Terminus Coven
Coven Information
Founding TimeBetween 1670-1700
ResidenceLondon, England
Founded ByVictor
AliasRegimental Coven
Membership Information
MembersVictor (Leader)
OccupationAntithetical of the Vampire Law

The Terminus Coven is a coven of nomadic vampires compromising of Victor, Alexander, Roman, and Grayson. The coven assembled during horrendous interims within the extension of neglecting the authoritative terminalities of the original immoral congregation. The aggregation is prevailed by Victor, whom is considered the progeny of former nomadic vampire Connor. The four immortal celestials are imminent towards one another’s justificated preception, which emulates upon the indulgence of declining to recognize a sovereignated coven of indestructible adversaries. The coven is exihibited during the ninth season of the series as their predilected ambition is to eradicate the original congregation of immortals, due towards the previous extermination of their jubilated companions.

Season 9Edit

Accumulated upon requisitional abundances that are considered to familiarize confidential seclusions along dominionated municipals whom has been given absolute preliminaries throughout atrocious vindications; Victor begins to inform Alexander, Roman, and Grayson that their primary avocation is decline to necessitate speculation under tremendous proportions which Victor begins to implicate that congressional manifestations have began to observed predilected osculations throughout an intensified measurement that becomes reconciled under detrimental precautions in order to segregate informational measures whom has vindicated horrendous obstructions during correlational limitations that have contributed magnified terminalities upon horrendous osculations which could fulminate impending dissimulations among vexational preliminaries in order to facilitate requisitional limitations upon an extensive retribution whom has governed previous justifications of immortal personifications that could recognize clinical terminalities throughout an abundance of misconceptional qualifications whom are assigned formidable postulations during correlated vexations that could insinuate deprivated contributions in order to sustain an enlightment of magnified segregations as he conclusively acknowledges sentimental numeraliites and progressions. Restaining his declination, Alexander begins to explicate that morilated transactions have neglected to accommodate informational appendanges within his internal and external manifestation which has administered segregated accordances of mutilated recommendations that could preserve definite vindications in order to seclude magnified terminations which are based upon requistional fulminations and primitive incentives that could accommodate benevolent assistance within contractional illuminations whom has persevered an inquistional recommendation for convectional preliminaries that are required and inform to regulate under manifestations which has manufactured ultimated contingencies throughout ultimated convections and stimulated transactions as he conclusively emulates that rigorous declinations are qualified towards requistional appendages and justified contributions whom has declinated impervious manifestation throughout retributed ascendancies in order to congregate gregarious similarities during mediations. Abstaining his predilection, Roman begins to implicate that informative osculations have assurred the neglection of restraining numerated convictions that could emulate consuming the vital fluid from the cervixes of mortal individuals whom are magnified as required necessities to eradicate in order to remain benevolence within the entire atmosphere of regulated terminalities during contradictional and primitive conceptions that could regulate traditional modification under secular demonstrations whom are given qualified transactions throughout segregational contributions that could seclude imminent declarations towards an extensive and mutilated compromise whom has resigned justificated accumulations in order to recommend preserving the informidable existence of debilitated acquisitions throughout mediated convections which could postulate imminent benevolences upon segregated and justified distinctions that have qualified conceptional preliminaries among confined instinctions. Understanding his adulation, Grayson begins to explicate that confidential numeralities have began to inquire among vexational manifestations that could accomodate numerous and vigorated ascensions whom could necessitate primordial advantages throughout confidential recommendations in order to preserve the existence of devotive and regulated companions whom are inquired to postulate internal beliefs of remaining diligent towards manipulative junctions in order to acquire mortified recommendations along an extensive jubilated that pacificated adulation and cessational numeralities as he conclusively implicates that magnificent expositions have administerd impartial reflections whom are designated to assure horrendous and atrocious deprivations within an accordance and oblivionated terminations that could percieve gregarious qualifications along an extensive limitation which would modificate informational transactions throughout orchestrations and subliminal vindications as implimenting congressional tribulations have remained governed with oppositional preliminaries. Desolated upon atrocious commencements whom would become conclusive during iniquitous sequences in order to acquire the required transaction of repugnated manifestations , Victor and Alexander begin to converse upon the intentional rationalization of eradicating their current adversaries which Victor begins to implicate that manifestations have began to ensure the benevolence of recognizing detrimental ascendancies during an intensified and clinical observation whom has neglected to mention informative seclusions throughout prevailing osculations and terminal numerations in order to deprivate fulminated transactions along an entire penetration that could accomodate the internal and external seclusions of benevolent recommendation whom were required to preliminate among the entire hemisphere of immortal celestials that has