Telepathy is the supernatural and psychological ability to use the mind to read and possibly control minds. Eric and the Amaranthine Pack all show this ability though in different manners.


Eric's gift allows him to hear the thoughts of others from a distance. The closer and more familiar Eric is to the psychological state of an individual, the better he can read it. A stronger bond also allows him to reads minds from a greater distance; though it only works within a few miles range. Like Isabella and some other gifted vampires, Eric's ability seems to work best with other vampires. He can use it to keep tabs of what other people are experiencing at the moment and has therefore an advantage in a fight; as he can follow their moves as shown in the practice fight with Michael. Thanks to this power, he is on par with Michael whom is known as the best fighter in the primordial congregation. He can also use it to experience Camille's visions when she is in range.


Dominic's and Destiny's telepathic abilities are limited to hearing or seeing only the current thoughts of the people around them. They both can hear groups at a time; although each of them believe that they can drown out extra voices by concentrating on environmental details or one specific mind. Dominic found most of the individuals at New York University unimaginative and vulgar. He also had the displeasure of reading Vincent's mind; thanks to his thoughts and little fantasies about Destiny. Dominic and Destiny's minds are connected to each other when they are in their lycanthrope forms; allowing them to read each other's minds. This enables a degree of consolidation unimaginable otherwise and essential in collaborative activities that requires high coordination such as eradication or when they both spread over vast areas. Otherwise no privacy exists in the aggregation. When Dominic or Destiny transfigures, their allegiance to another werewolf in the community and their mental connection with the previous werewolf breaks in order to reform with the new one. It is interesting to note that all werewolves in telepathic connections can control the thoughts they want to share.

List of UsesEdit

Having the power of telepathy allows the user to (depending on how powerful the user or not limited to) do the following:

  • Mind Reading: Telepathy allows the user to read anyone's thoughts with only the use of psychological thought and will.
  • Mind Control: Depending on the skill and power of the user, telepathy allows the user to control, project and change the decisions and thoughts of other with only the use of the user's own mind.
  • Psionic/Astral Projection: Astral Projection is the ability to project one or another's thoughts and make them seem as if they're there even if they are not.