Clouds (2)
Season 4
Season Information
ChapterOrigins of Eternal Souls
AiredDecember 27, 2013--March 14, 2014
PremiereFormality of the Past
FinaleTendencies Never Forgotten
SloganThe Year of the Original Witch

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The Fourth Season of The Old Ones: The Beginning of the Immortals begins airing in the United States on Friday, December 27, 2013. It is a TV adaption of Cameron Henderson's series of young adult novels of the same name.

Main Cast

Cameron Henderson as Eric
Omar Brown as Vincent
Tyrekas Lang as Michael
Brandon T. Jackson as André
Sydni Watson as Camille
KeKe Hunter as Ariana
Chelsi Glascoe as Isabella
BooBoo Stewart as Dominic
Kathy Valentina as Destiny
Jaden Smith as Gordon
Ashley Thornton as Kristina

Recurring Cast

Jessica Lucas as Ayana Bennett
Anivlis Fernandez as Kate
Melicia Johnson as Sariah
Heather Hemmens as Jamia Bennett
Shay Mitchell as Selene
Daren Kagasoff as Wesley
Anton Yelchin as Matthew
Terrance J as Scott
Keshia Chanté as Lorena
Brian J. White as Terrell
Summer Glau as Becca
Thomas Dekker as Jaden
Thandie Newton as Patience
Brooklyn Sudano as Zyra
Bronson Pelletier as Brian
Wes Bentley as Grant
Shannon Kane as Trinity
Garrett Hedlund as Xavier
Rosario Dawson as Victoria Bennett
Logan Browning as Helena

Season Summary

As time proceeds to move on and it seems to be correcting itself, Eric is still trying to balance the irrelevant thirst as he still craves for human blood which he begins heading down towards an indirect path, while managing his relationship with Isabella. Eric unexpectedly begins to receive noticeable signals from an old former companion that intensely needs his help with the return of an arch enemy towards all vampires. Isabella struggles with trying to contain Eric from targeting innocent victims due to his invious lust for consuming human blood. While aiding with his problems and having numerous cases to deal with at work, Isabella makes a shocking discovery that will change the lives of her adoptive family (The Old Ones) and most importanty Eric. Moving forward with their lives one step at a time, Dominic and Destiny is soon approached by a mysterious guest who claims that he is apart of their acclaimed and deceased lineage, which affects their world once discovered.

Accepting full knowledge that he's a threat within the vampire, werewolf and human societies, Gordon becomes familiar of how to remain nuetral due to what he's been taught by his mother and father. As their wedding approaches, Vincent fears that it may not be handled lightly (comparing it to Eric and Isabella's catastrophic non-wedding occurence) and worries that him and Destiny may be making a mistake into rushing their elluded future together. Hearing about the dangerous news from Eric, Selene returns to New York to aid her maker and her companions with handling their upmost and ancient problem. Getting several notifications of all supernatural species rival's intermediate and unexpected return, Ayana and Jamia tires to unravel certain information and seek help from a certain ancestor on how to defeat the one that gave birth to the existence of witchcraft. Finally having her own fashion industry established, Ariana tends to focus more on her relationship with Dominic and along with Eric, begins to obtain a clear understanding of what they're ancient arch enemy's purpose of returning. After not receiving any repsonses from Scott and with the guidance from Matthew and Wesley, Camille begins to regret how she informed him of her secret (which deals with her feeling emotionally unstable) and creates a way of turning off her emotions to focus more on college and the catastrophic events ahead. Returning from they're monumental getaway, André and Sariah returns to the city that never sleeps to encounter horrifying information that shocks them both, which leaves André worried of Sariah's safety. As Michael and Kate begins a summer intership together (which is based on their major compatibilities) Michael discovers that Kate has been secretly consuming human blood, while compelling them on a day to day basis, which gives him the impression that she's been commiting the acts all along.


  • Chapter 4: Origins of Eternal Souls: (Ep. 138 - 149) This chapter originates with Eric continuing to struggle with his endless addiction, as he craves for human blood and tries to balance the tremendous relationship with Isabella. He soon is approached by a former companion and is informed of the return of their ancient deadliest enemy. Dealing with the upcoming & catastrophic events ahead, The Old Ones lives are invariably balancing on a life and death scale, which will bring them to the depths of lies and heartbreak, although it will conduct them together to adjust their relationships and constitute them even durable.
  • The main antagonists of this chapter are Lorena, Patience, Zyra


# Image Title Airdate
01 Crest Formality of The Past December 27, 2013

As months proceeded and the city of New York remains stable under any no supernatural occurences, The Old Ones move ahead with their lives and hopes that peace can be endured throughout many years. In the midst of obtaining a atrocious dream, Eric ferociously awakens with a lingering craving for human blood but begins to reassure himself that he will no longer hurt another innocent being. Blaming the though that he fed on so many during his former months with his past love Kristina, Eric tries to cope with the fact that blood can generate his whole demeanor and shape him to become a relentless brute towards the human society. Smelling the scent of blood in the kitchen, Eric fastly arrives in the kitchen with the urge of a smile rising. He views Isabella heating two glasses of packaged blood and watches her as she is wearing his dress shirt with no edible under attire on but her see-through undergarmens. As she is unexpectedly touched by the hands of Eric, she turns around with the expression of laughter, embraces him with a kiss and states to him that they will continue to try to control his current lust of consuming fresh human blood. As Eric replinishes from her statement, Isabella questions his motvies and Eric replies that he use to imagine a newborn having a bloodlust problem but never imagined an ancient vampire like himself will be suffering with a detrimental predicament. Isabella implies that it will take time and that every immortal has to train themselves to undergo the same infatuated procedure. Hoping that she's right, Eric quickly picks up and pins Isabella towards the nearby wall; he begins to embrace her with his love and the two interwine. As she awakens herself from the exhile state of mind, original witch Lorena announces to herself that she plans to seek vengeance against all of the undead and immortal species (vampires) and mainly declares her war upon The Old Ones. With nothing but past images of their former war, Lorena initiates a plot to exterminate the entire existence off all supernaturals and begins to plot out her devious beginning ad conclusion but first states to herself that she needs to commence a unit that consists of powerful and unique witches to guide her along through her retributional course. Reconnecting his life upon the horrifiying news Camille informed him, Scott enters his first class with a depressional expression that is easily recognized by Matthew and Wesley. Before class begins, Matthew states to Scott that he has to wake up out of his undiagnosed coma, come back to reality and begin accepting Camille the way she is. Scott replies that he began to question his beliefs once he discovered the novel about vampires inside of his personal belongings and now it's hard for him to adjust to the truth. Wesley points out that once they found out of Camille's secret along with her family, it was kind of difficult to adjust to but they didn't let the mythical information overturn the friendship they share with Camille and soon he will have to face the same and make a choice. Scott implies that it's not that easy, especially if it's someone your falling for and want to spend your life. Looking with unexcused assertions, Matthew and Wesley keeps their upcoming comments to themselves as the professor begins his class term. Helping her old roommate search for a significant dress for homecoming, Camille becomes restless and sits as she feels that her mind is over-depressed. Her friend asks what has been going on with her for the last couple of weeks, Camille replies that she can't seem to mentally function without thinking of the man she truly loves, which is Scott. Her friend relunctantly informs her that if he can't face the truth and come to his senses fully, then he doesn't deserve to have her in her life. Feeling that she may be overdramatic with her response, Camille states that he is just like every human being but internally, he consists of a heart that is pure, loyal and lovable. Not paying attention of her recent response, her friend states that he's apparently not for her and also implies that she should dismiss her feelings for him. As she suddenly attains a frenetic emotion, Camille fastly approaches her former roommate and compels her to terminate addressing her opinions and continue shopping for a particular dress. Agreeing that she should, Camille refrains from her temper igniting and keeps her composure. Walking home from a indolent first day of him working at the local recreational center, Gordon enters his residence and quickly approaches the couch and begins to collect himself as he thinks about the random in the world. Swiftly asking how his first day was at his first occupational job, Destiny begins to move the surrounding furniture in order to get his attention and install a smile upon his face. Gordon replies that will there ever be a time where his parents will let him relax during a blissful occasion, taking his response as a juntional insult, Vincent quickly arrives in his presence and announces to him that it will always be the morals of a parent and that he must not get sarcastic with his mother. Gordon implies that his response was just a sudden act without thinking and that he apologizes. As Vincent accepts his wrongdoing, Destiny makes clear that they're only there to guide him in the accurate direction instead of in the opposite route. Implying that he knows where it leads to, Gordon tries to excuse himself away from the conversation, but is impetuously impended by his uncle, Dominic. Dominic suggests to Vincent and Destiny that he's had a disheveled day and may'be they should let him get some rest before they begin questioning his motives. Agreeing with Dominic's allegation, Vincent informs Gordon that they'll discuss about the topic later, as he leaves to return to his brother's estate. Once Vincent departs, a sudden knock occurs which Dominic answers and Destiny approaches the door. A unfamiliar guest arrive and breifly asks for the time of both Dominic and Destiny and they soon agree. He announces himself as Brian and states that he has reliable information on their supposed deceased family, As Dominic becomes aggravated and confused about what's currently occuring, Destiny asks how does he know about their family lineage and secure secret. Brian implies the both that a lineage textbook was given to him years early ago and informed him of each descendant that currently is deceased and alive. While Dominic questions his use to the term descendant, Brian replies to both Destiny and Dominic that he is considered their estranged cousin. which leaves Dominic and Destiny in a temporary astounded & confused state of mind. Arriving at the nearby beauty salon to check up on Kate's waiting period, Michael walks into the reception shop where he summons Kate to embrace her as he went all day without holding her into his arms. Kate informs him that he shouldn't wait if he feels unfomfortable, she believes if may take her longer than she anticipated. Michael replies that it doesn't bother him to be in an environment consisting of multiple homosexuals and beautiful women, which leaves Kate blushing continuously. Michael also informs Kate that since homecoming is approaching, may he be her escort if she doesn't mind. In a sarcastic response, Kate replies that she already is being escorted by an ancient, magnificent, and original vampire known as Michael that she couldn't resist but accepting. Leaving him blushing as well, Michael embraces her with a unresistable kiss that pleases them both. Looking into each others eyes, Michael proclaims that he loves Kate, while she responds that she loves him more, and the two collide and comfort each other as Michael states that he has to return to school and departs, while leaving Kate in a conceivable condition. Procrastinated to arrive at work and not able to find the location of Sariah, André begins to worry of what may be occurring at the latest hour. With him having no clear conscious of what the day may bring, André immediatently arrives at his job and is endevious surprised by his entire colleagues, along with Sariah. With an astonishing expression, they all announced to him a tremendous birthday, while Sariah continues to secretively blush due to his absolute age. As he accepts and appreciates his condolences from others, he intimately consoles Sariah and thanks her for not forgetting unlike himself. Sariah replies what kind of woman would she be considered if she obliberated the idea of the love of her life's birthday. André replies that his depth of love for her will still be the same. Informing him that he worries to much and stresses about the field of employment, Sariah implies to him that he needs to relax and enjoy the wonderous moment that only last temporarily. Asking about her statement, Sariah unexpectedly & intensely latches onto Andre's shirt and restrains him into his seat and begins to make inevitable love to him, which André accepts at the given moment. Attending a press conference to announce her new fragrance and to imply that she's temporarily stepping down as CEO to spend time with her family, Ariana speculates about how the corporate world has given her much acceptance but also much stress upon her occupational life as well as personal life. Stating that she demands no more further questions, Ariana heads back to her office and recieves an unexpected appearance from Selene to check on her curious life and how she's been handling the corporate problems coming directly at her from left to right. Ariana implies that it has been a controversial problem of her trying to balance her career as well as being in a relationship with Dominic. Selene replies that she hopes that she's not putting her career aside for a man (werewolf) that has low standards. Ariana fastly approaches Selene and informs her that she doesn't love him for the choices he made during his past, but who he is internally and currently. Absolutely agreeing with her response, Selene suggests that she should at least foward herself to another position in her company before completely stepping down to focus more on a unbalanced relationship. While standing in the window and looking down at the city's population, Ariana states that he's worth it. Attending the local recreational center where Gordon is currently employed, Ayana and Jamia enjoy a day together without using their witch capabilities and magic to solve a difficult problem. Ayana implied to Jamia isn't it considered abundant without letting magic control the very existence of each action that we make. Jamia defensively replies that it's regarded as perforated and makes her unstable without being who she is within. Very fond of her acknowledgement, Ayana states that they shouldn't hide who they are but ask herself what would be the outcome if society doesn't accept them for who they are. As Jamia begins to gather her response, sh admits that everyone wants to be accepted but it's never a catastrophic speculation if someone is considered different such as themselves. No longer feeling that normal is their inferior way to co-exist among humans, Ayana gives Jamia the hint that they can once again apprehend their power to co-exist between others. Sarcastically excited about her re-established choice, Jamia conjures a pulse spell that makes each light in the building exclude from the current form, which leaves Ayana questioning whether she made the right decision due to her cousin's actions. In the dark alleys of Brooklyn, Patience continues to walk home quickly as she feels that she is being followed by typical threats that pose danger to her and many others. Trying to get to the steps of her apartment, she is nearly grabbed by a neighborhood theif until he falls unknowingly, which begins to result in him suffering devious convulsion among his brain as Patience is fully aware of inflicting pain upon him which results in eradicating him quickly. As Patience acknowledges her power, she hears an anonymous applause approaching her which tends to be Lorena. Patience questions who she is and how does she know of her capabilities. Lorena reacts that she is much like her, but implies that she's the first of their kind, powerful, and that she's been searching for a prodigy like Patience and that her deceitful plot will end their pain and their fear once and for all. Patience dignifies her courage to plot against the undead that inhabits the world, which leads to Patience accepting her offer and joining her imminent coven. Sitting on the steps of his residence and thinking about his current composure of not feeding from humans, Eric receives a guest appearance from one of his supernatural sheriffs and closest friends, Terrell. Reacting towards his position, Terrell questions that the cravings still haven't abandoned his system, as Eric replies that not quite and if it has then he wouldn't be an afflicted mode of trying to forget his forgotten life. Laughing at his remarkable but evident response, Terrell states that he knows him better than anyone and that it's not going to take a couple days to wipe away clean from his consciousness. Doubting his urges to fullest extent, Eric implies that it's exactly what he's afraid of which may currently control his every action.

02 Crest Concealed Uprising January 3, 2014

As Central Park is serene under all circumstances, Patience keeps a constant ground and watches as Lorena conjures a location spell to conceive the exact position upon where The Old Ones currently are. The exhaling of many trees and with the winds advancing in a vivacious manner, Lorena abruptly begins to inherit the flashbacks of the recent war and pursues to the modern region of where the indestructible siblings currently lives. Inagurating her eyes back to the surface, Lorena delightfully points herself and Patience in the accurate direction. Embracing Eric with multiples of salutations, Isabella extends in her sexual position and fastly restrains him on the nearby wall that has Eric blusing out of curiousity. Towards the conclusion, Eric commences Isabella on her renovated skills on constituting unconditional love to him. Laughing at his remark, Isabella questions shouldn't he be conducting their refreshments from the storage room equipped with blood bags. As he acknowledges, Eric rapidly finds his way to the storage area but is distracted from sensing human blood 200 meters away from his residence. As he tries to hesitate and not react towards his instincts, Eric's face transform into a paler complexion, while blood rushes to his eyes with small veins protruding around the area. Exerting himself not to give in to his proclivity, his fangs begins to heavily retract themselves and Eric accepts his urgency and facilitates himself outside. Detecting the exact location of the victim, a teenage girl effectively fell off her exterior vehicle and suffers from a contagious wound that exposes heavy amounts of blood. Circulating to her right side, Eric rapidly approaches her and drains her entire vital fluid until she is acclaimed deceased. Fulfilled with his appetite, Eric immediately glimpes directly ahead where he identifies Isabella astrociously astonished by this startling incident. Still appalled by his unexpected presence, Brian tries to be patient and cordial with Dominic and Destiny and explain that it is also quite an astonishing moment for himself as well but comes in peace and applies to be involved in their current lives. Dominic makes aware that they're not into cultivating any packs of some sort or harming another their own if one disagrees with a simple objective. Brian begins to think and questions that he's not quite fond of being around the same environment as vampires, due to them being natural enemies since the origin of it all. Destiny explains that it was an improbable myth that was created so both species can keep their distance from one another and not to co-exist. She also explains that conceiving a child from an ancient vampire has been the supreme wake-up call in her life and that she doesn't regret her recent decisions. Brian begins to comprehend massively of what Dominic and Destiny announced to him and assures that they should take getting to know each other impassively. He also implies that they all should establish a schedule of where to train and prepare for the upcoming full moon, along with his cousin Gordon, which can give them a chance to connect as relatives. Acclaiming their consent to his idea, Dominic and Destiny excel with offering love and respect to Brian. Walking out of his last class along with Matthew and Wesley, Scott begins to examine how he should deal with and overcome the fact that vampires inhabits each society and are do not consist of the related attributes. Matthew explains that only a radical percentile of vampires are able to deviate their emotions, which in most cases, refers to an emotional switch and a vampire can become unpassionate and contain no sort of feeling or gratification towards human life. Scott replies that he could not imagined that being the daily personality of Camille, but Wesley points out in the beginning of The Old Ones origins, she was once classified as a ruthless and unworthy immortal. As time progressed and she became of what life meant in many ways, Camille found the ability to love and provide comfort to those who mean the most within her heart. Intrigued by the upbringing of her current image, Scott implies that he will continue on with their relationship but informs Matthew and Wesley that he wants to know every detail of what she's capable of, so he will never find himself in a indecisive situation that brings out another ego of herself. Viewing the current location of Camille, Matthew replies that he should receive the information he's bargained for which leads to Scott also seeing Camille a few meters away, which leads to Matthew and Wesley quietly leaving, while Scott and Camille continues to glance at one another as they approach their positions. Scott begins to contemplate and explains that he apologizes due to his current behaivor of ignoring her phone calls and handling her secret erroneously. Camille accepts his formal confession and replies that he had the legitimate right to respond in a shocking manner but never guess it would of turn into a calamatic issue between them both. Scott diverts forward to Camille's ear and acknowledges that if she'll give him another chance, he'll won't collapse due to any further notifications that he should come across. Finding his response appealing, Camille embraces Scott with a passionate kiss and the they both become amused of their reconnection. While glorifying their infatuated moment, Camille sorely reacts to a severe burn from her antiquated necklace that leaves an imprinted and burning mark on her skin which symbols the letter "L". As Scott supports of asking what just occurred, Camille glares back at him and retrieves the only known solution of who has currently returned. Occupied with numerous and imperative information that must be attended to, André receives an incoming phone call from Sariah which he couldn't help but answer in a estastic attitude. Asking whether she wanted to deport herself over to his office so they can discuss of round two initiative of their intimate festivity, Sariah laughs and implies to him that when he returns home, he should be expecting what he wished for. Informing her that he's currently all tied up in accounting meetings, Sariah hurries and implies to André that she wants to attend NYU's homecoming and if he could escort her when the following occurs on that specific date. Reluctantly and mentally declining her invitation due to his occupational schedule, André emotionally announces that he accepts her invite and that he will manage to arrive and escort her on time when the homecoming formal begins. Excited with his attendance, Sariah also enlightens André of what occurred of what manifested earlier with Camille reacting to an endeavorous burn on her neck due to the enriched necklace she's always beared. Meditating on why his sister's necklace would ablaze her skin, André suddenly realizes the catastrophic observation that will complicate the world of The Old Ones. Frequently and unexpectedly checking up on Gordon and his occupational duties at the recreational center, Vincent offers to spend time with his son and to replinish his mind off the complicated negativity that lingers within. Gordon makes aware to Vincent that nothing has been aggravating him, just his enormous hours of maintaining a temporary summer job. Vincent replies that it's something he needs to manage his time accurately and something to find useful when he's embedded at home with no plans to reassure. Becoming fond of his indevious remarks, Gordon mentions to acknowledges to ask his father that since he is a hybrid of both dominant species, is it a possibilty that he can imprint on the person he plans to spend his life with. Astonished by his question, Vincent replies that he is indeed accurate on him being able to imprint and discovering the love of his life but needs to keep his mind on school and informs him that women will appear later throughout his everlasting lifetime. Curious but understanding what Vincent is comprehending to him, Gordon implies that there's just an intimate part missing within his life that he wishes to find but apprehends that it will all come in time. In the event of them both conversing while Gordon remains to his duty, Vincent receives a notification call from Camille but as he is apended to acknowledge it, he retrieves a fatal migrane that intact with his skull. Collapsing due to the pain, it was suspected that nothing can harm an Old One. Gordon reacts to his father's breakdown and questions what is miscalculating, Vincent heavily replies that he has no conception. As an individual enters the premesis, Vincent cautiously sees the appearance of Lorena with her confidant Patience beside her. Lorena begins to warn Vincent that the progressed centuries have allowed her to finally reach a solution of ending The Old Ones existence and declares that the time will come soon. As Gordon is not affected by her pain infliction and internally questionin why, he immediately escorts his father out of the area and back to their residence, as Lorena concludes in an expression of tenderness. At the residence, extracting to get dress as they both get prepared for class, Michael and Kate undergo a conversation that questions the upcoming marriage for Vincent and Destiny. Michael repeatedly asks himself why haven't methods become officially establish to announce their vows and constitue their unitement before their excessive family. Kate makes aware that may'be it may be a diligent time for them to generate any plans or perhaps the two are both revising the answer they both admitted to one another. Michael declares to Kate that if when he attempts to make that approach of inquiring her hand in marriage, he would't relinquish his decision or give up by any means necessary. Kate suggest to Michael that he should converse with his brother about the complication that affecting Vincent's decision on presuming with his proposed initiative. He commences to say that he will discuss with him the problems that may be arising within him mentally and that he could avail him in the accurate direction. Still in the same ficinity with each other as they both handle a few errons that need to be attended to, Ariana questions Selene what is her purpose for being in town, which Selene replies that since her vacation hours were just reinstated the week before, she took the initiative to spend time with her maker and fellow companions, which she also complies and is aware that it's been a long time since she's been out of Philadelphia's city limits. Approving of her answer, Ariana concedes that she's been been missed but not her sarcastic personality which comes to the surface once she arrives. Allowing herself to be formely criticized, Selene brings to Ariana's attention that the essential reason she returned was to apprise a catacylsmic feeling she retrieved while departing to New York and that she senses that a future event will affect the entire nation of vampires among the world. Ariana tries to interpret what may be tantalizing Selene, but she is signaled that it's complies to a disturbing result that Selene didn't feel comfortable describing it it, however only when the time ignites. Ariana mentally revives Selene from her vision of tribulation and prefers that they should insist purchasing feminine necessities to get their minds off comodities that soon will disturb their world. Sensing a necromantic threat upon their local area, Ayana and Jamia insist on trying to detect the disturbance they feel within their capacities, which they begin to conjure a clairvoyant spell. Seeing the events that recently took place at the local recreational center, Ayana disturbily views the pain that is caused towards Vincent as she also sees Gordon comforting him in return. Trying to locate the source of the infliction caused upon an Old One, Jamia inexorably identifies the powerful witch that is causing the distress and affliction along with another anonymous witch that is accompaning her. Loosing the images and evidence that explains the astrocious feeling they both inherited, Ayana implies to Jamia that they must obtain the unknown information that is needed to support their allies. Jamia also replies that she demands to direct themselves to their ancient companions in order to perceive the meaning and instruction of what's going to occur sooner than they all envision Ayana tries to conjure an exposing spell to detect the current location of the unknown witch but her powers are somehow blocked to access her consciousness, due to the witch's advanced abilities. Jamia informs Ayana that only an authoritative and inferior witch can have the power to block others from accessing her location or plans. Ayana and Jamia glare at one another and learn that they are dealing with an individual that is far superior and immune to their power, even towards the undead. Keeping Eric stabled under all circumstances, Isabella reacts enraged about how he committed slaughtering an innocent being due to his inclination of living off of human blood for periods of time. Eric replies to Isabella that due to whom he was during the times before the creation of all vampires began, he begins to proclaim to Isabella about his past that embodied many years of annihilating any living being that he would come into contact with. He also states that he was consider the most hated and feared of The Old Ones, which was based on his behaivor towards humans and how they were only placed in numerous environments to be devoured by the inferior and the immortals. Eric also mentions to Isabella that he would sometimes suffer blackouts due to how much blood he consumed in one night, which he admits that he would massacre over five hundred individuals a night, which is how he began to take a step back of murdering the innocent and formed himself into the Eric that Isabella is aware of. Isabella replies that she can't possibly imagined the cravings that lingers within him to keep his composure balanced in the vicinities of mortals. Surprisingly, a familiar face approaches the entrance door of Eric's bedroom. Kristina unexpectedly states that she can familiarize herself with the alter ego of her former love. Astounded by her arrival, Eric effectively breaks from his temporarily imprisonment and rapidy overpowers Kristina position and surpresses her to the wall and demands her to explain her reason for arriving. With Isabella glaring at the current altercation of the two, Kristina informs Eric that they have a calamatic problem. During the ending credits, Lorena and Patience are shown in entering a movement studio where they come across a particular and special individual known as Zyra. Lorena peacefully states that they have a proposition for her if she's willing to receive.

