Eric's Diaries
The Everlasting Adoration
Film Information
PremiereDecember 01, 2020
ProjectionSeason Prequel Film
SloganThe Origins of Genuine Adulation

Eric’s Diaries: The Everlasting Adoration is a prequel towards the series and a brief chronicle that analyzes the jubilated and monumental vindications that occurred when original vampire Eric gained his first and solicitous confrontation with his everlasting mate, Isabella. This specific depiction is based on how Eric and Isabella experienced their partial illumination of friendship, aspersion, and validity which replicated their internal connection as soul-mates as each of them inevitably preliminate their interminable adulation.


This epic allegory depicts the originating vindication and astonishing accumulation of Eric and Isabella, which occurred during the beginning interims of the fifthteenth century. Upon elucidated terminations and irrevocable replication, this justificational analogy is based on the liberal accumulation of how original vampire Eric stimulated his preliminated encounter with his impending love, Isabella. The replication depiction liberates within the primordial terminals of the 1400’s. As viewers will determine proportionate speculations, Eric and Isabella’s jubilational contingencies occurs as a connected pertinence that have become terminated upon erroneous friendship, innovational aspersion, and numerated validities. Conceptual assimilations attain within the absolute seclusion that each of them will matriculate throughout the entire coordination of their sensual ramifications. Preliminated benevolences have sustained numerous ordinances that have provided internal adoration among their existence for loving one another without horrendous declarations becoming replicated during specific terminals of pacification and reconciliated illuminations.


Retributed within preliminated osculations that have became discriminated upon numerous of centuries in the horrendous accumulations of severe eradications and less pacificated reconciliations, one of the most formidable and original immortals among the celestial dominion terminated his decisive and beneficial mental convection that became fulminated within the seclusive replication of internal adoration and liberating jubilation. Culminated upon the imminent declination of simplicated conceptions whom are becoming jubilational within the liberating accumulation that is vindicating among his entire domain in order to numerate terminating measures of osculated and gregarious preliminaries, Eric ruminates within the platform of his liberative closure as Camille rapidly intrudes in order to apprehend and conceive the recession from the diversion which Eric begins to implicate that nefarious osculation have became required to acknowledge and preliminate under sophisticational ordinances during their entire manipulation of retributional limitations in order to replicate their internal and external numeration within their accumulated existence as the imperialistical osculations have assured the perseverance of understanding the fulminated complications whom are unable to vindicate the recessitation of adulation and pacificational reconciliation throughout their implicate benevolence in order to understand the preliminated reception that began to stimulate the vital fluid combinations whom has began to assimulate transitional manifestations throughout an essential abundance of seclusive denomination as the horrendous and atrocious fulminations have began to limitate an erroneous measure of disregarded and gregarious ordinances whom have began to complicate an impending measurement of diabolical replication as the concluding alignment have assured the requried doctrine which has been established to ensure the vindicating seclusion of their primordial existence from the entire osculation of preliminated accumulation as the formidable assurances have terminated the essential and retributional complication in order to obtain the vexational interest of horrendous measurements, as he concusively explicates that receptional manipulations have become able to justificate confidential and horrendous prelimination among the entire accumulation whom could begin to manipulate vexational osculations during the jubilated and adorated numerations. Secluding the premises, Camille begins to explicate that retributional alignments have began to determine the primordial and internal complications whom are desiring the fortified replications in order to fulminate an entire abundance of adoration whom could begin to preliminate doctrinated occurrences within the impending reconciliation of celestial aggregations in order to abstain from the contingencies and replicated deceptions that have been coordinated among an entire ascendancy whom has been accumulated over the manipulated fulmination in order to manipulate the required vexations that are becoming preliminated within the numerated dominion of mortal individuals as the simplistical rumination of detrimental limitations have assured the prominent benevolence whom could assure the legitimate compromises of osculations and accumulated seclusions among the horrendous matriculations that are based on the regulated and jubilated compliances whom could manipulate osculated replications of diabolical preliminaries within the seclusive vexation and prominent justifications in order to preliminate qualifications that are becoming jubilated upon an entire ordinance of limitated and erroneous benedictions during the gregarious measurements of supplimental matriculations as the concluding measurements would terminate the atrocious complications of eradicating an impending congregation whom are willing to elaborate upon matriculated numerations, as she conclusively illuminates the specific classifications of predominating detrimental vexations along terminal and jubilated requisitions. Intrigued among gregarious mutilations that have become replicated under simplistical accumulations in order to determine incoming preliminaries in order to seclude the detrimental and horrendous measurements that has vindicated an entire abundance of jubilational transactions; Eric osculates from his residential dominion in order to ambulate within the terrace as he retrieves the mental cognition of vindicated men conspiring to violate and eradicate one of the ballet apprentices from the specific venue, which he begins to rapidly ensure the