Sentinel Pack
Coven Information
Founding TimeBetween 2010-2012
ResidenceForks, Washington
Founded ByAaron
AliasLucrative Pack
Membership Information
MembersAaron (Alpha)
James (Beta)
Morgan (Beta)
Gabrielle (Beta)
OccupationAnnihilating Their Adversaries

The Sentinel Pack is formed by alpha werewolf Aaron, who is joined by his kindred and divisional companions Morgan, James and Gabrielle. The pack formed before the beginning of Season 6, which was based on the impliflication of Aaron discovering that their families were obliberated by the contengencies of a vampire coven, whom he believes to be the indesructible family of the original immortals. Aaron and his lycanthrope comrades insist on the paramounted initiative of declaring war against The Old Ones, due to the fact that their tribe were demolished for no apparent reason.


The pack was formed in the year of 2010 when Aaron, Morgan, James, and Gabrielle's families were exonerated when a contentional engagement between a coven of absolute vampires had obliberated their tribe of regimental werewolves, whom caused no illusive threat towards the unanimous infiltries of immortals during that previous occurence. Due to the destructive compacities that was precluded in their vicinity, Aaron proclaimed to his lycanthrope beneficiaries that exclaiming the comparative and provocative altercation upon The Old Ones will result in detrimental circumstances that will implicate upon their formidable environment of celestial beings.


In addition to Aaron, James, Morgan and Gabrielle, the pack was comprised of their former familes, which consisted of their obliberations during the previous seasons. Morgan eventually became the second-in-command of the pack. According to series, James is the third-in-command and Gabrielle is the fourth-in-command.

Member Image Extra Capability
Aaron Alpha Voice
James Improved Sight
Morgan Second-In Command
Gabrielle Fourth-In Command

Trivial InformationEdit

In the series, the members of the Sentinel Pack have accumulated regulated terminations in order to establish their devotion and classificated ambitions within preliminated doctrines.