03 Crest Insignificant Beliefs January 10, 2014

As Lorena and Patience remain at the recital studio, Lorena begins to explain to Zyra that she's aware of what she is and what she's capable of. Leaving Zyra astounded of her discovery, Lorena informs her that she has a chance to be apart of a new order that consists of a powerful witch like herself along with a counterpart that despises the prescense of all vampires, which is Patience. Approaching her soundlessly, Lorena also implies to Zyra that she can't take her place beside the most inferious witch of all time and claim the initiative to take action. Zyra replies what will she get out of the compromise in return, which leaves Lorena ultimately blushing due to her repsonse. Lorena replies that she receives the oppurtunity to annihilate the fear within her from the rest of her remaining years and gain insignificant power that will advance her abilities in her magic and will allow her to outstand any undead immortal that approaches her with harm. Zyra begins to estimate her decision before initiating in a thinking process and acknowledges to Lorena's proposal that she accepts and wants in. Addressing Isabella away for a private matter and still restraining Kristina against the impacted barrier, Eric continues to questions her intimidating arrival, which Kristina brutally informs him that Lorena has arisen from exhilment and has recoiled to complete what she's started by obliberating the entire existence of vampires and werewolves. As Eric begins to glare at her with curiousity, he implies that Kristina is misleading by the words of what she has previously stated. Prefering that she was with laughter, Kristina explains to Eric that since he's been on his uncontrollable blood lust conquest, Lorena has been catastrophically demostrating her unravaling power that she currently obtains, which also leads Kristina informing Eric that she shortly gave Vincent a presciption of her mystical antidote. Questioning what happend to Vincent, Eric unanticipatedly hears his brothers voice along with Gordon entering the residene, which Kristina liberates herself from Eric's control and departs rapidly. Quickly arriving to his aid, Eric inquires Vincent on what occured at he recreational center a few hours ago. As Vincent is temporarily unable to speak due to is intriguing recovery, Gordon informs his uncle that his father began to collapse with a ravaging migrane that leads to an unexpected and mysterious guest arriving and approaching the position of Vincent and commencing to him that war against the coven will soon occur and that death will be among the past. As the words revives from his memory, Eric acknowledges who the woman was and no longer doubts the return of their tormenting and superious enemy. Healing from his internal brain vessels, Vincent recovers and makes clear to his brother Eric that he doesn't know how it's relevant and implies that the conclusion of they're loved ones and including themselves may be awaiting, which Eric replies that he's fully aware. Pursuing to complete a task for Eric, Isabella reaches the Bennett residence, which Ayana and Jamia feels the arrival of their companion. Ayana opens the entrance and invites Isabellla in to apprehend the news that she has came to declare to both witches. Isabella informs Ayana that Lorena has returned to seek out vengeance against all immortals of the moon. With no intention of recognizing her name, Jamia becomes quickly familiar with the ancient appellation. Unaware that she knew of her former existence, Jamia explains to Isabella and Ayana that Lorena is the first witch in history that has ever mastered each element of witchcraft and the first to conjure a spell to become completely immortal without a consequence. Implying to Isabella that this war may be out of their hands due to them accepting a conflict against the first and sovereign witch of all time. Ayana replies to Jamia that even if they consisted of the advice from their ancestors, they cannot defeat Lorena. Isabella begins to react in a confused state of mind and informs them that their must be a loop-hole to her immortality. Ayana begins to commemorate that her grandmother once stated to her that their is always an explanation to balance the forces of nature which has to be discovered within' the heart. Jamia implies to Isabella that their might not be a procedure to end Lorena's immortality, but their is a solution to annihilate her completely, which Jamia states that it will take time to decypher within their grimoires. As she departs from the tireless day with Ariana, Selene wonders why she hasn't received no revisements from her maker, which leads to Selene abruptley feeling the pain that has been transfigured onto Vincent for an unapparent reason. She rapidly vacates their current location to return to The Old Ones residence. Not acquainted of why she departed at that specific moment, Ariana takes the initiative of visiting Dominic and knowing he's been struggling with an unknown occurence along with Destiny. As Ariana and Dominic begin to converse about what has been going on within his family for the last couple of days, Dominic informs Ariana about how he and his sister discovered that his family lineage has blessed them with an estranged sibling whom claims to be the cousins of himself and Destiny. Astounded at how it has come to be, Ariana questions whether he could be trusted, which Dominic replies that time will tell but so far he hasn't posed any threats towards them both, he implies to Ariana that he just has disagreements about socializing with vampires. Ariana replies that it's nature that a different species of some sort is considered natural enemies with the other, which is what the genesis of supernaturals created. Dominic informs Ariana that to get him familiar with friends, he's going to introduce to each of their companions when the time is right. Hoping that it all goes well, Ariana lays on the chest of Dominic and implies to him that it doesn't matter how many devastating incidents they come acorss, they'll always manage to prevail. With Camille questioning the scrarred mark she just received from her necklace, Scott trys to comfort her but is informed by Ariana that he has to understand in order to be in a relationship with her, there are going to be difficult problems that arise and sometimes it may have a catastrophic affect on their lives. Not caring about the destructive events that may lie ahead in order to be with Camille, Scott states that every aspect that takes place currently or in the future is worth going through because he proclaims that Camille is worth having in his life. Scott implies that he doesn't want no situations to come between their relationship, which leaves Camille in asurprising expression, which she didn't expect from Scott. Embracing him with a comforting kiss, Camille states that if something ever happened to him, she wouldn't be able to forgive herself. Leaving Scott thinking, she announces to Scott that if he really loved her, he wouldn't get involved in her situations, which leads to her asking Scott to promise. Accepting that he wouldn't, Scott proclaims just to be apart of her life and not to get involved in dangerous circumstances. Informing him that she has to retreat to her residence, Camille caresses Scott and departs from his location. Driving home from their midterm exams and being informed of Lorena's threatning advice, Michael advises Kate not to necessitate herself with what The Old Ones are getting themselves into. He also informs her that Lorena is planning to exterminate the entire species of both vampires and werewolves and that she can be defeated easily by Lorena and her accomplices. Warning Michael not to under-estimate that training she has received, Kate request that she can help with terminating the upcoming plans that Lorena has in store for Michael and his siblings. Thinking of how it could benefit themselves, Michael informs Kate that Lorena is currently an individual who is incapable of defeating, especially the dominant years she have over Michael and The Old Ones. Kate replies to Michael that it's the reason why she has returned, due to the past innocent humans The Old Ones has slaughtered during the beginning of time itself and now Lorena wants vengeance. Michael agrees to her understanding and informs her that problematic times lie ahead for them and when it arrives, they all must be prepared. Constantly trying to contact André on his cellular phone, Sariah summons him which he instantly senses the calling of Sariah and rapidly appears at her location and examines what the problem may be. Sariah enlightens André of what is currently occuring at the residence and how Lorena had briefly infiltrated the recreational center and initiated harm against Vincent. André states that her process of destroying all supernaturals has already begun and that lives will soon be lost due to destructive events that will soon take place. Sariah also informs André that Eric, Michael, Kate, Gordon are currently in the prescense of aiding Vincent and discussing of what action they will take against defeating Lorena. André announces that it's not considered an easy task but they will take a risk for their loved ones in order to protect them from Lorena's insensual power. Sariah approaches André and implies to him that if his life is to be lost then she insists that they shall die together when the time comes, which André replies with an acceptable gesture. Having lunch at a local diner, Destiny and Brian spends time to discuss how Brian could get to known their companions and not judge their humanity of what they are externally but how their personality defines them internally. Brian reacts confused and states that it's not what they are that affects him but how they survive off slaughtering innocent beings everyday of every hour. Destiny replies that some do not require the blood of live humans but they feed off blood bags to keep them alive and strong. She also explains that it's due to who they will become after a specific vampire has completed their transition. Agreeing with her statement, Brian declares that he intends on meeting the original family of vampires and that he tends to become an ally in their lives. Appreciating his acknowledgement, Destiny receives an unexpected call from her son Gordon, which she discovers that Vincent recently attacked by Lorena. Furious about the incident, Destiny informs her son that she's on her way and insists that Brian comes along, which will give him the oppurtunity to meet his upcoming companions. With the arrival of Michael and Kate at the residence and as Vincent completely heals from his torments, Eric demands a brief meeting to inform each member of his family that they should be aware and keep their ground. Also attending their meeting is Terrell, Becca, and Jaden, whom are the three vampire sheriffs that is responsible for each of their areas of New York. Eric informs them that he should be quickly notified of any incident that occurs in each borough within each day. Understanding and accepting his declaration, the residence begins to oscillate, which the windows continues to disturb themselves. As Eric hears the prescense of Lorena and her three companions whom are Patience and Zyra; Eric loudly announces to take cover, as each window and the entrance door collapses with intriguing turbulences. As Lorena enters the household, she implies The Old Ones to show themselves, which Eric rapidly approaches within distance and informs Lorena that she knows how to make quite an entrance, which Lorena concludes with a intentional grin.

04 Crest As The Pain Surfaces January 17, 2014

With nightfall upon New York City and as a devastating confrontation is about to ignite between The Old Ones and Lorena; Eric and Lorena continue to keep their position. Eric questions Lorena and asks what is the reason why she has returned, which leaves Lorena replying that she believes Eric already knows the answer to that specific question. Eric implies that he's seen that she's casused quite a mess with inflicting pain upon Vincent for no apparent reason. Lorena replies that he has always had it coming due to his sarcastic personality. As Vincent, Michael, Kate, Terrell, Becca, Gordon, and Jaden hold their positions until Eric gives a direct order to initiate, Lorena declares that the war shall begin; which leads to Eric declaring Terrell, Vincent, Becca, Michael, and Jaden to defend themselves as he announces to Kate and Gordon to retreat into hiding until it concludes. As Becca and Terrell tries to attack Patience, she causes pain afflictions on the two, which leaves them in a subsequent state of mind while suffering. Vincent and Michael formed a rapid plot to confuse Zyra, which they both fastly move in different areas around the condominium, which has Zyra easily misunderstood of which to handle. Seeing Michael approach her, she conjures a pain iffliction spell to stop the pace of Michael which doesn't properly work since he is considered an Old One. Unexpectedly approaching her rear view, Vincent propels Zyra and restrains her intensily in the air and threatning to remove her spinal cord if she retalitates. As Jaden views an opening attack on Lorena, he fastly approaches her position, which Eric intentionally orders him not to initiate upon Lorena. With Lorena noticing Jaden's threat, she conjures a necromancing spell against Jaden which she obtains complete control over his mind and Jaden begins to fall upon his knees and implies that she will do as she pleases. Tired of her efficacious intermissions, Eric resists his motives of danger and accelerated towards Lorena fronter position and overpowers her by obstructing her throat tightly, which Lorena places an intense pain infliction upon Eric and Eric implies to her that he's had centuries to become immune to her insignificant inflictions. As Lorena concentrates with enough anger and serenity, while restraining Lorena by her throat, Eric begins to feel the anxiety of her power and he slowly collapses while holding his head and trying to reduce to pain. Lorena confesses to Eric that he's strong but not that strong based on how many exceeding years she has over him and his siblings. While Eric continues to feel that ravaging outcome of Lorena's infliction, Lorena commands Vincent to release Zyra or he'll suffer the same result of her brother, which Vincent gently releases Zyra from his restrainment. Lorena declares to Zyra and Patience that it's time to depart until next time, which Patience replies that she's beginning to enjoy herself while extricating the spell she placed upon Terrell and Becca. Lorena centers in front of Eric, whom he glares at her in return and she states until next time, and the three witches gradually dissipates from the residence. As Eric is released from Lorena infliction, he see's Jaden is still manipulated by the enchantment of Lorena's conjurement. With Terrel, Becca, Vincent, and Michael recovering from the attack, Kate and Gordon returns to the residence as Kate is summoned to return by Michael. As Vincent hints to Eric that trying to help Jaden is not a good idea, Eric slowly declares that Jaden recovers from his mental inprisonment, Jaden ferociously glares at Eric and is threatened by his approach and rapidly grabs a nearby coating wood stand and breks it, which forms a stake. While Eric looking prepared to end his enragement, Jaden fastly approaches Eric and tries to intact him with the wooden stake and Eric quickly appears behind him and incapitates his heart. Falling to his death, Eric implies to Jaden that he apologizes while looking at his recovered family and companions. Arriving at the residence which is nearly destroyed, Isabella views the area and sees that Lorena has delibitated the household and leaves the one of the vampire sheriffs defeated. Approaching Eric and asking him is he considered recovered, Eric replies that he's going to be fine within several minutes, but questions Isabella on what did she discover while with Ayana and Jamia. Isabella states that she learned that they're grimoire's doesn't go back that long in history to explain how to defeat the original witch, but can seek guidance and help from the spiritual world of contacting their grandmothers Lauren and Victoria. Accepting that their trying to unravel Lorena's weaknessses, Eric embraces Isabella with a kiss and informs her that she's done all that she can do for now and that they all must retreat to another location. Believing that something would have happen to Michael as she stayed behind in retreatment, Kate questions Michael decisions on letting her stay behind and not help. Michael implies that if she would of interferred with a two thousand century witch, than her outcome would of been like their deceased companion, Jaden. Not taking his sarcasm well, Kate replies to Michael and states that if they're apart while during confrontations, it will make them both worry about each other's safety and their consciosness will be caused by many interruptions. Thinking of her latest suggestion, Michael regrets that he's making the decision of informing Kate to get involved and do all that she can to benefit Lorena being defeated. Michael lastly implies to Kate that if demands her to retreat from the area, then he wants her to follow his instructions and keep herself and others safe. Kate accepts his compromise and informs him that her training was considered worth the while, which leaves Michael worrying. Upon the arrival of Destiny and Brian, Gordon directs them both to Vincent location, in which they are reunited and Vincent embraces Destiny with an endearing kiss. In the process, Destiny reveals and introduces her cousin Brian to Vincent which Brian begins to hesitate of not accepting Vincent's gracefulness, but remembers what Destiny implied to him and he shakes Vincent hand and accepts what he is no longer a threat, which Vincent is abundant for his honesty. Brian begins to examine on what occured at their residence, which Vincent implies that it is considered a long story but is willing to participate in further action as The Old Ones and their companions plan to end her indestructable reign. Destiny informs Vincent that she didn't think that ancient vampires such as himself and his siblings can be vitiated or temporarily mutilated by any witch or supernatural being. Vincent acknowledges that due to Lorena's intriguing power and her age, she can easily overpower them and is considered a threat to all undead immortals that is inhabitating the world. Glad to see that he has fully ameliorate from the pain infliction, Gordon informs his father that when the time of war approaches itself in the midst of their environment again, he wants to engage against Lorena and her counterparts. Feeling that it's not a good resolution, Vincent intacts with his son and responds to him that he will soon have no choice but defend himself, which leaves Gordon is deep-thought condition. Eric announces to Terrell and Becca to return to their areas and address to vampires that inhibits the area and declare to keep an immenent look-out for Lorena and her coven. Accepting that they will initiate the process, Terrell informs Eric that he should also reconsider finding a replacement sheriff for Jaden, which Becca acknowledges that no one can ever take the responsibility that Jaden formely had. Leading into a major disagreement, Eric ends the argument and demands that he will handle it in time and that they should immediatetly report to their duties. As the sheriffs depart from The Old Ones residence, Kristina unanticipatedly appears in the living room, which Eric feels her presence and clarifies what does she want. Kristina implies that he does need her help after all. Notified that the residence waa just infiltrated by the presence of Lorena, André dismisses himself from his congressional meeting and contacts Sariah to inform her that she should head back to the residence to support the others with aid that is needed. Sariah inquest on why would Lorena be so devoted of implicating all vampires and werewolves and she knows that it wouldn't resolve a dispute that occured over 2,000 years ago during the ancient ages of time. André makes clear to her that Lorena isn't just trying to exterminate the species of all supernaturals, but is endeavoring the hope of only having witches as the prime supernatural beings inhabiting the entire earth. Implying that it isn't going to be a manifesting task, Sariah implies that André and his siblings are the key of desolating the existence of all vampires. Admitting to her analogy, André states that it has been their main goal to prevent since they defeated the threatning approach of Lorena centuries ago. He also directs to Sariah's state of mind that they will need another witch to uncover Lorena's explicit secret of gaining immortality and immense power. In the middle of a general exam, Matthew and Wesley text Camille meaningful information on how trying to defeat Lorena and to initiate her weakness abilities. While with Scott, Camille receives the text and is informed from Matthew and Wesley; that a witch with enough power from numerous and deceased witches can break the encryptment of Lorena's immortality but will die in the process, due to how much of her life force is used while conjuring the spell. Camille replies back that she's not sacrificing both of her closest friends to defeat The Original Witch, and implies that their must be another way. Scott insists upon an idea that can probably help Camille and her siblings in their disastrous matter. Listening to his proposal, Scott enlightens Camille that while he read many chapters based on the supernatural environment, he states that each supernatural entity or being is consisted with a weakness to be obliberated but there's a loop-hole in order to achieve that initiative of ending the life any supernatural. Understanding his method of instruction, Camille reacts of stating to Scott that he may have discovered a contrivance of detecting an instability theory of defeating Lorena once and for all which she keeps in mind, as they head home from the university's campus. Returning from the scheduled session that they had on central ave, Ayana and Jamia begin to discuss the importance of summoning their ancestor to find a way to annihilate Lorena which wouldn't be an easy duty to fulfill. Ayana mentions to Jamia that all she needs is a maximum of time within the spirit world to interact with her ancestors and to retrieve the answer she's searching for. Believing that while she's within the realm, Jamia will concentrate on conjuring an extensive limit upon her time to gain the answer she needs. Announcing from the forward location that she knew that she soon would encounter another lineage set of powerful witches, Lorena unexpectedly arrives along with her coven and acknowledges both Ayana and Jamia for fulfilling implementing their purpose of retrieving their ancestor's capacity of power. Declaring Lorena's purpose of what she wants from them, Ayana informs The Original Witch that whatever she planning, it's would not be succeeded. Lorena grins with endowment and offers Ayana and Jamia a rising position within her coven as she implies that she needs more powerful witches to help regain their authority among the supernatural world. Mentally denying her offer, Jamia states to Lorena that she would rather meet her death than to become apart of coven that only wants power for themselves. Astonished by her response, Patience and Zyra makes aware to Jamia that witches were formed to possess the entities of power. Ayana becomes aware of their true meaning to be considered what they are and she states that the reason to possess certain abilities is to assure nature stands for equal balance upon supernatural power. Loving how she knows her ancient history of the first law created among witchcraft, Lorena concludes her univited presence of accepting the decline from Ayana and Jamia and insists that they both will perish along with their undead companions. As Ayana and Jamia stand their ground patiently; Lorena and her coven dissipates within minutes. Ayana and Jamia are left with undecided thoughts of whom to trust in their environment. Decided to remain in her office to discuss how important Dominic means to her as well as her siblings; Ariana informs Dominic that she loves him extensively but considers her family as her first priority to protect under any circumstance. Not trying to have Ariana choose of whom she should love to the fullest, Dominic recommends that she put her family before others and especially before himself. He also unveils that he would initiate the same when the time comes when Lorena tries to abolish the existence of each vampire and werewolf. Proclaiming that she wouldn't let no harm come to him, Ariana declares that she is currently in love with Dominic and that nothing will prevent their infatuation between each other. Informing her not to establish promises she cannot preserve, Dominic entitles that all he asks of her is to be there when their time is upon the hour and to committ to living up to her actions rather than words. Accepting that she'll take him up on that offer, Ariana embraces Dominic with an heartfelt affection that he endeavored while they remained comforting each other. Still awaiting the reason why Kristina is continuosuly appearing in their household, Isabella informs Eric that she's heading to bed before she has an epiphany and performs a staking asset through her heart, which Kristina remorsefully accepts as a compliment. Eric replies to Isabella that she shouldn't be threatened by her arrival, he implies that he'll find out what information she possesses and she'll depart with no further appearances. Embracing him a kiss, Isabella implies that she loves him, while Eric replies that he loves her more. With the departure of Isabella, Kristina rapidy approaches Eric and begins initiating him with an emotional kiss which Eric deny's and forcefully impacts her towards the nearby chair and demands for her to explain why she's here. Kristina informs Eric that she'll tell him everything as it contains brief information on how to defeat The Original Witch herself and whom can retain them the answers Eric seeks. Eric questions what did she have in mind, which Kristina implies that they both should depart to Virginia to visit an old friend and obtain the answer they need. Not accepting her temporary getaway, Eric makes clear that he's no longer going anywhere with Kristina. Left with the only proposition to declare, Kristina makes clear that without obtaining the information, he will be signing the death certificate of Isabella and all of his closest companions and that he can consume all the human blood he wants while traveling without her spreading the word back to his current mistres of his diet being frequently post-poned. Thinking of her resolution, Eric agrees with her purpose and replies that he'll leave with her to seek the answers from his former companion, Grant. Leaving Kristina blushing with no curiousity, Eric fastly makes his way to his bedroom and as Isabella sleeps peacefully, Eric embraces her with a passionate kiss and secretly informs her that he loves her and he'll return soon. Making his way towards the vehicle, Eric enters and implies that she can proceed upon their destination, which Kristina grins and departs from the residence.