perseverance of their misconceptional and legitimate orchestrations in order to seclude the specific individual from horrendous and atrocious manipulation which could conclude in formidable accumulations. Vindicated along the illuminated preliminaries and horrendous doctrines whom have became ordained within liberating osculations in order to abstain from the coordination’s of replication and substantial alignments whom are becoming terminated upon reclusive ambitions; a benevolent and harmonious young woman ambulates upon the intricate esplanade in order to preliminate numerating translations, only to acknowledge the liberative incentive of enigmatic individuals pursuing her numeralities which jubilates her internal replication of sentimental replications that gregarious and predominative vindications are becoming consolidated within her matriculational and illuminated termination in order to attain subliminal conceptions of regulated vindications and intolerable replications. Beginning to anticipate jubilational cultivations in order to stimulate towards her residential dominion, the young woman becomes antiquated vivaciously as she is assailed from numerous of atrocious men whom are intrigued in order to vindicate her essentials and eradicate the accumulations until each of the clinical individuals are horrendously maligned upon their appendages and obliterated from their cervical esophagus; as the intensified woman apprehends the entire representation and is not replicated from the eradications of her previous adversaries, only to be gratified within the assistance of her savior. Detrimental among intricating and sophisticational matriculations that could become substantial within the beneficial jusitifications in order to sustain the preliminative contractions of debilitated accumulations in order to terminate complicated measurments, Eric ensures the perseverance of the young woman as he introduces his prevailing appellation which liberates her the initiative of secluding the preliminated vindication of informing him that she is entitled as Isabella as each of the ambulate among the matriculation of her primordial domicile which Eric begins to implicate that seclusive and innovative replications have terminated fulminated tribulations whom have acquired horrendous measurements during liberating and influential preliminaries in order to abstain from complicated vindications and qualificational jubilations that have been assured the perseverance that numerous of benevolent matriculations have conspired among the intuitive osculations as the supplimental conjunctions have illuminated an entire mutilation of replicative manipulations due towards the specific and osculated numerations whom are becoming confidential within the proportionate and irrigational tribulations that could begin to acknowledge the justificational complications whom could replicate an entire ascendancies under the preliminative regulation based on the assumption of eradicating cordial and horrendous consumnptions during the entire qualification of adoration and simplistical vexations that are becoming coordinated under gregarious formations that could manipulate traditional liberations as the impending complication can be based on the formidable assurances of vindictive osculations in order to matriculate within the absolute tribulation of supplimental jubilation whom begin to occur within the detrimental accumulation of replicated and horrendous matriculations as he conclusively explicates that recommending the perseverance and terminal vexation that are acquiring an atrocious liberation whom could become detrimental under numerous of horrendous matriculations in order to complicate tremendous qualifications of secluded jubilations and replicated benedictions. Terminating vindications, Isabella begins to explicate that complicated assurances have began to jubilate an entire manipulation of detrimental and gregarious orchestrations along an entire jubilation of simplistical complications that began to terminate retributional allegations under gregarious and orchestrational liberations whom could seclude the erroneous and preliminated fulminations that has been gratified under numerous of replicated contingencies that began to postulate clinical assurances whom could replicate horrendous abilities in order to attain the internal and external matriculation of deprivated benevolence that has terminated justificational preliminaries under the intolerable simplication whom could numerate traditional liberations under an entire vexation of osculation and horrendous measurements in order to abstain from horrendous and retributional manipulations that could begin to numerate confidential preliminaries under merrimental predictions which could begin to accumulate an entire replication that are based on the accumulating compliances of adulation and tribulational measurements as she conclusively assures the primordial vindication that are based on experiencing gregarious and erroneous fulminations whom are beginning to terminate orchestrational liabilities within the entire abundance of vexational and irrigational accumulations within the benedictions of supplimental and terminal vexations in order to replicate the confidential alignments that are consolidated under horrendous justifications whom are under liberal and terminal osculations which could begin to accumulate traditional manipulations within the imperialistical preliminaries. Replicated upon gregarious miconceptions during the jubilated and formidable complication whom are based on the subliminal ramifications whom previously ensured the cultivation that could preliminate accumulations in order to disregared impending desolations, Isabella begins to inquire secretive terminations based on the internal compacities of how Eric was able to eradicate previous assurances with authoritative tenacities which Isabella begins to implicate that atrocious and horrendous measurements are consolidated under preliminated terminalities in order to abstain from numerated and jubilated tenacities during the intoxicated vexation of debilitational liberations as the sophisticated osculation have desired to abstain from cordial replications that could become gratified under predominant qualifications in order to vindicate the absolute termination of erroneous and previous adversaries whom tried to eradicate substantial recognitions which are specific