administered numerated deprivations within an intentisifed accumulation of representative contributions whom could assign formidable terminalities within an extensive measurement of clinical adulation and reconciliated pacification that has vindicated an observing transaction of debilitated terminalites in order to neglect an observance whom is recommending commencements that justificated qualifications and illuminations has debiliated over the previous interims as he conclusively explicates that congruent manipulations have began to faciliate informational transactions and neglections. Magnified within retraction, Alexander begins to explicate that recommended illuminations have began to accumulate segregational numeralities in order to dissimulate obligated intentions along an entire fulmination whom could contribute throughout an entire manifestation of preliminated adulation and reconciliated cessation whom has liberated detrimental aggrevations within an entire manifestation of complicated ramifications and contributed terminalities that have qualified imminent fulminations during an intensive termination whom could administered retributional preliminaries and terminal distinctions that has been given gregarious formulations of traditional proportions and illuminated vexations under intermediate contributions and emulative assurances in order to desolate contemplative distractions along the recommended and horrendous opposiitons of debilitated recognitions whom has administered an abundance whom has conspired to progress among informidable benevolences as he conclusively implicates that numerated transactions have given liberated numeralities deprivated osculations to emulate segregated and subordinate accumulations whom are transactional within informative terminalities. Gratified among vindicated limitations that has become preliminated within aspiring and clinical observations have been administered vexational numeralities during sufficient relevance and implimentive enigmas, Roman and Grayson begin to discuss about their ineffectual and restrained providence of eliminating authoritative figurations which Roman begins to implicate that horrendous measurements began to penetrate recommendations of secure obligations whom could eradicate numerous of essential prodigation within an entire manifestation of illuminated seclusions whom could persist in neglecting orchestrated determinations along an entire justification of complimental ascendancies whom are given and administered tribulated predilections among an constipated analysis in order to recommend fulminated contingencies during an intensified mutilation whom are aligned within penetrating and substantial formalities that are beneficial towards complimental limitation as he conclusively begins to explicate that radical determinations have consistently began to magnify inquisitional retributions throughout an eternal compliance that has acknowledged segregated terminalities upon recommendations whom are acquired to compensate neglections of determinal contributions in order to preliminate an accumulation of pacificated adulation and reconciliated cessation that has provided clinical assurance among tribulated conspiracies. Fulminated within seclusion, Grayson begins to explicate that communicational experiences have began to acknowledge ramifications whom have obliged to necessitate requistional appendages upon the entire hemisphere of obstructional contributions in order to engage in ruminated terminalites that have secluded inquistional and gregarious formations of adulated substantials whom would begin to contribute manifestations and terminal qualifications along subliminal inquistions that have become administered within personified justifications that could recommend clinical vexations throughout an abundance of terminalites and vindicated transitions that immortal celestials are required to sustain upon their internal and external anatomies which are unable to decline the proportionate acclaimation of mutilated vexations as he conclusively implicates that nefarious osculations have began to originate horrendous measurements along the atmosphere due towards an impending recommendation that has been given towards an oppositional accredidation whom are governed to ramificate justificated illuminations and contributions. Obscured towards inflictive and gregarious proportions whom has been restrained within an upcoming abundance of preliminated revulsion and horrendous aversion throughout an entire municiple of celestial individuals; Victor begins to inform Alexander, Roman, and Grayson about reconciliated terminations whom have become orchestrated among divinated seclusions in order to configure misconcepted transactions which Victor begins to implicate that nefarious postulations have begin to consolidate informational transactions along the conspried recommendations whom are given within an abundance of misconcepted calculations during an intensified speculation of manipulating orchestrated deprivations along the entire recommendation that has been emulated to condition the clinical observations during the cognitive transmission whom has began to necessitate an informative speculation in order to liberate an excepitonal transmission and formidable terminalities among the speculated transaction that could become justificated along the primitive and formidable extractions whom are able to neglect the ascendacing predilection of conspiring magnificent postulation within the essential progression and recommended ascendancies whom are given to upon fuliminated compliances whom could become justificated towards subliminal transactions and mutilated conspiracies as he conclusively reconstructs the intermediate modification that has terminated an exceptional liberation during the qualificated illumination. Declined within surmises, Alexander begins to explicate that condensational experiences have began to emulate recommended speculations throughout the entire horrendous and atrocious preliminaries that has began to necessitate frequent justifications along the benevolent mediations whom are constrained among fornicated determinations as segregated and clinical observations have began to determine informative manifestations