05 Crest Secrets Among Each Other January 24, 2014

As the dawn rises and along the horizon and refrained at a nearby inventory, Eric abruptly feeds and drains the blood of an innocent cashier, as Kristina waits in the vehicle until he concludes. Loving how his indistinct charisma takes over his humanity and feelings for humans, Kristina entwines Eric as he re-enters the vehicle and begins to question him based on his addiction of consuming so much blood and not being able to terminate his blood-lust. Eric simply replies that he and Isabella have a informal disagreement on how he should behave and restrain himself when interacting around the environment of humans and what they all contain within themselves. Kristina begins to linger over to his position while Eric is constraining the vehicle on the road, in which she begins to passionately carress him and states that it's considered her lost if she doesn't recommend the Eric she has in fron of her. Eric implies that she's accurate on that account and the two begin to kiss for specific minutes, until Eric intensily shoves Kristina back into her seating area. She declares what was the cause of his diminishing reaction, which Eric states that he just was temporarily caught in the moment but informs her that she just doesn't appeal him no longer, which leaves Kristina with an abberant expression. Tired of playing into her debilitated schemes, Eric requisitions Kristina to tell him why do she think Grant will know how to defeat Lorena, whom doesn't necessarily compare to The Original Witch's rank. Kristina implies that once she informs him of what she perceives, there's no turning back, in which Eric makes clear that he's not turning back to be uninvolved of what's going on. Accepting his acknowledgement, Kristina enlightens Eric that over the past centuries, Grant has collected numerous of deceased witches grimoire's in order to collect data of how much the supernaturals know in order to keep nature in balance. Not noticing the astonishing information that was recorded in one specific witch's grimoire, Grant discovered the explanation of suppressing the original witch herself, which will aquire everlasting balance among the supernatural environment. Wondering why she isn't giving further information on how to annihilate Lorena, Eric replies is that all her knowledge consist of, which Kristina implies to Eric that only Grant knows the remaining answer, which is why their heading to his current location. As Eric replinishes his response, Kristina suggests that they entertain themselves upon their arrival, however Eric proposes that remains seated with no conversing between them as they continue along the highway. Awakening from the renderous night that occured between Lorena and The Old Ones, Isabella subsequentley discovers that Eric hasn't slept in the bed alongside with her and that she is curious upon where he currently might be. Fastly arriving downstairs to retrieve a blood bag, Isabella see's Gordon and implies to him that shouldn't he currently be in school. Gordon blushes and responds to his beloved aunt that it's the summer and school is closed until fall, which Isabella replies that she was aware of the late sarcasm and questions Gordon where Eric might be. Having no knowledge of his current location, Gordon recommends that Isabella should begin to contact his whereabouts since her departed with his former lover Kristina last night. Confounded by his reprising act to re-connect himself to Kristina once again, Isabella unintentionally breaks the glass chalice she held while trying to consume blood. Believing she could get futher information on his whereabouts, Isabella contacts Eric to converse with him upon his association with Kristina. As his phone is claimed, Eric informs Isabella that she knows she worried and that he is just with Kristina to find answers upon defeating Lorena, which he implies to her that Kristina bears the knowledge and location of how to obtain it. Only recommending him that he be careful while with her, Isabella implies to him that she'll keep an imminent observation while he is away, which Eric truly appreciates. With Sariah to acquire her homecoming dress but still has his mind on the previous night, André worries about the safety of Sariah which he suggests that they should abrogate of attending NYU's homecoming and to remain intact with their surroundings. Implying that Lorena will not interfere with their night of monumental festivities, Sariah installs herself upon André's lap and asks him that if something happened to her that was catastrophic, what will he do to avenge her. Curious of why she interrogated him with such a question, André replies that he will slaughter each companion of Lorena before executing the original witch herself. Having faith that he would reply such a statement, Sariah informs him that if something to occur at the homecoming, then so be it and they'll proceed with any altercation that presents itself, but recommends to him that homecoming is their night to distance themselves from the corporate world and to enjoy their endeavorous night together. Mentally frantic about her safety but wants her to be intoxicated, André regretfully obtains her proposal and gives her his word upon recognition. Searching through the attic to come across her old television set and aware of the full moon that arises upon New York City tomorrow, Destiny begins to estimate that so much has occured during the past weeks, that her and Vincent had dismissed the thought of them both getting married. Being called down to discuss in a brief consultation, Vincent makes clear that he has something to consider with Destiny, while having to deal with the innocuous return of Lorena. Walking downstairs to the living room and contemplating on what he has on his mind, Vincent mentions to Destiny that he know he proposed to her and initiated in giving her the engagement ring, but hasn't decided upon the exact date to have the ceremony. Destiny implies to Vincent that she is clear in conscious that numeorus of circumstances have been occuring within unexpected moments and it's impossible to defend themselves, their companions, their family and to be thinking about a marriage ceremony. As he implies that she's not threatened by the phenemonal events, Vincent commends that they initiate their ceremony when the dusk clears and peace is among their society. Approaching him with desirous comfort, Destiny embraces Vincent with a stimulating kiss and implies to him that as long as she bares the ring that Vincent entrusted her with, in mind, she will always be considered his wife due to how much she's in love with him. Fond of her response, Vincent is fascinated with her resolution. In Area 3 (which is the perimeter governed by Becca) Michael and Kate forbids of returning to school at the moment to focus on a procedure to keep the remaining vampires within each area subjective and stable upon the restoration of Lorena and her accomplices to aid her. With the sustenance of Michael and Kate to enlighten locals not to distress about their current mythical cataclysm, Terrell and Becca questions each other on how they will come to the aid of their administration (The Old Ones) and withstand their territory which will not be an accessible duty. Terrell implies to Becca that when the time arrives, they will have no choice but to defend the area in which their ancient companions reside because Lorena cannot accomplish what she is prescribed to do because in order to bring harm upon all supernatural beings within each area, she will have to obliberate The Old Ones. Having clear understanding of what he's mentioning, Becca replies that Lorena can't end their complete existence without annihilating the original family. Confounded at the fact that their just now enumerate their history, Michael informs them both that Lorena isn't going to get near the incoming supernatural barriers, due to what would ignite a global desolation, which Michael and his siblings will not let occur. Kate examines on what may be a terrible predicament that could make humans aware of their existence, including witches along with the children of the night. Not thinking of the possibility of that occuring, Michael implies to Kate, Terrell and Becca that as long as they committ to keeping their existence classified and their commonality safe under all circumstances, it shouldn't consort to a problem that will invalidate mortal and immortal lives. Demostrating the enlarged neighborhood and the society of New York to Brian, Dominic informs him that permanently residing within the city isn't considered such a precautionary conception unless he distributes more from the community. Brian implies to Dominic that he is astounded how the inhabitants of the city isn't aware of supernatural's existence and that the former town he originated from had complete knowledge of vampires and werewolves. Dominic questions Brian on how did he learn to cope within a society that has been informed of their secret, which Brian replies that knowing he would have to stay secure at all given times during the day and keeping his composure during disruptive situations, he would travel numerous of miles from his town every night that the full moon appeared to shift and find a non-populated area, due to him not wanting to harm anyone. Dominic replied that it certainly gave him a terrific explanation of why he is defensive around the species of vampires, which Dominic considers a defense mechanism. Brian implies to know Dominic's point of view to have companions that are from a lineage of undead individuals, which Dominic replies that in the beginning of his lycanthrope life, he never considered conversing with The Old Ones until he fell in love with a specific immortal known as Ariana and that she showed him a different context of life and to accept humanity as it is. Wondering if he would ever find love that will accept him for his imperfections, Brian takes to heart the theory that Dominic shared with him and commemorates him as a loyal and respectful cousin, which Brian truly appreciates as they continue to walk throughout the vicinity of Queens. Attending a local exhibition that will fundraise for the upcoming homecoming; Selene and Ariana discuss future collateral to procure under if any cautionary situation arises while the homecoming is in prorgress. Implying that she's worried to much and that by tomorrow, Eric will obtain the solution of vanquish the perseverance of Lorena forever, Ariana informs Selene that she should be aware of her maker getting impelled by the most hated and feared witch in the world an d that she should of presented herself when he needed her the most. Selene replies that she arrived at the residence once the dispute was in conclusion, which Ariana commends that it was after the fact of Vincent's intervention. Selene replies that she apologizes of her ways over the last couple of days and admits that she's been intimidated that she will be nuetralized if she stands in the broaden path of Lorena and companions. Acknowledging of her being completely alarmed, Ariana implies to Selene that it's normal to be frightened by most beings we come across but ratifies to her that when it comes down to the ones you love and will give your life for, the moments that hold treacherous results will give her more strength and courage to defend what shem stands for as a vampire. Never thinking of eradication in that form, Selene apprehends Ariana's advice and takes the initiative of replying that she will no longer fear death from the hands of another supernatural, but would rather fear unexplained accomplishments that is failed while acquiring the true death. Upholding her word that she believe will not become a regret, Ariana comforts Selene and pleasingly informs her that they should probably continue with their duties as Selene rejoices. Arriving in Eastern Europe which used to be known as The Old World, Lorena brings along Zyra and Patience to an abandoned and relinquishing cementary that consisted of only one specific grave site that enlisted nor name, nor reference, nor birth or death date. Zyra questions the reason why they have come across this distinctive burial ground, which Lorena implies to her that here lies a peculiar individual that means a great accord to the original vampire family (The Old Ones) and that she will awakened her, which may be their weakness to surrender upon initiative. Patience replies that why would she adorn herself with someone that poses as a threat to The Old Ones, when she is known as the legitimate adversary towards Eric and his siblings. As Lorena declines the incorrect purposes of Zyra and Patience, Lorena informs them that this particular being is not considered a threat, but as leverage to have an advantage when The Old Ones have discovered her concealed secret. As Lorena begins to conjure the seance, indefinite winds begins to rupture which brings along threatening clouds that consists of thunder and multiple strikes of lightning. Recapitulate the spell that beings to retract a circular flame around the burial site and begins to create a constant purge within the ground. As the tombstone collapses with eccentric force and as Zyra and Patience witness this inevitable moment with curiosity; unexpectedly, a hand uncovers from the depths of the burial ground which Lorena is left with complete provocation and acknowledges that her intense and illuminating seance was applied under all circumstances. In the archives section of the campus library; Camille, Scott, Matthew and Wesley attempt to work on their geology group exertion but is distracted at the fact of trying to distinguish what Lorena is after and what can be proposed to her in order to re-calculate her state of mind of eradicating all vampires, which Camille implies to them all that eversince her and her siblings interacted with the first introduction of Lorena, they're have always been ignitions of war that have began due to her animosity between our species and how it could affect her in every aspect. Scott questions how can the species of vampires affect Lorena's current position of where she initially stands between the supernatual world, which Matthew replies that due to the knowledge he obtained while comprehending what the previous dissertation consisted of, he learned that most superior witches can't obtain inferior capacity if there is an equal of power that coincides to her among nature within. Trying to understand what he meant, Wesley exemplifies that Lorena cannot become predominant over all supernaturals until the beings that correlates with her physical attributes are exterminated, which Camille agress with his unknowing statement. Concluding that she knows that Eric will find the solution, Camille grievously informs them that dark times lie ahead for them all, including the inhabitants of the entire city which will be worth defending once Lorena has commenced her war upon The Old Ones. Implying to her that the result is undertermined, Scott embraces Camille with comfort and states to her that all they have to accredit within their hearts is faith. Remaining at their residence, Ayana and Jamia formulate their energy together to initiate and conjure an aggrandize seance to channel the knowledge of their deceased ancestors, including their grandmothers. As they inevitably dim the remaining candles that are lit beyond their positions, Ayana begins to interlude within the spell and with constant repetition, Jamia is fluently and mentally deported into the spirit realm where deceased witches are inhabitated. Exclaiming her ancestors to contribute the unknown information that is needed to end the wrath of Lorena and while Ayana is trying to preserve the amplified connection, Jamia is sorely exerted with the wisdom and capabilities of finding out who obtains the knowledge needed to stop Lorena whenever she acclaims her appearance. Departing out within the spirit realm and physically enervated due to how much power they applied, Ayana concluded with the seance and Jamia brings forth information that describes what can give their companions the instruction to eradicate Lorena's existence. As Ayana questions Jamia who and what may attain the hidden knowledge they seek, Jamia implies that currently Eric should be expecting the specific answer they are inquiring as he will acknowledge what has to transpire to end Lorena once and for all. In the act of arriving in the town of Chance Harbor, Washington; Eric and Kristina proceeds to the location where Kristina's companion Grant resides. Eric abruptly informs Kristina that he will slaughter the both of them if they try any insignificant plots that they have in mind, which Kristina replies that she rather lose her life to Lorena herself than to be eradicated by the man she currently loves, leaving Eric speechless beyond measure. As Eric and Kristina enter the local and public atheneum, Kristina begins to summon Grant which he unexpectedly appears behind the two and announces to Kristina that he knew she would arrive soon, especially after the astonishing return of the original witch herself. Kristina acknowledges his concern and embraces him with a longtime caressness. Glaring at Eric intentionally, Kristina introduces Grant to Eric, which Grant begins to have knowledge of who Eric is and states how he is an Old One that hails from the original vampire family and mentions his background as well, which Grant only reveals the dark past. Eric implies that he's an exclusive immortal with common capabilities but should carefully observe himself before his life is immediately attain. Stating that he poses no threat to Eric, Grant informs both Kristina and Eric that they have arrived to see if his atheneum contains an ancient grimoire that holds the key of defeating Lorena, notifying him of his accurate assumption, Kristina questions if the rumors are true and is their a specific grimoire that contains a spell to defeat Lorena. Grant replies that's it's indeed accurate but it is not considered a spell. Eric implies to Grant that how is it that he has obtained numerous of grimoire's over the years, which Eric is concerned deeply about. Grant informs Eric that he would detect several of them during the years as previous witches passed away and acknowledges that it's not considered stealing if that's why he questioned his motives, which Eric denies. Retrieving the grimoire from the restricted archives, Grant locates the exact page that contains and describes how to triumph over Lorena. Pinpointing the page and containing a spell, Grant reads a missing diary page from the witch's grimoire whom was named Vivian (the biological niece of Lorena), which Eric disregards having knowledge of her while Kristina is appalled. Grant informs them both that before she died, she mentioned that the only way to abolish her aunt (due to Lorena's destructive plot) is to commence in a seance and to personally summon her (Vivian) to obtain the specific details upon her aunt's annihilation. Astounded by the information that was deciphered by Grant, Eric implies that in order to conceive the intoxicating details of ending Lorena's existence is to retrieve the answer itself from her niece Vivian. Determining that it would be impossible for them commence in a seance, Kristina assumes that the grimoire failed to mention how to summon the spirit of Vivian. Eric informs Kristina that it's not formidable if he has two counterparts who are established as witches and who can initiate a seance to enter the spirit realm to converse with Vivian. Grant advises Eric that he should immediately begin on his informal task due to the insteady pace Lorena is configuring at and states to Kristina that it was graceful to be reunited with her during many centuries, which Kristina embraces him with kiss and informs him that she appreciates his intiguing assistance. Departing from the atheneum, Kristina questions Eric on how could he be so sure that Ayana or Jamia can detect Vivian within the spirit realm, which Eric replies that it's their only chance and if it results in a failure, then it will be the conclusion of them all.