commandmants and regulation that are required to sustain within the primitive seclusion of adoration throughout and entire misconception in order to retribute an entire complication that desires to liberate traditional manifestations and preliminaries along an entire vexation of consolidational terminalities whom could begin to seclude the detrimental allegations that could determine the fulminated and gregarious decisions due towards the imminent manipulation that are becoming innovative within the deceptive inclusion that obtain preliminated exlusions whom could abstain from dominative recessions as she conclusively begins to exterminate the incentive of beneficial terminalities that are becoming required to segregated within absolute and terminal misconceptions as the horrendous measurements of osculated intentions are vindicated towards the formidable exigencies whom could begin to consolidate under regulated intentions which have been considered gratified under misconcepted liberations. Acquiring her premises, Eric begins to explicate that gregarious and formulative conceptions have been required to examine justificational and osculated replications under an entire terminations whom are becoming required to seclude the detrimental allegations of vindicated and liberational osculations in order to terminate an impending congregation whom are becoming merrimental within the celestial dominion which could begin the entire terminal liberation of transgressive and vindicated seclusions under the absolute measurement of complicated assurances that are based on the vindicated consumptions of internal adoration and tribulational liberations as the conclusive preliminaries have began to seclude the gratificational qualification under the horrendous speculations of diabolical liberations in order to obtain the vindicational preliminaries under the beneficial jubilation as the entire formalities have decided to retribute formidable exigencies during the terminal and horrendous measurements of adulation based on the preliminated vexation that could become numerated under the jubilated transgression in order to attain the fomulative terminations in order to conclude the detrimental and erroneous liberations under the attainment of preliminated and beneficial exigencies that are secluded within the appendages that are justificational under an entire replication as he conclusively implicates that the abundance of obtaining the acquirements whom could retribute confidential alignments upon the vindicated assumption have desired to maintain the conclusive liberation of sophisticational osculations in order to acknowledge requisitional neglections. Ordained within the secluded and imminent manifestations whom could ensure the preliminations of numerous replications and benevolent qualifications that have become liberated among the entire termination of internal adoration and pacificational reconciliation during an intensified requisition, Eric begins to inform Isabella based on the assurances of never becoming apprehensive of his classification and his internal capabilities which Eric begins to implicate that nefarious and proportionate osculations have terminated horrendous and erroneous measurements based on the corruptive assurances of internal adoration due towards the simplistical liberations whom could begin to accumulate vexational contributions that are based on the beginning manipulations in order to contribute under the seclusive justifications in order to abstain from requisitional appendages within the internal and external alignments due to the gregarious misconceptions which can become ordained within the primordial consultation that has accommodated numerous of beneficial segregations in order to accommodate previous and impending aggregations that have been fortunate to acknowledge the preliminated doctrines that has become stimulated under retractional and osculated appendages due towards the sophisticational terminations whom could replicate the consistent ascendancies of traditional regulations which has become accounted within since the origins of the liberation congregation of celestial entities as he conclusively explicates that conditional manipulations have stimulated gratificational jubilations under the entire supplimentation which acquires the intermediate and formidable requisitions during the erroneous seclusions in order to determine the proportionate abundance of adoration and retributional transgressions that have assured the perseverance among numerous determinalities under the prevailing and gregarious terminations as the detrimental alignments. Supplimenting his accumulations, Isabella begins to explicate that gregarious terminations have assured the vindicated seclusions under an entire manipulation within the periodical and horrendous measurements of internal vexations and jubilated merriments in order to abstain from cordial and vindicational accredidations that could become required to be illuminated under sophisticational liberations throughout the abundance of supplimental and legitimate orchestrations that could become the required stimulation of an assigned and clinical retribution whom are secluded within the terminal and attributed qualification whom could eradicate substantial manipulations during the intoxicated misconceptions as the entire replication of internal adoration has become the legitimate orchestration of cordial and osculational preliminaries under an entire numeration that are implicated among the entire benevolence that has become the terminal and detrimental requirement of osculated transgressions within the assumption of critical absorption in order to predominate congruent accumulations within the periodical and horrendous liberations that are based on terminating recreational segregations as she conclusively implicates the imminent contingencies whom have become willing to abstain from the periodical alignments upon the intermediate osculations that are consolidated under transgressions whom are able to jubilate horrendous and gregarious accredidations under the entire termination of diabolical seclusions throughout the entire vindication of elaborative deceptions that have gained an intermediate replication that have determinated consolidational liberations. Ambulating within the accurate coordinates of her residential dominion, Eric ensures Isabella that his internal replication of adulation have began to jubilate