The Damned
Birth of the Anointed
Film Information
PremiereMarch 2, 2035
ProjectionThe First Installment
SloganThe Reign of the Divine

The Damned: Birth of the Anointed is a supernatural film that depicts the terminal evolution of the Chance Harbor coven that is a consistent spin-off from the award-winning television series The Old Ones: The Beginning of the Immortals and The Immortal Chronicles written and directed from Cameron Henderson. The film informs viewers regarding the primordial liberation of the witches whom reside within the mythological dominion of Chance Harbor, Virginia as each of the accumulating factions try to oscillate and inaugurate secluded and malevolent depredations in order to preserve the beneficial purpose of administering satisfaction towards the balance of nature. Derived from vindictive and postulated tribulations that have required numerous accounts of fortified sanctions, the governed orchestrations of the supernatural community has entitled mass regulations from their formidable confrontations with vampires and werewolves, which eradicated their presence as the original congregations established a truce among the municipal population whom were witches in order to distribute their own dominion of pacification and reconciliation.


The preclusion of the film is based on horrendous and abhorrent afflictions the primarily accumulates within the Martinez congregation that consist of idealistic and sadistic witch Jane Martinez and her eldest sister whom is proclaimed to be vindictive and highly superior, Evelyn Martinez. In regards to each of the tribulations that has venerated with segregated vexations due to conflicting and garrulous manifestations, Jane has become psychologically transfigured as she is required to participate in a malevolent and heartrending ritual in order to enhance the internal abilities she acquire from birth as Evelyn is distributed and reprimanded the fortified task of demonstrating the pinnacle of her intrinsic and opulent numerations in order to maintain the purpose of the magic that has been classified and regulated within her lineage since the foundation of Chance Harbor was established. Based on the entire and corpulent vexation that each of the sisters are entrusted upon, gregarious and horrendous manifestation are beginning to terminate depreciated orchestrations which could be of aid towards Jane and Evelyn as succulent distractions have tried to supplement their everlasting desires which either initiates in the form of masculine allotments or intoxicated manifestations. Gratified with the reprimanded source of stimulating an abundance of impending and upcoming generations that could assist their jubilated transgressions, Jane has created the primary objective that could endure multitudes of precision and accumulate numerical distinctions. Qualified to oscillate intricate and desolated perennials, Evelyn announces the rigorous and unexpected matriculation that could eradicate or benefit the entire intermission of her wiccan dominion.

Throughout the contradiction of numerical and corpulent stimulations, the series consist of the friends towards the Martinez aggregation whom either intends to penetrate the distinction of vulnerabilities or regulate postulated maledictions based on several terminations due to the ascension of pacification or desolated transgressions. Apart from cordial and illuminated analogies that has sustained elusive requirements in order to be assigned specific and vindictive accumulations, the malevolent and recommended numerations of Chance Harbor has become originating and derived upon reverential alignments that has ensured the perseverance and upcoming distinctions that has an extended reflection of generations which acquire the purpose of fueling the internal abilities of each of themselves as it fulminates numerical and gregarious devotion to nature. Given several opportunities in order to seclude reprimands that inaugurate traditional and accustomed stimulations, Jane will become required to denominate and seclude the ultimate sacrifice that could justificate elusive and erroneous postulations which ventured towards abhorrent and sadistical comprehensions during an intensive and mariculating termination. Irrigated upon the boundaries of superior and corpulent stimulations whom could neglect to introduce substantial and unlimited protection for the anticipation of nature and its fortified manipulations, instillations regarding the abundance of misinterpretations have become personal during accustomed litigations which have failed to be acknowledged based on the imperative and horrendous cataclysm that is soon to initiate amongst the rigorous borders of Chance Harbor.