06 Crest The Homecoming January 31, 2014

As the young resurrected woman is reviving under casual circumstances and assigning Patience to detect any local vampires in the nearby area, Lorena announces to Zyra that the woman is named Trinity, who apparently is the original mother of The Old Ones, which Zyra is completely confounded. As Zyra questions how is it possible that she was human that conceived the first generation of vampires, Lorena informs her that centuries ago, a spell that she conjured to place upon Trinity for misunderstood technicalities went erratic and the result was impregnating Trinity, which she happened to give birth to six supernatural infants and it became the origin of the vampire species. Awakened and in a impaired condition, Trinity questions Lorena on what has occured and where she currently is, however Lorena responds that she's been deceased for nearly three thousand years and that she has resurrected her to unite Trinity with her sustainable children, leaving Trinity in a estatic but complicated state of mind. Lorena implies that as she sends her on the detailed itenerary, she wants Trinity to deliver a specified message to her sons and daughters and that it will soon occur for them all, including Trinity. Returning from her designated assignment, Patience arrives with an unknown vampire while under her necromanced spell and implies to Lorena that she's completed what she's demanded. Appreciating Patience for her accomplishment, Lorena informs Trinity that she wants her to be accepted within her unintriguing family and declares to her that in order to be obtained, she must formulate her into an immortal. Inquiring Lorena about what she plans to do with her, Lorena secretly request the unknown vampire of a committed duty, which he rapidy approaches Trinity, restains her and retracts his fangs into her cervix, which Trinity begins to sorely and painfully transition. Concluding in his pursuit, Lorena causes a pain infliction upon the unknown immortal, which he quickly obliberates due to the discomfort, leaving Lorena eccentric while Trinity completes her tranfiguration into a vampire. Arriving at the residence of The Old Ones, Kristina implies to Eric that based off the information they received from Vivian's grimoire, how is Ayana and Jamia capable of extracting the information to annihilate Lorena. Eric informs her that Ayana and Jamia are the only ones who can insinuate into the spirit realm to communicate with Vivian and retract the disclosure that is needed to obliberate Lorena. Hoping that his suggestion is accurate, Kristina informs Eric that many unexperienced witches have relinquished due to extensive power that is derived from them while in the spirit realm too long and that it could jeopardize his plan of eradicating Lorena perpetually. Eric replies that with the two of them adjusted, their power are increased by their unconditional dedication to what they are striving for, which is to keep nature in balance. Accepting his composed commendation, Kristina implies that he should resume home to embrace his current love and will continue to update him based on Lorena's inquiries, which Eric obliges her for elusive guidance. Kristina departs with an common expression that leads to her exuviating a tear. Ambulating into the condominium, Eric is rapidy restrained on the barrier by Isabella who informs him that she has missed him, due to his unexplained abandonment, which Eric implies to her that while away, he discovered the answer to invalidate Lorena once and for all, which he further explains that only Ayana and Jamia can complete the profundicated secret. Isabella emphasizes to Eric that Camille has declared that she doesn't want Ayana or Jamia interferring with this substantial matter due to their safety, which leads to Eric aggresively apprising that it's their only solution to end the reign of the original witch and to bring peace among their supernatural society. As Isabella questions Eric's enraged disposition, Eric explains to Isabella that while he was away, he attained the life of another innocent being and how after he concluded, he perceived no emotion or regret of fulfilling his purpose. Isabella implicates and questions why he committed such an act, Eric implies that he continues to crave for the blood of conscious and mortal individuals which gives him the satisfaction and can give him the vitality of becoming immune to Lorena's effectiveness abilities which is what Eric proclaims that he requires. Accepting the fact that his reason for comitting such detriment is to protect his family and companions, Isabella states that his uncontrollable thirst should be temporary and that once their dilemma is resolved, he should exert on his irrepressible behaivor, which Eric consents to. As the two prepare for the homecoming, Eric comforts Isabella and announces to her that despite his current character of humility, it will not change their intimate and passionate liveliness that they share together, which Isabella comforts Eric with a kiss and the two depart to the homecoming. Notified by Isabella on what their assigned task is, Ayana informs Jamia that they must contract in a seance to detect a deceased witch whom is positioned within the spirit realm. Jamia fears that with Ayana ascending into a the realm of souls and as she try to extend time, the enegy bounded from the spirit realm will begin to contract her energy which will make her weak under all circumstances, which Ayana replies that they're time is nothing but limited. As Ayana and Jamia begin to equate their efficiency and conjure the appropriate interval, Ayana is converted within the realm is begins to summon the arrival of Vivian, which she unexpectedly appears and declares to Ayana on why she has attained and what's her desired purpose. Ayana apprises Vivian about how Lorena has reverted into their system of things is desired to obliberate the existence of all vampires and werewolves. Vivian is disturbed based on the knowledge that she is obtaining and insists that Ayana has come to retrieve the answer she seeks to defeat her aunt. As Jamia is sorely being exerted from her energy due to Ayana's time period within the realm; Ayana acclaims and accepts the fact that she is their to abolish Lorena, Ayana implies to Vivian that she can't succeed on her productive task unless she is administered the justification, which Vivian implies that in order to obtain nuetral balance upon nature and the populations that is recognized, an unsubsidized species of both original divisions must act upon Lorena's exertion, which Vivian declares that only a hybrid can defeat Lorena, due to them being unstable theats towards nature which makes them automatically immune to Lorena's effectiveness. Advising Ayana that it's time for her to depart into her dominion, Vivian also apprises the fact that she it's monumental to witness another witch trying to endeavor the task the was once her own but considered a failure. Acknowledging Vivian for her help, Ayana is commenced from the spirit realm as she comes to Jamia's aid who is recovering from the energy exerted from her. Jamia questions Ayana whether she retrieved the elucidation of ending the reign of Lorena, which Ayana informs Jamia that only André and Gordon can defeat Lorena, due to them both being unclassified threats (hybrids) towards the balance of nature. Astounded at the given information, Jamia informs Ayana that they must attend homecoming to administer the information to Eric so he'll be aware of what must occur and how their dilemma can be resolved. With the full moon marking it's appearance over the skyline tonight; Dominic, Brian, and Destiny generate plans to alternate in different routes rather than comlying with instinct and plans to shift with one another. Dominic informs Destiny and Brian that while they are transfigured into their wolf form, they still won't acquire the mental ability of controlling their proclivity when they come into contact with a human, which they will have no option but to take the initiative of violating their prey towards death. Brian informed him that over the years since he's triggered the lineage curse, it was considered difficult for him in the beginning but learn not engage in a threatning encounter with a mortal being, due to him ingesting wolfsbane before he shifted during his thrid full moon. Questioning his motives and inquiring that wolfsbane is known to distort their abilites, Destiny implies to Brian that it could make them severely weak which can cause their death within minutes. As he distressingly commemorates what his comrade Marcus informed him a year ago, Dominic implies to Destiny that Brian is accurate in his regard, which he stated that if they consume wolfsbane during their beginning stages of shifting, it will enable their senses towards recovery, not to feed among others. Acknowledging his statement, Brian informs Dominic that he's absolutely accurate on his behalf and implies to Destiny that with the distraction of wolfsbane being digested into their system, consuming anything else will be the last portion on their consciousness. Destiny accepts his injunction and informs them both that they should begin training throughout the different routes. In the auditorioum of New York University, Selene supports Ariana in the homecoming decoration committee which is hours around the corner. Forming as an unexpected question, Ariana begins to examine why Selene has never been engaged in intimate relationships during her immortal years. Selene responds that it has never been an option to consider, due to the fact that she prefers to fall in love with mortal beings but implies that it's a not worth watching your mate relinquish from the world while she continues to remain upon the earth for eternity. Disagreeing with her way of thinking, Ariana implies to Selene that it has always been her choice to transfigure the one she always loved into a vampire, which Selene respects her incentive but informs her that once a human is transitioned into an immortal, most of the newborns she's encountered over the years have eradicated their emotional switch and they no longer feel pain, regret, or have their humanity within them. Not able to respond based on her allegation, Ariana declares to Selene that as she spent her two thousand years upon the earth, she has experienced of what consuming human blood can do to newborns, but also implies to her that if Selene really does consist of unconditional love for any human, then she shouldn't hesitate to transfigure them because she has always had the ability to bring out the best in any individual, even when that specific person is currently in there darkest moment. Completing the illuminations for homecoming and as numerous people begin to arrive, Selene gives Ariana gratitude for her advice and comforts her with a passionate hug, while they both enjoyed their brief conversation. Positioned in the parking lot, Sariah acknowledges André for escorting her to the homecoming, even though he mentally stated that he didn't want to attend, she's implies to him that she just wanted to acquire an etiquette memory to reminisce upon during her immortal life. Not regreting the moment he is currently spending with her, André informs Sariah that he wouldn't rather be in any other location except spending quality time with her, especially at a formal homecoming. As they both enter the auditorium, they witness that the homecoming ball is consisted with ignited festivities to endure and a monumental theme that was designed by Ariana. Infoming Sariah that they should dance, André caresses her gently and they begin to dance slowly to the infatuated music that is currently playing, which Sariah implies to André that she wishes that they could remain in a blissful state of mind while on the dance floor. André replies to her that as long as she remain in his life, the internal music will never end between them, which Sariah glares into André eyes passionately and embraces him with an intimate kiss as the two continue to enjoy themselves. Participating in taking rememberance photographs, Kate questions Michael based on how he think the night will be and informs him the she senses upcoming danger ahead but can't describe to Michael what she acquiring within. Michael begins to examine Kate in order to find out what she is feeling within to make her uncomfortable during the biggest nights of her life. Michael apprehends his composure and informs Kate that she needs to inform him immediately, which Michael suggest to her that is it Lorena that she senses and that could make the entire homecoming ball a catastrophe. Notifying Michael that she's not sure, Kate implies that the feeling she extracted had felt like inevitable pain among anyone that would consider it to be unsubstainable. She also states that while her senses where triggered, she couldn't gain consciousness to collect any further information to inform him. Michael acknowledges her for the upcoming warning as he initiates high-secured guards to watch over every nearby entrances if Lorena and her adversaries try to arrive where they are forbidden within city limits. Kate informs Michael that she has no perpetual idea of why she's able to feel these unknown senses when they supposedly presented itself. Michael replies to Kate that she shouldn't consider it a burden to instantly feel troubling matters, which he implies that it's considered a terrific gift to acquire within, and that it can protect her, including her family and companions. Kate replies that they should continue to enjoy themselves but also stay alerted if any threatening incidents occur. While taking a break from the dance floor, Matthew and Wesley glare over to Camille and Scott's location as they continue to embrace in their compelling movements, which Matthew informs Wesley about Camille is meant to be mirthful as she is currently in her realtionship with Scott. Wesley agrees from Matthew's perspective but implies that he doubts that Camille will continue to go on with life as Scott ages throughout the decades and will come to a conclusion that she will have to transition him, which is a task that she will regret if she fails to do so. Matthew implies to his response that it will all come in time, but by further notice, they should continue to enjoy themselves while at the homecoming. Caressing Camille thoroughly and informing her that he's in love with her, Scott implies to her that his whole perspecitve about life has been modified due to his sensitivity of her as well. Camille informs Scott that he should slow down with making capacious decisions that he may take for granted once he declares of what he want's to become to complete this internal phase he contributing. Scott replies that he disagrees of becoming immortal at the moment but insists on spending his entire life with Camille and informs her that he's no longer looking of what may be or could be, he establishes that Camille is his compatible mate. Undisturbed by his committed proposal but astounded, Camille informs Scott that wherever life takes them during the imminent years, she'll continue to be there to love him conscientiously even if his aging process has already began to initiate, which Scott emotionally reacts and notifies Camille that their time will prevail expeditiously or during a later cause than anyone expects, while the two continue to entwine and comfort each other while completing their intimate conjunction between one another. Not attending the homecoming as escorts and gazing at the latest apex of the moon, Vincent and Gordon positions themselves on the Empire State Building to discuss about how Gordon has finalized his training, in order to participate in deadly confrontations along with his family. Eagered to intact along in the war with his fellow companions against Lorena and her coven, Gordon implies to his father that due to Vincent's age and superior abilities during Lorena's first attack, how was it possible that Lorena inflicted pain among his father's tumor vessels, which Gordon questioned and Vincent replies that even though him & his siblings are considered the oldest vampires around the globe, he also implies to Gordon that Lorena is twice thier age and and has the most inability of power to relinquish an Old One wtihin minutes if given the oppportunity. Gordon implies that if Lorena is capable of annihilating the entire ancient coven of The Old Ones, then a source is definitely going to be needed from the other side (spirit realm), which Vincent implies to him that he has been trained for a reason, which is to defend his companions and to carry out to the assinged duty of protecting his family when a threat seeks them out. Appreciating the advice from Vincent, Gordon informs him that dark times truly lie ahead for them all and soon they must all be prepared for the unexpected. Following the conclusion of the homecoming, Ayana and Jamia detects the location of Eric while he is cavorting with Isabella and inquires about his immediate attention which Eric insists. While Jamia observes of what she's been advised, Ayana informs Eric that she conversed personally with Vivian, whom instructed her that only a hybrid can abrogate Lorena due to the fact that they are considered an unbalanced threat towards nature which cannot be restored until Lorena is defeated upon all circumstances. Astonished by the concept of it all, Eric implies that when the time comes, André and Gordon (whom acquires all strengths and is immune to her power) can obliberate her once and for all, as Ayana and Jamia agrees to the implied conception. As everyone is dismissed from the auditorium and as Eric, Isabella, André, Sariah, Camille, Michael, Kate, Ariana and Selene are cauterizing the area in order to restore it to the original introspection, the barricaded doors abruptly ruptures open, which Lorena, Patience, and Zyra intrudes the premises. As Eric informs each of his siblings and companions to stand their ground until she initiates an violation, Lorena implies to Eric that it's considered rude when you don't welcome an univited guest to a global festivity, in which Eric glares at her furiously and informs her what is her current purpose there. Implying to him that she has no specific reasoning of appearing but wanted to cause brief agony between him and his coven, Eric rapidly informs Kate, Selene, and Sariah to dismiss themselves before any action is taken out against them. As they're companions liberated from the premises, Eric, Michael, André, Camille and Ariana rapidly approaches the position of Lorena, Zyra and Patience, in which Zyra tries to conjure a necromance spell upon Camille and Ariana but fails to do so, which leads to Camille forcefully restraining Zyra and informs Ariana to feed upon her until she surrenders, which leads to Ariana ruminating her wrist and begins to consume Zyra of her blood, which Zyra sorely begins to furiously panic. As Michael and André inform Patience that it wouldn't be necessary to annihilate her when she has the option to submit under all circumstances, Patience disagrees and apparently uses her telekinesis to maneuver excessive objects to collide against Michael and André who rapidly variates from the recent position and Michael intensily asphyxiate the cervix of Patience as André positions himself glancing and implying to Patience that they granted her a choice which she abruptly declined. Leaving Lorena defenseless, Eric swiftly and unexpectedly approaches behind Lorena and propels her across the auditorium. In the moment of decaptitating her head, Lorena conjures a severe pain infliction upon Eric whom casually collapses and Lorena informs him how inconsiderate he is and especially in the presence of his mother. As Eric brings his attention to Lorena as he is confused, Lorena implies that she can come in now, as Trinity enters the auditorium. As Eric, Michael, André, Camille, and Ariana are astonished at what their currently witnessing, Lorena initiates that she took the initiative to resurrect Trinity and transition her into their species, which Eric fiercely gazes at Lorena, whom she orders the release of Patience and Zyra or she will quickly annihilate their mother. As Patience and Zyra are emancipated from the confinement of Michael, André, Camille and Ariana; Lorena informs Eric that as he and his siblings seek closure with their loved ones, their time elimination will occur soon. As Lorena and her adversaries dissipates, Eric and siblings remain to look at the returning stage of their mother Trinity. As Trinity begins to shed tears due to the fact that she is reunited with her inceperable children after three thousand years, Eric rapidly approaches to her position and embraces her with a hug as Trinity sorely comforts herself in her son's arms. During the ending credits; Michael, André, Camille and Ariana assembles around Eric and Trinity and condules their mother with endearing comfort and love.