his enlightment in order to consolidate the monumental sentimentation within their liberative transgression which acccumulates her perseverances as Isabella administers an enduring salutation upon his intermediate termination whom gratificates each of their speculated appellations. Inclined among gregarious vindications whom could become secluded within the detrimental and formidable liberations that has been mutilated within the horrendous measurements of sophisticational preliminaries in order to preserve the desolated interims; Eric begins to matriculate upon his residential dominion with Isabella in order for her to become acquainted with his indestructible siblings, as Ariana and Camille begin to persuade Isabella to inform each of them based on her provocative and essential enthusiasm towards their avidities which Ariana begins to implicate that nefarious proportions have become assailed upon the gratificational and horrendous manifestations whom have become terminated within the predominative appendages in order to complicate severe measurments of diabolical and classificated numerations as the supplimental liberation have assured the intoxicated and retribution manifestations during the preliminated osculation whom could begin to accommodate an essential replication of adulation and primordial complications within the entire misconception that is based on the terminal vexation whom could eradicate numerous of aligned congregations within the formidable and gregarious replications as the horrendous and secluded qualification has become vindicated upon the internal mutilation in order to preliminate osculations during a merrimental interim of justificational consummations as the cordial and vexated determinations have began to accumulate an entire abundance of segregated adulation and liberating terminations within the periodical liberations in order to sustain the cognitive and intricate fortification within the entire numeration of nuclear complications whom have become terminated under gregarious and detrimental jubilations among an entire abundance of classificative assurances due towards the vexated literation whom have decided to eradicate and osculate an essential benevolence of replicative fulminations in order to preliminate orchestrations and elaborated seclusions during and jubilated supplimentation that endures prominence. Assuring her compliances, Camille begins to explicate that orchestrational alignments have become detained upon legitimate and replicated intentions in order to stimulate confidential and preliminated mutilations that has become accumulated within the qualificating consummations that have become vindicated among the entire gregarious and terminal orchestrations as the supplimental replication are considered to be acknowledged as the gregarious and vexated consumptions upon the entire justification which is numerated as an intriguing accumulation during the terminative deception of osculated replication and horrendous measurements that could begin to assure the prominence of various immortal aggregations whom are becoming consolidated in order to preliminate their required commandments which were established during the jubilated and merrimental genesis of the immortal species as the complicated assurances have vindicated horrendous and proportionate measurments during the intoxicated replication of segregated accumulations and imperialistical liberations during the erroneous seclusions whom could begin to attain the prominent formulation of diabolical assurances as she conclusively implicates that consolidational and absolute terminations have been occuring since numerated vexations have originated amongst the retributed determinations in order to complicate an essential of measurements during the liberated seclusiosn in order to preliminate traditional supplimentations that could begin to jubilate the internal ascension of diabolical arrangments and imperialistical consumptions in order to accumulate the required deceptions. Liberating her premises, Isabella begins to implicate that nefarious osculations have assured the internal and external perseverance of mutilated complications whom could begin to terminate an entire manipulation that manipulates congressional and justificational osculations in order to accumulate replicated and horrendous seclusions throughout the justification of illuminated preliminaries within the entire abundance of vindicational osculations as the supplimental and orchestrational alignments have began to inform various immortal congregations based on the formulative and irrigational vexation that apprehended an entire supplimention of complicated matriculations during the benevolent matriculation that could preserve the accumulated vexation that has been numerated within the previous assumptions whom are able to acknowledge horrendous and miscalculated assurances throughout the abundance of formidable exigencies that have began to osculate liberal and intermediate preliminaries during the intermediate and detrimental assumptions of horrendous complications whom are becoming classificated as the prominent orchestrations that would begin to justificate irrigational regulations within the periodical complication based on the irrelevance of matriculational supplimentaries as she conclusively explicates that matriculated and osculated replications are becoming gratificational within numerous of irrigational preliminaries whom have become the detrimental orchestration of segregated adoration that has terminated an entire matriculation of clinical and accumulated manifestations due towards the incension of adorated convections. Manipulated within justificational reconciliations, Eric begins to liberate to Michael and Vincent based on the internal assurances that could begin to comprehend the internal ramifications of adoration which Eric begins to implicate that nefarious osculations have began to consolidate upon an intermediate replication of simplistical and illuminated speculations whom could begin to assure the prominent responsibilities that are based on the internal termination of everlasting adoration in order to jubilate the intricate justification of numerous and consolidational liberations as the supplimental orchestrations have began to qualificate under the primitive matriculations that are becoming represented under the intolerable and confidential alignments whom are based on the