throughout the cognitive qualification whom has secluded deprivated jubilation within the intentional eradications of adversaries whom internal anatomies would be acquired to consume the vital fluid from morta individuals that would become the essential and horredous manifestation of debilitated accusations in order to neglect irregular perseverances along the contributive numerations that has been able to assist within jubilated transactions and mutilated speculations whom are required to justificate inquisitional preliminaries along the necessitated and gregarious formulation as he conclusively exonerates the primitive existence of congregating along the entire ramification of debilitated transactions. Endeavored with recogntion, Roman begins to implicate that horrendous manifestations has began to penetrate the reconceptive orchestrations along the subliminal preliminaries whom are determined to accumulate an abundance of mutilated speculations throughout the cognitive ramifications whom are ascended within the intentional preceptions and atrocious coordinations among subliminal accusations that could examine congregated analysis of mutilated exigencies whom has provided fulminated vexations during the intensive contribution of ramificated transactions whom could illuminate terminal and detrimental accordances throughout the clinical observations of synical debilitations whom are gaining an informative recommendation along the primitive extortion of subliminal contributions that have gained emulative speculations during an intensified jubilation whom are containing merrimental and benevolent conspiracies along the entire illuminated and cordial appendages that have osculated an eccentrical speculation of debilitated manifestations as he conclusively explicates magnificent tribulations. Revived within ascensions, Grayson begins to explicate detrimental ascendancies whom have become desolated among the tribulations of cognitive and magnificent terminalities that could preserve the distinctive resolutions of eterna recommendations whom are aligned upon traditional manifestations whom are accumulated upon the perseverance of debilitated acquisitions in order to congregate discretional observances along the termination of vexational accumulations whom are administered within the atrocious benedictions of supplemental contributions that could preliminate magnificent orchestrations throughout retributional declinations whom are given an intensifed recommendation during the cognitive and imperialistic preliminaries in order to congregate provisional supplements of discretions and horrendous numeralities that has given an ascension of debilitated orchestrations justified qualifications in order to abstain from premarital fornication as he conclusively implicates that nefarious preliminaries have began to recessitate confidential examinations among the intrusive declaration and imminent compromises. Preliminated among substanial degredations whom have recommended infiltrated emulation during gregarious acccusations in order to classificate ordained terminalities upon inquisitional allegiancies, Grayson begins to inform Alexander of the primitive and established compromises whom has assured the perseverance among celestial refractions which Grayson begins to implicate that nefarious oppositions have been able to translate an entire recommendation of debiliated contributions and terminal discretions whom could illuminate an extension of adulated pacification and reconciliated transmission that are granulated towards the compassionate justifications in order to neglect the impartial ascension of recogning dominative vexations throughout the appendage of preserving the gregarious accusations whom has obtain formidable declinations throughout an extensive contribution that could manifest into the inaccurate appendages of justifications whom are able to provide detrimental seclusions whom are able to orchestrate contributing accumulations of preliminated qualifications that are translated to liberate substantial illuminations of impartial terminaliites whom could penetrate distinctional osculations among the entire misconception that has been orchestrating subliminal transactions of debilitating formidable occurrences along the distributed manifestations that has been osculated to preliminate an upcoming veneration of transactions. Admiring moralities, Alexander begins to explicate that confidential alignments have began to illuminate an essential progression whom has descended within the terminal appendages of accumulating the accurate abundance that could apprehend the seclusions of fulminating the aggrevated terminalities whom has provided distinctive benevolences among the condensational justifications that is required to acknowledge upon jubilated merriments whom are destined to acquire the subliminal and impartial recognitions of segregated terminalities throughout the extensive formations that has been given towards the entire contribution of debilitated orchestrations and subliminal manifestations that has been annihilated upon the clinical observations of debilitaing informational graulations as immortal celestials are required to consume the vital fluid of mortal individuals whom are progressing to become unable to eradicate within the illuminated intervals in order to preliminate seclusional accumulations throughout the recreational ascendancies whom has become ordained within formational contemplations and supplemental justifications. Administered irrational contigencies that has abided liberated obligations under supplementary and gratuitous preliminaries whom will become confined within illuminated regencies, Victor begins to inform Roman about fulminated discretions that has been oppositioned during an equivalence of primitive seclusions and misconceptions which Victor begins to implicate that nefarious osculations have began to penetrate requistional appendages throughout an extensive formulation whom are acquired to renovate the previous terminalities of an accumulated and detrimental requistion in order to sustain the subliminal denouements whom are obliged to integrate recreational ascendancies during an intensified contribution among the entire and impending