Biographical Information
Birthdate18th February, 1987
Perpetual Age24
InstitutionNew York University (Graduate)
OccupationDistrict Prosecutor
Height5'7" (123cm)
Hair ColorBlack
Eye ColorBrown
Skin ColorBrown
Family Information
First SeenSeason 2
Last SeenSeason 2
Played ByTika Sumpter

"I wouldn't want to state the fact that I told you so!" ~Sage~

Sage was a collegue, best-friend and co-worker of Isabella. They both attended the same post-secondary college and graduated the same year. Majoring in the same field, they both became really close as they matriculated throughtout their undergraduate years. Upon graduation, Isabella referred Sage towards the corporate firm that Isabella is currently employed at. For five years now, they were currently co-workers in the field of law as well.

Season 2Edit

Isabella would bring her bestfriend Sage to help prepare for her wedding, but Sage has doubts that questions Isabella's actions towards her future. As the ending credits occur, Kristina is shown compelling Sage to kill Isabella during the wedding dinner rehearsal. During the dinner rehearsal, Sage needed to inform Isabella of a corporate problem but instead Sage attacks Isabella which resulted in Isabella being staked through her stomach. Eric quickly snaps Sage neck, while Isabella quickly heals from her wounds. While checking the now decomposing body, Camille informs Eric that she's been compelled and Eric couldn't have guessed furthermore that it was Kristina's idea of a devastating scheme, as he begins to fear what Kristina has in store next.


Sage had a very loyal, self-determined and halarious personality. She is truly close to Isabella when it comes to her own problems with issues, such as men and during other catastrophic moments. Sage is also the type that will tell any individual what is necessarily wrong with them or if they intimidate her in any sort of way.

Physical AppearanceEdit

Sage was a beautiful young woman with an ebony-chocolate complexion, round-shaped eyes, and long/smooth black hair. Sage wears top of line make-up of a specific brand and designs her own clothes much often.