07 Crest Beyond Our Differences February 7, 2014

As a sustained night interluded the night of The Old Ones, numerous of speculation conceptions revolve around the condominium. As Trinity is intrigued to be reunited with her immortal children of the night Eric, Michael, Vincent, André, Camille and Ariana, she is captivated to see them established as honorable vampires and to acknowledge that most of them has currently kept their humanity within. Answering their questions, Trinity states that once she relinquished from the world three thousand years ago, she was currently resurrected by Lorena out of regret and resentment; she was transitioned into a vampire from being injected the venom of a current deceased vampire's toxicant glands. Trinity also states that she didn't choose the life that has been presented to her, but is fortunate to see that all her children has remained strong and accumulated their faith. Michael questions his mother's diet and how would she remain in control under her newborn cravings, which she replies that ending the lives of innocent humans have never satisfied her internal appetency and never will, which enables Camille and Ariana to blush without misunderstanding. Eric announces to each of his siblings that they should leave mother and himself to converse, since their bond towards one another is considered unparallel, which Trinity glares tenaciosuly at her son. They each embrace Trinity with warm comfort and an endearing kiss as the rest of the coven depart their seperate ways. With unexplained silence in the living-room and as Trinity observates Eric's position, Eric implies to his mother that's it's inevitable to accept the fact that she's in his presence which he also recommends to tell her how he felt not having any higher authoritative figure in his life. Trinity replies that when she conceived him that painful night, she experienced looking into Eric's electric blue eyes and became fond of the fact that he glared right back into hers. Trinity also informs Eric that leaving him was the hardest commodity she ever had to endure within herself. As he begins to shed indefinite tears while his anxiety is uncontainable, Eric fastly advents himself towards his mother's arms and informs her that he's done terrible things over the centuries and regrets them all due to no guidance and consultation. Trinity implies to Eric that due to his immortal nature, he shouldn't resort the blame upon himself but informs him that he should try to re-contain his humanity, which Eric replies that he'll do by any means necessary to adjust his disposition and advises Trinity that he loves her and Trinity reciprocates that she loves him more and the two engage in an endearing juncture while Isabella positions herself behind the nearby barrier, implicating that she was listening and smiles with exhilaration. As the sun rises upon the skyline, Vincent and Destiny walk along the park as he retinues her to the community college she currently attends. Destiny questions how Vincent feels based on the unexpected return of his mother, which Vincent finds difficult to explain due to her accustomed appearance and implies to Destiny that the overall result is that he's prosperous to enduringly have a mother in his life. Destiny informs Vincent that as he begins to examine her as an individual, he should consistently cherish the moments and intact in conversations that he will remember during his immortal life, as Destiny continues to implicate that she wish she endeavored the time to spend with her deceased mother and father, but is obliged to have Brian in her life. Vincent implies that he would never depart from her side nor originate a contemptful act to drive her away from his life. Capturing Vincent's hand, Destiny implies to him that they're going to encounter deceptive complications within their relationship, but it's up to them both not to stray away from what's important than life itself, which is Gordon. Promising Destiny that the upcoming tribulations will not affect their liveliness and they will remain durable at all cost as they both continue on their way to Destiny's post-secondary institution. Returning from the convenience repository, Ayana and Jamia begin to discuss if Vivian was accurate based on what she implied to Ayana, based on how a hybrid is the only species that can defeat Lorena and surmount her of all destructable entities. Ayana implies to Jamia that she doesn't see why Vivian would inform her false pretenses, as she was also concerned about the pain her aunt has currently caused among society. Jamia implicates that if her instructions are true, Eric and his siblings should begin to act upon their objective and initiate a sequence of events that would disintegrate Lorena of her upcoming plans. Still depositing the aliment in the refrigerator, Ayana and Jamia senses the presence of Lorena and her adversaries Patience and Zyra; in which they try preserve themselves from her intervention and the two holds each others hands in the process. As Lorena, Patience and Zyra enter Ayana and Jamia's household; Lorena implies to both of them that once again she is providing them a way out of accommodating The Old Ones and to assemble with her coven to become absolute with their perpetual power. Ayana implies to Lorena that she would rather relinquish herself than to incorporate in an alignment of her value, which Lorena replies that without her inevitable creation of divination, they wouldn't be the individuals they currently are. Jamia informs Lorena that with or without magic within their blood lineage, they would never endanger the lives of the innocent and complicate the balance of nature. As Patience and Zyra witness Lorena's acrimony, Lorena conjures a spell that propels and restrains both Ayana and Jamia against the barricaded wall. Inescapably getting their attention, Lorena threatens and notifies the two that since they made their elusive decison on not claiming unlimited capabilities, she states that when the time comes to eradicate the existence of all immortal species, they both shall perish along with their companions and to meet their fate. Jamia implies to her that it appears convenient enough, knowing that they will never abide by her standards nor respect her as their authority. Exasperated of Ayana and Jamia's sarcastic declarations, Lorena intensily releases the intervaling spell and dissipates along with Patience and Zyra. At it's conclusion, Ayana and Jamia begin to look magnified at each other. Exiting the biology classroom, Camille runs into Matthew and Wesley who questions her about the incomprehensible killings that have been occuring around the vicinities of New York, which Camille becomes confounded due to her having no idea of. Camille implies Matthew to explain, which he implicates that the causes of the recent deaths are unknown until he spoke to a source who advised him that their deaths were incomprehensible. To better explain his synopsis, Wesley mentions that as they regressed to their deaths, one sorely acknoledge that intense pain was inflicted upon his consciousness and it continued to desecrate his mind, which he died during those intrusive minutes. Obtaining the circumstance and aware of Lorena annihilating innocent vampires, Camille obliges Matthew and Wesley for her informing her the updated news as she views Scott departing from his dorm in order to converse with him. Addressing Scott and informing him that she's glad to see him, Camille embraces a kiss upon his lips and inquires how his day is progressing so far, which Scott replies that he has two upcoming exams in his classes that he's not prepared for but admits he has no option of accepting it's estimated date, which Camille implicated to him that she can compel the professor in order to get him out of class for the entire term. Convulsing in amusement, Scott appreciates her acknowledgement and inquires to Camille of what occured last night which implicated of why she didn't return none of his missed calls. Mentally knowing how Lorena assailed their presence and unexpectedly delievering their current immortal mother back to them; Camille informs Scott that she was just enervated due to the long hours she had to help prepare for the homecoming. Accepting her justification, Scott entwines Camille with a captivating salutation and implies that he don't know what he would do without her in his life. Camille replies that fate will consistently retent them together as one, which their apex both collide while they express tenderness. While commencing in the district's blood bank to purchase numerous of vital fluid dispensers, Isabella unintentionally supplicates into Kristina, which Isabella rapidy approaches her position and implicates to her why is she supposedly following her. While Kristina continues to convulse, she makes clear that she has no intention to engage in any conflict with Isabella. Walking away from her subsequent lies, Isabella implies to Kristina that once again, she's trying to inseparably endeavor her relationship with Eric and why does she persist on contending for his love, knowing he will never accept her. As she abruptly glares at Isabella, Kristina keeps her consistent composure and apologizes that she's been interferring in their lives and figures they both interacted with resenting intimations and offers Isabella to restart their inflamed relationship. Resisting to forgive all past incidents due to her not letting go of the animosity she preserves within her humanity, Isabella relunctantly views past her hostile discretions and informs Kristina that she reprieves her and looks forward to beginning an idolent friendship. As Kristina accepts Isabella's apathetic reconciliation, she advises her that she's only return to intercede with obliberating Lorena before she initiates the exterminations of all vampires around the universe. Isabella questions Kristina on how she knew that her companion known as Grant would ever decipher the secrecy of defeating the original witch, which Kristina implies that as long as she knew him, she has been able to concieve numerous of unattained information that dates back towards the genesis of The Old Ones. Astonished by her knowledge, Isabella becomes intrigued of what Kristina begins to share within the hours they spend together. Reveling basketball at the local court, Vincent and Gordon initiate in a one on one pursuit, which they enjoy spending time together. While taking a temporary break, Gordon implies to his father that has he ever felt that knowing him and his siblings are the first generation of vampires and indestructible, that he would ever have an expiration date due to Lorena's superior abilities. Vincent replies that he's never taken life as an everlasting environment and take for granted of his time being upon the earth for nearly two thousand years. He also implicates that eventually it will come a time where even the immortals relinquish from the system of things and time will continue to take it's course. As he envisions heavily about what his father instilled in him, Gordon implies that the individuals who acquire peace among all societies shouldn't be obliberated for one sinful act upon humanity. Vincent replies that their will always be corrupted commonalities who want to steal his reason for existing and based upon his courage, he cannot let their resentful judgement to create you into the opposite of what he stands for. Absolutely recognizing his father's proclamation, Gordon implicates that when the time attains them all, he will do by any means necessary to protect his own, which Vincent believes he will and give him a comforted touch on his shoulder as they both continue to converse. Presently at the office of Ariana, Dominic and Brian help her establish new ideas before launching her brand of typical perfume for women. Acknowledging where she ever orginated to become a model and fabricated designer, Brian implies to Ariana when did her revolutionary ideas come into action and when she began to take her modeling career seriously. Fond of the question, Ariana informs Brian that it took her centuries to make up her mind, whether she wanted to convert of being a full-time post-secondary institutional student or to make her dreams her reality, which she implies that nearly two years ago, she put forth her imagination which is currently her everyday occupation. Dominic sarcastically replies that without the consent of her older brother Eric, she would have never inaugurated into her dropping out of college and pursuing her dreams. Discharging a pillow at his location, Ariana calmly replies that knowing it had to be accepted by the consent of Eric, she has always wanted to fulfill her career as an eccentric model of some sort and plan to launch her own fabricated perfume. Brian implies that no matter how long it took to process her ideas and to initiate a propelling decision, he states that it was worth acting upon which presented her with millions of dollars to incorporate with and to expand her fashionable empire. Rapidly approaching her position at her desk, Dominic informs Ariana that overall he is proud of her accomplishments that has processed, he will continue to support her settlements till' the end, which she blushes under constant recognition and embraces him with an endearing salutation. Entering his bedroom to get prepared to work his overnight shift, Michael is interrogated by Kate which she implies why he didn't summon her to return to the auditorium, knowing that he need reinforcements. Keeping his thrilled composure, Michael implies to Kate that he would of taken a risk, knowing that she was still in the presence of all three witches that can easily possess her against her will and can liberate her based on pain inflictions or even due to their necromance abilities. Kate suggests that she's even more worried knowing that he isn't protected under certain authoratative companions, which Michael informs her that he and his siblings are considered the vampire authority and implicates to her that if she would've stayed and accomodated along with their enemies, he would have 95 percent chance of surving than her, which speculates that her chance of surviving would contend to 23 percent. Hurt by his unpredicatable comments, Kate begins to weap vigorously, which Michael immediately feels discomfort and rapidy reaches her locations and intensily consoles her and apologizes for his confined remarks and informs her that it something was to happened that affected her life, he wouldn't know how to control himself or to contain his humanity. Kate implies that she just wants to be there for him when the time is necessary and embraces him with a complementary kiss that leads to them both forgiving each other through passionate lust and generating compassionate love through the endless time. Spending time together in Times Square for Sariah's birthday, André initiates a shopping spree for her in order to purchase any accessories or updated attire she would need. Anticipated in the waiting room, André relaxes and questions Sariah based on how does the current attire abtain her so far, which Sariah unexpectedly changes the subject and wants the information on how he feels about having his mother enter his life through the trials and tribulations they all had to experience over the past years. André implies that it's still kind of difficult to get use to but he also implicates that he couldn't be more thrilled to have his authoritative figure by his standpoint when he needs her the most. Sariah implicates that he could gain numerous of additional advice for her due to the fact that she's a female of particular favors, which André questions Sariah on how does he need to seek advice based on how he considers himself a gentleman. Not infiltrating his masculinity appeal, Sariah just informs André that without being open to discuss his feeling within can lead to a passiveness relationship that doesn't converse about what's occuring within one another, not just physically but mentally. Admitting that he has complications in that area, André states that it's just how he was raised from his adopted parents, which instilled in him to remain emotionally guarded due to having his heart broken by a specific individual. Knowing of whom the individual is, Sariah fastly approaches André and settles upon his lap to imply to him that she never meant to subdue his personality of affecting his emotional ego, which he recognizes her apology and accepts with indignation, as they both comfort each other during the numerous of minutes. As Trinity suspends of consciousness in his compartment, and as he called upon a brief meeting to gather the vampire sheriffs of each area with the help of Selene, whom provided him with his credentials to initiate upon explanation, Eric implicates to Terrell and Becca that he has appointed an upcoming and distinctive immortal who can offer them aid within their area, whom is known as Xavier. Eric briefly explains how he encountered Xavier along the streets and began to help him recover on how to control his craving for human blood. Terrell and Becca implicates that his recommendations meets their standards upon regular policy and welcomes into the family of authority, which Xavier acknowledges their appreciation and begins to clarify what he feels that he can contribute to his contemporary area, which is established in Queens, New York. Engaged in his brief introduction, Eric is unexpectedly dismissed by Selene who informs his that due to the information given to her by Ayana and Jamia, she implies to him that Lorena will begin initiating upon her undertaking and assigned objective once the dawn sets tomorrow night, which Eric relunctantly opposes and states to Selene that it shall begin.

08 Crest While The Night Transitions February 14, 2014

With the night that is proclaimed to be considered Lorena's beginning stages of decimating half of the city's vampires, Eric concludes with the induction congregation and informs Xavier, Terrell, and Becca to remain enclosed within their residences until he initiates further notice of how they will benefit emancipating innocent immortals whom captures the sighting of Lorena and her coven. Terrell implies that designating away from their assigned position as they fear the expectance of Lorena, will declare them all as enlightened based on Lorena's expectations, but also insubstantial to defend themselves when that time is upon them. Becca clarifies to Terrell that knowing Eric's assertion of keeping them impervious towards detrimental circumstances and death, it will give them the exhilaration of suggesting estimated perceptions to hold Lorena and her adversaries off as long as possible. As Eric proclaims to hear Xavier's commendations, Xavier elucidates that each of them should occupy their area until further orders have been declared by The Old Ones and to accomodate their vampire residents with any further inquisitions based on how they are going to resist Lorena's manipulations. Observing to them all that if Lorena and her adversaries are able to supervise the minds due to their inevitable abilities, Eric informs them all that since him and his siblings intend on infiltrating her unadvised procedures, they should all be formulated to defend themselves under all contingencies, which Terrell, Becca, and Xavier acknowledge and depart from the domicile to pursue in their assigned commission. Positioned along the compartment boundary, Trinity implies to Eric that his adversaries she not underestimate Lorena's capabilities, which she implicates that Lorena is proceding to bring upon the contemptuous pain among all children of the night that will easily relinquish due to her irresistable manipulation of necromance. Eric responds that if he could distract Lorena accordingly and throughout the implicative endeavorments while his other siblings initiate on dealing with Patience and Zyra, therefore André and Gordon shouldn't have any obstructed complications of annihilating her when the time is upon them all. Envisioning their matriculation as the calamitic event is drawing near, Trinity implies that she only want's her children to be impervious to all pernicious transactions that occurs along the different boroughs, which she affirms that she's willing to participate in the concluding culmination between Lorena's efficacious coven and themselves. Informing his mother that he would feel more exceptional if she didn't get involved, Eric prescribes to her that she has already completed her commision of being there for them all, which is defined as being enough to give. Trinity volutes her intended purposes and informs Eric that she will remain sheltered during the contention of supernaturals. Alleviated by the flames initiated by the furnace, Michael surmises in deep thought while consuming a glass of packaged blood and is converged by his nephew Gordon for unspecified purposes. Michael anticipates to explain to Gordon that he is fully aware of what he has to consummate in order to confine the convulsion that is occuring around the different boroughs of the city. Understanding of his assigned objective, Gordon questions his uncle on how he is suppose to defeat an indesructible entity such as Lorena, without him enduring experience of asphyxiating no particular sort of individuals. Michael implies to Gordon that he doesn't have to acquire obliberating techniques and ingenuity, but have to obtain faith within himself and believe that he's fulfilling that particular purpose in order to keep balance assured and nuetral among all supernaturals in their current society. Never accepted or comprehended the fact that he contains all strengths and no apparent imperfections based on his indeverant species, Gordon indicates to Michael that he will integrate whatever is needed to be effectuated in order to protect his family and current companions. Rapidly commencing to the lounge, Michael resumes to pour Gordon a glass of live human blood to inform him that as he consumes the given vital fluid, his obscretion towards feelings of his enemy will dissipate and he will initiate his assigned purpose accordingly without hesitating. Desolating the blood, Gordon's face begins to convert into a paler complexion, which initiates internal blood to expedite to his eyes that appears to trigger his wolf-form enhancement and protrudes his projected area as Michael implies to accept his given nature. Ambulating along this vigorous streets of Brooklyn while each headlight discharges as her appearance ignites, along with her companions Patience and Zyra; Lorena fiercely begins to internally conjure and initiate a necromanced manipulation spell that begins to bring forward threatning thunder storm nebulosities, which retracts of proliferating complete darkness among city. As unexplained occurences begin apprise, Lorena's intriguing administration leads to residential vampires revealing themselves as they are summoned due to unintentional purposes, which captures the direct absorptions of the district sheriffs Becca, Terrell, and Xavier who try to resist Lorena's dominant possesion within the conscious, but are contracted to her capabilities and begin to follow her edifications while each immortal accumulate towards Lorena, Patience, and Zyra's position along the inner artery. Effectuated with the commencement of her seductive interval, Lorena declares to Patience and Zyra to initiate in a binding increment of cultivating their powers and abilites consecutively in order to inflict calamitous migraines among the maneuvered vampires that are under the dominion of Lorena. Inaugurating the ability and competency within, Patience and Zyra retract pain inflictions among the prevailing immortals, which results in numerous acts of painful vociferates that within 200 miles, catches the primary attention of The Old Ones, which Lorena radiates with certainty and hostility. Conjecturing an aberrant and peculiar surmise; André senses that pain is currently being infiltrated among other vampires within the vicinity and while with Kate and Sariah, he informs them that a commotional altercation has arised which he believes Lorena is behind the convulsion. Kate implies that he and the others should resist to engage in a physical divergence with Lorena and her audacious counterparts, which André reciprocates his expression and informs Kate that Gordon and himself are the only ones who can obliberate Lorena, due to them being immune to all of her precarious abilities and should attempt to endeavor as it could be their only chance. As she mentally disagrees with André but knows within that taking a risk is consider more confidential than not accepting your full potential, Sariah implicates to Kate that André is accurate and that he must intergrate any proposal he plans to initiate with his brothers and sisters, in order to decimate Lorena and relinquish her upon no return till' the conclusion of all. Perplexed of Sariah's input based on handling the engagement precisely, André implies to them all that their main intention is to return safe and intact, which he implicates that worrying will only convey their hopes of attainment; André embraces Sariah with an amorous kiss and informs her that he loves her, as she replies with the corresponding affirmation. He also implies to Kate that he'll keep her amended on the specifications of Michael, which she acknowledges as he departs from his compartment to meet Eric and the others. Laying on his chest as they both converse while contemplating a film, Camille acquires the compatible sense of instability within the area and is immediately summoned by Michael. Renouncing that she has to go for unspecified speculations, Scott implies that he's aware that it's based on comminatory reasoning and implicates to Camille that he can assist, which Camille intensily declares to Scott that she restricts him from enabling himself to sustain supernaturals during a time that upholds obscurity and contrives death. Scott implies to Camille that how should he acknowledge or function within his humanity, knowing that their world can aspirate during any duration or moment. Camille commends that it was never his commitment to get involved in situations beyond his limitations and informs him that he should only be concerned about what they share intimately and passionately. Insisting that her consultation is legitimate, Scott concedes and informs Camille to promise him that she'll return under any contingencies, which she entwines Scott with a salutation and to make him accountable for his consultation, Camille essentially compels Scott to condone what they recently discussed and to only commemorate that she'll see him in the morning. Scott acquires her directions thoroughly and inclines to sleep, as Camille vacates his residence. Obtaining knowledge of what's occuring before the mortals, Vincent and Destiny endures on completing their wedding vows in order to establish them ahead of time. Implicating to Vincent that he has to abide by his brother's summonence, Destiny informs him that they're upcoming wedding assertions could be postponed until all misconceptions are dealt with, which Vincent declares that his proven objective to officially make her his accredited wife among all circumstances. Loving his state of sarcasm, Destiny rapidly approaches his position and conveys that they have nothing but time to compose their amalgamation vows and that his family is profoundly important to disregard when predicaments arise. Perpetually knowing that Destiny proclaims the truth whenever they engage in a debate, Vincent concludes with the unfininshed assignment and elusively restrains Destiny to the nearby barrier and with an undertone articulation, he inquires on why does she have to be correct on every aspect they come across, as he embraces her with kisses, she replies that without her point of view or substanence within his life, he wouldn't be able to mentally function accurately. As she gains his direct attention, Vincent implicates that he will forever be in Destiny's debt of allowing him to assist his siblings, which she informs him that he doens't have any exceptions to not oblige her in a deferred commitment, which they both excel in ammusement. Vincent salutates Destiny and informs her that he'll return at dawn. Establishing their strategy in order to save their companions from the midst of Lorena; Ariana, Dominic, and Selene engage in different scenarios in order to collaborate into Eric's contrivance. Ariana implies that she while Eric and the others are retaining themselves agains Lorena and her adversaries, she would infiltrate and assail either Patience or Zyra, in order to break their concentration and to release the pain inflictions caused among their companions and many local and immortal residents. Questioning whether it's a good interpretation to follow, Selene warns Ariana that her plan would exert, due to the fact that if Lorena is conducting the entire necromance incantation, then Ariana can be easily incorporated within the catastrphic pain her associates are currently suffering. Allowing his knowledge to be explained, Dominic inquires that since she has no lycanthrope individuals involved, he could devise a physical distraction in order to disable her exsufflation for multiple of minutes, which could be just enough time to retreat the remaining immortals to refuge in order to ameliorate quickly. Implicating that they're all monumental ideas which she plans to consolidate into one conspiracy, Ariana makes clear that their time management has to be meticulous, which she implicates that if it results in a failure, then death may fall upon their companions. Getting eradical confimation from Eric, to gather in the living room, Ariana commences the meeting, which she embraces Dominic with a kiss and informs him to abide by the edification followed, which she understands. As he departs, Ariana implies to Selene that she should remain impervious until Vincent gives further instruction on when to initiate her arrival, which she takes into consideration as Ariana deprives to the living room. On their way to the condomininum to commence in the meeting that is being held by the authority (The Old Ones); Isabella, Kristina, and Brian discuss different expedients on how to provide aid to their wounded companions when they arrive in the vicinity. While driving, Isabella mentions that she'll stay behind to prepare their supplied aid when the provisional confrontation has concluded and informs Kristina and Brian that based on their protection, Ayana and Jamia will arrive at the residence within the hour to contrive a preservative spell that will initiate an absolute assurance around the entire vicinity, to a degree where other witches can't enter the premises without a formal invitation or an accepted acknowledegment. Kristina implies to Isabella that knowing Lorena is considered the first witch in existence, she can subdue spell that was initiated upon the household and infiltrate the residency during any given moment. As his years increased among supernaturals and since he triggered his dominant fulmination, Brian implicates to Kristina that attaining complete knowledge of who originated each particular enchantment will be considered an informer to their own history and he implies that knowing Lorena created the particular spell, she doesn't acquire the ingenuity to disable her own subsistence once another witch projects it upon other objects or beings. Surprised by his privation of divination, Isabella informs them all that she gives her full reliance to Ayana and Jamia, which she also proclaimed that most contentions they engaged in were most accomplish due to their abilities, and for their prosperity, she offers her gratitude whenever they seek it, which Kristina declines based on her discriminate expression as they continue to commute. Formulating their energy together to produce an armament incantation, Ayana and Jamia begin to assert the spell upon the entire area, which heightens their capacitated abilities, which begins to afflict the trees with excessive wind velocities and continues while Ayana completes her segment of sealing it's extent, which leaves Jamia supplementing her exertions until she finalizes her formation, which she concluded within minutes. Inquiring to Jamia that the grimoire endured her with the preperation instructions given, Ayana obtains a strange feeling that they percolated the interval incorrectly and makes Jamia aware that if they haven't noticed, both of them are contracting the wrath of Lorena and how much pain she is producing, which is continually damaging the balance of nature (which Vivian mentioned) to Ayana while they're were summoning that particular spirit to for specific and intended purposes. Jamia implies that she received instuctions within the grimoire of Vivian, which elucidates that as Lorena contends to gain enormous abilities that enables her witch capabilities, she will eventually sustain all the qualifications of each witch or warlock around the world, which will compose her as beyond inferior to her enemies, whom are The Old Ones. As Jamia gives Ayana the inference of infoming her that she's just using Patience and Zyra, Ayana implicates that they must inform Lorena's adversaries the precise truth of why Lorena appointed them in the beginning. Initiating their departure from the domicile, Eric informs André, Vincent, Camille, Michael, Ariana, and Gordon that time is limited before Lorena relinquishes each immortal involved within the provocation, along with their adversaries Terrell, Becca, and Xavier. Seconds from abdicating the premisis, Trinity rapidly intacts towards the entrance door and quickly consoles Eric, which she implies to keep his siblings protected under all circumstances and to never dismiss the fact that she unconditionally loves them all. Eric responds to his mother that she has his immediate word to consort his brothers and sisters back to assurance, as Trinity accepts his given elucidation, Eric and his siblings instantly depart the residence. As Lorena declares to Patience and Zyra to rescind in their ignited interval of executing the remaining vampires, which includes Becca, Terrell, Xavier and two unknown immortals, Eric and his siblings rapidly moves swiftly across the artery as they conserved the remaining vampires to aid, whom includes their companions Becca, Terrell and Xavier, whom they immediately offered them dispensers of packaged blood to heal from the severe wounds. Lorena observes that Eric and The Old Ones have uninvitedly arrived to terminate her upcoming codifications and announces The Old Ones to conclude in concealment and show themselves upon courage and integrity. Vastly approaching her position, Eric implies to Lorena that he's far from being considered a coward and intensily impels her towards the ground and begins to feed upon her, which Lorena begins to outcry with elusive pain. Remaining unprotected of Lorena's defense, Michael and Camille violates Patience and Zyra's surroundings and scarcely propels them both towards the luminious poles, which severely deprecates them unconscious. Taking the initiative of internally reviving, Lorena intacts with Eric's supraliminal and causes an elusive pain infliction that evokes Eric to quickly resuscitate due to the painful alternates within his nerves. As Ariana and Vincent rapidly resorts to attacking Lorena themselves, she intacts with the presence and inflicts endeavored pain among them as well, which they both collapse in bereavement. Not expecting the unattained approach of André, Lorena fails to acknowledge his inhabitance and is instantly restrained by André. As Lorena tries to initiate her infliction upon his consciousness, André implies that he codoned to inform her that he's considered both original diverses, as she glares uninformed, André states to Lorena that's he classified as half-vampire and half-werewolf, which he concludes by declaring that he's a hybrid as well as his nephew. Gordon rapidly approaches Lorena's position and as André is restraining her from behind, Gordon initiates on his terms and retorts Lorena's cervix, which results in her falling to her death. As the infliction is eradicated; Eric recovers from his depth and avails to the service of Ariana and Vincent, whom compensates as well. As Gordon commemorates himself for obliberating Lorena, Vincent approaches him and informs him that he completed his objective and that he has nothing to feel condemned about. Implicating that he didn't fear for her life, but for his; Gordon acknowledges that he served his purpose and is grateful for the pandemonium being over. The Old Ones return to their residence, where they reconcile with their loved ones, which consisted of comfort, liability and love. Eric and Isabella embraces each other with concupiscent salutations, as they are both delighted with happiness. During the ending credits; Patience and Zyra awaken from their concussion and begins to attain to the support of Lorena, whom eyes impels, implicating that she's currently alive.

