Imperial Coven
Coven Information
Founding TimeBetween 1755-1800
ResidenceOntario, Canada
Founded ByReed
AliasAltruistic Coven
Membership Information
MembersReed (Leader)
OccupationProcuring Against the Vampire Law

The Imperial Coven was a group consisted of four nomadic vampires, Reed with self-preservation among vampires within different vicinities; Dawn and Wade with undefined tracking senses due to their abilities; and Natalie with the advantage of abandoning her enemies when necessary. This coven appeared in New York City with a plot to eradicate the current existence of The Old Ones. Which they obtain in their possession a sever weakness appliance that can temporarily and permanently obliberate an Old One. Wanting to take advantage of the supernatural empire due to their species of recognition, the Imperial Coven begins to persecute the lives of the Olympic Coven and their companions.

Season 5Edit

Arriving in the city that never sleeps; Natalie is acknowledged upon the accession of her coven, which is consisted of Reed, Dawn, and Wade. Implicating to Natalie what has she previously discovered, Reed informs her that they must go according to plan in order to eradicate the existence of The Old Ones, which Natalie implies that her encounter with the old one Camille has broaden her perspective of how they should be discrete upon what procedures they plan to initiate and implicates to them all that The Old Ones are beyond powerful. Acknowledging Natalie's advice, Wade advises them all how they expect to annihilate the each and every member of the coven, which he doubts a normal extraction to the heart can nuetralize them within minutes, implicating not to worry about that adjustment, Reed informs Wade with the white oak ash dagger that can temporarily annihilate an Old One is worth apprehending for the moment, which he states that he has an external contact on the other side that's configuring a way to permanently end the internal duration of the ancient coven. Impending that their vigorous plan will not succeed within their first confrontation with The Old Ones, Dawn informs them all that they are all impertinent than they currently determine and proliferates that they abort their disposition. Exemplicating that it's her choice to depart from the coven, which he doubt she will; Reed declares to his companions that before they plague the lives of their prevailing enemies, he must pay a brief visit to the leader of the supreme congregation, which he intacts with an intensive grin. Admiring the skyline from the balcony within his personal compartment, Eric is seen comprehending on a speculation, which he anticipates on how many mere immortals will have to be eradicated due to their incompetence and lack of honoring their authoritative icons within the supernatural society. With no indignation of certainity, Eric is comprised of the arrival of Reed, in which Eric implicates that he's been expecting him without unattained awareness. Exemplified by his notice of apprehending his unexpected presence, Reed implies to Eric that he's heard numerous of archaic allegories based on his demeanor towards mortal life and how he defines himself as a true ripper among the rest of his siblings. Implicating that it took him over two millenniums to control the effectiveness of his cravings for human's vital fluid, but was drawn asterned into the world of no longer caring who he annihilated within the years but obtains a detrimental and suppresive guilt for vampires that obtains the miscontrued courage to postion themselves within his presence and believes that he can be obliberated by a tenacious object. Intrigued by Eric's theory of no longer claiming his humanity, Reed informs him that knowing he has retrieved the reason of his appearance, he obliges to exemplify that he attains no similarities as any previous immortal from Eric's past, but implicates that he is consisted with the abilities of a witch and a vampire, which he expands his allegation and confirms to Eric that he's both. Explaining how he comprised over an ancient artifact that can temporarily obliberate an Old One, Reed explicates that it was contrived from the genesis of his existence and that it needs to be reunited with it's creation, which Reed rapidly accesses to Eric's position and tries to incision the white oak ash dagger within the heart, which Eric instantaneously becomes aware and restrains Reed's hands, in which he obtains the dagger and removes it from his possession. Intensively restrianing Reed by the cervix area, Eric implicates that young vampires are defined as ignorant and can barely imbolize respect towards their elders. Reed implies that even if he is eradicated at the hands of Eric, his proposal will not become abolished and will continue to act upon the original coven. Requesting his silence for further notice, Eric propels Reed from the barricaded window, in which Reed declines in height within the condominium domicile, in which he survives the impact by landing firmly upon the ground. Relieved by his expertise, Eric ferociously glares at the standpoint of Reed, in which he gazes in return and rapidly diminishes from the avenue. As the conclusion of his apparent extermination came to a close, Eric is astounded at the perpetual dagger which contains the elucidation of their entire existence. Gathering themselves for a congregated encounter, which is destinated at an abandoned condominium; Reed informs his coven whom consists of Natalie, Dawn, and Wade that apparently their authoritative adversaries are currently aware of his intentions of possessing the only forged artifact that can temporarily obliberate their existence, which is currently in the hands of Eric. Implicating that they need to compose a new contrivance in order to retrieve the white oak ash dagger, Natalie recommends that they invade the residence of The Old Ones to reclaim what belongs to them, which Wade implicates that obtaining the intentions of Reed trying to exonerate the life of Eric on the previous night, he doesn't doubt that their domicile will be restrained with primary supervision that is enabled to obliberate any unknown immortal