manifestations that could eradicate the essential contributions of manipulative transactions and horrendous measurements whom are able to facilitate perennials that has become endeavored towards preliminal contributions that are accustomed of eradicting the clinical propositions whom are gaining an intermediate acquistion that could become termianl and gregarious formulation upon the desired accumulation of regimens that are consolidated among discretional terminalities which has been able to commend within passionate contrivances and subliminal orchestrations in order to fulminate an accumulation of providing manifested interpretations whom are able to congregate extinctive aquistions. Accumulating discretions, Roman begins to explicate that irrigationa subliminaries have been orchestrated to innovate the imperialistical abstraction whom are able to neglect the misfortune of oblivionated manifestations that could become ordained among recreational vindications in order to sustain contractional preliminaries throughout the extensive consummation that deals within irrational contributions and magnficent postulations as justificated interims has been acquiring benevolence of debilitated qualifications among the entire misconception whom has become fulminated towards inquistional compliances whom are able to neglect several misfortunes of horrendous measurements in order to compensate rational ascendancies that have correlated an abundance of illuminated transactions that are administered an inquiring misconception that has become ordained and required to penetrate within the residential consummaton whom are gaining subliminal accumulations under the entire domicile that has been osculated within an essential occupation to adjust within an intricating manifestation in order to congregate intentional repercussions. Configuring liberated illuminations and beneficial discrepancies have enlightened an industrial qualification among the entire dominion of immortal celestials whom are seclusioned with accumulated interims; Victor begins to inform Alexander, Roman, and Alexander about an upcoming affliction that will congregate their internal allegiancies upon inquistional deceptions and mediated moralities which Victor begins to implicate that nefarious and proportionate osculations have began to recognize terminalities whom has began to consider emulative recommendations that has become irrelevant throughout the conservative orchestions whom accredidates inquistional liberations due towards supplemental vexations that has began to infiltrate fulminated discretions within the impervious formation of debilitated and justificated contractions whom are able to eradicate the specific immortal celestials that has became the prominent and substantial formalities within the supernatural hemisphere which is required to remain vindicated among the mortal dominions whom have been detrimental towards the horrendous and atrocious magnitudes that could insinuate traditional manifestations through ordinances whom are gained upon an accumulation due towards the pacificated and reconciliated cessations that are justificated under preliminal ascendancies within the current adversaries and contingent predilections which has governed an intensified declaration that begins to qualificate inquistional terminalities whom are mutilated among proportions. Acclaiming tendencies, Alexander begins to explicate that condensational manifestations have began to insinuate proportionate terminalities during an intensified and clinical observation that has become ordained among prominent and numerous speculations whom are acquainted upon vigorous and terminal numerations in order to abstain from premarital fornication within the conservative relationship of cordial individuals that is justificated towards conversion of subliminal manifestations whom has gained an intentional ramification and doctrinated speculations which has prevailed among the ordinaces of horrendous measurements and detrimental accumulations whom has gained intermediate preliminaties within speculated fulminations that are acquiring legitimate ascendancies during an intensified matriculation of severe qualifications and declarated vexations as he conclusively implicates that nefarious predilections will become consistent within impending fornications and tribulated ramifications whom could acknowledge the surveillance of detrimental conspiracies that have orchestrated gregarious penetrations. Declining perennials, Roman begins to implicate that cognitive and intentional fulminations are beginning to justificate their external and predominative benevolences whom are containing the righteous formalities that sustains cordial recommendations throughout an intensive predilection whom are subsisted within cordial illuminations and declarated ascensions in order to abstain and eradicate formational terminalities within an intoxicated ramification that has instilled proportionate obligations among perennial speculations whom has began to liberate substantial inquisitions along the entire atmosphere of contricated and formidable neglections which are considered horrendous towards the extinction of predominative seclusions in order to accumulate segregated conspiracies along the entire remnants that have gained intermediate contractions during the intensified manifestations which are matriculating jubilated merriments upon the necessitated liberation and supplemental recommendations that could conspire against vindictive consultations whom are terminal among the formidable ascensions of companionated interims and neglected contrivances. Vigorated upon ramifications, Grayson begins to explicate that numerated conspiracies have began to penetrate formidable acquistions througohut the entire manifestation of adulated supplements and congregational jubilations whom are administering inquisitional transmissions along the entire hemisphere of neglected formulations in order to abstain regulating conspicuous accumulations within the entire benevolence of subsisting predominative transactions whom could preliminate an intentional and gregarious qualification that has become osculated and terminal within segregated formulations whom has been accelerated within contributed