During the innovative and contingent numerations fulminating among the severe and horrendous capacities that witches have astounded and created, justified tribulations have became the primary acquisition of illuminating boundaries that have sustained tragic occurrences which has doubted the psychological understanding based on reverential benedictions in order to liberate succulent and stimulating gratuities that could eradicate an abundance of essential longitudes within the municipal of irregular supplements. Manipulated from the consistent and vague numeration that is based on obtaining and acquiring the terminating abilities that is fumigated with being classified as a reiterated witch, Jane begins to converse with Winter regarding the complicated tenures that will primarily dictate each specific liberation based on the eradication of her lineage which Jane begins to implicate that nefarious oscillations have become the primary source of opposition within the fortified combustion that focuses on the accumulating and gregarious reconciliation between each of the confined and solidated covens whom fulminate an entire abundance of irregular pacification due to the impervious ramifications that conspired during the malevolent perennials of supernatural retributions and eradications that has ensured the perseverance of numerous witch deprivations as secluded transitions could barely comprehend or fathom the direct innovation dealing with conservative liniments which constrict partial alignments with beneficial and terminal justifications as Jane begins to conclude that rigorous hibernation has tried to numerate vigorous and erroneous stimulations in order to reside upon a dominion that recognizes the importance of serving the consolidated boundaries of nature and acquisitions regarding enterprises based on the justified orchestration bounded with vexations that could become estranged from terminal enlightenments which predict and depict horrendous and abhorrent understandings whom felt the internal and external intrusions due to the correlating abundance that has severed the connection as the truce previously emphasized neglecting and secluding the obedience administered from the chair of divination whom cultivates the significance of love. Acknowledging the premise regarding the acquirement of detaining fortified orchestrations whom has shared a reluctant entourage in order to obtain everlasting and logical decisions, Winter begins to implicate that emphasizing boundaries and reformations is consolidated among the numerating jurisdictions that could replicate the upcoming and impending generations whom would become eager and anxious to comprehend the substantial alignments due towards irregular contradictions that has been reverential towards the distinction and creation of the original congregation of immortals whom never declined that the distribution of beneficial mundanes has encountered the severe agony and partial displacement from an abundance that is considered to be simplistic which she begin to nauseate during an executive fulmination as Winter begin to conclude that the primary justification for acknowledging their internal abilities have never ensured the entitlement that permeated transgressions have tried to stimulate during intensive and fumigated contradictions in order to assume the impending confrontation between qualified covens whom have the determination to participate in such horrendous and orchestrated trials as it could be the incorrect tribulation towards distinctive and vindictive jubilations during compromising perennials in which demonstrative seclusions have tried to define the primordial and intellectual stimulation between gaining confidential numerations or exhibiting the sleight opposition towards the matriculation of fortified neglections that has assured perseverance. Segregated with composed elements that have lingered within the bountiful existence of nature throughout the origins of perseverance and desolated contrivances in order to persuade imminent contingencies, Orion and Evelyn begin to converse about partial and gregarious accumulations that could intervene with their alteration regarding reverential domination which Orion begins to implicate that sufficient dominations have secluded the primary and secondary source of eradicating the imminent danger at which complacent and driven accumulations have become the internal and external vindication when terminal numerations have decided to acknowledge the zealous attributes from certain and specific witches whom have viewed horrendous perennials during their specific lifetime upon the ramifications which could gain natural affection with intimate festivities in order to preclude the dominant justification as Orion begin to conclude that fortified orchestrations have tried to ensure the primordial consolidation that nuclear discrepancies have tried to inquire about based on supplemental qualifications which could initiate the beginning of a reprimanded entitlements as the impending consummation has been described as informing the majority faction that complicated entitlements have assured the perseverance of manufactured documents whom could begin to jubilate substantial and irregular vexations during an intensive and secluded recommendation that has enumerated the acquired and gained forums which had the prominent and secretive gratuities among the desolated companions whom were exonerated during former retribution between liberated covens whom are viewed to be conditioned within gregarious postulations as bounded configurations could have the interior enlightments which consists of qualified and primordial contents. Aggrieving with partial and horrendous stipulations throughout the psychological state of transfiguration that is based on justificating complex and rigorous manifestations upon benedictions, Evelyn begins to explicate that triennial and accustomed numerations have been given the verbal and physical consent to eradicate a supplement of mendicants that pertain towards the primary objective due to the interesting and remarkable constellation which is based on clinical liberation as the fortified construction can have the virtual and terminal meaning of assisting their medical reformation which chooses to neglect the honorable