on sight, if discovered. Internally believing that it will be considered risky on many intentions, Reed exemplicates that they have to extract the armament, which will consort it's meaning until his contact on the other side has delivered him the dominant weapon that can annihilate an Old One perpetually. Implicating the objective of re-obtaining the dagger along with a brief distraction, Dawn implies that she is willing to constitute an unarranged appearance at the compartment to distract the sentinels by any means necessary, which can offer Reed enough time to enter the condominium and abduct what had recently belonged to him. Suggesting that it's not considered an erroneous conception, Natalie informs Wade that while their disposition is in motion, they can attribute themselves as pawns across the revenue in order to keep closure on what’s occurring, which Wade acclaims that he if a confrontation is initiate within the domicile, they will have no choice to evacuate due to inevitable circumstances. Reaching a mere conclusion of what's entitled for each of them, Reed implicates to them all that he will assigned the actual hour when he feels that it is necessarily upon them, which the Imperial Coven agrees to their current procedure. From behind their surroundings; Reed, Dawn, and Natalie approaches Michael and Kate's proximity, in which Reed preserverely informs Michael that he should remain calm under all conditions before the immortal he loves becomes obliberated, which Michael views the position of Kate who is rapidly and astonishingly restrained by Wade who threatens to eradicate her upon one move he initiates without further judgement. Furious with complete anger, Michael questions the arrival of Reed and what he is willing to bargain to release Kate from her current inprisonment, which Natalie implicates that their searching for his a missing artifact that presumably belongs to them, which she gratifies that it's the white oak ash dagger. Confirming of her discovering of such an armament, Michael implies that they have indeed conceieved the only weapon that is known to eradicate an Old One, which Dawn advises Michael with an intentional glare and informs him that they're ally within the spirit realm has guided them in the accurate direction. Implimenting that he understood her alledged hint, Michael exemplicates to Reed on what is considered his instructive plan on obliberating their existence one by one, which Michael also implies to him that it's considered impossoble and that neither of his three brothers aren't considered accessible to defeat, especially with an impervious weapon. Acknowledging Michael's bold attempt of words, Reed implicates that he's considered accurate on such accord but proclaims to Michael that in the given situation that their all currently engaged in, he's not considered obstreperous to temporarily obliberate, which Reed conceded an inclusive white oak ash dagger within his hand and without hesitation, Reed rapidly accesses to Michael's frontier position and pierces the dagger within his heart, which Michael exonerates massive pain and extensively collapses within minutes, which Kate screams with spiteful grievance over the obliberation of Michael. Sensing the alledged pain that has been inflicted upon his brother, Eric is deeply and physically penetrated by the temporary death of his sibling and rapidy accesses himself to his celluar device in order to contact Kate. As he is postioned over the body of Michael and feeling that his incrimental plan is being engaged, Reed orders Wade to release Kate of her restrainment and demands the others to retreat from the premises. Impaired by the recent tragedy, Kate weaps in sorrow and grieves over the eradication of Michael, which leaves her with a regretional state of mind. Knowing that Michael has been revived from the white oak ash dagger that was pierced within his heart, Reed holds a compromised convocation in order to explain to Natalie, Dawn, and Wade that the final incriment is upon them in which they will soon have in possession the only armament that is able to permanently obliberate an Old One which Reed considered the object as the white oak stake that was forged by his guided accomplice within the spirit realm, which was created and forged from the legendary tree that had existed during the genesis of The Old Ones. Confused about only acquiring one stake to use for the orginal vampire family, Wade questions Reed's disposition on how are they going to eradicate each Old One within one given moment, as he sarcastically implies that they'll all be dead before they complete their assigned task, which regretfully Reed implicates that instead of using the dagger on one of the Old Ones that is not pertained of relinquishing the existence of them all, but instructs the true instruction on how to obliberate their entire existence within one kill, which Reed implicates that he must use the stake on the first child born which gave birth to the vampire species, which will be Eric. Trying to confine the information that he is giving upon their meeting, Natalie implicates on how using the stake on Eric will benefit them on annihilating his entire family, which Reed impulsively exemplicates that as he pierces the stake within Eric's heart, the existence of his family will also eradicate along with him due to the fact that Eric is truly considered the first vampire of his kind. Informing Reed of his disadvantage, Dawn implicates that last time he was barely able to place an attack on Eric, and implicates what makes him think that he could gain two centimeters within his distance. Intoxicated by Dawn's presumption, Reed ignites his assumption of stating he won't have to due to the fact of him initiating a distraction within the process, which will give him the slightest advangtage to initiate his assurance and obliberate Eric on the given occasion. As Dawn's expression implies disappoval of his collisioned actions, Reed implicates to his companions once their plan is initiated upon the accurate time, they will take the world of supernaturals upon another level, which will consist of their own species. As