09 Crest Resentment Upon Yourself February 21, 2014

With the attentive of acquiring a commendable night, based on their belief of defeating Lorena, The Old Ones acknowledge the achievements that have been attained in order to preserve peace within their vicinity. Extrained on the balcony as he contemplates while sun rises above the municipal, Eric remains in a profounded excogitated condition. He invariably retrospects the death of Lorena and examines the authenticities of how a slight impalement can eradicate a superior witch like Lorena. Awakening from his alarmed condition, while giving a venerating expression, Isabella rapidly accesses to Eric's position and unexpectedly comforts him by his abdoment and questions his discomposure throughout the aurora. Eric implies to her that as he gained consciousness hours earlier, he continued to inquire about the current status of Lorena and if her death was presumably provisional. Isabella implicates to Eric that Gordon proclaimed his announcement official and dignified that the original witch herself had obliberated by the death of his hands. Nonverbally acknowledging that Isabella is legitimate upon her recent explanation, Eric begins to sense a speculative presence among him, in which he deviates around and views that Isabella's eyes is configured by an insubstantial entity whom intensively attains Eric and restains him towards his barricaded door and informs him that she has return (whom claims to be Lorena) and that his siblings should prepare for the alternative restoration of their extinguishment. As Eric is astonished by her unexpected affluence, Isabella is effectively exculpated from Lorena's succinct possession. Originating from her impetuous state of mind, Isabella implies to Eric that she wants to know what recently transpired, due to her not being aware of her former actions. Implicating to Isabella that he shoud've confirmed for the conclusive edification before annoucing deceptive information, Eric informs Isabella that Lorena has return and is physically vital in her prevalent form; Isabella implicates to Eric that since she survived the previous altercations, she has recompense to culminate what she instituted. Agreeing with her assumption, Eric intacts with a disappointed perspective. Discussing about how her family's problems has consistently ended, Camille implies to Scott that she still recesses of informing him about her classified history that also consists with annihilating other supernaturals. Scott elusively begins to assume that The Old Ones eradicate other superior beings based on their seniority of power, which Camille abruptly denies and implicates that her family only gets compromised into many catastrophic situations when an unknown threat either fulminates their coven or try to accumulate inferior power which provokes the balance of nature and can result in calamity. Not having knowledge of the attained information just mentioned, Scott apologizes to Camille for being unaware of what her family's purpose was and implies that he didn't think that was the primary living obligations of the oldest vampires within the entire globalization. Convulsed by his statement, Camille acknowledges that her family, including herself, have prevented many detrimental afflictions from gaining full manipulation of the human race or asphyxiating every mortal within each region, due to the existence of tormentive immortals that craves for human blood. Questioning about her pre-existence of consuming human vital fluid, Scott implies how did she regulate to resist the scent or appetition of not slaughtering innocent beings, which Camille informs him that it took her numerous of centuries to exert herself from the quality, but composed herself into feeding from blood dispensers in order to keep her instinctive behavior administered, due to multiple purposes. Obtaining the apologue of her past life, Scott and Camille are appended by Matthew and Wesley, which Matthew begins to inform them that their has been rumors in the media speculating that a preternatural incident occured during the avenues last night, which was around thier residential vicinity. Camille implies that their unspecified secret is getting imminent of being exposed towards the entire mortal society which can pressurize their existence. Wesley implies that the inquired evidence the local police converged declined in retaining their information to locate the origins of it's destination, which he also implicates that the occult of supernaturals is currently insufficient of being revealed upon human civilization. Contended with his announcement, Camille acknowledges their connivence of defending her lineage and comforts Scott, which she implies to him that she apprehends his acceptance based on their intent of life. Based on their estatic proficiency and currently at her residence to inquire about attaininng new attire, Kristina and Brian begin to engage in a formal conversation that will initiate a artifice to obliberate Lorena's remaining adversaries whom are Patience and Zyra. Questioning her plan to commit in such a deviant disposition, Brian implicates on why should they should commence in annihilating Lorena's former companions when their power aren't authoritative to it's fullest extent without the presence of Lorena, which Kristina replies that they should not leave a fulmination and a threat residing within the city that dislikes the existence of other supernaturals. Conceded by her initial comment, Brian insists that reconsidering their proposition would be an ommision, due to preventing the two counterparts from administering a intervention against them and their companions. Intrigued by his way of thinking, Kristina rapidly accesses to Brian's position and begins to intimately carress his fatal flaws, which Brian becomes infatuated with. Kristina implies to him that once they committ to a sexual consultation, his feelings for her cannot become exclusively permanent to the extent that he falls for her, which Brian implicates that he has been examining Kristina's motives and can sense that her relationship distinction is rarely alluring. Acknowledging Brian that he's accurate, Kristina begins to consort him with salutations, as Brian rapidly modificates their current position and they begin endulging in a sexual exertion. Establishing the day with her grandson Gordon, Trinity initiates a discussion in order to get to know his personality and to convey the advice he needs in order to alleviate the memory of defeating Lorena upon self-defense. Gordon begins in inform Trinity that once Michael preferred the option of consuming live human vital fluid, he began to recessitate in losing his composure towards his cravings and gave into his extirpating instinct which resulted in him taking the life of a mere enemy that he didn't want to initiate himself apart of. Acknowledging his apathetic mitigation, Trinity implies to Gordon that knowing it was considered a deleterious task of taking the life of another supernatural, but Trinity implicates to his knowledge that Lorena was considered an individual that couldn't be bargained with or negotiated under any circumstances. To obtain his full attention, Trinity explains how Lorena despises the existence of vampires, werewolves, hybrids and feels that the only source that should procure superior power is witches and beyond mortal approbation. As the regret dissipates from within his humanity, Gordon informs his grandmother that a mere supernatural cannot reside in an environment and not recognize the monumental aspects that also inherit the earth, which leads to him declaring that Lorena deserved her fate and it shall come to any other that proclaims that qualification over the inferior coven known as The Old Ones. Implicating that his mindset should remain where it's stored, Trinity glares into the eyes of Gordon and notifies him that whatever takes place between their family, it will never obliberate their love for each other, which Gordon apprehends Trinity's allegation consoles her with an affection, in which she expresses with gratitude and happiness. Discovering an abandoned domicile to convent their magic within, Ayana and Jamia introduces their own disposition to ensconce their dominant abilities away from unattained mortals or enemies that will contrive the knowledge of what their capable of and expose it to others, knowing that particular individuals have knowledge of their capabilities, such as The Old Ones and Lorena's adversaries. Jamia implicates to Ayana that she still doesn't obtain an indication of why keeping their mutual personality hidden among others of their kind, which Ayana explicates that as they defend their community along with their immortal companions, deviant witches of their tendencies will endeavor to extract their powers or engage in a threatening situation that may cost the lives of innocent beings. Procuring the information she stated, Jamia implies that since The Old Ones annihilated the existence of the original witch, it could be positively certain that Lorena's accomplices Patience and Zyra can retract in vengeance against them, which can complicate their regulations of restoring nature to it's primitive balance upon society. Not considering her recent accusation, Ayana implicates to Jamia that if Patience and Zyra chooses to retalites against their intentions, then they will have to participate in a disturbing matter than can result in the death of a loved one. Not wanting to take that chance of alleviating one another, Jamia upholds Ayana resolution and agrees that they endure the domicile they propose to advance their indefinite abilities. Comforting each other while in the shower together, André and Sariah commence in a passionate exertion that leads to them constituting love to one another and informing each other the love they both endure within their hearts, which makes them both congruent to one another. Extracting from the bathroom, André implies to Sariah that they should perform their recent monumental activity more often, which Sariah blushes and implicates to him that it will be something that he will have to earn, as André acknowledges that he considers it a challenge. Preparing for work, André implies to Sariah that they should start their lives on a narrow path by moving into their own residence, which Sariah abruptly expresses that she is is devoted and comfortable of living with her siblings and suggest that she considers herself satisfied when around a family that adulates one another. Exemplified by her response, André informs her that he just wants her to feel completed within her own inhabitation and to sensate the fact that she can create her own domicile that can be her estate until she decides otherwise, which Sariah elucidates that his siblings has treated her nothing but glorified and obliges to André that she would rather awaken to experience that feeling during her lifetime than not appreciating the stability of life itself. Intoxicated based on her answer, André embraces Sariah with a liberating kiss and informs her that it's the reason he is devoted to her for eternity, which she necessitates. Knocking on the door, which André gives his consent to enter, Isabella perplexly informs André and Sariah that they have an immeasurable complication. Arriving at her post-secondary institution to surprise her of his accession, Vincent amazes Destiny by informing her that today will be the changing course of their lives, which Destiny replies that she's prepared of choosing the wedding dress she seeks to purchase. As they both expedite to their location which is stationed in Times Square, Destiny implies to Vincent that shoudn't they go retrieve Gordon from his vocation, which Vincent informs her that his mother chose to dismiss him from his duties in order to spend time with her grandson, which Destiny admiringly acknowledges. Questioning her conceptions of selecting the appropriate dress she condones for their espousement, Vincent informs Destiny that he's willing aquire any apparel that she seeks, even if he have to compel the store associates in order retrieve the item she adores. Implicating that it's not worth compulsion acitivity, Destiny elucidates that she wants their day of gratification to be majestic among any other weddings that's been coordinated multiple times. Convulsed by her statement, Vincent implies that she shouldn't worry to the point of exhaustion, due to the initiative of him planning an exclusive dinner for her which is positioned on the railways of the Brooklyn Bridge, which gives them the view of the entire midnight skyline. Adorned by his hard work, Destiny implies to Vincent that he will expect unexplained amusement while they both are alone and condoned in their compartment, which Vincent accels based due to her capacitated tone. Receiving a phone call from Eric, Vincent is advised to abort any further plans they are currenty assisted with and to return to the condominium, which Vincent internally declines the referral but if informed by Destiny that it's considered more important, which deals with supernatural disruptions. Apologizing of his incompetent obligation, Vincent procedes on the interstate to retreat to his domicile. Attained at a national photoshoot, Ariana is stressed with work that she is trying to intergrate but acknowledges the aid of Dominic and Selene. Informing her that hiring an assistant would deminish most of her problems, Selene implicates that there's nothing agitating about eliciting important help with her daily schedule is intacted, which Ariana replies that attaining uneccessary help can doubled her time management, which she declines on delegating due to the expensive prices that some prefer and how most in that field matriculate on their scheduled meetings, which can cause havok. Acknowledging her attitude based on her intrigued self-esteem, Dominic announces that in order to relinquish the calamity between her work and diligent agenda, he would volunteer his assistance on accomodating her on the treacherous days that is considered the industrious. Appreciating his remorseful propose, Ariana rapidly approaches Dominic and embraces him with an indeverate kiss that he obliges to accepts and informs her that's she's welcome. Pleased that Ariana obtained an unspecified and supernatural employee within minutes, Selene implies to them both that she deserves recognition as well, which she mentions that she also has a occupational resort to assist with in the city of brotherly love, which Ariana and Dominic sarcastically commences her for maintenance assistance. Apprehending a cellular call from Sariah, Selene is informed that their is a mandatory meeting at the residence which occurs within an hour, which Selene accepts the given invitation and informs Dominic and Ariana that they have to depart, due to a unspecified engagement, which they acknowledge consistently. Implementing converted essays that he has to select in order to choose the delegates initiating to join the Honor's Society, Michael is held back from attending his last class that is important in order to advance through the semester, which leads to Kate infiltrating the auditorium in order to assist Michael with the exhausted assignment that was appointed to him. Kate remarkably informs Michael that in order to ensconced his latest commission in class, she compelled his professor to distribute her the midterm study guide earlier within the release date, which Michael astonishingly consoles Kate for her unanticipated task and acknowledge her based on her commitment towards their relationship. As Michael continues to select the advocates that are prostrated of receiving the honorable award, Kate suggests that in order to not make the competition evident towards all incoming freshman, he should insert an untainable activity that will be worth their entire given obligation of acceptance within the Honor's Society, which Michael accepts her proposed confidentiary and imposes it within the given application and requirements. Concluded for the day, Michael rapidly accesses to Kate's current position and accumulates her within the air and implicates to Kate that she's worth obliberating his life for, which Kate remorsefuly begins to lamentate due to his monumental words, which Michael obliberates her tears and informs Kate that she's considered his only reason for surviving within this inhumane society, which endeavors Kate to embrace Michael with an intriguing salutation, which concludes within their romantic juncture. Interrupting their occasion, Michael receives a call from Eric that he is obligated to attend, which Michael abides by his given task and departs the campus, along with Kate. Affronted at an relinquishing warehouse within the New York vicinity, Lorena implies to her advocates Patience and Zyra that she can result in death by any entity that possesses that abilities of a pure immortal (hybrid), which she also implicates that The Old Ones have conceived her secret from a known source and that their next primary objective is to extract their powers together to conjure a preeminent encantation that will inflict pain among the minds to The Old Ones, which is a distraction, as Lorena announces that she will initiate in annihilating the indestructible hybrids, whom she acclaims as André and the youngest sibling within their coven, Gordon. Accepting her given responsibility, Patience and Zyra implies when their calamitous occurence will manifest, which Lorena declares as the conclusion of their existence and dignifies during the next full moon. During the ending credits and located at the domicile of The Old Ones, Eric proclaims to all of his siblings and companions that as they believe the obliberation of Lorena was indefinite, he acknowledges that they were misguided of her death and that only she can be defeated if she is annihilated from her internal embodiment. Isabella also implies to them all that as she declared herself deceased for those given moments, Lorena now possesses the ability of inserting into the consiciousness of any immortal she seeks, but also implicates that each Old One are immune to that particular source of power. Astounded by the infomation given, Eric informs them all that Lorena's reign of aversion ends the night of the full moon, which will be her final stand.