consumption of gregarious and misconceptional osculations as the doctrinated and erroneous misconceptions have began to vindicate the absolute and terminal vexations among horrendous seclusions within the abundance of adorated simplistication and numerated transitions in order to liberate terminal complications among an entire benevolence whom are becoming prevailed within the horrendous measures of secluded and impervious requisitions as the supplimental and atrocious orchestrations have become consolidated under an entire matriculation that begins to numerate confidential preliminaries along an entire vindication of diabolical and manipulative orchestrations that can become eradicated within the predoctrined and seclusive replications as he conclusively explicates that terminating their internal manipulation of adoration and jubilational liberations have consolidated liberal accumulations within the primordial liberation that could determine the vexational seclusions of numerating transgressional preliminaries. Secluded within his measures of alignment, Michael begins to explicate that confidential and liberational transgressions originated within the reclining and jubilational merriment based on the retribution of adoration and supplimental orchestrations whom could begin to accumulate substantial matriculations that could numerate an entire qualification of diabolical and preliminated seclusions in order to vindicate the gregarious replications of simplistical and obligated recommendations within the abundance of orchestrational and legitimate doctrines that could begin to illuminate vexated qualifications as the supplimental terminations are becoming eradicated within the appendages of simplistical and obligated manifestations in order to abstain from prominence and corruptive osculations as the entire dominion of celestial individuals are becoming secluded within their jubilated transitions in order to determine the confidential alignment that are based on complicating an entire replication of osculational and gregarious seclusions whom could begin to determine the accurate proclivities that could be dominative upon an entire matriculation in order to abstain from the periodical liberations as simplistical and obligated transmissions have stimulated an entire replication of internal adoration which is gained through the vicinities that could terminate the beneficial osculation as the accumulating and replicative qualification have eradicated the discretions of interpretative matriculations in order to replicate substantial and obligated regulations within the proportioned and justificational vindications as he conclusively implicates that correlational obligations. Extricated within surmises, Vincent begins to implicate that correlational obligations have become required to illuminate supplimental and required osculations whom are based on the accumulating vindication that could begin to neglect the impartial replication of beneficial and gregarious seclusions during the entire misrepresentation whom are becoming the gratificational liberation whom are beginning to terminate vivacious and horrendous accumulation during the specific measurements that could recline the impervious retribution of simplistical and obligated matriculations within the horrendous and atrocious measurements in order to become fulminated within the seclusive requirement in order to abstain and neglect erroneous measurements whom are becoming consolidated under consistent tribulations and beneficial analogies as the supplimental vexations will be considered the obligated and detrimental coordinations within an entire matriculation of segregated and horrendous measurements in order to become governed within the celestial dominion as the gregarious classifications have decided to osculate preliminated numeralities in order to become formidable within the impending retribution and innovative assimulation that became horrendous upon the erroneous seclusion whom has began to acknowledge the legitimate orchestrations of existing within contingencies of adoration and internal manipulation as he conclusively explicates that detrimental preliminaries are becoming consolidated under legitimate and intermediate regulations throughout the abundance of vindicated and gregarious seclusions that are becoming accumulated. Stimulated within qualificative and benevolent matriculations whom are becoming classificated under gregarious liberations in order to acknowledge the avidities that became required to vindicate an essential and liberal vexation of primordial complication; Isabella begins to inform Eric about the gregarious and horrendous possibilities of transitioning her into an immortal in order to spend the rest of her existence within his celestial domain which Isabella begins to implicate that nefarious osculations have become predominant within the supplimental dominion in order to establish complicated terminations within the internal replication of horrendous measurements and gregarious formulations whom are becoming consolidated among various proportions of debilitated and orchestrational liabilities that are vindicated towards the jubilated transition as the internal adoration has magnified within the limited preliminaries of segregated tribulations in order to abstain from mutilated and secluded deviations during the terminals of detrimental and orchestrational numeralities as the vivacious and intolerable osculations are considered to become ordained within the predominative manipulation in order to conclude the dominative extinction of numerous accumulations that are required to become eradicated within the appendages of the original congregation due towards the requisition of vindicating supplimental and orchestrational limitations whom could begin to accumulate an entire measurement based on the consistent tribulations that are becoming vindicated under illuminated speculations whom could begin to terminate vindicated and seclusive debilitations whom can seclude the detrimental osculations that are based on the erroneous conclusions of supplimental and justificational manipulations in order to abstain from intolerable justifications that have become dominative among an existence of specific individuals whom are unable to become eradicated due towards the transition of becoming immortal within the internal manifestations as the supplimental coordinations. Acquiring her premise, Eric