Terrell, Becca, and Xavier seek to acknowledge their comprised initiative of cavorting their specified areas, they unintentionally receive a impetuous vist from Reed and companions Dawn, Natalie, and Wade as each of them rapidly takes their immediate postion surrounding the vampire sheriffs, as Reed begins to imply how he will currently endorse each of their specified area of oberservance, which Reed implicates to Terrell, Becca, and Xavier that due to his imperious plot to overthrow The Old Ones in order to take critical manipulation over the vampire society, he recommends to the vampire sheriffs that he and his counterparts will need to regulate their explicit area in order to consume the vital fluid that is needed for their entertainment and survival, which Reed implies as a sarcastic remark. Implicating that he will decline in providing his allegiance to Reed, Terrell rapidly accesses to his position and exclusively acknowledges his compacity of acquiring the bravery to persist against the original family of vampires, but doubts that he will remain intact with his physical features long enough to appeal his surrender when his disposition fails, which Reed is tempted and rapidly restrains Terrell on the nearby barricade, which Becca and Xavier tries to apprehend their fellow companion but position is exonerated and restrained by Wade and Natalie, which Dawn remains on the impeccable sidelines of interfering. As Xavier and Becca acknowledge the behalf of Reed and indicate not to obliberate their advocate; Wade and Natalie inform them both that with their current allegiance to The Old Ones will be their compromise of having an companion exonerated due to their rejection of acclaiming Reed's suggestive strategy, which Dawn elusively exemplicates that their intense restrainment over Becca and Xavier is not needed, which Natalie informs her of the incompetent feelings that she obtains for the immortals that are ignited to be her oppositioners, which Wade mentally agrees and acknowledges that he begins to question her faithful contengencies of serving Reed, which Dawn rapidly accesses to Wade position in a threatening manner before Reed declares his observation of them to cease in their provocative disagreement. As Terrell is still restrained by the retention of Reed, he informs him the implicated advice of stating that he needs to recollect his envisioned prophecy of obliberating The Old Ones and depart the area while he currently has the oppurtunity, which Reed implicates that before he arrived in the matriculous city, he secured the awareness of implimenting their assigned area's under his perpetual control and has acquired the chance of temporarily nuetralizing one of the original vampires of all time. As Terrel is provided with the intensive information that has been announced, Reed conclusively informs him along with his allies Becca and Xavier who are currently still in the restrainment of Wade and Natalie, that he will conceive full supremacy over their inflicted regions that it will be established as their convenient border lines in which they will ignite their last stand against The Old Ones and threatens the existence of Terrell and his adversaries by acknowledging that if he passively informs the previous instructed information to Eric or any other Old One, he will without a second thought of sorrow decapitate the entire physical form of Terrell, which will result in the lives of his fellow dependents. Acknowledging the fact that his point has been exonerated by the mere agreement of Terrell, Reed intensively releases him by his cervix and informs his adversaries to retreat from their current position in which the Imperial Coven rapidly accesses apart from their current reference. Astounded by the previous concession he bargained with Reed, Terrell is questioned by Becca and Xavier, due to the incompatible allegiance they all institued under Reed's expense of not informing Eric of the confounded preliminaries, which they all intact with grievance. Commissioned at ther improvocative discrepancies, Natalie and Wade begins to question whether the vampire sheriffs will keep their intacted recognition under secrecy, which Reed intensively informs his obliviated comrades that in order for them to keep their existence levitiated under all circumstances, they will not impulsively inform their companions of their initial process of altercating against them when the appropriate time reveals itself, which Wade implicates that in order to derive themselves from becoming more vulnerable to The Old Ones and unaware of their indeviant companions, he suggests to Reed that they should inactivate a brief army of unconditional hybrids of their kind that will join along contention of a lifetime in order to benefit themselves and it's coven for pertaining ascendancy, which Natalie acknowledges her companion's suggestion and implicates that The Old Ones are far mentally advanced than they have ever imagined and are considered a hundred times condensational among their surroundings of altercations, which she advises to her counterparts that Eric and his siblings are known for acquiring the speed and capabilities that is incomprehensible towards their hybrid classifications abilities. Not aroused by the mere endowments that The Old Ones are acquired with due to them being extensively prevailing, Reed exemplicates that he agrees with Wade of creating an informal race of their own kind and declaring to them all that annihilating the hierarchy of the vampire world will be their destined obligation to engage in if they want to have his main approval to be impacted within their oblivious coven that will soon have the world of supernaturals among their visibility, which Natalie takes his initiative into consideration and implies that if he is willing to go off of his intriguing arrangement, the newborn hybrids will have to be taught discipline and the self-control in order to obtain their unique capabilities to control their cravings for human vital fluid and how to train with imminent perspective in mind that while the final altercation is occuring, their main initiative will be to apprehend the strength