liberations that are congregating an intentional declaration of preliminated accumulation whom has qualified oppositional terminalities as he conclusively implicates that mutilated vexations have began to preliminate destructional and intermediate justifications along the entire purification of secular transactions whom are given the terminal justification of illuminating recommended vexations that could debilitate qualified terminalities within the distinctive ordinance and numeration. Oriented among terminated benedictions whom have assured preliminated discretions along residential dominions and municipals in order to faciliate vigorous ascendancies during compressional sufficiencies, Victor begins to inform Alexander that formidable exigencies have implimental promiscious ordinances within tendencies which Victor begins to implicate that condensational and amplified manifestations have been orchestrated to inaugurate subliminal and clinical retributions during an intensive recommendation whom has terminated previous administrations throughout the cognitive and benevolent seculation during the inquistional limitation whom has began to eradicate the modificational enmities within the mutilated and formidable accusations which has aggregated within an observance of formidable contingencies in order to illuminate compassionate and destructive osculations along the entire benediction of vigorous and justificated qualifications whom has become desired towards the replication of formidable and contingent replications in order to seclude the horrendous and magnificent terminations whom has become willing to orchestrate gregarious and distributed calamities during the initiative to eradicate subliminal manifestations throughout the retributional vexations whom has become imminent among the entire atmosphere whom is debilitated within the cordial ramifications of gregarious limitations whom became conspried towards liberartive and seclusional manifestations. Agitated within terminals, Alexander begins to explicate that gregarious formulations have began to eradicate an essential retribution among the jubilated extensions in order to preliminate substantial quantites of debilitated manifestations whom has began upon an orchestration and horrendous transaction during the contentional magnitude of dissimulating contractional and obligated accumulations which has necessitated jubilated merriment in order to segregate the imperialistic requisitions along the benevolent orchestrations of debilitated numerations which have granulated spectacular fulminations whom has become predominated upon the cordial negotiations of subliminal and numerated transactions in order to congregate the essential replications that could vindicate clinical and modificating preliminated orchestrations during imperialistical advantages whom has become endeavored within contributing manifestations as he conclusively implicates that nefarious proportions have began to penetrate jubilated and qualificated liberations during an intoxicated accumulation in order to neglect the manifestation among an essential congregation and formidable vindictions. Contrived towards distinctive manifestations that have assured illuminated and percepted fulmination have became acquired within postulated adulation upon the external recession, Roman begins to inform Grayson that clinical observations have became inquisitoned during an accumulation of supplements which Roman begins to implicate that nefarious and proportionate declarations have began to plague inquistional justifications along the ruminated transaction of debilitated manifestations whom are granulated towards the consolidation of adulated pacification and magnificent orchestrations in order to terminate the debilitated and horrendous measurements of benevolent transmissions which has been neglected to indoctrinate jubilated and gregarious limitations during the extensive matriculation of recognizing the eternal congregation whom has given the ruminated hemisphere of immortal celestials the terminated justifications of acknowledging the magnitude upon recreational and segregated terminalities whom has began to consolidate preliminated manifestations throughout an intriguing mutilation of debilitated and aggregational qualifications whom are neglected to contribute redemptionated terminalities and substantial amounts whom have descended upon irrigations in order to illuminate segregated distinctions towards magnified retributions of doctrinating orchestrated ascensions within perennials and imminent misconceptions. Divinated upon manifestations, Grayson begins to explicate that cognitive and detrimental ascendancies have neglected the terminal manipulations of debilitated seclusions whom has began to facilitate primordial requisitions in order to neglect the compositional preliminaries whom has administered recommendations along the entire ramifications due towards the explainated ascendancies whom has began to tribulate formulative qualifications during the impending and numerated justifications that has been orchestrated to magnify recreational terminalities due towards illuminated contrivances whom has aligned the contributed and horrendous postulations among the supplemental divinations in order to segregate the assurance of formidable vexations during the intentional manifestation of congregated terminalities whom has assurred the perseverance of debilitated and horrendous accumulations that are aspiring towards cultivated and numerated debilitations as jubilated contrivances have began to originate among condensational preliminaries and formidable requistions during an intensified magnitude as he conclusively implicates upcoming recommendations in order to segregate hostilities. Liberated upon an impending and accusational declaration of reconciliated cessation whom have become administered within obstructional preliminaries during an intensive proportion that is magnified; Victor begins to inform Alexander, Roman, and Grayson about neglecting to apprehend their internal reliance that tries to interpret adulated emulations within the moral vexations of compliances which Victor begins to implicate that nefarious and proportionate declarations have became the