begins to explicate that formidable exigencies have become ordained to emulate the confidential liabilities of substantial and irrigational orchestrations whom are based on the gregarious seclusions whom are vindicated under traditional and preliminated terminations that can become fulminated under specific and orchestrated transitions that could seclude the entire manifestation which are jubilating the accumulation of internal adulation which is progressing within the celestial dominion of immortal aggregations in order to establish the horrendous seclusions among supplimental orchestrations and dominative terminals as the detrimental and justificational analogies are vindicated under predominative and irrigational liberations which can become classificated under emulative and orchestrational transgressions that could determine the osculated preliminaries between the accurate coordinations and liberating preliminaries whom are beginning to assure the prevailing and complicated assurances that are accommodating an entire manipulation within the periodical and emulative transgression in order to numerate the preliminaries whom are becoming gratificational under similar and orchestrational matriculations during the horrendous and detrimental accumulation which has assured the prevailing benevolence and the detrimental accumulation under stimulated translations as he conclusively implicates that gregarious combinations are requisitioned among the benedictions and intermediate preliminaries. Condensational upon liberative and numeration formalities that are becoming essential within the preliminated accumulations whom could terminate an essential rumination of debilitational and replicative vexations in order to justificate seclusive mutilations within the residential dominion of her infatuation; André impetuously vindicates and begins to inform Isabella based on the internal exhilaration that his sibling has never apperceive within his formal existence which André begins to implicate that nefarious osculations have become considered terminated within numeration transgressions based on the horrendous and atrocious measurements whom have began to consolidate recreational and liberating osculations within the numeration and jubilated accumulations that could begin to accumulate the required manifestations that could preliminate deprivated inquisitions within the entire celestial dominion which could seclude the atrocious and gregarious replications that are becoming terminated among numerous of nomadic congregations as the supplimental and gregarious orchestrations have considered the entire manipulation of deprivative and erroneous seclusions during the abundance of formidable and replicated transgressions throughout the beneficial appliances in order to determine an intoxicated corruption that could become the originating eradication of substantial preliminaries as he conclusively explicates that condensational limitations are becoming gregarious within numerous of formalities and irrigational vindications whom are becoming gregarious within the subordinate justifications whom has administered the detrimental osculation of internal adulation and specific doctrines upon an entire abundance of simplistical formations whom could begin to illuminate an entire replication of detrimental and preliminated benedictions that could begin to assure the predominative and substantial recommendations among the subliminal limitations of vindictive complications which could become required towards the horrendous speculations which has terminated justifications. Acquiring his surmises, Isabella begins to explicate that jubilated transgressions have assured the predominative deceptions of illuminated terminations whom could begin to orchestrate an entire osculation that has jubilated merrimental interims in order to obtain and acquire the absolute retribution whom could determine the mutilated and liberated analogies that has been stimulated within requisitions of formidable and irrigational transgressions in order to abstain from the coordinations of simplistical liabilities as the supplimental and gregarious consumptions have acquired the accurate preliminaries among the supplimental accumulations as the entire misconception of debilitated inquisition can begin to determine the horrendous measurements that have ensured the perseverance in order to seclude the determinate of gregarious and orchestrational liberations during the preliminated and vindicated osculations that are becoming subliminal within the formidable and integrative dominion of celestial entities whom begin to accumulate recreational numerations that are required to accommodate the original congregation which has become their terminal segregation within the vindicated adorations whom began to consolidate under numerous of measurements that could assume the traditional and legitimate orchestration that is based on the perseverance and entire manipulation whom are secluding imminent replications as she conclusively implicates that nefarious proportions are becoming regulated among the terminations of debilitated and orchestrational preliminaries in order to sustain from the impending coronation of formidable and irrigational limitations. Doctrinated upon gregarious and matriculated seclusions whom has become replicated within the assurance of horrendous and orchestrational numerations that could begin to stimulate vexational qualifications during an intentional liberation and cultivated aggregation; Eric begins to inform Isabella based on his internal and merrimental prosperity which intrigues her to apprise the felicites she has acquired since his osculational accession which Eric begins to implicate that osculated and horrendous affirmations have become primordial within the contingencies of numerations and liberated terminations within the entire abundance of celestial individuals whom are beginning to retribute their internal accumulations during the specific interim that are becoming based on the atrocious justifications under the illuminated fulmination whom could abstain from corruptive analogies and seclude the monumental and jubilated existence of complicated measurments which has ensured the osculative perseverance that has began to vindicate detrimental and liberating preliminaries among an entire benevolence of supplimental and orchestrational vindications that are becoming gratificational under the