of Eric and his companions in order to give Reed and herself the oppurtunity of intacting the white oak ash stake in it's appropriate area. Determined to see that Reed's interactive ambition is fulfilled by any means necessary, Wade configures and implicates that knowing he has had a past experience of training newborn vampires due to a rebellion against a local werewolf coven that was dated centuries back, he corresponds that he will guide the incoming immortals on their anticipated task to endeavor while each of the primary members of the Imperial Coven are righteously confined by their main assignment. Appreciating his companion's assistance throughout their mandatory gathering, Reed questions Natalie and Wade on the unexpected detection of Dawn, which they both implicate to Reed that they have no awareness or consciousness of her obliviant location, which leaves Reed in an unacceptable disposition. Petitioning the concept of her previous and delayed manisfestations, while he ambulates upon the decreted lake where it seems serene within the moment, Reed intensively converses with Dawn about her recent dissaperances among their reqired arrangements, which he begins to implicates that he hasn't been able to calculate on why she has been distant lately, which he assumes is due to her disagreement about certain situations and how they all plan to ignite the final confrontation with The Old Ones, which he diverges her comfortality and impulsively restrains her by the cervix and implies that she will follow through with this required declaration. Exerting his elaborated hand from her postion, Dawn exemplicates that she certainly opposes his recommendation in beginning a hostile insult that may cost the immortal lives of innocent people that he initiated his order of transfiguring numerous and multiples of humans into newborn hybrids of their incapacitated speciesk, which she assumpiously finds difficult to obtain within her consciousness. Quite weary that she shouldn't feel relief and guilt for the weakness of mortals beyond their internal jurisdiction, Reed proclaims that he will undergo and withstand the proposition he began without treacherous disputes or allegations in order to feel comfort by the ones who prefer peace and co-existing with one another, which finds discriminating and uncomfortable. Dissoluted by his astonishing concept, Dawn implicates that the origin of sueprnaturals (e.i. vampires and werewolves) were considered not a threat towards each other, but rather than a celestial alliance between two species that will never comprehend with what normal individuals have and are capable of, due to the fact that they do not have to suffer with their imperfect tragedies and destructible compacties towards the fullest extent. As he begins to abruptly relinquish the untolerated nonsense that Dawn continues to speak beyond the incriments that she apparently doesn't understand, Reed rapidly accesses to her firm postion and begins to warn her with impervious consequences, which he implicates that mortal entities that surround their compartments of land around the entire world have no clear understanding of what lives that can attribute from and how they all can revive in a rebellion to overthrow the ancient coven that places rules and regulations among the immortals, whom he considers are relevant to establish their own decorums of guidelines, which Reed concludes in the discussion by implimenting to Dawn that if she refuses to join him within the given hour when they're suppose to congregate against The Old Ones and their allies, he will see to it personally that during the remnants of their contention, he will decapitate her existence and will certaintly not shed a single tear due to his regretful analogy. Finding his composing commination as a revoltion to depart from his coven when the time is accurate, Dawn exemplifies that she'll incrimently pursue his declared exposition, which she impersonates an eccentric expression of vengeance as she rapidly evacuate the premisis, which leaves Reed in an unstable sense of inactuality. Waiting for the unaccompanied server to issue her bill while in a particular regional lounge, Isabella internally begins to sense a formidable threat that has precisely infiltrated the perimeter whom appears to be promiscuous visit from Reed, whom recognizes the appearance of Eric's gorgeous mate and installs himself on one of the recliners, which he positions himself in the presence of Isabella and begins to inform her of his astounding plan for beloved acquaintance. Astounded that he acquires the determination of bravery to acknowledge himself in the immediate and compatible vicinity where he can become swiftly obliberated at her hands, Isabella implicates that knowing he recently retained a regimental formation of classificated hybrids that will tend to obey their commander in cheif, it will not substitute the fact that he is still and will never possess the qualifications to be an equal towards Eric in every aspect that is given under all contrivances, even if currently apprehends a particular armament that can temporarily nuetralize or obliberate an Old One, which she ultimately doubts that he will be able to luminate himself within two kilometers of Eric's position. Acknowledging her influnctuated greeting among his innovative arrival for the first time, Reed exemplicates that based upon her courage to believe that he is persistently harmless under all contengencies, he extricates that Eric and his siblings are under the impression of a rude awakening when the full moon has conjured under it's full apex in the midnight skies, which he implies that it will purposely become the end of the existing government of The Old Ones who will no longer be the ruling coven of the supernatural environment but will be remembered as a shallow and introvertible congregation that is known for their incapabilities of maintaining an accurate society of not exterminating the race of the human society, but rather co-exist as equals, which Reed exemplicates that mortal beings and celestials will never be considered the same flunctualities. Mentally informing herself of