restoration that concludes materialistic and fortified virtues that is in correlation with the modern society whom are unable to acknowledge or conform towards the internal distinction of the mundane or supernatural dominion during manipulative and combative formations which has determine whom was administered the second time of gregarious orchestrations as Evelyn begins to conclude that subservience has been transfigured from gained analogies that could enervate transgressions regarding the liberal confessions that justificates the conduct that maintains numerical accumulations in order to preserve the dominated benevolence shown towards composure that most witches within the municipal of Chance Harbor has never experienced due to such mythological complaints that surfaced among those whom were coerced into selecting an interior disruption which can become the secondary cause of an abhorrent confrontation between irregular analogies and peculiar vexations. Vague and interesting combinations have secluded the intentional manifestation of acquisition towards a variety of covens that has established the internal vessel due towards liniments and orchestrations, Nadia begins to inform Clive of the intentional deprivation surrounding the horrendous stimulation that will begin to result in the recreational advancements within the species which Clive begins to implicate that fulminated contrivances have became the territorial accumulation towards statistical numerations over four thousand years in order to establish balance amongst the anointed ones of whom may vindicate the stimulating and essential needs to the liberation of witches within the course of eradication as the impending structure of secular and dominant interpretations can bring upon substantial amounts or factions of individuals whom are willing to sacrifice their beneficial arraignment due to the fact of secluding the deviance within orchestrations and phenomenal terminals that have viewed benevolence throughout the entire formation of adoration which is primarily shown between the doctrines of the coven whom each share the ability to unify the internal abilities from each of their wiccan companions as Clive begins to conclude that deviance and denominated recreations have ensured the perseverance that has been excessively gratified among jubilated transgressions during an intensive misconception from gregarious and mortified conceptions which have became entitled to terminal and orchestrated vexations among complicated and abhorrent fulminations due to acknowledging or neglecting to become obedient towards phenomenal and remarkable icons whom have been prevalent since the origins of witchcraft and numerated credentials in order to justify misconceptions of supplements and predominant vexations. Belligerent towards the exception of fortified numerations whom are able to maintain the primary and orchestration accumulation during the primordial and imperative time to insinuate erroneous qualifications, Nadia begins to explicate that rigorous conceptions regarding the distinction of formidable exigencies have tried to eliminate such factions within the congregation of elders whom are the only perennials to guide the enlightenment of gregarious accumulations as the depths of zealous terminals have assured such vague influences among the cordial habitats that could establish maintenance with numerical orchestrations among supplements as the intentional branding of accumulating structures have stimulating the psychological preferences within the boundaries of gregarious vindications due to combustion and fortified liniments as the secular contradictions would be labeled as incomplete objectives whom were once failed and atrocious towards an entire population of adoration and subliminal acquisitions only able to gain abilities that would endure abstemious aggregations from those whom were ensured and willing to litigate confidential analogies towards supernatural dominions that acquire and obtain rendered and sufficient oscillations as Nadia begins to conclude that remnants of perennials have exasperated among doctrine that has never been cohesive with current or modern numerations based on the justified seclusions from other individuals as disagreements vindicated absolution and desperate advantages towards reprimanded orchestrations that primarily numerate enterprises and accumulations. Arraigned with vindictive and malevolent justifications that has become entitled to various penetrations due to the gregarious intention of deciphering portions of rectified and numerated terminals, Leviticus and Imani begin to converse about the remaining semesters that are depicted to experience complex formations that will neutralize competitive and erroneous desolations as Imani begins to implicate that terminal and holistic approaches has become the terrain of dominating an entire numeration of internal pacification and blissful assimulations that could have exhausted each particular liberation during conflicting matriculations that has subdued innovate and desolate ideas among cordial individuals whom have been capable of suppressing and demonstrating secluded hospitality under gregarious circumstances that would be considered abhorrent under subliminal circumstances as the primordial contingencies are bounded within the clinical and severing jubilation due to an external and preconceived notion that has acknowledged several tendencies that would reflect compositions among erroneous and fulminated transitions that has dealt with a series of fortified oscillations during the impending or upcoming scenarios that would assist in becoming vigorous towards those whom care regarding qualified abilities to become stringent on the appendages of witches that would result in the eradiction of covens based upon their linkage as it primarily distinguishes the jubilant manifestation that would thrive towards mutual recognition or understanding during fortified representation as Imani begins to conclude that orchestrations have been used to nominate terminal and accumulating dominions that would be able to suppress the physiological damage caused through the balance of nature in order to preserve condemnation or rigorous stimulants used for reparations. Distraught against the justified inclination that derived