10 Crest The Initiative of Vengeance February 28, 2014

Penetrated by the calamitic effects as she was temporarily obliberated at the hands of Gordon, Lorena comprehends her remaining initiative of revealing no attribution of affinity when she ignites the concluding contention between herself and The Old Ones. Meeting them in the resorting lounge, Lorena informs both Patience and Zyra that their junction will occur between the forthcoming midnight, when the full moon is upon is supplemented apex, which they will intensively manipulate the minds of The Old Ones and their companions (meaning commencing pain inflictions upon them), except for Gordon and André, whom will be considered her own responsibility of handling. Patience implicates to Lorena that the remaining witches who are contemplated as an immediate threat towards their upcoming procedure, will try to infiltrate their designated constraintment of ending their deliberate incantations, which Zyra implies that while she dispenses pain among the consciousness of the immortals, she will increasingly continue to intervene with Ayana and Jamia's presence in order to divert their complete attention in order for Lorena to carry out her absolute fulfillment to eradicate the species of vampires. Advising them both of her conclusive regulations, Lorena implies that their final confrontation may obtain an atrocious outcome of death, which will consummate their reason for existing, but acknowledges their indomitability of accepting her proposed intention and what she expects. Glorified by Lorena's affirmation, Patience and Zyra commences in a encantation that is consulted as a benediction to empower their faith of succeeding. Not acquiring enough sleep due to the intriguing infomation that was announced last night, Trinity is emanated into deep thought within her mind, which entails that precarious contengencies lie ahead for her sons and daughters. Advented by the presence of Eric, he recognizes that a critical allegation is exasperating her mental state and that she must acknowledge it to him before it reaches a critical analogy of instability. Agreeing with his formal explanation, Trinity implicates that she has an irregular feeling that Lorena and her adversaries will conduct in a inauspicious conspiracy to lure Eric and the others into a duplicitous temptation that will inflict their constitution in an agonizing way, which upon their distraction, will give Lorena the primary advantage to personally obliberate the lives of André and Gordon, as they are considered the key of annihilating Lorena once and for all. Astonished by his mother's correlation of Lorena's conjectured method of defending her coven, Eric informs Trinity that while his siblings are concerned of having the consciousness infiltrated by the opposed assailants, he mentions that their not pervading Lorena's location without the incorporating the immense minds of their witch companions, Ayana and Jamia, whom is able to conjure an elite obstructed incantation that can barricade the minds of Sariah, Kate, and Isabella; in order for them both to prevent Patience and Zyra from manipulating the minds of any other immortal and to relinquish Lorena's force field that is inhabited with conservation. Confounded by his impertinent objective of defeating Lorena, Trinity informs Eric that in order for them all to have the foudation of lineage among their sides, she acclaims herself to participate within the confrontation, which will give their coven the acummulated guidance of being lucrative under all circumstances. Implicating that their contrivance will go according to plan, Eric comforts his mother with a passionate affection and mentions that they are incapable of being extricated and that they all will rise above the current predicament that they soon must face, which Trinity acknowledges internally without regret. Igniting candle flames to commence their intensive power around the isolated domicile, in order to contract and link their abilities to one another and to interact with Patience and Zyra as equals, Ayana and Jamia perfrom a temporary seance in order to contact their ancestor Victoria for needed assistance, which can aid them in preperation for the concluding confrontation with the original witch, Lorena. Ayana implicates to Jamia that in order for their spell to function, they will need supervised conduction from a known entity that dealt with efficacious forces during ancient times, which Jamia acknowledges that she doubts to believe their ancestor will know how to obtain equivalent power that can help substain their abilities from resulting in one of their deaths. Implicating to Jamia that faith will attain them a miracle, Ayana initiates a seance and calls upon the occurence of Victoria, whom aggregates within the spirit realm and implies to Ayana and Jamia that it's considered extensive to see them again, and also mentions that their is an esoteric midst of energy that is upon their world, which Jamia implies to Victoria that they're trying to find an observation of obtaining power that is proportionate against Lorena and her inevitable companions. Contradicted by their indecisive question, Victoria implicates to them both that they have always contained the irrevocable power they inherited from their deceased ancestors including herself, when they configured the indelible capacity from the visit to Salem, Massachusetts. Asserting to Victoria that she had no awareness of using their inclined power from their eradicated lineage, Ayana informed her ancestor that she accredited that if her and Jamia synchronized that much aptitude, the outcome will result in the fatal dissolution of another supreme witch. Confirming her approved analogy, Victoria replied that her affirmation is only accurate if an unspecified witch does not procure the comparable abilites that is inferior, such as theirs. Aquiring her unlimited consultation, Jamia acknowledges Victoria's assistance and dissipates in the moment, leaving Ayana and Jamia capable of what they have to implement upon their opposition. Fully apprehensive of their final dispute that may affect their lives perpetually, while taking Eric's of advice of remaining skeptical; Isabella arrives at the residence of Kristina, whom has to inform her of a neglected artifact conceived in the grimoire of Vivian that disdained of being informed to Eric and herself during that moment. Accessed into her domicile, Isabella implicates to Kristina of what information did inherit that she considered a life and death engagement. Compiled by Isabella's tauntive expression, Kristina proclaims that her loyal companion Grant has attained her with procure information that coincides of annihilating Lorena until the point of no return. Isabella Indicates that Eric and the others have enumerated the given illumination of Lorena being eradicated by a hybrid, Kristina spontaneously interupts Isabella and implicates to her the devastating erudition, which she implies that as a hybrid incapitates the heart of the original witch herself, the archaic talisman (necklace) whom was sired by Lorena during the genesis of The Old Ones must be obliberated along with her. Questioning how they are suppose to detect the current location of Lorena's indeverant talisman, Isabella informs Kristina that conceiving the unexplainable fragment will take longer than expected due to crucial inductions. Kristina implicates that they don't have to inspect for it's current location, which Isabella inquires her purpose for declining as Kristina obliges to announce that Lorena's talisman is in the prevailing possession of Camille, whom's been wearing it for over two thousand years and never acknowledge the insignificant power that it holds within in order to obliberate the existence of Lorena. Astonished by Kristina's exposition, Isabella impels that they must apprise the others before contention is ignited, which Isabella and Kristina depart. Affronting each other at a convenient diner in order to obtain their indescrescent humanity; Terrell, Becca, and Xavier assemble in order to discuss their intended purposes for aiding The Old Ones in their final provocation. Becca implies to them both that without mythical supervision, they will all be vulnerable towards Lorena, along with her conceited companions, whom can obliberate them all. Taking her consideration into account, Xavier implicates that even if their lives were relinquished, due to being defenseless against their enemies, he proclaims that it's worth dying for, due to his loyalty to Eric and the rest of his superior siblings. Positively acknowledging Xavier's allegiance, Terrell informs Becca that once they devoted to their duty of being a sheriff that is consisted of a society of vampires, they gave The Old Ones their oath to protect any borough that seeks benefitation by any means necessary. As Terrell and Xavier decide to give their consent of excluding their duties till' the end of their existence, Becca unintentionally obliges to conform with her alleviate companions in order save humanity from supernatual disturbences. Preoccupied in the moment of attaining Destiny's wedding wardrobe and while she engaged of trying on each one, Vincent and Gordon insisted on attending in order to provide their legitimate support. Presenting the wedding wardrobe that she persisted on purchasing, Destiny obliges to have Gordon and Vincent's perspective based on how it appears on her, which Vincent proclaims that it was meant to be the one that she enervates on the day of their internal convocation that he also implicates that it will become a moment that will never be disremembered from their consiciousness, which Gordon assist to his mother that he admires how the wardrobe contains an immense image and demostrates that before she officially purchase the one she adores, she should imply to the attendant to intersect a couple lengths from the exterior side, in order to make the dress fit into it's appropriate measurement. Not knowing he knew much about fashionable accessories, Vincent implicates to Gordon how did he obtain all the knowledge based upon feminine attire, which Gordon explains that he couldn't help but notice that he cherishes a mortal girl (known as Jennifer) at his temporary job that designs her own clothing materials, while she attends the same insitution he currently goes to. Prevailing to Gordon why he never acknowledges himself, Destiny implies to her son that without conversing with a female he is very fond of will leave him with a conscious of regrets that can agitate him to a certain degree. Agreeing with Destiny's contemplation, Vincent implies to Gordon that waiting for her to approach his postion in order for them to connect internally is impossible without taking risks that can change their veiwpoints of how they define one another. Determining whether either of their consultations will help cope with the idea that he is immortal and will continue to remain, while she is to perish within the decades, Gordon keeps his mental composure and appreciates his mother and father for their unattained suggestions, while Destiny's dress is prepared for investment. Digitigrading among Central Park with Kate, Michael begins to reminisce on how they first met each other and came to their current position of being in a intrusive relationship. Kate implicates that knowing he was considered apprehensive in a cognitive state of mind, she is fortunate that she approach him with courage in order to get to know what his eccentric personality is consisted with, which she proclaims is the reason why she fell intensively in love with him. Affectionate towards her infatuating explanation of why she became his primary choice upon spending his life with her, Michael implicates that he had no intention of approaching her, due to the fact that he took life as it was given to him and cautiously explains to Kate that in the time, he was among a terrible character of controlling his cravings for human blood, which would liberate his humanity within and intact with his deviant instincts that would act upon no self-esteem of control towards any mortal, except for his love for her. Implicating the reasons of his last statement that he addressed, Kate acknowledges to Michael that the only reason he began to recover his inhumane compassion was due to her inserting into his life at the right particular moment, which Gordon complies to her unadvised question and replies that she's the only reason for still having hope within a cruel society that can devour an individual's entire understanding of remaining upon a society that has inherited greed and corruption within the years. Gaining a clear understanding of his past motives for distancing himself from mortal beings, Kate rapidy approaches Michael's position and comforts him in a time of sorrow and grievancing, which Michael implies to her that as the full moon appears over the skyline, which can supposedly be the end of their formal existence, he wants her to have complete accertainty of knowing that he unconditionally loves her with every aspect within himself, which Kate retorts with an emotional state of mind and embraces him with an disconsolate salutation, as they remain in the park. Taking her mind off the upcoming misforturne that will put the society of all supernaturals and mortals on an elliptical balance of survival, Camille spends the day with Scott, whom are preparing a letigative project along with Matthew and Wesley, which is an assignment that is required for the end of their purposed examnations. Implicating about how she is worried about their safety during the full moon that is expected to initiate once darkness falls over New York City, Camille obiges Scott and the others not to involve themselves of what's going to be occuring during the night, which can result in the obliberation of their lives. Feeling that she's contradicting herself more than usual, Scott exemplifies that he would risk himself regardless of the consequences that are involved, which he explains that they're not compatible of what he currently feels for her. Implicating how they obtianed no surprised threat towards Lorena, Matthew informs Camille that he is volunteering his services which is based on the fact that sha has been there for him multiple of times during his matriculation at the university and condones her for trying to make the same mistake for not informing him what can jeopardize their lives. Acknowledging Camille's advice, Wesley replies that Camille isn't considered the only one who's going to have their lives implicated if they deny the circumstances that is eradicating their surroundings, which Camille suggests that she appreciates their astoundment of trying to cope with their remaining problem who happens to be a necromancer who eventually is still operative based on no intentive conclusion on how to defeat her perpetually. Scott recommends Matthew and Wesley that they should convey Camille's advisement, which would give her more satisfaction than to be worried while defending herself and others that are immortal inhabitants of their world. Giving Scott the gratitude for influencing the others to obey by her declared assumption, Camille implicates to Scott that knowing difficult junctures lies ahead, she informs him that he has to remain aware and capable of taking care of their friends if convulsed perturbations comes their way, which Scott endorses by the specified information given and passionately comforts Camille with a perception of being loved, while they all continue to work on the assigned project given. Leaving the movie theater, André and Sariah converse about how they predict their future will be due to how conflicted and threatening many supernatural species are getting all over the world, which André implicates that he doesn't consider all species that are causing havoc in different communities, but the ones who want to gain unlimited power, which is a threat to humanity and to themselves because they fail to attain the knowledge on how to govern it. Sariah implies that knowing she can't bear children due to the fact that she is considered obliberated, she insists that she would become very affectionate if she could procure a family of daughters and sons that will love her, but if not, she informs André that it would astonishingly be a blessing to still have him within her continous life. Holding Sariah's hand intensively, André states that she would always have family that will be considered her own, due to the servitude that she has shown towards his siblings and how she never inflicted betrayal, which Sariah begins to enormously blush and reply that she has always cherished the moments she's instilled with his family members, whom she recognizes as her own brothers and sisters. André implicates that deciding upon their future can be postponed for numerous of hours until they deal with their inevitable indescretion with the original witch and her adversaries. While continue to walk back to their residence, André embraces Sariah with an adorable kiss on the lips and notifies her that their lives will be given monumental moments that they must preserve within, to not let the darkness forget why they continue to exist each day. Sariah implies that spending each moment with him is something that she would rather do until the conclusion of their system has been eradicated, which the two continue to walk directly home. Completed his last class for the semester, Dominic meets up with Brian in order to catch up on the many days they been distant with one another. Dominic implies that it's good to see that he has changed his point of view based on how all children of the night are not considered corrupted and live without humanity within them, which Brian rapidly approaches Dominic's forward postion and admits of sleeping with Kristina. Astounded at his remarkable testimony, Dominic questions Brian's motives and legally explain to him that Kristina is the type of vampire that will limit the accustom of his emotional feelings, in order to use him to satisy herself when it's necessary. Knowing that he wouldn't like idea of them sleeping together, Brian implicates that before he initiated a sexual relationship with her, morals and values have already been established, which he explained that Kristina declared that they're not committing to a relationship, but in order to relate to one another through sexual encounters during most of the unexpected times. Acknowledging his reasons for misunderstandings that occurred during the last couple of days, Dominic apologizes and informs Brian that he enables him to be careful how he defines the contengencies he currently has going on with Kristina. Fully aware of his misconceptions, Brian accepts his cousin's guidance and offers to treat him to dinner, which Dominic joyfully acquires as they procure on their way to dinner. Both sharing a glass of dispensed packaged blood, Ariana and Selene celebrates the accomplishments Ariana has made due to the fashion shows and commencement organizations she has donated to under her enterprise, which equally has incorportated over five-hundred million dollars towards her endowment. Congratulating Ariana on her success, Selene implicates how she was able to co-exist within the human society for two-thousand years as an unknown aspect, whom rised as an undergraduate student attending one of the most prestigous institutions on earth to becoming one the most aspiring models and fashion designers throughtout the world of acustoms. Ariana fully acknowledges her complement and implies that she always apprehended within her consciousness that she wanted to be a successful model that was known for giving the world of fashion what it deserved, which was stability, guidance, and the accurate direction to led in. Selene questions whether Ariana regrets enrolling out of college in order to pursue the occupation she was destined to have, which Ariana implicates that she only remained in her post-secondary education in order to make her brother Eric blissful with her progress, but instead chose to emulate in her own accord. Declaring that she should remain within her jurisdiction as CEO of her enterprise, Selene rapidly accesses over the Ariana position and pours her another round of human vital fluid, which Ariana deliberately accepts as a notion, which they continue to celebrate with contentment. Remaining in his compartment under no suspicion, Eric is calmly and intensively draining the blood from an innocent nurse whom he dismantled from the nearby emergency room. Uninvited and cordially walking in or Eric's manifestation; while Isabella gazes at him with an incompetent expression, Kristina informs him that apparently Lorena declined to remain deceased when Gordon obliberated her was due to her authoritative talisman from not being destroyed in the process, which Eric implicates that it's Camille's necklace, which has consistently been in her possession all along. While his cellular phone vibrates, Isabella rapidly arrives at it's destination and answers the unknown call, whom appears to be Lorena asking for Eric personally. As Isabella informs Eric that it's Lorena contacting him for conclusive purposes, Eric propels the deceased body on the floor and fastly rushes to elucidate the current call, which he observes Lorena and informs her when shall their antagonism end, which Lorena implicates that the location will be in the nucleus of Central Park and implies to Eric that he should say his prayers before he arrives, which Eric exemplies in laughter and implies to her that so it shall. Terminating the call, Eric retracts his attention over to Isabella and Kristina to inform them both that Lorena's existence ends tonight.