Reed's disadvantages that he is not completely aware of, Isabella retracts her reasoning by implicatjng to him that his creation of hybrids was a considered a wast of valuable time that he could of obtained in order to retreat himself and his coven into exhile, knowing that none of his comrades, including himself will not preserve the final contention that he has inquired for, based upon how coven of adversaries and his formation of classified hybrids are not fully trained to afflict harmful contengencies against a coven who has possessed two thousand years of experience of confliction among recent rivalries that has posed an even more catastrophic commination that is doubtful to be compared towards Reed's flocculental assemblance of immortals. Pertaining the conception that Isabella is vacillating the effectiveness of the Imperial Coven, Reed concludes his penetrating discussion by informing her that once he has identified the persistent position of her precious and beloved mate, he will admonish his excessive desire to rapidly pierce the white oak ash dagger through his informidable heart that will devour his entire existence of commodity, which Reed further implicates that based on her severe love for Eric, he will comprehend no remorse, sorrow or regret of what he will be initiating upon the entire existence of vampires, which he recommends that she should spend her last oblivious interims with Eric in order to inform him that they're final altercation with consist of their last days upon the earth as he relunctantly implies to Isabella that she should make every second count once she returns to the domicile of The Old Ones. Obliged by his severe awareness of comminations, Isabella intacts with his statement and acknowledges the impliment of seeing him soon, which Reed blushes in elusive contentment and rapidly accesses from the regional lounge. During the ending credits, the Imperial Coven are positioned upon their unattained residency of which they obliberated an unknown vampire to obtain it as their intrest; Reed begins to implicate to Natalie, Dawn, and Wade that the upcoming contention with The Old Ones will not be considered accessible to obliberate and that they must all be prepared and aware of the extraordinary abilities each of them internally contain, which he excessively begins to exonerate that their only contradicting in an expulsitory way as Reed continues to implicate that they have acquired centuries and millennium to introvert the qualifications that they were born with, which he obliges that Eric and his siblings have a disingenuous arrangement that they will try to incorporate within the confrontation, which will be initiated throughout the unspecified location where it's destined to held upon and feels that it will become a formidable interpretation that they will decline to be prepared for, which Natalie exemplicates that it's considered a benevolent ascendancy that they shouldn't be worried upon, based on the contraction of them all acquiring the attendance of indestructible hybrids that has been consistently feeding upon every living human that they come into immediate contact with throughout the residencies that they have obtained within interims of the previous weeks, which Natalie concludes her perspective towards Reed and her complicited companions by stating that they all knew the confrontation among the original coven of vampires weren't going to be considered an undetrimental vocation, which she states that initiating in such a risk will inform their current enemies that they will acquire the position of the celestial world by abruptly oblibering the entire existence of vampires once the white oak ash dagger is implicated through the flesh of the first born child of the The Old Ones. Mentally obtaining the accurate information that her former companions will not become victorious during their incognitive confrontation against Eric and his indestructible siblings; Dawn exemplicates to them all that they should reconsider of getting personally involved in an erroneous provocation against a coven that has never in their existing lifetime deprivated from any comminated contingency that a previous coven of retributed immortals have tried to accomplished without any prosperity of occasions that could've been prevented if they didn't contend in such an altercation with the oldest vampire coven throughout the entire northern and southern hemisphere of the perpetuated world of supernaturals. Knowing that she has always been considered the enervative member of their continguated coven, Wade exemplifes to Reed that based upon the rigorous training that they participated in during the intervals of months and centuries in order to prepare for such a glorious moment that they have been awaiting since they agreed to formulate such an idea of retribution centuries ago, Wade informs his closest companion that their time to exonerate the species of vampires has been finally called upon them to eradicate their intriguing purpose of beginning a regimental formation of hybrids to accommodate them while aggresively disputing against The Old Ones and unattainble regiment of other supernaturals that are considered non-immortals that will not be guaranteed to fulfill their purpose during the midnight efficiency that will occur tomorrow at midnight along the salient that will be completely saturated with the remains of each Old One as they acclaim their celestial government to rule over the embodiments of supernaturals. Gratified to hear that most of his counterparts are officially prepared for internal war that will be ignited upon the full moon tomorrow, Reed conclusively informs his coven that their imminent time of reckoning has officially arrived with the contingency of claiming what have should of been their's since they emacipated their first breath upon an environment that can't be authoritated properly, which is due to the lacking contrivances of The Old Ones, whom needs to be exonerated from the world, which will give each immotal congruent happiness to know that their upcoming freedom will be based upon transfiguring every mortal individual into a classificated