formidable and qaulificational legitimacies in order to establish a specific and gregarious consumation that are terminated among numerous of debilitational and acclaimational preliminaries whom could become recognized as the vexational and merrimental objective within the entire dominion of celestial entities as the substantial recommendation of periodical and illuminating manipulations have been dominating tremendous accumulations in order to gain and acquire the accurate necessities in order to osculate the predominant segregations within an entire existence of formidable and gregarious numerations that have secluded the contingencies of internal adoration and the supplimental disfigurations whom could terminate the retributed analogies that could obtain diplomatic encouragement. Secluded within premises, Isabella begins to explicate that cordial alignments among the atrocious and horrendous preliminaries whom could begin to accumulate segregated matriculation within the horrendous complications of gregarious and informational liabilites within an entire manipulation of formational and vindicated benevolences whom could jubilate the osculated preliminaries whom could seclude the detrimental and horrendous requisitions throughout an abundance of diabolical and horrendous occurrences that are becoming neglected upon an entire dominion that is jubilated within the indestructible appendages of immortal celestials whom are beginning to seclude the detrimental alignments of supplimental liberations and preliminated numeralities that could begin to abstain from vindicational and erroneous manipulations within the horrendous junctions whom are becoming secluded from the accumulated and osculational manipulations of detrimental vexations as the secluded and horrendous manifestations have secured the entire government of orchestrational matriculations whom are based on the assumption of consistent and irrigational liberations that could begin to neglect the impartial replication of gregarious and horrendous alignments upon the intermediate justifications among the supplimental retribution that are becoming gratificational within the abundance of external vexations and inculcated adoration which is administered when preliminated individuals are becoming neglected under sophisticational vexations as she conclusively implicates that gregarious orchestrations have began to terminate beneficial retributions among the desolated and vindicated assumptions. As Eric numerates Isabella within her residential domicile and orchestrational numerations, Isabella encourages Eric to become allured and contemplated within the internal vindication of her domicile which administers Eric the specific opportunity to inform Isabella about how his merrimental and internal replication of formidable adoration has become magnified since the originating appearance of their beginning interactions and Isabella recommends the distinctional elaboration of informing Eric about the recreational liberations and gregarious formalities of becoming her indestructible savior based on the intermediate solicitude that he acquired in order to become the required and intimate companion she has contemplated upon in order to predominate the emotional osculation of secluding her adulated vindications based on his entire existence; which concludes in an accumulating replication of intimate and passionate matriculation between each of them. Secluded among debilitated and preliminated mutilations whom could become liberated within the orchestrational accumulations in order to abstain from replicating the entire manipulation of conciliational and pacificated qualifications; Isabella begins to inform Eric of replicating the horrendous vexation that will conclude the matriculation of her atrocious transition into a newborn which Isabella begins to explicate that confidential alignments and erroneous complication have assured the perseverance of debilitational liberations whom could begin to numerate and transfigurate an intentional replication that is based on the assumption of adorated terminations within the abundance of adoration and sophisticational osculations within the entire retribution whom are becoming required to acknowledge the formidable and matriculational encouragement within the abundance of formation and cultivational benevolence which is doctrinated upon the horrendous coordination that has become gratificational under the primordial formalities of an entire matriculation that is based on the discretion of qaulificational and preliminated terminalities that are becoming horrendous within the vexational accumulations in order to recommend the merrimental and orchestrated terminations among the boundaries of sophisticational liberations that are numerating traditional and condensational manipulations which have began to assume the preliminated replication of detrimental and orchestrational vexations in order to abstain from the corruptive fulminations which have administered terminating vexations whom could begin to recommend the numerated terminations of supplimental orchestrations that have become debilitated within the formidable preliminaries that stimulate the benevolences whom are considered the consistent replications of adoration and secluded denominations within the imperialistical comsumptions whom could begin to terminate recreational and matriculated vindications that has become stimulated under sophisticational discretions. 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Replicating their predominative cultivation of adorated supplimentation, Eric begins to inform Isabella of the horrendous and atrocious evolution which will become consolidate once her numerated transition becomes accumulated as an osculated and preliminated benedictions as Isabella acknowledges her justificational retibution of contributing her entire existence in order to become terminated within his internal adulation and liberational matriculation. Thriving upon intermediate coordination as Isabella reclines within her personified liberation, Eric implicates the she should begin to remain formidable within her predilectional constipation as his salient and alluring carnassial are converted from his aperture and lacerated within the osculated cervix of Isabella whom becomes terminal and acquainted with the horrendous venom as Eric begins to eliminate his carnassial from her cervix. Meretricious based on the supplimental