substantial recommendation of conspiring fulminated transactions among the gregarious and horrendous postulations that has became ordained to penetrate the degrading limitations which has been osculated to terminate the justificated and clinical abstraction of vital fluid whom are divinated towards the impervious announcement which could emulate detrimental accusations within the instrusive formulation that has gained an informidable extraction that has been accumulating detrimental and horrendous proclivities in order to congregate horrendous matriculations whom has become oblivinated among the intentional recommendation that has began to conspire against formidable inquisitions that began to evolve towards fortunate and horrendous manifestations whom are gaining imperialistical denouements within the abstraction of neglecting their true and imminent vulgation that has liberated the terminative contribution of debilitated misconception in order to predominate an accumulation that divinated primordial distinctions within the abstraction of correlated manifestations. Acquiring debilitated interims, Alexander begins to implicate that horrendous and atrocious manifestations have gained the intermediate considerations within the clinical malfunctions of horrendous junctions and proclivited terminalities whom are abstained from the corial amount of demonstrating adulated pacification upon the accordance and debilitated misconception of rigorous manifestations that are gaining informidable appendages within the osculated recognitions whom has exerted the terminal and gregarious formulations among seclusive and debilitated misconceptions whom has acknowledge the justificated and manipulative conspiracies of recommending disctractional compliances whom has numerated the jusitifed terminations whom has accelerated among the terminal distractions and implimented fornications that could become osculated in order to seclude the benevolence of immediate orchestrations that has became vindicated within manipulative and condensational restractions which are constillated towards the provisional and magnificent boundaries upon compassion and reconcilated terminalities whom are administered recreational declinations and gregarious postulations. Accustomed within proportionate fulminations, Roman begins to implicate that nefarious osculations have began to justificate the impending qualifications of exerted terminations which are gaining formidable accusations upon the cordial ramifications that congregated within the cordial and subliminal misconceptions whom are acquiring regulated interventions in order to abstain from eradicating familiar conceptions during the tribulative manifestation which represented the benevolence and jubilated transitions of cognitive and representational manifestations that has accumulated the extensions of mutilated fornications whom are governing the peridical abstractions which could become declined among irrigational and terminated preliminaries that has been able to vindicate an abstraction of justificated denominations which are assurring the primitive osculations that has become accustomed of ramificating horrendous and magnificent turbulences whom are gaining the eccentrical magnitudes that are contributing among gregarious and accumulated vexations as he conclusively explicates that irrigational appliances have numerated distinctional fulminations. Orchestrating manifestations, Grayson begins to explicate that gregarious formulations have began to justificate recommendation whom are obliged to neglect horrendous and promisicous tensions along the gregarious postulations that has been acquiring horrendous and proportionate measurements which could become ordained in manipulating the consciousness that has debilitated informational transations which has provided detrimental postulations within the jubilated and merriemental correlations throughout the magnitudes of gregarious formulations whom have descended manipulations upon vivacious tenacities that were gaining an imperialistic orchestration of debilitated and manufactured compliances due towards the neglection that has recommended impervious and horrendous masculations upon the cognitive retribution of debilitated manifestations which will annihilate the termination that has become horrendous and numerated within an intentional benevolence whom are acquiring recommended postulations which will ascend within vigorous formulations as he conclusively implicates that formidable extinctions have neglected terminations. Instilled among obligated limitations that have eradicated industrialized contributions that were vindicated towards judicial arrangements whom has been acquiring supplemental benedictions, Alexander begins to inform Roman about horrendous and atrocious manifestations whom are progressing within abhorrence which Alexander begins to implicate the infuential meanings of neglecting the adulated conspiracies which has been acclaimed upon cordial ramifications whom has terminated the influential predilection of vigorous and substantial matriculations whom has been declined to terminate an upcoming recommendation that could faciliate horrendous speculations among the external magnitude of clinical and benevolent distributions upon the intoxication in order to faciliate predilected extensions within the magnificent terminalities of molecular subsistence that will vigorate complicational and gregarious determinations whom has been declined towards an illuminations of specific terminalities that are willing to congregate within the jubilated transaction of liberative formalities and qualificated abhorrence that has been able to precipitate conflicting postulations among the corial benevolence whom are destined to familiarize gregarious manifestations within the liberating jurisdictions as he conclusively explicates that monumental transactions have recommended terminalities whom are vindicated within an extrodinaire compensations. Orchestrated upon liberals, Roman begins to explicate that primitive osculations have regarded the terminal manifestations of recommendational distinctions whom are gaining an internal and formidable seclusion that has become aligned within the substantial predilections of translating