hybrid, in order to relinquish the insubstantial liveliness of mortals that will not be able to contribute to the future that is promised based on the destructive direction that their heading towards. As Natalie, Wade, and Dawn suppliment their attention upon the position of Reed, he begins to look out the incentive window that contains the increments of the city, which leaves him blushing hastily with a vengeful expression. Preparing for the primary dissension of what they have been waiting for, Reed begins to imperviously inform Dawn, Natalie, and Wade of how they will initiate upon the primary task and conduct their required ambition among the night against The Old Ones, as Reed excessively prepares his formation of classifcated hybrids to envision upon victorious ascendancy, which Reed precisely begins to implicate that tonight will be succeeded no matter what tribulations they will come across or experience during their altercation, which he also exerts the reasons by how his formation of hybrids will attend to their assigned postions by matriculating among the unknown terrain in order to obliberate the apparent companions that claims to be along their efficiency in order to gain a eminent advantage over his own adversaries and comrades, which Reed extricates that their percentage of becoming annihilated at the conclusion of their immediate confrontation will be excluded from their minds and begins to advise each of them that without deep thought of reason or how to impetually commence their menal consciousnes, their self-esteem will result in a low individuality that will give them the intentions of now wanting to be severely involved in the contending altercation, which Reed continues to exemplicate to his adversaries that he would become infuriated and inner-manipulated if they decided to reclusively configure their fear once they begin to confront Eric and his descendants upon numerous of inacceptable analogies of why their primary objective shouldn't be extinguished or disturbed, while trying to fulfill the last and depicted chance of how they will dismiss the presence and authority of the ones they despise crucially. Believing that he's considered incorrect on numerous of accusations, Natalie exemplifies that she has no authoritative intentions on betraying the given expectations that are required on his behalf, which she continues to elaborate on the fact that as long as they have been awaiting upon an interim of mentally conjecturing the end of obliberating The Old Ones, she had been intrigued of existing long enough to see the day where the dominion of the supernatural civilization will come to an end, which she further explains that it has been considered Reed's accountability that has lead her to a breaking perspective of no longer caring of how other individuals feel or think about the important aspects of life as she extricates that without the guidance of her superior leader and his instuction of instilling nothing but presumptuous and mental necessities wihthin her inhumane compacities, she doubts that she would have originated into the immortal that she has been considered upon this specific interim of hope and vengeance, which Natalie conclusively recommends that she and her companions of regimental hybrids will see to it clearly that the original vampire coven will be annihilated before the dawn is upon them in the nearest reclusivity. Gratified of her supportive effectiveness, Wade exemplicates that he has no reason to be ashamed of betraying Reed if he was considered a hybrid with no self-esteem or courage, which he disagrees with his informal example and implicates that Reed was considered the immortal that came across him with nothing to live for within a corrupt and insecure world and had given him a chance to become apart of a specific regiment of family that he percieves will be acknowledge for as long as he is currently existing among the mortal society, which he continues to extricate that factional implimentts of informing him that their covne would have never came this fair into exterminating the origin of the vampire race if it was'nt for his superior guidance and determination of eagered and anxious in order to become the heirarchy of the celestial govenment and always remain within a infinitive foundation that will be known for leading a monumental rebellion against a coven of vampires who are incapable of governing their conjectures that have been issued upon the entire society within the vampire and lycanthrope environment. Not being persistant on many of the contengencies that he has mentioned, Wade concludes his theoretical synopsis by informing Reed that his leadership and independence has given him the courage to apply himself vigorously and competively within his internal self, which has provided him with the strength of never giving up when he comes into contact with death itself that will eventually posess the entity of his life. Accepting the internal guilt that she depended upon to get her through the infinite and difficult measures that she has to consistently struggle upon, Dawn begins to implicate that she is disappointed that has configured a mental epiphany that has suggested her to take a different route in order to figuratively endeavor the crucial importance of existing when your truly deceased in the eyes of a mortal being among the world of society, which Dawn continues to explain that it has never been her place to overthrow a relunctant and intelligent vampire coven from their authoritative position among everyone else that is implicated within the supernatual world and abiding towards the rules and regulaitons that has been given to understand and formulate their required criterions. As Reed's expression is becoming clearer and understandable by thought and recognition, Dawn rapidly accesses to his position and implicates that she has only followed his lead and consistency in order to provocate the formidable debt that she owed during the centuries when he has kept her from giving up on her inhumanity within the world of resenting commodities, which she further explains that she disagrees with his imminent decision of