These are the specific episodes for each season within The Old Ones: The Beginning of the Immortals and The Immortal Chronicles universe

The Old Ones SeriesEdit

Season 1 (Ratings)
PilotThe ReturnThe Beginning of The EndWith One Comes AllA Night to RememberAncient HistoryA New BreedTime Heals All WoundsAnother MoonKilled or Be KilledArmageddonNew Year's Eve

Season 2 (Ratings)
Memory LaneMistake Kindness for WeaknessThe End of The AffairThe ReckoningThe DescentMoment of TruthBloodlinesDisturbing BehaivorThe Sun Also RisesThe End ApproachesInevitable CircumstancesThe Point of No Return

Season 3 (Ratings)
Bad Occurence RisingLetting GoHistory RepeatingDifficult MeasuresLet The Right One InDespite The OutcomeThe Turning PointSplit AdvantagesUnfinished BusinessControverse of ComfortThe Last DayKnow Thy Enemy

Season 4 (Ratings)
Formality of The PastConcealed UprisingInsignificant BeliefsAs The Pain SurfacesSecrets Among Each OtherThe HomecomingBeyond Our DifferencesWhile The Night TransitionsResentment Upon YourselfThe Initiative of VengeanceConclusion Of Us AllTendencies Never Forgotten

Season 5 (Ratings)
Predicaments After AnotherContrivances of EnmityQuite The SurpriseThe New ConceptionDefective Stages of ConflictOur City of EthicsObtained Within AnalogiesInstilled By The PenetrationAware of the Unfortunate DiscrepanciesOrigin of the EndThe Eradication of the UncertainThis Moment Is Ours

Season 6 (Ratings)
Afflictions That Are NecessaryDetermined To RetaliateSpeculative LiaisonsThe Ties That BindAdvocates of Upcoming ContingenciesBringing Upon The CommencementImminent Towards All DiscretionsDestined To Inherit FaithRealizing It's Never SubstantialCommanded Adjustments WithinListen Without Cruel AdjustmentsCommitment To Our Division

Season 7 (Ratings)
Destined Tribulations of AscendingDescendants of Prevailing OsculationsConfirmed Upon Erroneous LecturesSustained Provisions Among InanimacyIntrusted With Horrendous ObjectionsAcquiring The Gratified ExertionsFoundations of Precluded IntroductionsIniquitous Concerns Upon Advocated ProvincesEstranged Ascendancies Upon CoruscationsResignated Measures of Terminated LimitsAwakening Upon Seclusional AltercationsEverlasting Correlations Within Eternal Ambition

Season 8 (Ratings)
Essential Proceedings of AversionMethodical Doctrines Within Revulsive ArbitrationsAnterior Resolutions of Declarated TransactionsInductive Apriorism Upon Eluctable SurmisesProvocative Speculations Among Influential LegaciesConstraining Iniquities of Aspiring ReliancesGrievance of Licentious ConglomerationsVerified Curriculums Among Matriculated VexationsRestorative Discernments Upon Efficient ClarificationsNecessitated Inquisitions Within Seclusive PreliminariesAuthoritative Enmities Upon Prevailing DignitariesInterminable Consecration Upon Solicitude

Season 9 (Ratings)
Prestigous Accumulation Upon Deceptive OsculationsMeticulous Foundations of Contemplative PreliminariesBeneficial Seclusions Among Tenacious VexaionsImpartial Ascendancies Upon Monumental ObstaclesEfficient Divisions of Afflictive CalumniationStimulated Contingencies Among Unified OccurrencesConfined Moderation Within Upcoming EnmitiesFulminated Acclimation Upon Denunciated SentimentsPostulated Doctrines of Supplemental ExpositionsNecessitated Orchestrations Among Influential DissimilationsAuspicious Epilogue Upon Minacious SequencesImperishable Resolution Within Ameliorated Limitations

Season 10 (Ratings)

Analytical Insinuations Upon Formidable DiscretionsDerivative Conceptions Within Imperialistic AccumulationsIntricate Manifestation Among Vindictive PostulationsSyndical Durations Upon Malicious FormalitiesRefinitive Conclusions Within Integrative BenedictionsAbdicating Transactions Among Prevailing OrdinancesMeditative Requisitions Upon Salubrious DegradationsObtaining Preliminaries Within Cordial NumeralitiesImplementing Justifications Among Secular TerminalitiesDetermining Proportions Upon Righteous MisconceptionsMalignant Inceptions Within Eccentric CulminationsVirtuous Epilogue Among Solicitous Admiration

Season 11 (Ratings)

Depicting An Essential ConceptionCongressional Liabilities Upon AscensionsRegulated Obstructions Without SeveritiesPreliminating Intolerable VindicationsDesolating Within Complicated AccusationsIntrigued Upon Benedictional SeclusionsMatriculating Among Persistent VexationsOsculating Internal NumerationsThe Terminations of IntegrityEmancipating Vigorous IlluminationsConcluding Among Vexational ImminenceThe Commemoration of Evocative Fidelities

Season 12 (Ratings)
The Genesis of ImmortalityAdmiring the Culpability WithinThe Beneficiaries Upon DivinitiesFade Into Peculiar AnalogiesLimitations of Irregular PromisesOriginal MemoriesReprimand of Contingent LiesThe Prodigal Son of DeceitfulnessRebirth Upon ExpirationRepentance and SorrowsSins of the FatherEndless Revelations of Negligence

Season 13 (Ratings)
The DeclarationOur RemembranceThe FallenRevelation of GodsThe SorrowSeverance of FamilyRedemptionThe AwakeningThe RequiemLegacies of ImmortalityPrayer of the OriginalsThe Last Millennium

The Immortal Chronicles SeriesEdit

Season One (Ratings)
Origin of ForeverOriginal SinThe Everlasting DepartedDominion of the Rising SonSinners & SaintsThe Quarter of LiesGiven with KindnessFrom Darkness to LightInterview with the VampireAn Occurence of ConsequencesClose EncountersFidelities of the Witness

Season Two (Ratings)
Inevitable Legions of ResistanceOscillated River in ReverseReigning Pain of New OrleansLe Grand GuignolMunicipal of Bourbon StreetInternecine Terminals Upon DeathEclipse of the LitigationAbstaining Correlated DeclinationsUnpromising DerivationThe Elucidation of TimeVindicated Anomalies in DespondenciesThe Existence of Tradition

Season Three (Ratings)
Primordial Analogies of RetributionConsecration of BenevolenceAprès Moi, Le DélugeThe Rumination Upon CaptivationAn Irrational ContradictionSolitaries of the ConsciousInfinite Coalition of SuperioritySensual Allegations Within ComplexitiesFormalities and DeliberationsCelestial Abiding IntermissionCommencement of OscillationsAscendancies of Presentiment

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