an abundance due towards the classificated obstructions whom has mentioned the clininal restitutions which are provided among debilitated misconceptions that has been emulative within cordial denouements as justficated and vexational manifestations have become terminal within the extensive ramification of consolidated transactions and imminent dispositions whom are considereding specific celestials upon the intermediate fabrication that has abandoned the mutilated discretions whom are granulated within the exception of seclusive and preliminated fornication that could become segregated upon the anatomies of congruent osculations in order to regenerate benevolent predilections within the sclusive manifestations whom will occurr the horrendous matriculations within the incentive extortion of lberated and magnificent qualifications. Benevolent limitations have illuminated discretional formalities within paralleled manifestations whom are inquired to terminate propositional seclusion throughout an entire dominion of celestials, Victor begins to inform Grayson the necessitated obligation to precisely effectuate once their specific interim has dissimulated which Victor begins to implicate that consolidated orchestrations have began to dissimulate consternating and gregarious formulations during an extensive replication that has been terminated among segregated discretions which will become accustomed of debiliating horrendous manifestations in order to necessitate an accustomed replication that has been vexational towards gregarious calculations in order to congregate replicative ascensions that are given jusificated determinations among an orchestrated reluctance whom are becoming obliged upon the mental correlation of promiscious tendancies that have been manipulated within the oppositional and gregarious revulsions whom are given the benevolene of supplental abstractions that has been orchestrated towards benevolent conspiracies whom have became accustomed of liberating the substantial recogntions that are contaminated within the horrendous manifestations of secular terminalities that has been regulated to preliminate the essentialized proportions of debiliated terminalities whom are regulated to sustain the ambigous misconceptions. Contributing desolated terminals, Grayson begins to effectuate dominations of vindictive terminations whom have secured the progressional vexations whom are neglected to ramificate an intentional supplementation whom are acknowledging the imperialistical advantages within the consolidation of regulated conspiracies that are obliged to recommend an intentional benevolence which has become ordained to sustain the prominent orchestations due towards the jubilated convictions that are acclaimed to become horrendous within the necessitated postulations of mortified retribution which has began to insinuate fulminating distinctions upon the terminal benevolence due towards the insolated manifestations that has begun to qualificate sensational proclaimations throughout the jubilated seclusion whom are acquired to insinuate discretional illuminations that have been gregarious within the formidable exclusion whom are administering retributional and horrendous proclaimations as he conclusively vindicates that formidable prevailences has began to neglect the sensational compliances in order to abstain from premarital liberations that are known to eradicate oppositions. Sensational dominions whom have comprised of rigorous benevolences throughout cordial assistance has acknowledged stimulative proceedings that apprehended the internal recogntion of mutilated justifications; Victor begins to inform Grayson, Roman, and Alexander about compromised illusions whom are conspired upon materialistical distinctions that have administered terminalities which Victor begins to implicate that horrendous measurements have secluded to doctrinate formidable vindications whom are consolidated upon imminent contractions which have granulated vexational tribulations during an intoxicated ramification of horrendous measurements that could begin to emulate benevolences whom are governed towards manipulative credentials which has become illuminated upon vigorous accumulations and domininated vexations due towards the congregative manifestations whom are obligated to matriculate terminal and horrendous divinations that have became contributed along the subliminal contrivances whom has began to assure the regulated manifestations due towards the congregating postulation whom are mutilated an abstraction whom can assure the promiscious tendancies of complicated assurances as he conclusively explicates that contributional advancement have neglected the terminal numerations of segregated benevolences that could become regulated within an essential divinations. Enlightened upon surmises, Alexander begins to explicate that orchestated ascendancies have neglected to abstain form premarital fornication whom are obliged to become configured as sinful illuminations that could become segregated towards informative and liberated justifications whom are able to reconsider manipulated acccumulations throughout an incentive numeration that has been able to constrain formidable benevolences within an ambigious misconception of solidified orchestations whom are able to reconciliate mutilated transaction within an accelerated and horrendous emulation whom are administering convectional proclaimations that could become endeavored towards an affliction of adulated pacification and reconciliated jubilations that is described as condensational misconceptions whom are qualificated under magnified tribulations and conservative manifestations that has been accumulated under segregated qualifications as he conclusively manipulates transitional formalities during the replicated distinctions of preliminated justifications. 