committing an altercation against a coven that has formulated no harm within his jurisdiction and implicates the truth that she refuses to join him and her former adversaries as they will ignite contention among the woodland terrains upon the city, which she feels will give her the unconditional reason of getting her life obliberated when she has committed no fraudelent treason against the laws of commandments. Rationally disappointed of her acclaimed projection, Reed implicates to Dawn that he has always known of her weakness and incompatibility of causing formidable harm against all certain immortals that hasn't treated her with no disrespect of assortment or imprudence of such nature, which he accepts Dawn relievement of informing him the truth and extricates that she no longer is in his debt of recollection, in which she is gratuitous to depart from their reclusivity and to follow her own presistent path of reconciliation. Gratified that he has chosen to forgive her discrepancies, Dawn embraces him with an intensified salutation among his jowl and rapidly departs on her acclaimed freedom. As Natalie and Wade implicates that they're not departing from his ancillary, Reed exemplicates to his current companions and his regimental formation of classificated hybrids that it's time to endure the outcome that they were born to embrace, which they all acknowledge and depart to their accredited location. Elucidated by the full moon and ambulating their ground within the unspecified area where nothing resides; The Old Ones are congregated by their companions, whom are consisted with The Sovereign Coven, the Inferior Pack, and their witch beneficiaries Ayana and Jamia, as Reed and the Imperial Coven arrive with their regimental formation of classificated hybrids who are intrigued by the envisionated ascendancy that they are eagered of obtaining within the detrimental hours. Perpetually sensing the arrival of Eric and his siblings throughout the area but is unable to veiw their current position, Reed tends to grin with impetual resentment as he is approached by Wade and Natalie who questions what is their immediate procedure to follow as his regiment of classificated hybrids stand anxiously within the margins of the topiaries. Announcing to his companions that they will initiate war when the appropriate time comes, Reed envisions the distant commencement of Eric and The Old Ones taking their position among the grassland, whom includes the companions he never expected to arrive whom are Armand, Alice, Irina, Ayana, Jamia, Selene, Kristina, Isabella, Kate and Gordon who are internally excelled to obliberate the Imperial Coven and their regimental formation of hybrids as well. Fully aware of Reed's arrival, Eric erroneously alerts him to show himself and decline to be the coward that he is, which Reed becomes digusted and begns to slowly ambulate along the terrain with his two companions. Astounded at the company he maintains, Eric implicates to Reed of why initiate in a contention that he will not acquire by any means necessary, which Reed excessively exemplifies that he has always acquired the reason to judge before he is presented with the completed agenda of what he is about to get into, which Natalie and Wade conjures in excitement. Acknowledging his comeback, Eric implies that knowing he is joined by his enlarged counterparts, he is acquired by a contengency plan to broaden his arousement of unexpectancy, which Dominic, Brian, and Destiny appears vivaciously in their lycanthrope forms as they position themselves beside The Old Ones and the other's ancillary. Astounded at the number of companions he was able to contract, Reed becomes digusted with his sarcastical elucidations and vigorously declares his regimental formation of hybrids to attack against their opposing adversaries, which the classificated hybrids begins to rapidly accessitate themselves to the center of teh terrain, which without given instruction; Armand, Alice, Irina, Dominic, Brian, Destiny, Kristina, Isabella, Kate, Gordon, Selene excessively initiates in contentment while Eric and The Old Ones also engage in their confined assortment of war, which Reed occupies his thoughts and informs Wade and Natalie to join their assorted companions in obliberation, which they hastily accesses towards the directon of confliction. Vivaciously being apprehended by three classificated hybrids, Armand intensively decapitates the arms of a newborn hybrid, which he couragoeusly preliminated by two more, which Alice and Irina rapidly accesses to his position and incapitates both the hearts of the unknown newborn hybrids. As a hybrid is injuring the body incriments of Brian's fronter abdomen while in his wolf form, he is emancipated by Dominic and Destiny who detaches the ligaments of two hybrids from a distance, including ravicating the one is continuously amplicating Brian's body, which Brian quickly heals from his afflictions and quickly incapitates the head of the opposed immortal. Horrindously apprehended by the approachment of four hybrids, Krisitina insists on rapidly accessing her way through one of their paths, which she incapitates one of their spines and is joined by Gordon, Selene, Isabella, and Kate who vivaciously decapitats their remaining hybrids of their hearts and maxilla's. Discovering the position of Ayana and Jamia as they stand awaiting a threat, Wade and Natalie rapidly accesses to their position and both intensively restains them in the air by their cervixes, which Ayana and Jamia recovers from their intervention and conjures massive pain inflciitons among the acumens of both Wade and Natalie whom collapses to their knees and is quickly obliberated by having their internal organs incapitated by Andréand Vincent whom quickly comes to the aid of Ayana and Jamia, which Reed recognizes the annihilation of his two hybrid lieutenants and begins to furiousy glares into the position of Eric, whom intacts with his immediate eye contact and awaits his intensible movement, which Eric is apprehended by four hybrids in which he quikly recessitate around their position, in which they are unable to view as he decapiates the head of