The Old Ones Family Crest

The Olympic Crest is a family crest that is worn by the original congregation of immortals; The Old Ones. Each member wears the crest to show that they're a family, not just a coven, and it also shows their loyalty to each other. They are always seen wearing their form of the crest. The only exception to that is Camille's crest isn't seen during fighting and most running scenes, due to its bulkiness and when running on the green screen it hits her.


Each part of the crest represents something different: the lion represents strength and ferocity, which is a characteristic of the vampires. The hand is faith and sincerity, showing that The Old Ones are loyal to each other. The trefoil at the bottom is perpetuality, which is lasting forever, showing the vampires' inability to die naturally.


Eric, Vincent, André and Michael each wear a leather cuff bracelet on their right hand. Camille wears a large pendant necklace, which changes to a small one with bright colors during Season 3, and changes again to an even smaller pendant in Season 4. Ariana wears a choker-like necklace in Season 1 and Season 4. She was seen wearing a turquoise cabachon bracelet that also had the crest on it. In Season 2, she is seen wearing a long necklace with the crest on. Eric also wears a silver ring on his left hand. Trinity was originally supposed to wear a green and gold bracelet, but it was later changed to silver.