from an original form of true reconciliation and happiness in order to convey imperative suggestions towards the elders due to maintenance of conformance, Leviticus begins to explicate that horrendous and oscillated perennials have become assured with understanding a mutual opposition of abdicating from the true responsibility of preserving the initial elder whom would be able or capable of consolidating each of the wiccan covens in order to remain pure throughout terminal vexations as beneficial alignments could liberate substantial artifacts that acquires a secondary initiation throughout beneficial terrains due towards complicated and initial seclusions that would based televised and oscillated matriculations with realistic properties of nature whom is capable of sensing the most disturbing and abhorrent consequences which the product of beneficial transgressions can decline an entire prestigious ministration that entails and consists of numerical reconstructions during an intensive vindication whom has replaced the general standards for masculine individuals as it fails to distinguish valid atrocities in order to pervade justified conditions that would be experienced through the devastating chronicles of gregarious misfortunes as Leviticus begins to conclude that sufficient or liberal amounts of blessings have been distributed through times of atrocities and median seclusions that is stimulated with beneficial vexations that is unable to acknowledge the severe illumination of time and perseverance which replaces the horrendous amount of gratuities and clerical liniments. Entwined upon the intricate and vigorous manifestations whom are deteriorating justified allegories which have accounted for numerical series of devout and horrendous speculations throughout counties, Verena begins to inform Kahlila regarding qualified vexations and allotments that are becoming gratified with terrains that symbolizes constructions of fulminating endings which Verena begins to implicate that fulminated doctrines has begun to correlate the internal and external genes of superior accumulations due to the impending and substantial liniments that have been described as gregarious in order to pervade the distinction of acquiring the erroneous sculpture of adoration and everlasting tension that has become deteriorating between two foundation of wiccan covens as conventional blessings have tried to justificate the entire benediction of understanding an oscillation perspective from a psychological seclusion as the secondary option would be considered the resources administered or distributed from the original companions that has been granted the recognition of the municipal established specifically for supernatural qualifications under the morality of formidable exigencies as Verena begins to conclude that substantial and partial misconceptions have declined to assist with the ultimate boundaries jubilated with transitional and denominated orchestrations with whom an entire malediction of intricate termination could determine the intellectual and secluded opposition during an academic revolution based on the perspective of demonstrating intensive and horrendous amounts of abilities given during a gratuitous perennial that has become the numerical and beneficial transition throughout composite numerations in order to consummate analogies of fortified recommendations from various genders that has transpired with conceptions. Elusive upon the qualification regarding the eradication of disturbing and horrendous consummations whom acquire the primary objective of vindicating formidable tendencies and distributing combinations, Khalila begins to explicate that trivial and nominal consequences are stimulated with boundaries which has been known throughout the dominion of eradicated reticulations and phenomenal termination as it has been represented with the intellectual or confident spectrum which is engaged among the colleagues due towards sufficient numerations or clarification in order to differentiate the at reprimands whom has confirmed and assured the standing of irregular domination that depicts the earlier foundation of gregarious acquisitions in order to align and protrude the compliances of phenomenal individuals whom have negated the internal opportunity to be randomized with secular advantages whom is willing to propagate the holistic contradiction regarding original and accumulating predictions based on the impending or upcoming malediction that could nominate classifications that will determine numerical internal perceptions as Khalila begins to conclude that nefarious recommendations or reprimanded transgressions have necessarily formulated spectacular renditions to harmonize with indescribable perennials confounded from erroneous stipulations whom have assured the perseverance of primordial doctrine which consists of secluded deviations and qualifications whom has conducted stringent behavior during optimistic and pessimistic vulnerabilities in order to establish conduct and nominations. Liberated within bountiful and organized extensions that has varied in order to accumulate sections of primordial requirements in search of redefined and vindicated benedictions regarding counterfeits, Fleur and Demetrius begin to converse about optimistic and formational liberations which has asserted validity due to numerical and intentional manifestations which Fleur begins to implicate that sudden and unfortunate complications began to arise due to imminent terminals that would become considered the most gratuitous intervals that has been established since the primordial ages of darkness and psychological accession during horrendous guidance that was administered towards humans in order to remain discrete regarding the entire supernatural species based on the internal corruption of exposure that could eradicate an abundance of fortified constructions that has been dominated over the previous centuries based on severe manipulation and terminal accumulation that could be granted from the elders and the regents within the specific municipal that witches obtain their internal abilities from which could thrive with postulated fractions and culminating regions as Fleur begins to conclude that intricate and erroneous supplements has been the primary and secondary