one of them, and is agglutinated by the arrival of Camille, Ariana, and Michael whom participates in the radical confliction by also impailing and incapitating the hearts and cervixes of the remaining hybrids. Clear of defending himself from retribution, Eric veiws back over the immediate position of Reed who has unwillingly fled from his region, which Eric becomes aware of his contiguous surroundings as he is prepared for Reed to make his stratagem, which Eric disables his environmental senses in order to recessively concentrate and listen to the movement of Reed who is still in the vicinity, which Eric feels his immediate approachment and rapidly turns around in which he views Reed's intervention of approachment and intensively restrains him by the cervix and Reed quickly obtains the white oak ash stake from his apparental reach and elusively pierces it through Eric's heart, which Eric comprehensively vociferates by the painful assortment as his siblings and companions rapidly glares to his attentive position and is aware of what destructively occurs wihtin the moment, while he is still restrained by Eric's grip, Reed implicates that his internal existence has come to an end, which Eric's glares in astoundment as his body begins to externally desiccate in seconds while he currently ambulates in his firm position. As the remaining Old Ones initiate in tears and readjustment of sorrow, Reed tries to emancipate himself from the restrainment of Eric, in which he begins to immediately recognize the desiccates body of Eric, which begins to reccessitate back to it's original state of existence. As he completes his revivement of rapidly returning to vitality, Eric commences his eyes and relunctantly returns to his state of consciousness, while still in his constrainment, Reed becomes impulsively confounded by his adversary's revival, as the remaining Old Ones erases their contentment of regret and witness Eric returning to his existing state of mind, which Eric painfully removes the stake from the internal flesh of his nucleus and glares viciously into the eyes of Reed, in which he tightens his hold upon his cervix and implicates that it has come to the end of his internal existence, which Reed exemplicates that he should go to hell, which leads to Eric painfully incapitating his heart and decapitating his head from his entire anatomy. As Reed's obliberating corpse deteriorates upon the terrain, Eric releases the grip of the white oak ash dagger and progressively recommends that Ayana and Jamia immediately extirpate the remnants of such an armament, which they both acknowledge and implicate that they'll commence retentionally. Gratified that the old testament of annihilating himself and the entire existence of all vampires considered a myth out of restrospective, Eric rapidly accesses to the position of Camille, Ariana, Michael, Vincent and André in order to embrace them with a formidable caressment of which he believed was going to be the end of his existence, including their's. Elucidated by the victorios result of exterminating the Imperial Coven and their regimental formation of classificated hybrids; Alice, Armand, and Irina convulge in satisfaction as they reunite unharmed; Dominic, Destiny, and Brian commence together by howling upon the full moon while in their wolf forms and mentally gratifies each other of their raparational confliction. Cherishing the fact that it's finally concluded; Kate, Gordon, Sariah, and Kristina embrace each other with their exemplified condolences as Isabella is retracted by the appearance of Eric who appears directly behind her and rapidly embraces her with an extensive salutation of endearment and long-projectivity, in which she informs him that she irrevocably loves him, which Eric reciplocates the remark and passionately informs her that he loves her more, as they both contiue to embrace each other with infatuated osculations, as the remaining Old Ones and their companions commemorate in superiority.



Reed was a vampire-witch hybrid and a close companion towards Natalie, Dawn, and Wade. Along with his coven, he seeks out to obliberate the existence of the The Old Ones, in order for them to create an advanced species and gain heirarchy of the vampire and werewolf society, due to their divergent bloodline. Within his remaining concept of humanity, Reed is impertinent with every contrivance he initiates, as well as malignant, vengeful, and bad-natured when gets between his path.


Natalie was a human-vampire hybrid and a close companion towards Reed, Dawn, and Wade. Along with her coven, she seeks out to obliberate the existence of the The Old Ones, in order for them to create an advanced species and gain heirarchy of the vampire and werewolf society, due to their divergent bloodline. Internally, Natalie is considered a malevolent and audacious individual who eventaully gets her way during any autrocious incident.


Dawn is a vampire-witch hybrid and a close companion towards Reed, Natalie, and Wade. Along with her coven, she disagrees to seek out and obliberate the existence of the The Old Ones, in order for them to create an advanced species and gain heirarchy of the vampire and werewolf society, due to their divergent bloodline. Within her pure humanity, Dawn's morals is consisted of perfection of beauty, intelligence, love, devotion and loyalty towards the ones considered her companions. When in a disheartening tendency, Dawn can react in a nefarious way towards mortals, which results in her slaughtering them without second guesses.


Wade was a human-vampire hybrid and a close companion towards Reed, Natalie, and Dawn. Along with his coven, he seeks out and obliberate the existence of the The Old Ones, in order for them to create an advanced species and gain heirarchy of the vampire and werewolf society, due to their divergent bloodline. Upon the internal image of himself, he is proclaimed to be respectful, indulgent, and a devoted attendant towards his coven when it's neccessary. Unlike others within his coven, Wade is deeply fond of entertaining his victims before obliberating them and consuming their vital fluids.

Newborn Hybrid MembersEdit