11 Crest Conclusion Of Us All March 7, 2014

Giving a couple of hours to emancipate the inferious plot as the sun goes down into it's hibernation, Eric and Isabella spend affectionate time with one another, which Isabella begins to question whether it's their last day upon the earth. Quite concerned about Eric's safety, Isabella implies to him that confronting Lorena during this dispute may become a grave mistake, which Eric implicates to his love that he's considered an "Old One" and begins to clarify that his chance of surviving Lorena's penetration is ten times as superior than Isabella surviving this destructional event upon immortals. Antagonized by his acrimonious remark, Isabella rapidly access to the outside balcony to cope, which Eric realizes that his statement was considered hurtful. Fastly approaching the surface platform in order to seek forgiveness from Isabella, Eric commences his former statement and acknowledges that when the time comes for them to engage in the upcoming confrontation, he wouldn't let no detrimentive misfortune ruin her by any means necessary. Taking his justification to heart, Isabella remorsefully caresses Eric and implies that she shall love him towards the end, which Eric replies the same the corresponding analogy. Wanting to initiate an all effeminate discussion with her daughters Camille and Ariana as they prepare themselves; Trinity implicates to them both that instead of preying among the mortal society of humans when they're temper gets the best of them, they both should become more obligated to their personal duties rather than spend much more unlimited time on their occupational problems. Advising her mother that since she wasn't present for thousands of centuries, Ariana implies that her and Camille has always percieved the family in an positive attribute by making sure the balance of nature would never become taken for granted to retributed towards darkeness. Camille also implicates that it was never her intention to misguide their family into the wrong path nor eradicate innocent beings for being considered the provision to automatically obliberate due to their informative vital fluids. Contending both of her daughter's reasonable explanation of following the guidelines of being a sophisticated family that are supernatural, Trinity declares to them both that in doing so, she is consulted grateful to be a mother of significant and inferior beings that has pledge to protect the species of the weak and keep their converted lifestyle within their domicile. Appreciating them both for not refusing her affirmations, Trinity request a brief caressment from Camille and Ariana before the imminent conflict they must all attend to will most likely become a torture towards all immortals. Detected at the nearby alter for prayer and to seek guidance from the heavenly gods, Kate issues an attempt towards the providence above to protect the ones she loves dearly within her heart and to incliment annihilation upon the seditionists that pursues desolation upon the inhabitants of the earth. Interrupted by his arrival, Michael implicates to Kate why she would dissipate the remaining hours obtaining to them in order to prepare for enmity by appealing to superior beings he opposes to believe in. Kate replies that in order for them all to find patience along with happiness, they must accredit the ones responsible for containing the world with love, perfection, including death as a placid conclusion. Giving her the benefit of the doubt, Michael implicates to Kate that if there was a supreme being among the stars that glancing at their every action, he wouldn't let death be caused by the guilt of anonymous creatures among the night and he certaintly wouldn't authorize an inferior necromanced witch to propel the existence of every different supernatural that was born with an unknown cause. Trying not to give in to Michael's indiscriminate opinion, Kate informs him that attaining faith will internally give them the peace they seek in order to properly obliberate Lorena under the accurate terms. Not wanting to observe Kate's acknowledgement due to the limited time they have, Michael intimately attains Kate and silently informs her that they're completely on their own during this dispute and must provise their disposition before it commences. Mentally admitting to his objective, Kate departs from the alter along with Michael who continues to envision the discernment given. Viewing the city's skyline to get a full knowledge of what's currently occuring through multiples of screams and agony, André begins to reminisce on how this wasn't considered the first time that New York has been afflicted with numerous obliberations. Unexpectedly in his presence in order to retract his distress temper, Sariah implicates to him that all the pain that they're beginning to suffer externally will be abolished before the dawn reaches it's peak. Questioning on how she would contract such a mental and imperious outcome, André implies that it's considered easy for her to acknowledge, when she's not the individual who has to end the life of Lorena, including the cooperation of his nephew Gordon, whom he is intensively concerned about. Sariah addresses that it's not his appropriate task that is bothering him, but his concern of Gordon not fulfilling his duty when the time confines him, while André may be protecting the others due to the original witch's mind manipulation. Admitting his assumptions, André implies that if he's not the one to obliberate Lorena herself, Gordon has to uphold his responsibility and carry out his assigned commission in order to finalize the conflict, without any abberations to distract him. Acknowledging his thoughts in mind, Sariah informs him that he shouldn't be estrained and that the essential function will be accomplish by any means. Embracing her with several salutations, André responds to Sariah that he hopes so. Physically and rapidly engaged in a training regime, Vincent and Gordon industriously dispute in order to lengthen Gordon's combat expertise before the approaching confrontation with the witches. As they both conclude within their contentions, Gordon asks his father whether he ever regret in slaughtering another supernatural during his ancient centuries among the earth, which Vincent implies that feeling regret towards a vial enemy, knowing that the opposing individual wants to obliberate him without any remorse is considered intentional. Breaking it down into better terms, Vincent implicates to Gordon that feeling remorse towards annihilating Lorena when honestly knowing they she deserves is not required of his assigned obligation. Gordon exemplifies that he's trying not to let his emotional state of min get in the way of his mission that must take it's course when the time comes. Knowing that it may briefly get into his consciousness during the contention, Vincent impulsively compels Gordon to temporarily repel his emotions until the conclusion of the engagement has consummated, which Gordon exonerates from his compulsion awareness and agrees to his father's assortment without any further disagreements. Awaiting the arrival of the full moon within the soaring skys; Dominic, Brian, and Destiny arrives to their underground domicile in order to restrain themselves in corpulent steel chains that can resist their strength of releasing themselves from their transitional wolf forms, which Dominic doubts will contain them. Brian implicates to them both that how will they all detect the exact location of The Old Ones, due to them not being mentally conscious within their telepathy abilities. Revising her apparent assumption, Destiny implies to Dominic and Brian that she is able to hear the thoughts of Vincent and Gordon, which the ability was aquired once she gave immediate birth to Gordon. Retrieving the good information answered by his sister, Dominic implies that once that are postioned within their wolf form, they must swiftly arrive at their aprised location before Ayana and Jamia relinquishes the area of Central Park under an assured encantation, which no supernatural will be able to enter, nor a mortal being. Ferociously eagered to exempt into the night that will forever haunt them within numerous decades from now, Brian recalls to his siblings that they must live by their accustomed oath that they established in order to remain by a pledge to protect their own kind and especially their companions, which will occur during the confrontaion of the night's inevitable contention. Summoning a great compromise of their deceased lineage in order to exert their abilities within their own persona, Ayana and Jamia are currenly bargaining with their ancestors, which is to notify them that once their purpose if fulfilled by obliberating Lorena, they will return their inexclusive power within the spirit realm. Implicating to Jamia that their contricted abilities is considered indevearant, Ayana implies that as they are breaking the concentration of Patience and Zyra's imminent pain inflictions (in order to break through into Lorena's forcefield), they both shall engage with penetrating the minds of Lorena's adversaries in order to keep them temporarily unconsciouss until the one they obey is obliberated. Accepting the fact that their plan is established among order, Jamia implies that as they subject a protection encantation around the entire area of Central Park, they should apply a serene and motion auditor that can reflect sounds coming from inside the border extent that will not gain attention from the outer society, which Ayana implies how she agrees heavily with Jamia's expectations. Questioning their opposed collusion, Jamia acknowledges whether or not their capabilities will exceed in success when confronting Patience and Zyra, which Ayana informs her that it has to exert or their entire engagement will fail under all circumtances. Astounded by Kristina's choice to participate in the confrontation with Lorena, Selene questions why she would imply herself in such danger, when she's considered known for escaping the any area when devious assertions occur during any given moment. Confounded by Vincent's progeny, Kristina implicates to Selene that she's had her past where she's done her indescresent services of betraying the allies closest to her, which includes her former companions The Old Ones, but she continues to imply that times have alternated and she's seeking full redemption of her atrocious sins. Not depicting on whether to believe her or not, Selene exemplifies that she'll only gain full confidence in her when the contention takes place and she presents to everyone what she has to offer in order to save humanity from the depths of Lorena's flaws. Having no explanation of departing from their upcoming surroundings, Kristina implicates that once their immensive nightmare is settled, all she inquires is the current acceptance from all of The Old Ones, including Eric, whom she owes a grave apology to, including his mate Isabella. Infoming Kristina that only her actions will provide accurate answers for them all, Selene rapidly approaches her current position and implies that she hopes she prepared because the conflicitng enmity has arrived upon them, since the full moon is exceedingly in the upper atmosphere. With the full moon arising over the horizon, the night is plagued by the undestructible forces of Lorena, whom is eradicating numerous of immortals, including werewolves. Upon the exact hour, Eric and The Old Ones, along with their companions await in Central Park for the unexpected appearance of Lorena and her adversaries. Implicating to Terrell, Becca, and Xavier their assigned positions, Eric demands that they remain unspecified of notice until he gives them any further declarations of when their needed. As the area's sheriffs retains to their assigned duties, Eric notifies Ariana on the location of Dominic, Destiny and Brian, which Ariana implicates that since the full moon is in it's immediate apex, their currently in their transition to shift which is being held at their underground domicile and will meet them upon Lorena's arrival. Before transitioning into their wolf forms and immensed in excruciating pain, Dominic informs Brian and Destiny that after they're trasnfiguration is completed, they will accumulate together in order to sense where The Old Ones are stationed within Central Park in order initiate in battle against the extortions of the original witch. Agreeing upon his demand; Dominic, Brian, and Destiny begin to extract into painful reactions, which they complete their transitioning and depart from the underground domicile. Igniting a protection incantation in order to keep mortals away from their confrontational dispute, Ayana and Jamia conjure full capacity of their current spell, which they both believe they're possessing the current abilities of the deceased ancestors. Feeling the coercions of a mystical energy, The Old Ones are approached by the arrival of Lorena, Patience and Zyra whom undissipates within the area. Announcing her last atonement, Lorena implicates to Eric and his siblings that tonight, they will result in dissolution of a point of no return and that they'll annihilation will implicate the existence of all vampires and werewolves within the entire globe. As Eric stands firmly in her presence, he is postioned along with Trinity, Vincent, Michael, André, Camille, Ariana, Selene, Kate, Sariah, Kristina, Ayana, Jamia and furiously by Dominic, Brian, and Destiny while in their wolf forms. Contemplating on how each Old One and their companions arrived on the night of their own destruction, Lorena profoundly conjures an elemental encantation that is pervaded with an asphyxiate spell that can annihilate a vampire within miles away, which is coming towards the direction of The Old Ones and their adversaries. Before it could enxonerate upon the original vampire family and their companions, Ayana and Jamia approaches the unmercifal conjurement and intensively entitles the elemental force that they dissipate within several minutes. Relieved by their untensified abilites, Lorena instensively declares Patience and Zyra to concept against the unattained awareness of Ayana and Jamia, whom they greatly oppose to as a threat. As tension begins to eradicates, Eric declares Sariah, Kate, and Kristina to split up in different adjustmentss, while he instructs Destiny, Dominic, and Brian to intervene with Patience and Zyra's specific location; which they rapidly violates the environment of the two and unexpectedly, Brian and Dominic tries to lacerate Patience as well as Destiny willing to eliminate Zyra. Conjuring pain inflictions upon the three werewolves, Patience and Zyra begins to inflict indevious agony on whom they come into contact with. Discovering the location of Sariah, Kate, and Kristina; Zyra initiates their complete consciousness into irrelevant infliction, which they all result in immensive suffering. Viewing Destiny and her siblings in misery; Vincent and Michael tend to their services of coming to their aid and helping them cope with their temporary paroxysm. As Jamia and Ayana view the destruction that Lorena and her adversaries are causing, Ariana and Camille advises them to break through Zyra and Patience's illumination in order to discredit their impassive connection towards Lorena's inferior power. Continuing to conjure the mental spell, Ayana and Jamia contrives the breakthrough of their hidden source and implicates their abilities by eradicating their connection to Lorena. As the pain inflictions among Destiny, Dominic, Brian, Sariah, Kate and Kristina concludes, Ariana and Camille intensively restrains Zyra and Patience by their cervix's and compels them to depart from their current location and to remember nothing about residing with Lorena and etc. As Lorena's former adversaries depart, she realizes that her arrangement isn't going according to plan, which Eric rapidly views that she's isolated within the perimeter, he implies to Camille to give the talisman (necklace) to Ayana and Jamia, in order for it to obliberate along with Lorena. Conveying the talisman to Ayana, Camille informs her that she has to eradicate the ancient talisman or else Lorena will not demise along with it. As Ayana and Jamia are commencing the ecantation of destroying Lorena's talisman, Eric gives André and Gordon the signal to prepare for their final performancel. Unexpectedly and rapidly accessing to the location of Lorena, Eric fastly discharges her towards the nearby area in which he begins to intensively collapse and exonerates in an emulsive pain castigation as Lorena recovers instantly. At the point of eradicating her talisman, Ayana and Jamia formulate their incantation assertion together, which attains accelerated perspires towards the necklace and results in it's eradication. Giving André and Gordon the acknowledgement of her allurement being destroyed and without giving her full attention to her backward preposition, André rapidly accesses to Lorena's position and restrains her by the cervix, which Gordon instantly expedites to her fronter area, in which he incapitates her heart as André decapitates her entire inner esophagus, which the remaining corpse of Lorena collapses to the terrain and immediately decomposes within seconds. While Eric recovers from his temporary confinement, he is reunited with his siblings, including Vincent, Michael, Camille, Ariana, André and along with The Old Ones entire companion administration whom includes Ayana, Jamia, Sariah, Kristina, Kate, and still in their wolf form; Dominic, Destiny and Brian. Approaching Eric and embracing him with a momentarily junction, Michael exclaims that their tribulation is over, which he implies that it indeed it, which the others agree in happiness and comfort. During the ending credits, Trinity is contacted by Gordon and implicated that he didn't hesitate to complete his assigned task and acknowledges her for the monumental advice, which Trinity only implies that she loves him and is truly diginified of his courage.

12 Crest Tendencies Never Forgotten March 14, 2014

In the role of New York City being emancipated from Lorena's calamitous coercion upon all supernaturals, The Old Ones commemortate in an distinctive occasion at their residence, which they honor the fact that their species remains subsisted among the mortal society. Aroused by their proficiency and able to see another day of her life, Camille is occupied by the association of her love Scott and best friends Matthew and Wesley. Scott implicates to Camille that out of all the contentions she's been involved in, has she ever been apprehensive towards the conclusion of her existence, which Camille acknowledges his empathy upon her past life, which Camille implies that their disputes against Lorena was considered perplexed, due to the fact that she knew how to eradicate the lives of her and her indestructive siblings. Matthew exemplifies to Camille that is it the reason why their coven has migrated in numerous of different locations in order to avoid the connection they had bared with the original witch, just to prevent their species from being exonerated. Astonished by his comment, Camille relunctantly informs Matthew that they have resided in the city that never sleeps for six-hundred years based on how the economy operated before and never used the perseverance of Lorena as an excuse. Wesley examines the reasons why Camille and her family took the initiative of obliberating Lorena during the Middle Ages, which Camille implies that during the time, they're wasn't an indeverant solution of defeating Lorena and that it took them over two-thousand centuries to discover her occult which was aided by the assistance of her deceased niece. Implicating to them all why she's considered in such a irrational condition, Camille concludes their discussion by asking Scott to take a walk with her as the formidable dawn is upon the skyline of the city. In the lounge area consuming numerous vials of dispensed blood packages, André contemplates on their ascendancy of completing thier assigned objective as he is supervised by Sariah, whom tries to make certain that he doesn't have an oppresive migraine due to the numbers of inclinations he endeavored. Questioning his intense distubing behaivor, Sariah implies that he should slowly decrease his consumption of the cravings he is currently utilizing, which André implicates that as he reminisces through the flashbacks he is obtaining while in a eccentric condition, he explains to Sariah that as he and Gordon annihilated Lorena during the previous hours of the night, he explains that he felt perceived by the pain she was currently conjecturing and that he could sense her emotions within her inhumane soul. Beginning to inquire whether André suspects that Lorena had a conscious of regrets, Sariah informs him that it was imminent to tell whether Lorena wanted to be extricated from her convictions that she caused among all vampires and that it isn't considered his accountability to acquire empathy for an atrocious witch that had showed no commiseration of what she had extricated during the remaining days she had before being obliberated. Acknowledging her explanation of neglecting what could've been proclaimed, André implicates to Sariah that it was irrational to envision such a fictional deception which leads him to impulsively intoxicate himself and requests for Sariah's hand in a brief cavort, which she accepts and the two alterate themselves to the dance floor within the commons. Invariably admiring each other throughout the entire celebration, Brian and Kristina acknowledges each other as they both accesses to one another's postition. Implicating why she's currently alone while everyone are enjoying themselves and their accompanies, Brian questions why Kristina refers to be exhiled from the glorification of existing, which Kristina implies that she has never been the one to dance during special occasions but implicates that she's even more skilled in intimate exertions. As Brian continues to blush based on intriguing response, which he recommends that it's something worth commending due to the excessive oppressions many of them had to face and applies to Kristina that as long as she's been upon the earth, he wouldn't mind assisting her how to cavort to the music that is current within society. Implicating why he adores her to the extent of affection, Kristina inquires Brian's perspective of why he seeks to gain her approval on numerous possibilites, which Brian implies that he's grown very fond of her and that she's considered the first immortal (vampire) to ever had him feel this particular way about another humane supernatural. Quite perplexed about his enamored theory, Kristina blushes and implicates that she has never preferred any other man other than Eric to fulfill her inclinations but accepts Brian's invocation and takes his hand in order to be conducted onto the harmonious mezzanine. Estatic to select the upcoming members of the Honor's Society and amazed by their contributed aspects, Michael informs Kate that depending on their evaluated skills exam, many of the remaining will be excluded from the impervious events that the committee has planned. Deprived on the fact that he's currently discussing academics on another provision, Kate exemplifies why Michael isn't obtruse about the reason for obliberating the original witch herself, which he implicates to Kate that as old as she become (maturing by the centuries) as an immortal (vampire), she will contemplate less on the contentions held with supernaturals beings but will never exclude the memory of such a cataclysmic event to enlighten on what occured during the past hours. In their concluded conversation about Lorena; Kate suggests to Michael that having knowledge of their school year coming to an end, she implies to Michael that she's in negotiations of transferring to another prestigous institution, which Michael questions her ideological decision under all circumstances. Kate implicates that she's in love with NYU, but also proclaims that she wants to broaden her environment on meeting different individuals within her major field and acknowledge associates of their elite upperclass college experience. Endorsing the procedure she has already claimed and enumerating it within his consciousness, Michael agrees with Kate's compromise and implicates to her that where ever she feels comfortable fulfilling, especially if it's associated with her occupational major, he wouldn't extract it as a deviant predicament to obtain. Exulted about his acceptance request based on her primary accomodation, Kate embraces Michael with a desirous salutation, which he blushes in atonement, but mentally questions her projected preposition. Not attending their residential commemoration and not informing none of their companions of their specific location, Vincent and Destiny are currently engaged in their marriage ceremony, which is held at an unspecified & significant alter. As the priest informs them both to speak upon their vows, Vincent implicates to Destiny that she is considered his internal and external reason for existing in an unstable world they reside in. As Destiny begins to weap with alleviation, Vincent also implies that many of his accused mistakes were apprehended by the presence of her advice, which made him began to think intensively of every decision he made. Exemplifying that he loves her far beyond the stars connected to the moon's heart, Vincent concludes by acknowledging that he's nothing without Destiny being in his life. As the priest inquires Destiny that it's considered her chance to announce her vows to Vincent, Destiny implicates to her newly-establised husband that he has obtained her heart since they first interacted during the the previous years. She concludes by informing Vincent that the love they contribute within both hearts are a symbol of respect, loyalty, and adulation; which is why Destiny implies to Vincent that without no devotion acquired between they're realtionship and personal matters, no committment disposition would have been established, which it has and Destiny silently informs Vincent that she will devote her love to him physically and mentally, in everyway humanly possible. As Vincent is astonished by Destiny's assertions, the priest announces that they are alleviated to salutate each other as they are now both husband and wite. Embracing each other with irresistable comfort, Vincent implies to Destiny that he's never letting her depart from his vitality, as Destiny implicates that she never intends on abandoning him or their child, which leaves them both with unconditional contentment. Following the current events at The Old Ones Estate, Gordon is easily manipulated by the beauty of an unfamiliar girl whom was invited by a guess by Camille. Tempting whether or not to approach her, Gordon is coverged by his grandmother for unintended purposes, Trinity; whom implicates to him that he hasn't participated in any of the activities since the festivity initiated, which Gordon implies to her that he is undetained from concentrating based on the arrival of an angelic being that caught his primary attention and is ignited throughout his internal and external tendencies. Viewing the affection they both share, Trinity exemplifies that Gordon should introduce himself and begin a nuetral conversation in order to see if that main discussion leads to monumental events, such as falling in love or proceeding on a date. Doubting that he could gain her acceptance and undivided attention, Gordon replies that he is opposed of compelling her, which he feel isn't legitimate to enjoy himself. He implicates to Trinity that if he is destined to fall in love with her, he would want it to be official within his humanity, than rather fraudulent based on mind compulsion. Giving him his final piece of advice, Trinity informs Gordon that if he feels that she is worth fighting for in order to have her in his life, then he should have the courage enough to approach her and converse different topics that matriculates within their consciousness. Loving the authenticity that he can come to his grandmother based on certain aspects of his life, Gordon acknowledges her admonition and gains the initiative of approaching the unknown girl, which Gordon specifically introduces himself and she replies in return by revealing her name, what appears to be Helena. As the conversation begins to retract and engage in particular meanings, Gordon ironically glares back to Trinity's position whom mentally applauses his accomplishment, as Gordon blushes based on her consultation. Figured that they'll deflect the wonderful evening with their companions in order to spend time together, Ariana and Dominic ambulates through the neighborhood and begins to engage in a unique conversation based on his interaction of experiencing the intriguing pain of Lorena's abilities, which still disturbs his mere presence. Ariana implicates to him that experiencing her afflictions among other supernatuals is considered an agony that is beyond comparing to any other injuries within each other's mental institution. Regarding his personal involvement, Dominic insures that the tribulation he suffered at the hands of Lorena was worth obtaining, due to the fact that he was trying to defend his companions, whom personally Dominic considers his current family of some sort. Fond of his statement, Ariana implies that his past observation is not worth mentioning, based upon that Lorena's existence is currently relinquished and that her presence will only remind them how agonizing their lives were, which could of been annihilated. Dominic also implicates that seeing her suffer through calamity had made it clear to initiate himself as her current guardian at all costs, as he implies that it doesn't matter whether she's known as an ancient vampire, which Ariana takes his demanding affirmations in acception. She replies that she'll hold him to his legitimate word and proclaims that as a threatening accusation arrives that contains superior abilities that cannot compare to his own, she's is willing to retrieve in action, which Dominic becomes fully aware of. Concluding with a given arrangement as they begin to blush, Dominic and Ariana continue to ambulate throughout the awakening morning. Inspired to spend her elaborated time with her newly accounted companions, Ayana and Jamia; Selene spends the morning with the two as they converse and discuss about the critcal moments within the recent contention with Lorena. Selene states that she figured it was the end of her immortal life based upon the fact that Lorena had the upper leverage upon them all and began to doubt Ayana and Jamia can penetrate her consciousness off the minds of the penetrated supernaturals. Acclaiming that it wasn't a obvious answer to attain to, Ayana implicates that once they discovered the unknown weakness of Lorena, which was apparent to be the existence of her indeverious talisman, Ayana became capable of deciphering the spell to relinquish it, along with the formal existence of the original witch herself. Proclaiming how she speaks the truth, Jamia acknowledges the fact how they were able to summon the ability to contract the power to form the inevitable forcefield in order to keep mortals secured and away from, which she incorporates that she was never aware that her and Ayana carried the indestructible power of their deceased ancestors and is currently gratified by the accustomed abilities. As their assigned task was previously accomplished without any one of their alibies being obliberated, Selene informs them both that she requests for a inherent vacation in order to diverge herself away from the negativity of the abnormal community, which Ayana and Jamia begin to convulse in meaningful contengencies, while the three continue to enjoy their night of diverting confabulations. Prevailed away from the celebration, Eric is confined in the meticulous moment of draining the vital fluid of another innocent victim whom he has compelled in order to get what he needs from her. The unknown woman questions why is he committing such an atrocious act against her will, which Eric implies that he admires the fact of consuming the blood of live human beings, that he no longer has control of his inner humanity and who he was meant to be, which his retractable fangs matriculates back into her cervix, which she beings to remorsefully weaps in contentment. Hearing his name being acknowledge from Isabella, Eric terminates in feeding from his current source and implicates to her that it's now her time to demise, which the woman begs for his accepted analogy, whom he ignores and discharges her off the balcony as she falls to her intermediate death. Opening the door to only view Eric getting swiftly prepared for his amazing night with his siblings, Isabella questions why he hasn't been in notion during several hours of the diversion, which Eric implies that he was recently out in order to regain his clear thought of mind based on their previous confrontation with Lorena. As she slowly approches him within the mirror preference, Isabella implicates to him that all she requires is that he never lies to her under any circumstances and is informed to always tell her the accurate truth during any trial and tribulation that may cost him in loosing her. Astounded by her statement, Eric implies that he will never attend to such a distraughtful exploitation that will apprehend his relationship with her and begins to comfort Isabella intensively. As she is being comforted within his arms, Isabella begins to familiarize and acknowledge the scent of persisted blood he recently consumed and obtains a figurated expression. Promising on his behalf to ensure his current and internal behaivor and completed getting attired, Eric request to have the hand of Isabella to join her in a formal dance in order to enjoy the obscured morning upon them all, which she accepts and they conclude to their destination in the residential commons. During the ending credits; As Dominic, Destiny and Vincent sleeps converged in their unparalleled compartments, a mystical energy is revived into their domicile that intensifies and enters their immune system, which ignites a radiance that is seen from their inner anatomy and concludes by retracting is luminous refulgent.


  • Keshia Chanté (Lorena) becomes a Season 4 regular.
  • Shannon Kane (Trinity) becomes a series regular.
  • Bronson Pelletier (Brian) becomes a series regular.