asset that one could begin to acknowledge with severe percolation through the cultivated and substantial triennials when a time of adoration and complete moderation was the substantial inclination of gaining precedence within the dominion of catastrophic seclusion whom could be recognized as the deviant liberation from fulminating qualifications that has been given the absolute tribulations and trials that supreme witches has been stimulating since the origination of formidable contingencies that would terminate the entire matriculation of combined and granulated doctrines established with order. Allured with governed and denominated fulminations which could've been avoided with the strategic and gregarious accusations that would become the vindicated and prospective region within the hemisphere, Demetrius begins to explicate that abhorrent and zealous matriculations would be the ultimate result of a distinguished and heretic oscillation during the intensive and upcoming regulation in order to accumulate the formidable constellation of happiness and genuine formalities based on the simple transgression of percolated manifestations that seems to benefit most individuals with visual introspection and deviant numerations due to the justified combustion that has the entire population of regencies under complacent recognition which would be secluded with internal and external resolution that derived from the specific perennials as to when the original aggregation was created due to the atrocious and precluded oscillation that the original witch manifested based on the victorious absolution of the vexated and ordained liberation of reconciliation as Demetrius begins to conclude that the impending desolation based on hope can be resolved with the consultation based on settling the primary transgression of neglect and inner seclusions whom could never comprehend or understand the deviance between what an existence of failure has contributed towards regulated and tireless benedictions among the erroneous complications numerated with qualified ease and vehement contradictions as the terminal vexations has experienced each manipulative atrocities that supernatural perennials has stimulated psychological culminations. Compressed upon the series of matriculations that could begin to severe the internal and external rendition of benevolence and justified terrains among the entire municipal that is capable of exposing supernatural existence, Farrah begins to inform Kaiden of rigorous vexations based on fumigated seclusions whom could ensure the beginning of osculated and qualified entitlements that arraign benedictions residing towards the innovation of recreation and zealous creation which Farrah begins to implicate that justified interactions have began to numerate the contradiction of suppressants that were based on the reconciliation of adoration and mediocre accumulation that could decide to enervate an impending entitlement towards the upcoming distinction of ramifications as the persistent denomination can fulfill the enrichment that has been sought out for centuries from the pillars of the Chance Harbor witches whom would obtain the primordial objective of deeming one individual the significant regent of the dominion that bestowed upon her through the eternal connection of the ancestors whom has benefited from the distinction of acquiring a lifeline to the corporeal realm of gregarious and orchestrated terminations as Farrah begins to conclude that horrendous barriers have tried to comprehend secluded deprivations due to formidable and clinical assumptions in order to review constant reminders of how barriers have contrived the repulsive inconsistencies throughout desperate intricacies while the entire faction of pretenders have despised any particular or unique constable whom are truly lenient towards seclusive annotations throughout boundaries and reclined observations that could possibly alter each of the atrocious experiences that phenomenal constructions are given throughout percolated destinies and rigorous manifestations. Numerated towards complacent and innovative tendencies that has subscribed towards vexations that has become beneficial from liberating consistencies has altered the erroneous fulminations and severances, Kaiden begins to explicate that formidable exigencies and lacerated denominations could exemplify dangerous and horrendous inclinations that has the accustomed objective of describing an essential conciliation of adoration and felonious conditions that is persistent through the internal attributes demonstrated and the external character given towards those whom are coming into contact with supernatural experiences which is considered lenient for thorough matriculations that renders a deteriorating stage of fortified and numerical ramifications that has briefly described the pinnacle of expressing the validity of grasping the magical elements that nature has created with the perception of comprehending the utmost extent during gregarious and contingent distinctions whom benefited from various species that has their own recommended seclusion in order to numerate the upcoming and impending transgressions against other remnants of power that is unaware of the absolute distinction that has become previously declared upon other formidable and zealous characteristics that is reflected from an apex of conditional legislations as Kaiden begins to conclude that random elucidations have created multitudes of seclusive jubilations due to vigorous liniments which is upon the reigning proclamation that explains or renders preceding and formidable exigencies throughout rigorous manifestations. Disdained from the entourage of compatible and malevolent contradictions that are manipulated in order acquire formal distinctions that can inform partial and optional investments, Jane and Evelyn begin to converse regarding the initial and oppressive incorrections which has remained guarded with conventional liniments which Jane begins to implicate that the confounded postulations of gaining the impending and gregarious fulmination has consistently been accumulating in her subconscious with minimum seclusions that would negate to mention the bountiful recognition of adoration that has been restored with an entire matriculation and oscillated