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Dissimulated among confliction, Grayson begins implicate that necessitated orchestrations began to influence severnal ramifications whom are terminal upon modificating an essential benevolence whom has been consolidated towards in order to acclaim segregated formalities as jubilated sensations have divinated upon the essential recognition that has been manufactured upon horrendous meaurements whom are acquiring requisitional numerations in order to abstain from imminent consolidations that could become detrimental towards preliminated repercussions and modificated ascendancies whom are horrendous upon the segregated discretions which are correlated among manipulative fulminations whom are acquiring the retributional proclivities in order to eradicate an upcoming formation that has become sustained towards influential ramifications as he conclusively explicates that essential and prestigous manifestations are obliged towards ruminated seclusions whom are granulated towards substantial recommendations. 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As the illuminated obscurities are vindicated among devoted and compassionate immortal whom are entitled to believe upon a mental recognition that has assemledreliance and allegiance within their aggregational terminalities; as Eric, Vincent, Michael, André, Ariana and Camille consummate among an isolated destination whom is congregated upon the repugnated assemblage of their primitive adversaries that is contained within the presence of Victor, Alexander, Roman, and Grayson whom are intrigued about their influential correspondences as the cultivation of eradication will preliminate terminal and horrendous manifestations; The Old Ones begin to consummate upon their jurisdiction as their adversaries begin to manipulate their gregarious formations which begins igniting once the original congregation of immortals and Victor, Roman, Alexander, and Grayson rapidly begin to conspire among afflictive ascensions which Roman rapidly emulates Camille towards the maleficent barriers whom has reflected his jubilated intentions while Ariana restrains his entire anatomy upon the liberated abradation as Camille ensures the incompacitation of his appendages which concludes in horrendous scenaries from the verbal consternation of Roman whom is eradicated once Ariana decompacitates his precisional apex. Contingent upon the endurance of Alexander, Michael and André ceases within their formidable inquisition which terminates upon the justification when André constrains the intentional cervix of Alexander whom becomes abhorrent when trying to pierce a indestructible armament in the central nucleus of André whom abolishes the armament from his appendages while Michael rapidly vacates within their premises and incompacitates the nucleus from Alexander's extentional anatomy. Pertaining towards horrendous formulations while Grayson begins to cultivate substantial manifestations of vervain upon the illlumination of his adversary, Vincent regains his immunities from the diabolical qualification and rapidly castigates Grayson upon the constructional abdication as he obtains his adversaries armament and without an impending hesitation, emulates the horredous compilation upon the central nucleus of Grayson, whom disintegrates among his internal compunctions essentially. Imminent towards the magnificent altercation dexteries that his adversary as acquired throughout his beneficial interims as an immortal, Eric reflects each horrendous and climatical vindication that Victor begins to penetrate from the glorious appendages he has manipulated during the recommendational emulation, Eric rapidly constrains the formidable cerix of Victor and informs him upon the abhorrence and internal retribution he has distinguished within his central progression and former companions whom became eradicated based on his degradation and humiliation to transpire an accumulation of persistence; neglecting the verbal consultation that his determinated adversary informs, Victor restains the intentional armament in order eradicate Eric through his essential nucleus but terminates upon the recreational jubilation until Eric rapidly concludes the armament from vindicating his anatomy and contracts his entire appendages through the inticing anatomy of Victor's central core, which abstracts his gratuitous nucleus. Emanating his adversary's persecuated anatomy upon the terminal abdication, Eric informs his siblings that becoming recognized as the authoritative celestials whom matriculates regulated obligations within the hemisphere of compassionate immortals but consulting among the deliberate and horrendous osculations that are required to become contemplated are considered to be acknowledges as imperative which the original aggregation of immortals acquires the formidable consultation which the detrimental interim concludes while the enlightened crescent radiances from the corporeal firmament.



Victor is a vampire and the progeny of former nomadic immortal Connor. Victor is the primitive eminence of his coven, whom acknowledged his formidable preliminaries of eradicating the original aggregation of immortals. Victor has remained decisive among the initiative of eliminating his current fulmination, which has administered his consciousness distinctive and various provocations to justificate upon.


Alexander is a vampire and a meticulous companion of Victor, whom had become obliged to vindicate among his subordinate integration of eradicating the original immortal congregation. Alexander has become ordained upon vigorous seculations in order to administer his efficient and preliminated allegiance towards specific celestials whom are acquired to classificate their divinated speculation within the entire dominion of perennial benevolences.


Roman is a vampire and a punctilious companion of Victor, whom preliminated the correlational ascendancies that each of them acquire in eliminating their prominent explanation of remaining seclusive and contiguous within the atmosphere of mortal individuals. Roman has been assured to captivate numerated equivalences within various vicinities that are enclosed with terminalities and imminent discretions.


Grayson is a vampire and an affimed companion of Victor whom became recessive towards his emulative restoration that has been previously renounced and abstained with vulgar preliminaries in order to necessitate impulative measures of conviction. Grayson has acknowledge formulative distinctions whom have resulted within harmonized an integrated perceptions during an intriguing existence.