations which Luna begins to implicate that her reproductive exergence has been based upon never conflicting among proportionate gratifications that has instilled the primary reasons for existing within absolute preferences that is based upon the conditional observations whom has declared intentional obligation towards the fact that the human civilization are unaware of their existence in which is required to be secluded within due towards the contingency of their species becoming global and the entire atmosphere will need to be aware of their penetrative surroundings that reflect towards the provisional ascendancies of how to contain their primary obliberations during the primitives upon the illuminated cresent when certatin contractions will be obligated to sustain in their formidable terminations of harming all unconditional compacities that has been acknowledged as a destructive arrangment that will have to become perrenials within all measures of suspection whom has been criticized to ambulate within a dramatical alignment of replicative adversaries that will exceed in numerous of debilitations in order for the contemplative inceptions to be occuring within obstructional tendencies that is considered obligative to consort among if the liberated assessment recommended that it could administer each of them ocsulated intervals due towards the fact of relinquishing indestructible forces that tries to contemplate within their interfaces. Accepting her perrenials, Dahlia exemplicates that their has been coruscated interims that has been dealt with the estrangment of particular mortal individuals whose has known him for decades and is unable to recommend within the source of contigency and harming the innocence if their immortal occupations becomes engraved in the consciousness of the entire world whom has become the neglectful assurance of which is apprehended to occur among destinated increments of sustained trials and tribulations that will eventually contract in wisdom of knowledge that is configured with osculated intentions of formulating a contingency arrangment in which will be required to necessitate with obligated formations that can exceed to appeal in unconditional references due to the fact that representing an interval of configurations can lead to a progressive and exhilarated existence among their own species for civilized supernaturals that will have experience in assorting their qualifications of becoming classified as an intensified element from the regencies of nature in which has departed from their anticipated of accomodating the relentless ancillaries of one another throughout the eternal liveliness of convictions, which Dahlia conclusively implicates that her anticipated construction has been due towards the mental consciousness he has obtained.

Main CastEdit

Cameron Henderson as Eric
Grace Gealey as Laila
Lilith Northman as Cassandra
Enrique Costallo as Corban
Michelle Byrne as Dahlia
Richelle Smith as Freya
Dominique Washington as Gaige
Lenora Hastings as Gwendoline
Melissa Terren as Keira
Diana Suarez as Lana de Leon
Messina Henderson as Linnea
Sincere Lopes as Meadow
Beaumont Devereux as Pierre
Emily Graham as Quinn
Olivia Vasquez as Shanya
Constance Shaw as Tatum

Supporting CastEdit

Beatrice Williams as Amity
Denson Wolfe as Brice
Serene St. John as Cadence
Zoe Stephens as Grace
Amour Evans as Inaya
Zeke Carter as Jude
Michael Young as Kyan
Hunter Martinez as Legend
Kelli Hunter as Luna
Justice Adams as Malia
Amy Sullivan as Naomi
Miranda Grant as Raya
Entice Freeman as Vaughn
John Palmer as Weston
Erica Daniels as Xylene
Camryn Armstrong as Yolanda


1. Dear Rogue: Tongues
2. Vance Joy: Best I Can
3. DAGNY: Backbeat
4. Brian Tan: Magazines
5. Phantogram: 16 Years
6. Axel Flovent: Beach
7. Light and Motion: Glow


  • Towards the conclusion of this film; a spontaneous and extraordinary death will occur which will forever alter the internal distinction of Eric as the immortal we know him to be classified as.
  • Upon his awakening, Eric will be depicted as complacent and vigorous while impending orchestrations has become terminal towards himself and Laila.
  • Towards the end of the season, an atrocious drift will occur that will cause horrendous tension between the fraternal twins and their siblings whom are still residing in New York.