transgressions which were becoming the norm throughout the entire municipal of alteration that majority of the witch faction has complied with in order to review the upcoming reign of an impending regent due to the essential acquisition that is based on the supplementary and required denomination since the introduction of her mother whom has experienced the intricacies of fulminating dominant liberations that tried to exonerate catastrophic appendages upon the mortal inclination as Jane begin to conclude that terminal and lubricant rendezvous has excelled during passionate and beneficial orchestrations which were severely recognized by sudden climaxes and numerical infrastructures that has been blessed with inferior ramifications as her intuitive masculination could be represented with abstaining from pacification that symbolizes the treasure of confounding perseverance and liberating manifestations in order to perceive deceitfulness that is classified as neglecting the obligation that founding families have established with absolute and governed numerations. Intrigued with the benediction administered through the vague postulations of her sister due to the triumphed and erroneous complication that could seal their external fates due to exonerating transgressions, Evelyn begins to explicate that gregarious foundations of improvement have centered among their contingent ancestors for numerical centuries despite the ferocity based on the succulent manifestation that envisioned their biological mother towards the accumulating vexation which would dissipate with unanswered questions concerning her disappearance or the specific time she abandoned the daughters whom are able to lead the distinctive consolation of their immediate congregation of witches within the Chance Harbor as it could lead to the inevitable transgression that would denominate fortified and impending formalities that are comprehended with essential damnation in order to replicate the studies rendered with dysfunctional and computing revolutions whom are consistently aware of their formidable exigencies as the universal and supernatural dominion has remained contingent with percolated distractions that could accumulate rare anomalies upon the center of oscillated matriculations as Evelyn begins to conclude that the intricate and comprehensive statements which have desired misconstrued understatements has refused to aggregate or demonstrate the gregarious seclusion of animosity that has given vindictive manipulation towards oppression and segregated complexions as the secular reason apart from this conditional enlightenment would be the perennials surrounding the objection. Given consideration among trivial and impending expectations that has derived from formational and irrigated analogies due towards the access which required in order to established immediate replication and connection, Winter begins to inform Leviticus regarding the assigned contradiction that has been sealed with evidential progress and emulated stimulations which Winter begins to implicate that devastating interactions have began to supplicate contradictions which could primarily understand the intensive recognition of dubious acts which were provided towards those whom maintained stability within the legitimate orchestrations of beneficial arraignments in order to consider accumulating factors due to the substantial liberation of numerical boundaries whom used to reside within supernatural dominions as formidable exigencies can numerate sudden transgressions and plead with causes that would begin to uplift numerous of individuals whom are stimulating their psychological senses among the cordial ramifications as outbreaks and eradications have surged the spectrum of existence based on clinical observations from a standpoint that has coincided with the matriculation of operations and bountiful pleasures when the eternal belief has escaped several individuals from magnificence and prestigious numerations that could ensure the oscillation of life as Winter begins to conclude that several introductions have became entitled towards regulations that could begin to terminate sadistic and introverted justifications when the secondary legion of affiliates has tried to resolve unbearable and horrendous situations caused through the appendages of fortified contingencies that were viewed through the doctrine established since the beginning of jubilated transgressions in dealing with numerated and segregated qualifications. Terrained upon the consulted and granulated remedies that has been able to preserve gratuitous introductions that could form an enlightening seclusion throughout the dominion of severe and gifted inhabitants, Leviticus begins to explicate that organized and justified liberations has instilled the necessary and required artifacts that is based on the sufficient animation of numeralities and conditional accumulations whom has been capable of comprehending intensive benedictions as the primary and secondary elders have tried to seclude prestigious memories from specific individuals whom were born with phenomenal abilities that should only be obtained and granted to elder witches but have been refused due to the vial rendition of internal understandings that could accumulate the essential process of eradicating gratuitous ones whom has claimed the inner responsibility of fulminating the vexation or zenith that would bring about prospects towards seclusions of hope and utter clemency that is wished towards dominations that has sought out clerical issues due to the termination of whom is capable of liberating the erroneous rendition and organized manifestations that is known to appear towards obscure insecurities that each individual on the planet has been sufficed to acquire due to imperfect mechanisms as Leviticus begins to conclude that primordial contradictions have never surfaced from the pillars of connection that is due to the subservience of precluding former and impending desolations towards the zealous and liberating transgressions as horrified regulations could share certain misconceptions and preconceived notions. Regarding the nostalgic and persevering terminals in order to matriculate disdainful individuals whom refuse to belong within controversial matters within the borders of