accumulation that are justificated within her entire anatomy, Isabella observes horrendous and atrocious affliction but also osculates primordial memories from her entire existence as a mortal compliances which becomes reverting within her sustaining consciousness as the abhorrent transition into an newborn immortal concludes upon liberating and terminative vindications. As Eric secludes within her primordial omnipresence in order to assure her substantial and lucrative culmination and begins to speculate among intermediate concern and formidable apprehension, Isabella commences as she inaugurates her perceptions and begin to observe the entire residential dominion which appears to be stimulated as merrimental and immense until she distinguishes the gregarious manifestation of Eric whom she ambulates towards as he implicates of how her internal and external elegance and allurement has magnified in vindicational measurements as their osculated and monumental concludes as Isabella informs Eric of the supplimental adoration she has acquired for him which will liberate upon their everlasting existence and within her affection which Eric jubilates upon vexational preliminaries and administers Isabella an enduring salutation of adoration based on sentimental and adorated allegiance. Engraved upon terminated and accumulated justifications that could begin to vindicate the primordial numeration of simplistical and intricate ramifications in order to liberate an accurate osculation that has become gratified upon compliances; Isabella begins to awaken from her nefarious stimulation into a vampire, which Eric begins to inform her of the merrimental elegance and prominent abilities she has acquired which Eric begins to implicate the stimulating and jubilated liberations that have become gratificational and intimate within her intermediate appellation in order to acknowledge subliminal recommendation among an entire termination of adoration sublimination and gregarious formalities which have become a requirement that could gain and acquire the retributional limitations in order to vindicate an entire manipulation of sophisticational adulation that has become the primary vexation among an entire dominion of celestial entities as the concluding accumulation and detrimental vindications have assured the conservative perseverances that is based on the terminals in the numeration of diabolical and horrendous requisitions throughout an abundance of simplistical manipulations and an entire jusitification of seclusive benevolence within an entire consolidation as the impending perennials will become the optimistical relevances whom will become jubilated within the merrimental interims of adoration and terminal vexations during the retributional limitations in order to abstain from eradicating mortal individuals whom are primarily and vivaciously unaware of their simplistical and gregarious existence among the entire atmosphere in order to preserve the formidable exigencies and contingencies along the entire manipulation of consuming the vital fluid from specific vindications whom are considered a required matriculation within the source of their personal osculation as he conclusively explicates about horrendous and atrocious formalities. Acquiring his osculations, Isabella begins to explicate that conditional and formal transfigurations have assured the internal matriculation within the entire transaction of adoration and terminal vexations whom could begin to numerate an entire abundance of numerated and horrendous consumptions during an entire matriculation in order to sustain the primitive and liberational justifications among the subliminal and jubilated osculations that could become the representation of adoration and imperialistical manipulations throughout the abundance of preliminated and accumulating transfigurations that are based on the assurances whom could gain the terminal of horrendous and justificational consumptions whom could become terminated within the primordial ascendancies whom are becoming acquired of adorated simplicitites and jubilated transactions in order to seclude and gain limited recommendations during the gregarious anxieties which could begin to accumulate the abhorrence of supplimental and encouraging preliminaries which has become retributed within numerous of clinical observations whom are vindicated as the concluding and diabolical assumptions in order to segregate transactional and obligated regulations whom are sustain on the prominence of the original commandments that are stimulated on the required manipulations and detrimental vindications whom celestial entities are numerated to acknowledge and osculate within preliminal accumulations as she conclusively implicates that horrendous and atrocious replications are impending within the subliminal misconception of their everlasting existence of merrimental jubilation. Gratified within an entire abundance of adoration and liberational merriment, Eric informs Isabella based on the terminal replication of terminating abhorrent formalities within preliminated seclusions as Isabella osculates passionate and formidable vindications within ther expressive seclusions and administers Eric and endearing and affectional salutation; as the original congregation acquire the formalities of Isabella's newborn capabilities and justificational transfigurations which each of them begin to accumulate her internal supplimentation in order to preliminate her substantial recognition within their primitive aggregation, concluding in the beginning of Eric and Isabella's amaranthine and merrimental existence of forever.

Sententious Cast

Cameron Henderson as Eric
Chelsi Glascoe as Isabella

Recurring Cast

Omar Brown as Vincent
Tyrekas Lang as Michael
Brandon T. Jackson as André
KeKe Hunter as Ariana
Sydni Watson as Camille


1. Where I Come From- Passion Pit
2. The Forgotten- Green Day
3. Bittersweet- Ellie Goulding
4. All I Ever Needed- Paul McDonald & Nikki Reed
5. The Antidote- St. Vincent
6. Heart of Stone- Iko
7. A Thousand Years (Part 2)- Christina Perri


  • The allegory will depict the beginning adoration between Eric and Isabella.
  • Eric and Isabella will replicate an internal connection of jubilation and eternal adoration.
  • Isabella will become intrigued of Eric’s seclusive enigma and everlasting persona.
  • Eric will begin to terminate horrendous implication of creating Isabella into a newborn.