justified regions and elusive portions, Clive and Verena begin to converse about severe recognition which could accumulate sections of desolated gratuities and optimistic regulations which Clive begins to implicate that substantial amount of time has transgressed against the primordial conditions of becoming constrained towards innovative and jubilant terminals whom could seclude the beneficial advancement or progression that each particular liberation is searching within in order to detain controversial enlightenment based on the numerical vexation as the impending and upcoming preclusion is able to understand how imperative it is to liberate complex and gregarious demonstrations which used to be considered ordained with the exclusion of vernacular orchestrations due to the liberal analogies that justified formalities has been able to produce since qualified ramifications under the elusive complications that permeates an erroneous manifestation in order to view the transparent visage of existence that has been edible since the origins of the supernatural species that has inherited the earth for millenniums during an intensive subjugation as Clive begins to conclude that postulated references has thoroughly ensured the perseverance of formulating contingencies that is able to neglect the refusal of orchestrated supplements whom could deter the numerical advantages from superior and predominant cultivations as subliminal legacies have become eradicated with fortunate and accumulating tendencies which has transpired decades prior to intricate vindications in order to illuminate the conditional variations between factions and zealous liberties that could establish penitence. Stimulated with the formidable exigencies of becoming consolidated with inferior legislations that has become pronounced with indignant and oscillated manifestations that is considered to be petulant, Verena begins to explicate that seasonal promulgation is the upcoming benediction that majority of witches has praised during horrendous and seclusive times that has led to atrocious measures proceeded based on the accumulation of rejection despite the terminal and complacent numeration which is capable of producing imminent cultivation and secular transparencies as qualified compressions are liberated each perennial in order to establish upcoming ramifications that could acquire oscillated and numerical dominations over vagrant triennials that has suffered rare terminations through their residencies that is confounded within the unlimited boundaries of illegitimate mundanes whom obtain intellectual and physical gifts that is able to reclude the tyrannies of antiquated dialogues based on the formidable exigencies which are under construction as Verena begins to conclude that an impending system of validity that discusses the ramified and gratuitous inconsistencies has been labeled with vague combustions whom has instilled gratified reconstructions in order to justificate an erroneous submission towards qualified and distilled numeration among previous and former colleagues whom has blessed numerous factions of individuals with cordial awakenings and others with abhorrent complications that continues to plague generations and liberations regarding the families of precursors and vexations. Horrified among the extension that is aggregated with conventional liabilities that could encourage disdainful mirages towards succulent confrontations whom could ensure the deprivated perseverance, Imani begins to inform Nadia of the irregular and neutralized compatibilites in order to regulate partial alignments during horrendous contradictions and sudden terminations which Imani begins to implicate that the impending ascension of abilities will determine the general and outstanding complexion towards the distinctive attrition of lies that has been generated for centuries within such an abhorrent community due to the justified and exemplified orchestration whom could determine the actual and nostalgic accumulation of adoration that has been terminated with previous and numerated transgressions that could decide whether formidable accusations have caused tension within the entire municipal which is required to be considered a dominion of pacification and denominated oscillation but due to the contrivance of fulfilling the clerical ramifications of vindictive postulations that has ensured the internal perseverance of numerous counter charges has been the reclusion from the acquaintance of gratuitous installations based on the coverage that would be demonstrated with secular advantages in order to terminate the contradiction of lies and rebellious stimulations that tends to alter the psychological aspect which conveys previous and upcoming messages towards the ancestral spirits whom have established detrimental and erroneous manifestations upon the modern elders of Chance Harbor as Imani begins to conclude that nefarious osculations has been willing to distribute numerical and vindicated consumptions based on the magical liberations which has been reconciled on this earth for extraordinary purposes that is based on the internal will of options. Justified with the prevalent and significant termination that has compelled numerous factions of individuals to consider the gratified inclination of severing the ties between the rigorous perception of vexations, Nadia begins to explicate that the transgression involving the benefactor of ultimate precedence and eradicating an essential consensus of supernatural accumulations have numerated such matriculations due to horrendous and diatomic consultations that were based on the monumental exception or assumption to instill rigorous training with predominant cultivations while other opportunities were distributed in order to render the depravity from orchestrated alignments that could extend thorough inspections upon genuine and propellant doctrines whom have the terminal fulmination to consider each ramification with the gratuities to obtain happiness from infinite sources that has stimulated recreational discrepancies whom could jeopardize the beneficial and clerical alignment with unfortunate predictions that has been arraigned with ultimate convictions as Nadia begins to conclude that during an eventual perennial which would occur during a preposterous and cultivated domination in order to withdraw from contrivances that has been placed as discrepancies upon jubilated and cultural understatements that has tried to numerate erroneous seclusions due to the most vague and appropriate comprehension to vindicate exceptional and rigorous oscillations that have concealed an abundance of fortified stimulations regarding the historical controversy based on subliminal negotiations. Admired from the formalities of gratified and organized inclinations that have severed the internal connection based on the impending and upcoming stimulation of the fortified and secluded opposition, Jane and Evelyn begin to experience vindictive orchestrations that have an extensive and outrageous sense of abilities from the apparent and required objective in order to established their lineage as a predominant and superior justification that could bound everlasting alteration towards their wiccan municipal based on the horrendous manifestation that appears to their aid which derived from the internal and psychological memoirs due to the alleged interception as jubilated and formidable alignments converge upon the two in order to regard an entitlement of reverential qualifications during traditional vexations which Jane begins to implicate that conditions regarding the gregarious and symbolic nutrilation that is based on the primordial constellation in order to render depraved orchestrations amongst terminal and horrendous intricacies as the dominant and erroneous complication was the impending resolution as to become the deviant accumulation that is the forthcoming enlightenment towards the perculiar and immediate stages regarding the confrontation between abnormal and relegated fulminations that has tended to despise the solution of eradicating the boundaries that has made an equivalence towards nature as oppose to the essential transition that could nominate factions of the consensus administered towards gregarious and manufactures combustions as Jane begins to conclude that the rigorous manifestations that were considered aggrandized had stimulated the psychological and liberating perspective of formidable exigencies that has doubted an entire recollection of adoration and sophisticated irrigations that could seclude the impending remembrance that has confounded numerous discrepancies which embellishes fulminating exigencies and oppositions. Estranged from the horrendous and abhorrent ramification that could terminate dominant orchestrations, Evelyn begins to explicate that invigorating and substantial oscillations has tried to illuminate the bountiful and cordial perennials of numerous transgressions that symbolized the dominant credentials of secluded matriculations as several inticements have experienced the numerical benediction among the distributed residence that is pertaining towards desolated and monumental formations in order to cultivate gratified and oscillated alteration throughout the perception of litigations and transparent compulsions that is considered the revealing appliance which has shared fulfilling and over-abundance with the gregarious seclusions whom has beneficial terminals during systematic postulations as Evelyn begins to conclude that several qualifications has inspired the general faction of individuals whom has secluded the initial and predominant transition has the previous stimulation to rectify horrendous tragedies among pervasive and ultimate contradictions that is demonstrated towards innovative vexations whom has tried to render substantial and clinical observations throughout beneficial and justified denouements that could ensure remnants of fulminations. As the sadistic and cultivating promination has preceded with terminal and hostilation that is numerated with immense propensities, the foundation of witches within the prominent terrain are able to reproduce seclusions as each witness the numeration of becoming an elder is liberated towards the benediction of Evelyn whom has experienced the perseverance of accumulating her coven under catastrophic and beneficial perennials; radiating amongst the gratuitous and vexational fulmination that has been considered the spectrum of acquisition, Evelyn views significant and bountiful illumination when her sister vindicates through the spiritual realm as the ancestral spirits has selected Jane as the primordial regent within the supernatural dominion of Chance Harbor in order to establish alteration within the horrendous seclusion of elders and to produce the accumulating termination of sophisiticated boundaries during specific consummations that pertains to erroneous speculations and qualified confrontations. As the full moon arises with vindicated matriculation that perceives within the erractic cultivation of skies, Jane and Evelyn numerate the distinction of a woman whom appeared from the closing spiritual realm that is considered to be their mother whom appeared to be missing each of the perennials that was based on internal grief and percolated sorrow as each of them are concluded with astounding jubilation and immense sophistication.

Main CastEdit

Zendaya as Jane Martinez
Cassie as Evelyn Martinez
Sienna Wilson as Winter Knight
Brian Washington as Leviticus Knight
Antonio Garcia as Orion Harris
Josiah Carpenter as Clive Torres
Derrick Moore as Demetrius Stone

Supporting CastEdit

Ava Young as Fleur Montgomery
Layla Wright as Imani Holmes
Cameron Singleton as Kaiden Dawson
Grace Roberts as Verena Chambers
Natalie Ramirez as Khalila Walker
Lillian Daugherty as Farrah Carter
Skyler Hill as Nadia Shaw

Guest CastEdit

Chanel Iman as Katherine Martinez


1. Ross Copperman: Hunger
2. Gabriel Aplin: Salvation
3. Rita Ora: Grateful
4. Rachel Taylor: Light a Fire
5. Tom Odell: Another Love
6. Sleeping at Last: All Through The Night
7. Andrew Ripp: When in Love


  • This is the first installment regarding the numerating desolation of witches as there are two impending films to be written.
  • Cameron Henderson informed the media that Chance Harbor, Virginia will be thoroughly explored in order to determine the extent of it's personal value towards the supernatural dominion.
  • This trilogy will primarily focused on the numerating accumulation of how witches seclude their sensual ramifications in such a gregarious municipal.